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Unidentified object as entered Reich airspace, all Anti-Air Crews are at high alert.

Please stand by for further updates.

Unidentified Object is refusing to acknowledge IDENT Requests.

Please Stand by for further updates.

"Sorry kiddos, but the Reich shot down Santa."

Dephire wrote:"Sorry kiddos, but the Reich shot down Santa."

That's okay, the Mother gives us gifts.

Kylarnatia wrote:That's okay, the Mother gives us gifts.


My card is legendary.

IDENT requests continue to go unanswered, Radar stations have a lock, anti-air batteries are Engaging.

Please Stand By.

0500 Hours this morning the Unidentified Object was brought down by FlaK Artillery and crash landed some distance from The Black Citadel, search crews recovered the bodies of Seven Quadruped animals and some kind of craft constructed of wood, it's pilot however was unaccounted for, Anyone spotting anything suspicious should report it to Imperial Security Forces, it is your Duty!

Kraven Prevails!

From the dark waters somewhere between Neo-Cydonia and Port Defiance, a Skyan Coast Guard vessel fishes something fat and jolly from the water. Alright, he wasn't nearly all that jolly at present.

"Mr. Klaus, Sir. We have got to stop meeting like this."

Every year it's the same thing - we tell Sleigh Boy to stick to our exact flight plan but noooo he says he's got no time and needs to make the shortcut. And every year we fish him out of the drink.

Welcome back Novacom and Borman Empire!

Borman Empire? Now there's a name I haven't seen in ages!


We now have a regional maintenance thread for short-stories, collabs and other pieces of creative writing not suitable for standalone threads. :)

Gothic Lords - please check Discord

We are currently voting on the admission of a potential new member for Gholgoth. If you would like details they are available on the Discord. If you cannot access it feel free to contact me via TG and I can provide you with a basic rundown of the application. Voting will end Friday.

A warm welcome to our newest member, Milenka!

Hail cousin!

Can someone send me the Gholgoth Discord link via TG?

Hobbeebia wrote:Can someone send me the Gholgoth Discord link via TG?

It's linked up top.

Welcome to our newest member, The Eridani Imperium!


Skyan World Service Headline: Prime Minister Lance Atticus has been sworn in as the new head of the Skyan Government


Hey everyone!

I got some great news! I'm expecting my third baby!

Hobbeebia wrote:Hey everyone!

I got some great news! I'm expecting my third baby!

Many congratulations to you and yours! ^^

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