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Post self-deleted by The dootch.

Post self-deleted by Machina Haruspex.

I have been hacked......

Lol, guys i have been hacked before... i don't understand what happened..?

It's the apirl fools bit by the mods, because it's oh so funny. Hah ha ha. Meh. So retarded.

Oh, for flipssakes.

Man, I think they kind of shot themselves in the foot with this one. It's about as funny an April Fool's as soaping someone's toothbrush.

Plus, it's after midday here, so now they're the fools!



I hate April Fool's Day. Especially on the Internet because it's just a reason to at like retarded and idiotic for no reason. This is not funny. This is infuriating and annoying and a breach of privacy.

Har har har..... Worst April Fools joke ever....

New Skyrim screenshots out.

It looks pretty. But I'm not convinced I'd buy it yet. Still looks to much like Fallout. Sick of how repetitive the RPG genre is getting.

(better than nationdates IMO)

I'll probably buy it... I'm a bit of an Elder Scrolls fanboy.

And don't worry, Emakera, the random comments it looks like your nation is doing is only visible to you.

For example, apparently 37 minutes ago (it is always 37 minutes ago) I said this:


I ranted a little bit, not that it'll help but I felt better. This stupidity with april fools is so lame it just warrants that kind of response.

Nice to see that they apologized for this one.

About Skyrim...While I hated Oblivion and found myself selling it back to Gamestop the weekend after I purchased it, I am indeed interested in this new Elder Scrolls. I had tried Morrowind back in the day but I remember not having the patience to continue with it.

Heaven hieghts

A play. In a month. I am going to kick some backside.

You going to be what, acting in it?

I'm not sure why I'm surprised that republicans in Northern Ireland are still blowing up people.

Heaven hieghts

Writing it.

Why this? Did they blow somebody up recently that I didnt hear about?

Put a bomb under a policeman's car and blew up the dude.

They've been doing bombings occasionally for the last year or so within Northern Ireland. Admittedly, there's not been an attack in mainland Britain for years. Dissident republicans are usually blamed. The bombings are primarily aimed at the police or the army, or anything invovled with the security services.

But that's pretty hardcore that you're doing a play, though. What's it on?

Ever been to Northern Ireland? Stayed in a one of the "contested" counties? I have. Sh*t's scary.

Was staying with a friend in Coleraine. Walked into a bar, and this bar was split into like 4 separate bars. When to get served, and then my mate grabbed me and said. "Not that bar, go through to the next room".

When I asked why he said. "Thats the Republican end, if they hear your accent they'll throw us out, and/or kick the sh*t out of us for being in the wrong part of the bar, and you don't want to know what happens after that."

Then he went on to tell me the last bloke who tried to get served in that part of the bar was stabbed a few weeks later for saying Londonderry instead of just Derry (Apparently to republicans it's Derry, and to Loyalists, it's Londonderry).

But even when you drive around the streets theres either red, white and blue marks on the curbs, or green and yellow marks, so you know what type on county you're in. Sh*ts f*cked over there.

Nah, I know about Derry/Londonderry. I would be scared having to do my job for a company based in there. There's a whole can of worms for that, especially if you use the wrong version of the name in front of the wrong person. And, again, especially if you've got an English accent.

Also, I find the Northern Irish accents the hardest to get a handle on when listening to them.

I often find some of the Irish and Scottish names a bit unpronouceable, and I often have the fear when trying to get names right on the phone. Especially if we move into more foreign ones.

Admittedly, my surname amounts to a misspelling of a common English surname. Some moron of an ancestor couldn't spell his own name.

My surname is apparently French in origin. Which scares me.

Could be Huguenot French, or some French sailor who was damn fool enough to set up shop in Newcastle :P

Although there are quite a few otherwise typically British names that come from our long association with the French in various guises. With the Scottish, you've got the Auld Alliance and all that entails, and with England and Wales you've got the Anglo-Normans and resultant immigration to blame.

Heaven hieghts

Tag, the thing about your surname kind of amuses me for some reason.

My surname is in all likelihood Jewish in the original German spelling, which I find a little interesting.

Its basically a cross between Shakespearean tragedy and Greek tragedy. Its about a girl who's sister dies and she decides she's gonna go and kick that guy's, and his family's, backside and in turn starts a war between the two households. Not going to disclose the ending just yet.

I think i'm one of the very few people in this part of England to have Norman origins, rather then Scandinavian. Which is rare, considering about 95% of people in the North East are Scandinavian/Germanic in origin.

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