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We have a new thread, for both recruitment and visibility. Lets keep it active.


Looks good nice job AMF.

The private Gholgoth-only IRC channel #Gholgoth has a password again, please see the regional forums for the new password.

Post self-deleted by Ludkin.

Lol Bro idk I'll try

Post self-deleted by The Master M.

#G march to glorious victory?

Yo Automagfreek you get my map request?

Post self-deleted by Ludkin.

Oh yeah... we do have a map, don't we?


Sweet, I forgot I had that awesome canal.

Sorry guys, I've been running a nasty fever the past couple of days. I'll get the map updated and posts made as soon as my brain stops cooking.

On Embassies, in case anyone else was wondering where that feature came from and what it did.


Post self-deleted by Ludkin.

Ooooh.. Its good to be back!...

Does Briska still maintain a presence here? If not I'm considering crossing the Buffer zone and Annexing that part of the Island (through RP of course)

PM me if password is changed please

Special thanks to all #g patriots who participated in the Haven liberation.

Post self-deleted by Ludkin.

I return victorious!

Greetings and welcome to our returning heroes and to our newest member, Mount Shavano!

Deleted for inactivity...and I thought I was above such things. Welcome, Mount Shavano.

Hi warmaster. Come on to Esper. It's been a long time man.

Welcome Crimson Blades, an old school NSer for those that don't know him.

Crimson blades

Greetings everyone. Good to be back, I am looking forward to serving alongside you all, In times of Peace and War, to advance the might of Gholgoth.

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