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Hobbeebia wrote:Hey everyone!

I got some great news! I'm expecting my third baby!

Jeez slow down - I'm expecting my first!

Artitsa wrote:Jeez slow down - I'm expecting my first!

Congratulations to you as well, in that case!

The Second Generation of Gholgoth is well and truly on it's way! ^^

Here here

Hey Heaven,

The Pax Gothic RP in I.I. look interesting. Is there a general idea of how you want that RP to go or Im I able to get involved as a native Gothic nation?

Hey there!

The thread is open to all - but as a Gothic nation you get your own district and your own Lord Ambassador to the Gothic Council. (It's like the Ambassador to the UN)

Here's the long version of the reforms:

Proposed Reforms to the Gothic Council of Gholgoth

Proposal A: Gothic Praetor Program (Proposed by Havensky)
Gothic Praetor are extralegal agents with diplomatic immunity accountable only to the Gothic Council and are charged with maintaining stability and security in the region. They are afforded diplomatic immunity and the right to enter any nation in Gholgoth as part of missions authorized by the Gothic Lords. Praetors are not trained, they are chosen by the Gothic Lords based on an individualís service record, character, and trust.

Gothic Praetors serve at the pleasure of the Council and their status can be revoked at anytime. A Praetor Mission must have the approval of the Council before deployment. This is seen as a measure thatís above a sanction, but below a full military mobilization.

Praetor may act alone or assemble their own teams. They do not receive funding through the Council, but must raise their own funds. In practice, militaries of their home nations often provide salaries and equipment.

Praetors are only activated during times of declared crisis. Praetors may be inducted into the ranks at anytime, but the Gothic Council decides which Praetors to activate during a crisis. When the Lords declare a crisis over; the Praetor is deactivated. Praetors maintain their rank and resources in order to stay at a constant state of readiness.

Scenarios that would have been different had the Praetors been in effect
- Capture of Skyan Secretary of State Jessica Heart: In this scenario, the Praetors would have gone in and released her - no invasion fleet would have been sent into Milograd.
- A Praetor (Possibly Skaro from the Kraven Reich) would have been sent to deal with Scandinavians supporting pirates in The Golden Throne. The team would have helped defeat the pirate threat - thus making The Golden Throne whole again. This would have eliminated the need for The Golden Throne to invade.

Scenarios that show limits to Praetor Capabilities
- Invasion of Vetalia and Milograd; A Praetor canít take on an army (but could lead one)

Execution of Plan
- Each Lord submits two names from their nation for consideration to become Praetors
- Initially, one Praetor per nation is selected.
- Upon a crisis, the Council may authorize a Praetor mission
- Whenever possible, a Praetor from a third party will be assigned
- For example, Havenskyís Squall wouldnít be selected to settle a conflict between Kraven and Havensky. (But would be authorized for the Macabees/Scand affair)
- Praetor would be granted offices Gothic Embassies located in each nation.
- When deployed outside the region; they act with the authority of the *region* and not just their nation. This is a preferable option than mounting an invasion fleet or dealing with an invasion fleet.

Proposal B: A New Executor for a New Gholgoth
(Proposed by Kylarnatia)

The Executor of the Gothic Alliance, traditionally, had always been the ruling member of the Dreadfire Dynasty of Automagfreek. The Freekish, and the Freekish alone, were the only nation in the whole of the region who could enforce their will over all others with the threat of force. Thus, the system - as simple as it was - worked. However, the Freekish have now fallen silent, and the Alliance has become decadent and unruly.

A new shepherd is needed to lead the flock, to serve as a voice and a face to rally behind when the Alliance is under threat.

The Executor of the Gothic Council is responsible for chairing the meetings of the Gothic Lords during emergency sessions and for executing the will of the Council. Upon arrival of the Lords at the designated time, the Lords will first vote to declare a crisis. If crisis is declared, the Lords will nominate and elect one member to be the Executor. This Executor will serve for one year or until the majority of Lords declare the crisis over. Additionally, A vote of no confidence can be passed against the Executor through a two-thirds majority of the Lords, which will then convene an Emergency Session and elect a successor.

During meetings; the Executor does not vote nor argue for/against positions. The Executor is considered a neutral authority. This implies that Lords whose nations are directly involved in the crisis are not eligible for nomination.

During a Crisis; the Executor manages the operation of the Praetor program including mission assignments, routing intelligence reports, parameters, and briefing the other Lords.

Caesar Silvier Catherina Silvanus IV will be nominated for the role of Executor by Atticus.
Emperor Nathan IV of Ghant will be nominated for the role of Executor by his daughter Valentina.

Proposal C: New Gothic Capital: Pax Gothica, Dreadfire Isles
(Proposed by Havensky)
Currently, all Lords must meet in ULE City despite the absence of a Dreadfire. (OCC: AMF retired, and so itís not an ideal site to continue meeting.)

The Skyans propose constructing a new city at the center of the region that would serve as the capital of the region. This city would be extra-national territory - funded and managed by the designates of the Gothic Lords. Every nation in the region would have a mission district that would be the territory of their nation. At the center of this city would be the Dreadfire District - which would hold the offices of the Gothic Lords, the Council Chamber, and the Airport/Naval Ports.

Location & Geography
The location would be in the center of the region using the Dreadfire Isles created by Novacom during a previous conflict. The islands are small, being roughly the size of Manhattan. The central region runs through the center of the island, with square shaped districts being on either side. The airport is at the end of the island.

The Castellan of Pax Gothica
The Dreadfire District would be administered by the Castellan of Pax Gothica - An administrative agent appointed by the Gothic Council charged with maintaining the city, the Council Chambers, and ensuring the ability of the Gothic Lords to meet whenever they desire. The Castellan shall be provided a budget from each Gothic Lords in order to maintain the city including the hiring of staff and funding of infrastructure. A portion of this budget will come from sales tax charged by the various districts in Pax Gothica. Castellanís serve a term of four years unless retired by the Council earlier.

Proposal D: Phelgethon (Ghant), Gothica, and Pelion (Dephire) Pandaemonium (Kylarnatia)
Phelgethon, Pelion, and Pandaemonium are three fortresses that serve to coordinate regional forces from both external threats and to aid in the enforcement of actions mandated by the Gothic Council. They also serve as training facilities for Praetors.

Phelgethon will be located in Gholghant. The other deep within the Tartarus Mountains in Kylarnatia. Pelion would be located in Dephire. Gothica would be located in the center at the Dreadfire Isles.

Read dispatch

Attention. I only made this post to make your regional status have an icon on it. That is all.

... I hate you

Anagonia wrote:Attention. I only made this post to make your regional status have an icon on it. That is all.


Hobbeebia and Anagonia

I am returneded.

welcome back


Warm welcome back to Abruzi! (Yugovia)

We're a bit late on the congrats, but thank you for being an embassy region with TFL for a year now!

Welcome to our newest member, Aquilinia!

Everyone, bow your heads as The Master M has CTE'd.

I have Occupied his lands. Everything is normal.

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Kraven Prevails!

Embrace the Great Consumption.


No mortal man has ever been able to destroy Gholgoth.

I totally forgot about the zombie thing. So, I've embraced them.

More than the Zombie Empire of Artitsa?

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