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*Stares in Capitol Police*

*Stares in... I don't know, I just wanted to feel like a part of things.*

*stares in Anagonian*

Argonian? Are you the lusty maid?

*Looks to see if there's a way he can port the raccoon over to the RMB*

Post by Jagada suppressed by Kylarnatia.

You have no power here, Gandal- *cough* I mean Kylar!

You were saying? :P

Kylarnartia would make a good Capper

Now that's funny right there! Sorry, Jaggy!


Opening post for my lore for my land in Gholgoth is up. My next post will be in all within the region, 20 years from my last post.

*coofs in dragon on Kraven*

*breaths in NBC Gear*

*howls at the moon*

Why did we let Telros die? Who was his battle-buddy?

*Grabs the Defibrillators*

Calling all Lords! We have a vote presently ongoing on the Gholgoth Discord for a potential new member to our ranks! Please do weigh in if you haven't already!

"RAWR!" Caesar answer the calling of all Lords

WOOOOOO! -The door flies open inward and Marq struts in- YEAAAAAAAA! WHAT IS UP, GHOLGOTH?!?!?!

Welcome to our newest member, Marquesan, with that fabulous entrance. :P

Can I shot him for being too loud?

*fanged smile*

LOVE DOG wrote:Can I shot him for being too loud?

*fanged smile*

It's too late. He is now an honored member

Donít mind me - Iím just gonna sit on this northern peninsula next to Zneyvind Outpost and spy on you lot. Please ignore us.

Roughly 2 days and 16 hours we will be forced into nuclear war. Hopefully we will be ready to rip everyone apart.

We are Legion! We are Death! We are Gholgoth!

1 day, 14 hours until doomsday upon the world.

Turns out its 3 am on Sunday for me (EST)

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