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It is hotly debated, man. Geneaology is pretty difficult at the best of times, but the extent of Scandinavian/Viking settlement and, indeed, prior Germanic settlement, is argued on a lot. There are only a handful of sites (I could give you the names if you cared) that show clear evidence of Scandinavian settlement, and they're on some marginal uplands. Vikings seem to merge well with the local populations, and then a lot of evidence for Scandinavian settlement comes from placenames, although these aren't typically a decisive indicator of settlement patterns.

On top of that, you've got a lot of Brythonic activity up in that part of the world, albeit those kingdoms were mainly gobbled up by Northumbria, then Strathclyde and then the advent of the Vikings.

My last names mean little. My last name is very obviously portuguese, probably meaning nothing at all, and apparently from the region of Galicia, while my middle name means "leather strap" and I use the spanish spelling of it instead of either of the correct portuguese ones. It's simpler.

My god it is so windy right now. There have been gusts up to 50mph today and in the past thirty minutes.

Heaven hieghts

That's really scary. Had a couple of storms like that here in November.

Rain, more rain, and raiiinnnn...

I have a piece of dialogue floating around in my head and I have no idea what to use it for.

Well, I have an idea but I vowed to never go down that literary road again.

Is it a road that involves disclaimers, warnings, and detailed descriptions of the contents inside brackets? You know, like "[snuff/non-consensual/loli/watersports/vomit/guro/necrophilia]"? No? Oh, good.

Heaven hieghts

Short stories are wunderbar, Voc.

Fan Fiction stories are not.

I've never even liked The incredibles all that much...

I've always liked gi joe fan fiction, in regards to view of that world from Cobra's eyes and so on. The villains are far more entertaining.

Hmmm, people live here. And not a single day passes without me regretting when I forsook my previous nation already with +

NS General and its old days of mayhem...

Wah, I spoke. Nostalgia of a life passing by when I look behind, I guess. anyone?

Heaven hieghts

And this is coming from MH.

And... Why cats? I mean, I like cats. They're cute and cuddly, even if they step in their own feces and make me sneeze and tear up horribly.

Look at this photograph~

You know, that's what happens when you begin a lame joke about cats after drinking some beers with your friends and end up developing a RPG-style tale about intelligent cats with spaceships, human slaves and prehistoric dogs with laser beams. Pure cash, I guess. One dude had nightmares after that.

Emakera, won't we be neighbours? My first surname was french in origin and the second one is basque, although it could have been instead some kind of derivative of a nobility name in the early days of the Reconquista. My grandma just married the other guy.

Four weeks until glorious summer vacation...

Endure, voc, for freedom is near.

Ah you'll just get sick before summer and be miserable. Murphy's law.

Heaven hieghts

I wish I had that short of time... But I dont.

I was typing something inspiration and uplifting here, something about life being too short and that there is always time, but then my inner Scrooge McGrinch took over and decided to say that such is the price of living in a materialistic capitalist corporatocracy where you mean nothing, are nothing and ultimately leave no mark of the future of the world.

The too long, didn't read version is that rocks fell on the utopia and it became a dystopia.

Not really, Cathunters, whoever my ancestors were, they decided to bail from the Iberian peninsula and ended up here in Brazil.

Well with the state of the economy in Portugal, you no doubt are glad to be living in a country which has the world's eighth largest by nominal GDP.

Yup, it's gonna be hard to prosper in Portugal. It's way more tranquil, however. The party is somewhere else, they have those calm Atlantic sunsets...

So I have so far not seen the big fire, so maybe we'll survive yet.

Hey Voc whats going on with your coalition thingie mabob>

Well right now we're in a holding position while we figure out what's going on with Hyperspatial Travel.

Right now FT is in disarray because a couple people wrote themselves into corners and are quitting.

Ah..that's to bad.

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