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Is that the public school system talking again?

Voc is HH's teacher. They just don't know it... Do do do do, do do do do...

That implies that HH is a hyper intelligent super child between the ages of three and five and that we both have the ability to warp halfway across the United States.

I think I'm in the clear, Adaptus. :P

Heaven hieghts

I wish, but not quite. :P

Lucky for Voc.

Mmm about that idea you sent me Voc, link me if and when it's ready to go eh?

Absolutely, mh.

Having trouble catching the others when they or I are on at the same time. One has agreed to it, waiting to see on one other since two are currently locked in battle and the last member is a scrub who lucked into the alliance and typically latches onto a big name and gives them full control over his forces.

Which is a long way for saying he wants the fame but wants none of the work.

Ah, I've always not liked those.

I have spent a lot of money this week.

On anything particularly nice, or did Rent Day happen to coincide with a lot of bills?

Crysis 2, gas, food, taking $40 out to have cash for a haircut and then we're being essentially forced to donate to a family because of a fatal car wreck and without our donation they won't be able to get to the hsopital to stand the death watch.

Ouch, that's pretty painful on the last one. Sounds a pretty awful thing to have to happen to someone.

I dodge the first few because I don't have a car and my PC is too rubbish to run any new games.

$40 seems expensive to me, though. The place I go, it costs about $13.

Admittedly, I'm yet to be truly happy with the job the dude does, as he never seems to cut it short on top. He does my fringe, but then seems to think that that makes it done on the top of my head. I do now have sideburns due to a random decision last time I was there, though.

No no, the haircut itself is $11. I'm donating the $20 since I don't want to be a bastard and be the only one to donate less, especially since it's family of one of my students.

the remaining cash I was just going to carry on me.

Donated a paycheck to refugees, enjoying the amazing home cooked awesome by my soon to be father-inlaw.

Oh, right.

I think I inserted more mental punctuation than was necessary.

$20 for charity pft! I just payed about $10 for a car wash today!. about $40 yesterday in petrol, and i'm going to have to fill up again tomorrow most likely because 20 odd quid petrol only gets me like 100 miles of petrol, which I used up driving back and forth from Sunderland today and yesterday. on and I bought Crysis 2. so whats that about $140 all together, about just over 100 quid in a week. And i'm on the f*cking dole! I need a job...

Paid bills, went grocery shopping, bought fuel for the car, I'm spent.

I've got Rent Day later this week or early next, so I'm sitting on all of my cash for the moment.

Heaven hieghts

Im spent all my money on books. :B

The local book store was closing and selling what was left in stock for dirt cheap. In turn I ended up saving around 40 dollars when I spent 45.

I think I should go and gear my next paycheck to art supplies next time, though. If I continue this creative kick, I'll be out of cotton paper in no time.

Uni tried to stitch me for a grand rent bill even thought I moved out in November. Blood sucking leaches. I only owned them about 200 quid at the most rent, but noo they wanted the full grand upfront. Fortunately, I had a word and sorted it out. Still got me with a a fee to break my contract. people say it's hard getting into uni. I find it's harder to leave.

Damn, I was about to wonder what was going on with my other nations...

Last day of march.

Dear god it cannot end fast enough.

And lol, this month isn't going down without a stressful fight. Suprise inspection by the department of children and family services which means everything has to be by the book as it was written or we get in trouble.

It's official, march is sentient and hates us all.

10 job rejections in one day. Seriously. I even got rejected for working in a clothes shop, a job I have previously done. Seriously, my faith in life is at an all time low. Seriously think i'll never get a job. Unless the Navy decide to sort themselves out and get in touch and give me a damned date for training.

Sick of this seriously. No matter what I do where I look, or even what extents I go to (wandering around South Shields for a full day for an "active" interview, was a requirement for one interview i had). I never seem to get anywhere. Seriously can't take it anymore. I wrote an essay for one job application, literally over 1000 words it asked for on how I'd be good for the job. I wrote it perfectly, and put a damn lot of effort into it. Just so they turn around and send me a single sentence replay saying, "sorry you were unsuccessful in your application." It's a joke!

Sounds like a buddy of mine back in the US, though he's an ex-con. Probably not a helpful comparison...

Post self-deleted by Valedia.

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