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Nijad wrote:We made our own region. With Blackjack & hookers.


Can we start some airline thing? Like the UNOE who you are starting a emassy with.

Post by Donosa suppressed by Afsharid Persia.

Donosa wrote:Can we start some airline thing? Like the UNOE who you are starting a embassy with.

Tribal warfare erupts in Inukastan as members of the Shkergjati tribe broke off a wedding between there clan and the Kushmani tribe leaving 32 Kushmani tribesmen dead. This incident sparking a century's old blood feud. As of today they are at war.

Abadi arabia and Nijad

I can't decide if I want to go to bed or make coffee and try and be awake. Screw working nights.

Alright guys, so where were we before we were interrupted?

Afsharid Persia wrote:Alright guys, so where were we before we were interrupted?

I see no reason why not

Post self-deleted by Afsharid Persia.

Persia News Agency - Tehran.

Abadi arabia officially becomes MEPACO member state; top Persian general is sent to Sahuria

The newly formed Republic of Abadi arabia's application to join MEPACO was officially accepted today after all member nations voted in favor of the Arab country. The results of the vote were 10 for and none against.

This makes Abadi arabia the 11th member state of MEPACO, which originally started with 8 members. Afsharid Persia had also signed a free trade agreement with the country and had also agreed to cooperate together on religious tourism and pilgrimage. Both nations have sights that are holy to the Islamic community, such as Mecca and Medina in Abadi arabia or the tombs of the Prophet Daniel and Imam Reza in Afsharid Persia.

In other news, the Grand General of the Afsharid Persian Army announced today that he would be off to Sahuria to oversee the conditions of the fight against insurgents.

"This insurgency is taking longer than expected, and I will be going to assess the situation in person. One of the main foundations of MEPACO is to fight against terrorist insurgencies, and so far the other member nations have failed to do so."

Afsharid Persia has had a very close relationship with the Islamic Republic ever since the ousting of the Ba'athist regime in Sahuria. Persian generals had previously been sent to the nation to assist in the training of troops.

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 - Tehran

Abadi arabia, Nijad, Nejem sahara, The jordanian state, and 1 otherGreater Indonesia Republic

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Afsharid Persia wrote:

lol wut?

Why not continue with the rp

The berber state of western sahara

Western Sahara Media

Normalizing Ties with Nijad for first time in decades.

In 1980 Moroccan King Mohammed al-Rabbati started a genocide against the Berber and Shia population of Morocco. After what's been called the “Nijad Revolution” by some and a Coup by others King Mohammed was deposed. Morocco is now known as Nijad and the persecution of the Shia and berbers is no more. Most berbers fled to our great nation of Western Sahara.

Prime Minister Omar Khan will visit Nijad City on the 28th to try and normalize relations for the first time in nearly 40 years.

Afsharid Persia, Hurraq, Abadi arabia, Nijad, and 1 otherNejemi sahara

Persia News Agency Tehran.

Prime Minister Nahavandi hails normalization of relations between Nijad and The berber state of western sahara

The Prime Minister of Afsharid Persia, Alborz Nahavandi hailed the resumption of relations between Nijad and the Western Sahara, and even compared it to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

"Just as the Berlin Wall was collapsed, the wall of mistrust has collapsed since the Moroccan Shia revolution. We hope the relations between the two nations will last for centuries to come" said the Prime Minister via Twitter.

The resumption of relations comes at a time when Sultana Nadiyya of North Trideshia is also set to visit the North African nation.

Western Sahara had cut relations with Morocco during the Shia persecution and is rumored to have shared intel with Persian and Hurraqi troops during the 1995 Jebel Babor with Morocco.

Thursday, July 27th, 2017 - Tehran

Hurraq, Abadi arabia, Nijad, The berber state of western sahara, and 2 othersThe jordanian state, and Greater Indonesia Republic

Nijad public broadcasting service

Former Svenska Bank CEO Claus Sternberg dead at 44, Normalizing relations with Western Sahara.

BREAKING NEWS: Former Svenska Bank CEO Claus Sternberg died today in his prison cell. Mr. Sternberg was in prison after stealing 1.1 billion baht from the Nijadi people. Awaiting his court hearing today he was found face down in his cell unresponsive. An investigation into the cause death has been launched.

In other news Nijad will normalize relations with Western Sahara for the first time in decades. King Ali and Prime minister Kahn talked on the phone today and Prime minister Kahn is to visit Nijad City tomorrow and discuss meany topics.

Inukastan, Afsharid Persia, Hurraq, Abadi arabia, and 1 otherThe berber state of western sahara

Howdy, you may know me as Jerusalem and sinai from the Middle East RMB, although I'm going to be playing as Nejem Sahara in this region, so you can take Jerusalem And Sinai off the map. I'll take the Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali and Niger region if that will work.

Abadi arabia

Never mind not Western Sahara, but Chad and Libya instead.

Hurraq, Abadi arabia, Nijad, and The berber state of western sahara

Nijad public broadcasting service.

Sweeping Reforms announced in speech.

At a speech in Tangier King Ali al-Ishmael announces reforms to be implemented over the next several years. In cooperation with the previous 3 reforms he has announced last week this totals 10 reforms.

To recap his previous 3 they were to replace the old flag for a More Traditional Flag which he has done, Increase Navel spending & invest in Infrastructure Spending.

His new reforms are to 1 have a universal healthcare system, 2 have a more defensive army, 3 implement a minimum wage, 4 implement a welfare system, 5 implement local elections, 6 deregulation of small business & 7 crackdown on black market activity.

The “Tangier Revolution” as it's being called by some hardline conservative’s is aimed at making Nijad into a more moderate state. Several monarchies fear that loosening the iron grip the royal family has had since independence will only lead to a republic much like Abadi Arabia. But the office of the king said “The Kingdom will stand, No matter the cost”

Thursday, July 27th 2017

Inukastan, Afsharid Persia, Hurraq, The berber state of western sahara, and 2 othersNejem sahara, and Greater steppe

Post self-deleted by Nijad.

Nejemi sahara

((Oh yeah, and I'm using this nation Nejemi sahara instead of Nejem sahara from now on. I realized this is the proper name for my nation.


Sultana Nadiyya leaving for Nijad; King Saladdin I invited to visit

Sultana Nadiyya of North Trideshia is departing for a state visit to Nijad today. She gave a short statement to the press in the Sultan Haidar International Airport in Tadjoura: "I am looking forward to meeting with King Ali al-Ishmael and seeing the beautiful country of Nijad. I am certain that both of our countries can benefit from economic co-operation and increased trade. The press has been unusually interested whether or not I will discuss the status of civil rights in Nijad, and I will say that it is indeed on my agenda. I know you all have a bunch of questions as usual, but I will be answering them later in Nijad" After her statement, the Sultana boarded her private plane.

The Office of the Sultana has released a short statement on it's website saying the Sultana has invited the old royal family of the Kingdom of Hurraq, to visit her country. The statement did not specify whether or not Saladdin I, who is currently living in Kahokia, had accepted the invite or not. The Sultana has recently expressed being "sad to see yet another monarchy disappear from the region" as the Kingdom of Abadi arabia began it's reformation into a Republic, so it is no surprise that she is interested in having good relations with the former and currently presiding monarchs.

In other news, the Trideshian Corvette TNV al-Halib, which was assisting search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea after Hurraqi Airlines Flight 334 was shot down, has returned to dock in al-Sardiq. While the Corvette itself didn't find anything of interest in the SAR, the Captain of the al-Halib stated that "the crew gained valuable experience which can only be gained in real situations like this."

Trideshian Broadcasting Company
Tadjoura, North Trideshia

Afsharid Persia, Hurraq, Nijad, The berber state of western sahara, and 1 otherNejemi sahara

Jumhuriyat al iraq

I could become delegate if you guys elect me to.

Afsharid Persia, Hurraq, and Abadi arabia

Hurraqi Broadcasting Company - General Houmad Yasser is going to visit The berber state of western sahara

RAMNAZIMUN - Today, General Houmad Yasser, the current temporary President of Hurraq, are planning to make a state meeting between West Saharan Prime Minister Omar Khan and other West Saharan government officials.

General Yasser also praised the normalizations of The berber state of western sahara and Morocco (Nijad).

"Thanks to Ali Al-Ishmael of Nijad for saving Western Sahara, which is now an independent state. All peoples, no matter what is their skin color, race, religion, whatever should have rights to live free". comments General Yasser.

General Yasser is expected to visit Laayoune, Western Sahara in order to meet the officials of the country. He's expected to visit in July 30th, days after Prime Minister Omar Khan's visit to Nijad.

ERH News, June 28th 2017

Afsharid Persia, Abadi arabia, Nijad, North Trideshia, and 2 othersThe berber state of western sahara, and Nejemi sahara

Veneziean Central Television - The building of artificial islands in the Adriatic Sea is underway

Venezie is building up islands in the Adriatic Sea and may be preparing them for installation of military hardware, analysts have claimed.

A string of islands have been beefed up with buildings, extra concrete areas and wide roads over a period of several years, according to reports.

Analysts suggested construction work on the nearby islands, may allow Venezie to launch missiles there or install defensive anti-aircraft weaponry. Some of the islands may have been built from scratch, it is thought.

Their purpose remains unclear. Venezie could use the islands for ballistic missile launches, anti-aircraft weapons, anti-ship weapons or even for agriculture, with no military purpose in mind.

Tensions on the Veneziean peninsula are at their highest point in years. Venezie claims to possesses nuclear weapons, and has tested several ballistic missiles in the last couple of years; and was also accused of shooting down a Hurraq plane but no evidences were shown to prove that.

28 Jul 2017

Abadi arabia and Basillandia

Basillandian Broadcasting Corporation

Caliph Basil has announced co-operation with Venezie for the Construction of 8 artificial islands in the Adriatic Sea, with Basillandian and Venezian companies co operating in this wonderful endeavour expected to boost the wonderful economies of both nations and is a sign to come of future co operation between the 2 strong regional allies.

Caliph Basil has also issued an invitation to Sultana Nadiyya of North Trideshia and The Berber State of Western Sahara to come and visit Madrid to discuss possible future co-operation in trading, education and business

Abadi arabia

Radovonian National Broadcasting

President Vrubtchev has ordered a total modernisation of the military, amidst fears that the Radovonian People's Army is ill prepared and ill equipped for potential military conflict. This comes shortly after the announcement that the service eligibility of Radovonian citizens was increased fro 1% to 4%, raising the total personnel number from around 13,000,000 to 48,000,000 active personnel. Currently, the Radovonian Defence Ministry has stated the increase is purely for defence purposes, and as of yet has not confirmed rumours of potential military co-operation with neighbouring nations.

The Politburo has passed a new directive ordering the refurbishment of youth centres across the country. When asked, Speaker Mikhail Simeonov stated "the wellbeing of the nation's youth is of paramount importance to the state. It is vital that we provide places where young people can come together and socialise, exercise and make long lasting relationships". It is uncertain as of yet how much to renovations of the youth centres will cost, but it is expected that it will not have a lasting effect on the economy.

The Central Executive Committee of Radovonia received word from Sultan Ibrahim Ali Pashaj Bej Ahmetaj of Inukastan, and is currently working to improve relations between the two nations.

Inukastan, Afsharid Persia, Hurraq, Abadi arabia, and 1 otherZamrudasia

Post self-deleted by Afsharid Persia.

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