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Situation in China

In light of recent political unrest, the Germany Ambassador in China shall receive a tripled security detail and nonessential staff have been dispatched back to Germany or stood down temporarily. German citizens in China have received a text message as below.

    Dear Citizen, in light of recent events within China, the German Government has resolved to update its travel warning for travel in China from "Exercise Above Ordinary Travel Precautions" to "Reconsider your need to travel" and "Do not Travel" depending on province. Visit for more information. Citizens are advised to return to Germany as soon as practicable for the sake of personal safety.

This has been largely unannounced as the nation continues to be in mourning following the death of the Kaiser.

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Maraxias wrote:Situation in China

In light of recent political unrest, the Germany Ambassador in China shall receive a tripled security detail and nonessential staff have been dispatched back to Germany or stood down temporarily. German citizens in China have received a text message as below.

    Dear Citizen, in light of recent events within China, the German Government has resolved to update its travel warning for travel in China from "Exercise Above Ordinary Travel Precautions" to "Reconsider your need to travel" and "Do not Travel" depending on province. Visit for more information. Citizens are advised to return to Germany as soon as practicable for the sake of personal safety.

This has been largely unannounced as the nation continues to be in mourning following the death of the Kaiser.

OOC: Just to clarify;
Your embassies shouldn't be here anyways - plus, no one should (canonically) know about the political unrest within the Zhen, barring what happened in the Australian embassy RP ofc

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Erbil Metro News
There have been clashes between police and protestors as crowds gather in cities across Basurwelat to celebrate International Worker's Day and police continue to enforce the lockdown. Worker's Day parades have previously spilled over into small scale violence, but this year's riots are rapidly escalating in light of the attacks on the YPG and the enforcement of the lockdown. Nadia Zanyar and other senior figures in the Kurdish left remain present at the protests. The largest riots have been in Erbil, with around 55,000 people on the streets, whilst in Kirkuk around 30,000 have blockaded the city centre.

The government's fear is the re-emergence of the alliance between rural and urban socialists. After victory in the war of independence spearheaded by the left-wing YPG, the socialist government split after 8 years in power between the moderate, urban socialist groups led by the intellectuals and workers (forming the PSK) and the rural extremist gureillas that live in the mountains (the YPG). However the shift to the right of Niyat's PNM (Conservative Nationn Party) has led to talks between YPG leader Asan Hardi and Nadia Zanyar. One thing is certain - whatever happens between the two left-wing factions will happen soon, and this will undoubtedly determine the strength of the government's reaction.

As of now Niyat hasn't deployed the military on the streets of Erbil or Kirkuk, but this could soon change, with rumours of cancelled leave for soldiers and unconfirmed reports of armoured vehicles heading towards oil refineries in Sulaymaniah.

The IAYK100, the share index of Basurwelat's top companies, fell 5.7% in a single day, the largest drop since covid-19 hit Basurwelat. Banke Kolanê Sereke, Basurwelat's largest bank, was hard hit, as were other major firms in the financial and services sectors, whilst manufacturers were relatively unaffected. There has also been an increasing number of Arabs leaving Kurdistan over fears of a right-wing backlash against them. Arabs in Kurdistan mostly speak Kurdish and are well integrated and respected, but have often been used as a scapegoat for the problems of the nation by the Kurdish right wing.

We at Erbil Metro News will bring you all the latest as this situation unfolds.

Greater britanniya

BBC News, London, United Kingdom
7:00 GMT, 02/05/2020

Charlie Stayt: Good morning and welcome to BBC News. Our latest headlines from the United Kingdom and her colonies today are...


The landmark case of R v Atkinson took a turn today where during proceedings, MI5 investigators produced condemning evidence against Ms Atkinson and proving a link between herself and the Russian Intelligence services. The evidence, presented by the Crown Prosecution Service at around 9:00 am this morning, proved conclusive in establishing a link between the defendant and Russian intelligence in the United Kingdom. Ms Atkinson, who was brought forward as a witness by the prosecution, admitted to her involvement with Russian intelligence, and claimed to have been recruited by Russian agents during her time at the University of Bristol. The statement came to jeers by the public who were watching the case, as the Crown Court momentarily decended into pandemonium as onlookers were enraged. Ms Atkinson was lead out of the courtroom under fears for her own safety, and court will resume behind closed doors tomorrow.

An arrest warrant has been placed for a Vitaly Krupkin, the supposed recruiter of Ms Atkinson and her current partner. Mr. Krupkin has reportedly not been seen by friends or family since the arrest, and police across the nation have been conducting a man-hunt for the accused. It is considered vital that Mr. Krupkin be found immediately before an inevitable escape is planned, and it is believed that if he is captured, it may prove vital in uncovering a larger spy network across the UK. More news from this case as it comes.


In an emphatic victory for British sport, the United Kingdom has won the right to host the 2022 World Cup for the first time since 1966. The UK bid (comprising of stadiums mixed from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) won nearly 40% of the total vote, edging the Japanese bid by around 5%. The UK has previously bid to host the World Cup consistently in the last 20 years, but has been unsuccessful, most recently for the previous edition of the World Cup which was awarded to Russia. Across the nation, cheers and chants of "It's Coming Home" were heard following the live announcement that Britain had won the bid, with many believing this day wouldn't come for some time. Already, preparations and planning to host the event, with stadiums placing bids around the country to host. At this moment, only Wembley Stadium in London and the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff have been selected, though interested parties include; Old Trafford (Manchester), St James Park (Newcastle), Windsor Park (Belfast), Hampden Park (Glasgow) and King Power Stadium (Leicester). World Cup fever is alive and well as the country waits with excitement for the World Cup to come around.


The coronavirus vaccine being developed jointly by Oxford University and GlaxoSmithKline has proven successful following human trials performed last week. The vaccine, which was 4-months in development, has been hailed as a landmark achievement for the United Kingdom, and PM Cornwallis has personally congratulated the teams behind the vaccines development. The government and the NHS have already begun establishing the budget required the purchase, develop and distribute the vaccine across the United Kingdom, with cities being the main priority. It is expected that London will be the first to receive the vaccine, though it is not confirmed how this will be done. The government has also yet to comment whether the vaccine will be internationally distributed, though this remains an option, it is clear that the UK will be the priority for the vaccine to operate.

            COVID-19? More like no more 19
            Light at the end of the tunnel as human trials in Queensland prove successful
            May 3rd

Australia has been praised world wide for having the highest number of tests in comparison with their population, with tests available in all Bunnings car parks and in some shopping center car parks around the country.

Today, the University of Queensland in Brisbane has struck gold with a successful COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has passed weeks of human trials, but the University says they still want to do trials for another week before releasing it to the public. The virus takes around a day to kick in, and still requires 14 days self-isolation after injection with the vaccine, according to recent tests.

Australia has 6,783 cases of COVID-19, with 5,789 recovered and 93 deaths. New South Wales has 3 137 cases, Victoria 1 371, Queensland 1 034, Western Australia 551, South Australia 438, Tasmania 223, and Kingsland 29. No cases have been reported in the territories.

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South daehanmingug

Korea Times

South Korea Begins Administering COVID-19 Treatments in Limited Numbers

As the Republic of Korea continues to face great success in it's governments response of the coronavirus outbreak, the East-Asian tiger economy has reportedly established limited on-the-ground treatment centers, which have begun administering vaccines for the coronavirus to select patients. According the KCDC, the centers have been established in three districts in Seoul (which holds almost half of the entire country's population), Daegu, and Busan.

The Korean Centers of Disease Control has reported that there have been 10,780 confirmed cases, 9,123 recoveries, and 250 deaths. President Kim Hee-jung and her government have been commended for their rapid response to the outbreak, assembling a meeting of government health officials and pharmaceutical executives only days after the first signs of serious danger in Wuhan arose.

President Kim: "I have respect for President Jackson, but I don't really understand what he's saying,"

In a press conference yesterday, President Kim Hee-jung was asked by a reporter what her thoughts were on Confederate President Hunter Lee Jackson's usage of the term "Zhen virus"
"Um. . . well I think there's a message there that the government is pushing, and I guess I don't personally agree with it. Now, President Jackson has done great things for his country, and I think we have to recognize that his nation is certainly a very prosperous and important member of the international community, so really I don't feel that he's done anything wrong, especially in regard to how well he has been handling this pandemic. I have a lot of respect for President Jackson, but I don't really understand what he's saying."

President Kim went on to say that "that's only my opinion--I think my opinion isn't very important on this topic as it affects the Confederate States."

Between Two Dragons: South Korea Confronts a National Security Predicament

Historically, Korea has been a nation bordered by two giants--to the north, Chinese Dynasties spent thousands of years as a major influence on Korean society. In the 20th century, Japan became a major player in Asia's regional politics, especially after it annexed Korea in 1910, committing numerous atrocities against the Korea people while treating them as scum. Today, South Korea is ranked alongside Japan and China as an East-Asian Tiger economy--and the countries can be considered "the big three" East Asian power houses.

In modern times, Japan has had no problems reminding the world just how terrible nuclear weapons truly are--and in that regard, they are commendable. Yet Japan denies any wrongdoing, with Prime Ministers going to humorous lengths to apologize to the world without actually apologizing. In 2018, Japanese warships were barred from international naval exercises hosted by the South Korean government when they refused to fly the less offensive Japanese national flag as opposed to their naval ensign, the Showa-Era rising sun, which for Koreans and Chinese, is the equivalent of a Swastika.

Still to this day, Japan maintains claims to the Korean-governed island of Dokdo, a tiny spit of land in between the two nations called Takeshima by the Japanese. Since President Kim took office months ago, many have remembered her promises to remind Japan what they've done, and what they have to do to make amends. In 1981, citizens in both North and South Korea were infuriated as they watched Japan abandon it's anti-engagement policies in military affairs, leading to a reinvigorated militarism in Korea. For much of her history, South Korea was under military law, and though the country is today a thriving example of democracy, it remains a militarized state. Most men in Korea are required by law to serve a minimum of two years in the military, and Kim's government is advocating for this draft to now apply to women.

Japan has an active military force of 250,000 compared to South Korea's almost 600,000 (the 7th largest deployment in the world). Japan has a reserve of 75,000 to South Korea's more than 3,000,000. South Korea has a growing population while Japan's is in decline. On the surface, one would think Japan is by no means a match for it's former colony, but three major factors have to be taken into account.

Japan has the worlds most advanced air force, superior from a technological standpoint even to those of the North American super power, China, and even Israel.

Japan has a larger population. The nation can call on 43,000,000 citizens, while the entire population of South Korea is around 50,000,000.

South Korea is forced to maintain a costly military presence along it's northern border, and in the past years has had to counter aerial incursions by Russia and China, both world powers in their own right. While Japan is a unified country, the Korean Peninsula is divided.

But the greatest factor is this: who will the Americans support? South Korea is tied to the United Provinces of America, buying the vast majority of her foreign military weaponry from the government in Philadelphia. Yet it was an American president who supported Japanese remilitarization.

So the question is, how does Korea fight against imperialism which has scared most of it's recent history? President Kim and other law makers on all sides of the political spectrum have called for a massive raise in their country's military budget. South Korea is a country designed to be ready for war at any moment--Seoul's SWAT teams are some of the finest in the world, trained not just to save hostages, but to engage in urban warfare and actively retaliate against North Korean military actions.

The Nuclear Resolution

South Korea politicians both in the opposition and ruling parties have said that the only way to protect their country from the threat posed by a militarized Japan and a hostile Northern Regime is a nuclear arsenal of their own. At a press conference yesterday, the President said she was already hoping coordinate an international training exercise near the island of Dokdo, a show of force to remind Tokyo where it belongs. When asked how great a threat she believed Japan was, she said this:

"We have been around for 5,000 years, and we have spent most of that time fighting the Mongols, fighting the Chinese, fighting the Japanese, and being dominated by all three. So I think I would definitely say that yes, Japan's military capabilities make it almost as great a threat to our nation as North Korea has in the past. The only difference is that President Kim Jong-un has met with my predecessor, he's shaken my hand, and he's stepped across the border at Panmunjom. The Japanese fly the Rising Sun from their warships."

South Korea has never been a fan of Philadelphia's role in remilitarizing Japan, but Seoul has always been relatively shy about officially telling both the Americans and Japanese off. Until now.

written by: deputy editor Marta Vasić,
May 3rd, 2020,
02:00 ECT


One thing that is notable for Serbian political system is that, although being a field of bipartisanship battles between Democratic Party (DS) and Social-Democratic Party (SDP), there are no independent MPs sitting in the National Assembly of Serbia. In a modern political history of Serbia, there has never been a single independent MP, which is a situation with no precedent in nations with similar parliamentary systems. Why is it like that?

Search for an answer takes us to the core of Serbian electoral policies. Although relying on the two most powerful parties, one created by former communist politicians in July 1990 and the other created by their dissidents in February 1990, Serbia is in terms of elections designed as a single constituency with proportional representation in the National Assembly. That means that both parties are competing for all 250 seats on a same list and they win as many seats as their percentage can cover. In the elections mathematics, one seat is worth 0.4% of the votes, but they must be spread across the country in a complicated way regulated like that to undermine possible regionalization of the National Assembly, because all MPs have full responsibility towards the whole nation as a single constituency.

That means that if someone would like to run for a single seat as an independent MP, according to the rules that haven't changed since 1990, he would have to campaign as if he's running for the President, due to the specific requirements highly criticized in recent years. Taking into account that average presidential campaign costs between 2 and 5 millions of euros, it is far more rational to invest them into a presidential race than into the race for a single MP seat, worth between 13000 (0.4% if turnout is at legal minimum of 50%) and 27000 votes (0.4% if turnout is at legal maximum of 100%) spread all across the nation.

Also, let us not forget that there aren't many people who can actually afford to run campaign from their own funds, because law also prohibits financing the campaign from the money loaned from a bank. Therefore, majority of potential candidates would have to rely on donors, and there's really not a large number of donors, if any, who are interested to put their money into the campaigns of independents, but rather seek to support established parties and benefit from their support later.

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The Funeral, as Planned

The first procedure would begin in earnest, the Kaiser would be laid to rest opposite his father at the mausoleum in Hohenzollern Castle built in 1958 to accommodate Wilhelm II. Dignitaries had arrived in Stuttgart, the 'summer residence' of the Royals and the private nature of Hohenzollern meant all visiting dignitaries were either staying in Stuttgart or a nearby property on the road. The Kaiser's body had laid in state for three days in the City Palace, then been carried by state train to the Castle where it'd be interned formally. The Castle would host the Royal Family and German Government officials for the first two days, then on the third day where the Chancellor intended to converse with her Italian counterpart in greater depth, other dignitaries would come for a brunch while the German-Italian summit would take up most of the third day thereafter. She was acutely aware how it might piss some folks off but she didn't care.

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South daehanmingug


A Life Story

The following is a work of fiction. All characters, organizations, and events are fictitious, and do not necessarily represent the opinions, beliefs, or ideals of the Rper for the Republic of Korea

Jae-hyun smiled softly, his eyes opening to the soft light of his small bed room in his small apartment. The bed was warm and soft under him, and he breathed deeply, feeling refreshed. The shower was running in the bathroom. Seo-jun must have already gotten up.

There was a knock at the door. Park Jae-hyun was Korea's sweet heart; he'd acted in numerous dramas, including Netflix's top Korean language series Crashing Landing in Your General Area, a story of love between a fearsome modern woman running her own company and a respectable and dashing young North Korean officer. Park had brought critics to tears in the movie Cage, a movie about the life of Korean poet Yun Dong-ju, who died in a Japanese prison towards the end of the Second World War.

He was also gay, though his managers would never admit it, and his boss didn't actually know. Seo-jun was the walking definition of a K-pop Idol, a strikingly handsome young man who'd been the face of Korea's growing Kpop industry.

"Hi," Seo-jun had said, his voice warm and friendly. He looked like he'd been crying, and when Jae-hyun asked, he'd said it was nothing, that he didn't want to talk about it. As usual, Seo-jun had shown up at his apartment unannounced. They couldn't text very often, nor was it safe to have messages or phone calls lying around somewhere in either's phone. So they'd appear at each others cramped but nice homes, break open a bottle of wine, stare at Seoul's millions of lights, and then have the best sex ever. They'd gone to bed together that night after washing dishes and listening to some indie song from America.

Jae-hyun was awake now. He knocked on the door to the bathroom. "Hyung, breakfast in five," he barked. Hearing no reply, he went back to the kitchen. Turning on the tiny television on his counter top, he went about warming up to bowls of left overs. The news quietly droned on the background.

"...No Seo-jun's new song LOVING YOU has reached the number three spot on the Bill Board music chart in America today..."

Jae-hyun's eye brows furrowed. It'd been ten minutes and Seo-jun wasn't out of the shower. As he left the room, the news continued;

"...the singer has been missing for three days now since CL Entertainment first reported that the singer was ill and had been forced to cancel his tours."

He rubbed his eyes, trudging towards the bathroom when something caught his attention--a white paper sat on the dining table, Hangul scribbled in Seo-jun's awful writing.


The younger smiled at his nickname.

"I love you....

I'm sorry...

They know...

...going to cancel the tour...

...I can't keep going..."

He froze. What?

"Hyung?" he called, his voice just a little bit tighter.

No reply. The shower water continued splattering against the tile.

"Yah, Hyung! What's going on with-"

Jae-hyun opened the bathroom door, holding the note in one hand. He looked up.

There was blood. Everywhere. So much blood. A shiny object sat on the sink counter. A razor. Covered in crimson.


He must have really cut his leg--it wouldn't be the first time. But why was he using a razor? Jae-hyun had gotten him a new electric razor for his face just last month on his birthday.

But that's when he saw it--there wasn't just blood everywhere, there was a puddle. It was sticking to his feet. His vision blurred as he threw back the curtain. He screamed.

Mrs. Choi froze, looking up from her book. She turned, taking off her reading glasses. "Did you hear that?" she asked her husband. What a foolish question. The love of her life was deaf... frankly so was she. But the older man looked concerned as she did, staring at the far wall where someone was crying in the neighboring apartment.

"Aaaiiiish, why are people so loud? If you cried like that when we were coming up, you would've been slapped. Damn right, back then. World made sense," she sighed. Her husband looked worried as the crying continued--only it wasn't crying.

It was screaming. It was deep inhuman noises, like an animal being slaughtered. Sounds one shouldn't hear in such a big city.

It had been five minutes of horrible crying until Mrs. Choi stood up. Whoever that idiot was needed to learn how to respect their neighbors. She knocked on the door, hearing a torrent of horrid screams and choked coughs. Other people were opening their doors, peering down the hallway. She looked at them all, and the neighbors shared a silent conversation, one of shared annoyance, confusion, and even a little bit of fear. The young man in the apartment was famous. Everyone in these apartments was well off or famous. The spaces weren't big, but they were comfortable and beyond luxurious. Choi shook her head, knocking on the door.

"Sir?" she called.
"Hello, sir?! This is Mrs. Choi from next door."

There was a choked sob, something so primal she couldn't help but shiver. Mrs. Choi wasn't angry anymore--she was worried.

"Sir? I'm going to come in. Are you okay?" She opened the door after checking to see if it was locked, feeling the stares of people behind her as she entered the cramped but remarkably clean little home. The cries--they were wails, coming from the bathroom in back where she could hear shower water hitting the tiles of the floor. "Sir? Are you decent? I'm going to come in now."

Two young men were splayed out on the floor, one had his clothes soaked through, sitting on the lip of the shower. The other was on the floor, his athletic form soaked in water. A lake of red---of blood, pooled beneath them. The one in clothes was choking, coughing, hacking for air. He was crying so hard he couldn't breath. His eyes were so so red, almost as red as the bloody floor. The head of the second and taller of the two was cradled in his lap, his legs resting in the shower and his upper body being clutched by the other. Blood was flooding out of his wrists. He was so so pale as his blood drenched everything.

He was dead.

Mrs. Choi nearly fainted. She sprinted for the first time in more than twenty years, dashing into the hallway and yelling for someone to call an ambulance.

It took Mrs. Choi and a man and woman--both recently married and back from their honey moon, to haul the form of the still-living young man into his living area and out of the bathroom.

Jae-hyun couldn't stop crying. His throat was raw, his eyes burned, and he felt sick. But he couldn't stop. He felt like he was crying himself to death.

His eyes could no longer be flooded with tears. He had vomited in the bathroom when they first tried to move him, and as he heaved now, the old woman who found him shakily rubbing his back, nothing came out. His scalp was raw and he tugged madly at his hair.

So much blood. It was an oil slick, drowning and sucking the life out of those who were trapped in it.

And Jae-hyun really wanted now, more than ever, to cry until there was nothing left. To scream until he had no voice.

To die. He wanted to die.

Yay.... gay life still sucks in most of the world. Hopefully no one here has to relate to or experience anything like this.

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TgCom24 News Agency Report

The 4th International - Progress

The 4th International begins to make progress as the Communist Party of Italy has already contacted & confirmed attendance from several international partners alongside their own Coalition. The Parties or Coalitions which have agreed to participate already are as follows:

  • ZhenCom Coalition:
    I. October Revolutionary Alliance (ORA) - Far-Left
    II. Zhen Peasants' and Workers' Democratic Party (ZPWDP) - Far-Left
    III. Eastern Council of Trade Unions (ECTU) - Center-Left
    IV. Yinchuan Workers' Party (YWP) - Far-Left
    V. Jilin Worker's Party (JWP) - Far-Left
    Link to learn more about the Parties: Fact Book by Zhen

  • Central American Center - Left-Wing Parties:
    I. Winaq - Center-Left - Left-Wing
    II. Liberty & Revolution - Left-Wing
    III. Ecologist Party - Center-Left
    Link to learn more about the Parties: Fact Book by Central America

  • Thai Left-Wing Parties:
    I. The New People's Party - Center-Left
    II. Socialist People's Republic of Thailand (Representative from Ruling Party) - Far-Left
    Links to learn more about Parties: NPP Fact Book by Thailand / SPRT Fact Book by Thailand

  • Mexican Far-Left Party:
    I. Communist Party of México or Partido Comunista de México - Far-Left

These are all in addition to Italy's own Communist Party & it's newly made Left Coalition to oppose President Mussolini & the Fascists. The Communists have noted this is still the early stages & several other parties have been contacted in the hopes to further expand the Summit's membership count. However, even just these parties have inspired the PC. They have already begun to negotiate for arrangements in Bologna. While they wished to use a city like Milan or Venice, the Northernmost part of Italy was still feeling the effects of COVID-19 & thus under greater restrictions than a city like Bologna. Nonetheless, the Communists looked forward to welcoming their international Comrades soon to once more light the revolutionary torch of Communism.


The 2nd Fascist International Congress - Progress

The 2nd Fascist International Congress has begun to tread along as Tricolour Flame has already reached out to & confirmed participation from several international partners alongside their own Party. The Parties or Coalitions which have agreed to participate already are as follows:

  • Xeno Stat Coalition:
    I. The Chinggis Khan Empire Society - Far-Right
    II. The Society for Monarchical Constitutionalism - Far-Right
    III. Korean People's Party - Far-Wing
    Link to learn more about the Parties: Fact Book by Zhen

  • Central American Far-Right - Right-Wing Parties:
    I. Valor - Far-Right
    II. National Party - Right-Wing
    III. Grand Alliance for National Unity - Center-Right - Right-Wing
    IV. Vision with Values - Right-Wing
    Link to learn more about the Parties: Fact Book by Central America

  • Thai Right-Wing Parties:
    I. Siam (Representative from Ruling Party) - Right-Wing
    II. Kra (Representative from Ruling Party) - Right-Wing
    Link to learn history about the Parties: Fact Book by Thailand

  • Mexican Far-Right Party:
    I. Nationalist Front of México or Frente Nacionalista de México - Far-Right

These parties are all in addition to Tricolour Flame. The Fascists have made it clear that they are still organizing the Summit & are discussing participation with more parties. However, they have noted that these allies alone have shown that Fascism is not dead. They look forward to amassing their likeminded Allies in a show of force at the Congress. They will be meeting in the Capital of Italy, Rome. Wishing to showcase Italy's Grand Culture. They look forward to reviving the Fascist movement as a force to be reckoned with in the world.

Tag: Zhen Dynasty Central American Alliance Seri Sayam Mexico republic (Consider it for both tags. Don't want to tag twice).


NOTE: This information is considered Secret or Unknown information to the player base at large unless such information is released or disclosed to other players.

Mussolini had finished meeting with the High Council of Defense. They had discussed the formation of an offensive unit under the command of Joint Cybernetic Operations Command (JCOC). Such a move would deviate from the originally defensive-oriented Command. However, Mussolini stressed the importance of utilizing it's technological capabilities in not only a defensive position but an increasingly offensive one. While Italy had limited experience in Cyber Warfare, now would be a good time to begin experimenting in it. As he recently announced that Italy would support Confederate Candidate Paul Michael Levesque's Campaign. The new Unit would take up the task of manipulating digital Confederate information. Including attacks such as Watering Hole attacks, Redirection Scams, potential Website Hacks to change page information, etc. (Watering Hole is an actual attack, rest i'm too lazy to look up from my CompSec class LMAO).

Their goal would be to manipulate Confederate public opinion to favor Levesque & demolish the image of other Candidates. Secrecy was of the utmost importance. Any who sign on to the Unit would be required to sign several forms that would carry punishments deemed necessary by a Military Court not a Civilian one. In addition, Non-disclosure agreements would also need to be signed. Furthermore, Top Secret Clearances would need to be issued due to the sensitivity of such a project.

Adding on, the Unit would practice extensive evasive tactics when carrying out the mission. Which may include utilizing foreign VPN's to countries that CSA criminal agencies would not be able to obtain digital records from through Court orders or anything of the sort, utilizing military-grade encryption to safeguard information, etc. The last thing Italy needed was for their role to be completely confirmed with evidence.

Mussolini wished to have the Unit formed & operating within a Month at most. He stated that Military personnel WOULD be able to be recruited for such a unit unlike the rules pertaining to the JCOC so as to expedite training & allow the Unit to be quickly assembled. The Unit would be named, "Cyber Operations Command".

This would be big for Italy's Military. Another step towards joining the Modern definition of war

Tag: The Turkish-State


Maraxias wrote:The Funeral, as Planned

The first procedure would begin in earnest, the Kaiser would be laid to rest opposite his father at the mausoleum in Hohenzollern Castle built in 1958 to accommodate Wilhelm II. Dignitaries had arrived in Stuttgart, the 'summer residence' of the Royals and the private nature of Hohenzollern meant all visiting dignitaries were either staying in Stuttgart or a nearby property on the road. The Kaiser's body had laid in state for three days in the City Palace, then been carried by state train to the Castle where it'd be interned formally. The Castle would host the Royal Family and German Government officials for the first two days, then on the third day where the Chancellor intended to converse with her Italian counterpart in greater depth, other dignitaries would come for a brunch while the German-Italian summit would take up most of the third day thereafter. She was acutely aware how it might piss some folks off but she didn't care.

Mussolini prepares to head to Germany. Salvini to tour with the British Royals around Italy
President Mussolini began to prepare to head to Germany. While the British Royals were still touring Italy, President Mussolini let Prime Minister Salvini tour with the Royals for the time being. Salvini was excited at the opportunity to show Italy to the Royals. Not to mention, he wished to utilize this as a good PR move for Lega Nord. Thus he engaged the British Royals & would be their effective guide for the rest of their time within Italy as President Mussolini had done.

Meanwhile, President Mussolini looked forward to engaging with the German Chancellor. He believed this would be a golden opportunity to shore up German-Italian ties & perhaps even prompt further developments. He knew the importance of such an Ally. What's greater than making more friends & strengthening such bonds?

Tag: Maraxias


Zhen Dynasty wrote:

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Experimental COVID-19 vaccines to be sent to Greater-italia

2 experimental vaccines for COVID-19 will be delivered to Italy for human trials.

These trials will occur mainly in Turin, Genoa, Venice and Milan, located in northern Italy, where the disease made a hard landfall. These vaccines, manufactured by Sinovac Biotech and the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, are currently approved for human trials.

Sinovac Biotech was the first company in the world to market a vaccine for the H1N1 swine flu, and says that it is capable of producing 100 million vaccines a year. Being one of the four authorised clinical coronavirus vaccine trials in the Zhen, it has been two weeks into human trials, and thousands of units of the experimental drug “Coronavac” have already been manufactured.

Last week, the company reported that its vaccine had “largely protected” monkeys from contracting COVID-19. It hopes to be able to provide the vaccine in Italy, as a way to gather more data for human trials while simultaneously offering many patients a chance. 6,000 of the vaccines will be sent to Italy, with a second batch consisting of 10,000 to be delivered by the end of the month.

Test subjects and patients have been briefed on the potential benefits and risks of the study.

Citizens rejoice at potential Vaccine

Italian Citizens rejoiced upon hearing the transportation of potential Vaccines to Northern Italy. Further highlighting increasing Sino-Italian friendship within the past weeks as the Zhen Dynasty has stepped up in it's aid to Italy. Many promoted the Italian-Chinese flag online & praised China for it's friendliness.

NOTE: This information is considered Secret or Unknown information to the player base at large unless such information is released or disclosed to other players.
Mussolini had just gotten off the phone with the Chinese ambassador who had informed him of the Vaccines. Mussolini was pleased. This would significantly boost his popularity. His administration would be the one that led Italy from chaos & disaster to salvation. He anticipated protestors upon his next political manoeuvres. But that's okay. The Ambassador notified him that Human testing was allowed. He wouldn't mind allowing protestors to become the first, brave volunteers to become subjects. His political ambitions were becoming realities, but he could only smile. He would restore his family name & uplift Italia onto heights that could never be imagined before. Greater-Italia would be realized once & for all! Avanti Italia!

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Lega Nord & Democratic Party of Italy to join Serbian SDP in hall of European Parliament
MEP's from Lega Nord & the PD of Italy would join the SDP from Serbia in there first anti-war coalition which will be held in the hall of the European Parliament tomorrow at 5pm ECT. The MEP's would honor their promise & support their allies in showing that the Libyan war should be ended. NATO should not continue to waste time & energy in such a war when it is clear that neither the populace nor our own allies want to participate in it!

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Italian Government releases details on potential joint op with Chinese Government

Wishing to re-focus public attention on Space. The Government has recently released plans that could signify a potential joint operation with the Zhen Dynasty in advancing scientific knowledge of both Nations regarding Space. The plans were still somewhat lacking but they indicated that a new space mission could be prepared. Italy & the Zhen Dynasty already jointly operate a satellite. However, this could indicate the potential for more. Not to mention, this highlights the close ties of the Governments in the recent weeks.

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Euronews - Strasbourg,
May 3rd, 2020.

MEPs of the anti-war coalition held press conference in the hall of European Parliament

On the initiative of Social-Democratic Party from Serbia, multiple parties from different European Union nations have joined their effort in organizing anti-war coalition, similar to one that existed during the invasion on Iraq in 2003. Anti-war coalition includes parties from Italy, Serbia and Bulgaria, and it is expected that the coalition will include more parties trough the time. Today, at 5pm, they've gathered in front of the press and addressed the press with the following statement:

"As the political representatives of the European people, we are morally and politically responsible for the course of events in regards to the NATO involvement in the Libyan civil war. You have already heard our arguments, that this war is complete waste of time, energy and lives for all sides and that Europe should engage in making a peace, not making it worse. Therefore, we are going to launch powerful campaign in our nations, showing to the world that we're not warmongers in support of the actions we feel to be deeply wrong. Tens of thousands of more deaths in Libya by NATO airstrikes will not change political situation in the right direction. Once again, we urge all the good-will people to join us on the rallies that will be organized in our countries in the following weeks. Thank you."

After statement was read, MEPs responded to the questions of journalists, regarding the actions they intend to take to stop the war. They said that main focus will be on organizing marches, rallies and protests of all kinds, forcing their governments to reconsider the decisions of taking part in the war. Asked about the reason to start this late with anti-war campaign, taking into account that NATO is striking targets from the air in Libya for more than a month already, MEPs have replied that the reason for delay was situation in regards to coronavirus spread and that they've been waiting for the proper moment to launch the effective campaign without risking health of the people taking part in it.

Confederate States Sports Channel

Coca-Cola Clubs World Cup Recap brought to you by Taco Bell

"And the upset of the year in New Orleans as Tractor Sazi tie against PSG. Then we move onto Miami as Liverpool survived against Deportivo Saprissa. Phoenix feels like a repeat of the Champions League as Lyon stops Juventus in its tracks, and finally Richmond where the match of the night was played between the Vancouver Whitecaps and Melbourne Victory. I am Jonathan Coachman, joined by my co-host former WCW Champion and Atlanta Icon Bill Goldberg. Every night after all the games are complete we will come to you live from the HLJ Arena here in Atlanta where the Championship game will be played. Every night a celebrity guest host will be joining us, first Texas's own Jim Parsons. Gentlemen thank you for coming."

Bill Goldberg nods, while Jim Parsons responds. "Thank you Jonathan."

"First we will be taking a look at the story of the night, the upset of PSG at the hands of Tractor Sazi, followed by the Champions League rematch between Juventus and Lyon. Then the epic written between Liverpool and Deportivo Saprissa was a back and forth classic. Before looking at the match of the night before the Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Melbourne Victory we will be joined by the manager of Galatasaray SK Fatih Terim. First the opening match brought to you by Sony."

A series of clips are played from the match before the screen switches back to Bill Goldberg. "As a former WCW Champion I know a few thing about squash matches, but that we expected tonight. You have a giant in PSG versus a medium size fished in a big pond now dropped in the pacific ocean. But what we did learn is that tonight's biggest mistake was made by European teams who did not take non-European teams seriously. PSG playing their least experienced squad against Tractor Sazi's elite, this almost worked till the very last seconds where a sudden counter attack by Tractor Sazi resulted in a goal. Ending the game in the shocking and unexpected tie. We even saw the Turkish Foreign Minister show his support for Tractor Sazi after this game during a press conference in Mongolia. John what do you make of this?"

"I have to agree with you, just as you said the European teams did not take the non-Europeans seriously till very late, this was highlighted in Group B that was brought to you by Nintendo." Clips are shown between the game of Liverpool and Deportivo Saprissa before switching back to the Coachman. "This game which the world expected to be a easy Liverpool walk in the park, however it turned into a game straight out of the Champions League. Deportivo Saprissa gave them a run for their money, not giving Liverpool a chance to pick up a lead until the 88th minute with a header by Mohamed Salah. Following the game it was clear that the time had come for Europe to take its competition serious. Next Group C brought to you by IranCell."

clips are played of the clash between Lyon and Juventus from earlier in the year in the Champions League, with replays of today's game mixed in with it. Afterward the camera switches to Jim Parsons. "Lyon and Juventus derailed one another tonight in the Cups most competitive groups, making the game between Manchester City and Persepolis the match that could set the tone for the group in two days. But similar to that match, in three days Turkey's Galatasaray SK will take on the Czech Republic's SK Dynamo České Budějovice in Tampa. Joining us now in person, the manager of Galatasaray Fatih Terim.

After Terim is greeted on stage by the rest and is seated, the Coachman asks the first question. "Mr. Terim, first and foremost congratulations on the new sponsorship."

"Thank you Johnathan."

"Yesterday you made the bold declaration last that Galatasaray would exit the group stage and even make its way to the championship game." Faith Terim shrugs and nods as Johnathan spoke, the other panelists tried to keep composure. "Do you think tonight results in matches like PSG vs Tractor Sazi could be a sign of things to come for Galatasaray?"

"Trust me, when we visit Tampa for the second time, Galatasaray will rip through its competition. Not only that, I promise a clean sheet for the entire group stages."

Bill Goldberg interrupts "Do you think that is even possible, you are facing some serious competition."

"All competition is serious, yes. But just like your 173 match undefeated streak, we know how to win a few games without having a ball go through the net."

The Coachman continues from where he had left off. "Finally Mr. Terim the world wants to know your thoughts on Mr. Erdoğan's Persepolis in Group C?"

"All I can say is this, Recep and I are close friends. We had some great clashes between Galatasaray and Kasımpaşa. If this was a well oiled Kasımpaşa that had been trained by Recep for nearly a decade, I could see him winning the damn thing. But he just became the manager of Persepolis, until they step on the field in two days, we know nothing."

After this it cuts to commercial break from the CNU's 'Promises Made, Promises Kept' campaign, before coming back to replays between the match of Melbourne Victory and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC. As they come back from the video, the camera is once again on Coachman. "Finally the match between Melbourne Victory and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC which was nothing more than a afterthought, that stole the night. In a back and forth thrilled that our next guest, who was at the game will tell you all about. Bill take it away."

The camera pans over to Bill Goldberg. "And finally please join me in welcoming via Skype the President of the Confederate States of America, Hunter Lee Jackson" The screen is split into two different sides, as the video from the Presidents feed is displayed. "Welcome Mr. President, how is the weather in Richmond?"

Speaking from the VIP lounge in the stadium, with spectators still visible in the stands behind the President celebrating with their teams. "Thanks Bill, and it's average I recon."

"Mr. President which team do you think stole the night? You were at each of the games, and got to meet each team prior to the games. Sharing the journey in entering the tournament with all these teams."

"Honestly it would have to be Deportivo Saprissa, they tore the house down. And I cannot wait to see more for them in Group B. They may have lost, but they showed the world that they can compete against the best in Europe, maybe the world that being Liverpool. However, I must also highlight the significance of Tractor Sazi being able to score and tie PSG. Something that I do not think anyone expected, especially not PSG or Tractor Sazi."

"Thank you Mr. President." Coachman steps back in. "But we will see you again in three days live in studio in week four when Atlanta United takes on ŠK Slovan Bratislava. Thank you everyone, and good night."

CentroVision | Al Punto con Gustavo Dominguez
Presidential Palace, Guatemala City
"Good evening and thank you for tuning in to this special segment of CentroVision, I'm your host Gustavo Dominguez and today we will be discussing an interesting topic that has brought the attention of many. As many know the Federal Government has taken many step in taking Colombia to the International Court of Justice over the dispute regarding the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. Today we will be interviewing President José Daniel García over this matter. Thank you for joining us."

    García| "Thank you for inviting me tonight."

    Dominguez| "This year both Central America and Colombia will end a dispute which has been lasting for nearly 200 Years. How has the new government been doing regarding to this dispute and what are the next steps to expect?"

    García| My government is taking various measures in terms of diplomatic relations between Central America and Colombia. Let's remember that it's been more than 198 years since this dispute has taken place. Now the next step is for the International Court of Justice to revise the cases, see what both countries are fighting for, in which this case is a resolution to the territorial dispute. The court will give a final decision which is unappealable, in which both countries have to recognize.

    Velasco| "We know at this moment that both Central America and Colombia have voted and have agreed to take this case to the International Court of Justice, which means they are practically giving the court the right to decide the terriotial limits between both nations.

    García| "It can be interpreted that way, but at the end of the day, due to the type of problem that exists between both countries, there are only three ways to solve this problem. One of the ways is through arbitration, another is a solution settled between both countries, and the third being through the international court of justice which both countries have decided to take."

    Dominguez| "the countries, in this case Central America and Colombia, must present documents to the International Court of justice in the process, tell us about what both countries have to do."

    García| "Yes, of course, both countries must present several documents, for example a historical analysis, in which we already have presented. These analysis reefers to the history of these territories, why is it important for both countries, etc. After the documents and analysis are presented the ICJ will determine a resolution, which I repeat is unappealable. This is what makes the process very interesting as a decision from the International Court of Justice must be abided."

    Dominguez| "We know that the Chinchilla Administration has started this process since 2013, being 7 years by now. A process of such case requires atleast 5 or 7 years. Do you think that this process will end in the coming months?"

    García| "Yes, as you said a process usually does last up to 5 or 7 years, however in some cases it lasted up to 10 years or even more. Righ now the government is in the process of presenting its case, contracting a lawyer, and finding specialized signatures from other countries, which will convert this to national case. Both countries again must contract a lawyer, defend their positions and present their arguments, ater this happens the Court will make a decision. We hope that a verdict will be made in the coming weeks or months of the process goes smoothly and as planned."

    Dominguez| "Thank you very much Mr. President for this explanation and for joining us tonight."

    García| "Thank you for this interview."

Thank you all for watching, may god bless you and may god bless Central America.

Afsharid Persia, Union of Israel, The Australis Republic, Basurwelat, and 4 othersAldiyn, Greatest-Russia, Greater-italia, and Korean state

Post self-deleted by Zhen Dynasty.

Post by South daehanmingug suppressed by The Confederate-State.

South daehanmingug

Cameras flash as the President Kim's same-sex marriage conference goes to a round of questions from the press. The various reporters are all spread out, and everyone in the room wears a mask for protection.

Kim scans the crowd, picking a reporter in the back first.

"Can you comment on the rumors that Mr. Jeong Seo-jun, the singer that recently took his life, was homosexual--and he was driven to his actions because of homophobia?"

The President isn't surprised as she nods her head.

"Well the death of Mr. Jeong was a terrible event, especially considering he was so young and at the height of his career. I express my condolences to his family and friends. Now, to respond to what you're saying, I'm going to remind you that the rumors about Mr. Jeong's sexuality are first of all, rumors, and second of all, something that must be taken seriously. I'm not going to say something until we all understand the situation, and I'm only going to say something if it is warranted and concerns the well being of our country and our people."

"Madame President, are you planning to put a Same-sex Marriage Law in front of the National Assembly? If so, when are you going to do that?"

"Um, I can say that marriage equality is very important. The ability for our fellow Koreans to love freely isn't encouraged in the constitution, it's grudgingly permitted. That's not okay, and it's allowed our country to disgrace itself and traumatize many many people, including soldiers in the military who have faced verbal, physical, and sexual abuse based off of their sexual orientation. How can we say someone can legally be gay when they are mandatorily drafted into a military that holds homosexuality to be a crime? We need to take action, and we need to show the international community that we are a nation that knows our differences are what make us strong."

"But are you going to present a law to be voted on--"

Her press secretary steps in, saying their out of time. As President Kim leaves the podium, questions are shouted her way. Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children? Should gay couples be given the same rights as other married couples? Does gay apply to all queer individuals, or only men?

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

A novelty sport for a novelty population


The Realm hereby invites representatives (and ice cream companies) across the world to partake in the 1st South Pacific Ice Cream Games!

The South Pacific Ice Cream Games is an international novelty sports event, based on NZ's love for ice cream.

The SP Ice Cream Games involves "competitive" events. Some of the events include:

  • Ice Cream Rally: a 642 km long rally raid from Wellington to Auckland, run exclusively with ice cream trucks. First competitor to reach the finishing line wins the event.

  • Ice Cream Fabrication Contest, Round 1: competitors have to create 10 meters cubed of quality ice cream from scratch in the shortest amount of time. The competitor who does the deed in the shortest amount of time wins the event.

  • Ice Cream Fabrication Contest, Round 2: a public taste test! Over 5,000 tasters will sample each competitor's ice cream. If it tastes good, competitors advance to the next round. If it doesn't, competitors are eliminated. The winner of the previous round is immune to elimination

  • Ice Cream Matter Manipulation Event: competitors have to craft a sculpture with 10 meters cubed worth of their previously made ice cream in the shortest amount of time. The competitor who succeeds in the shortest amount of time, and presents a popular sculpture (which will be voted upon by the public) wins the event. Points are added/docked for preserving taste, texture, consistency, etc.

  • Ice Cream Wars: competitors are given equally sized and equally populated plots of land, and made to sell ice cream in said plots of land. The competitor with the most sales over a 48 hour period wins the event. Competitors can be DQ'd for selling ice cream outside their allocated land plots.

  • Ice Cream Ad Wars: competitors are given 72 hours to film an ice cream ad. The ice cream ad will be rated on: child-friendliness/quality/special, practical, sound, or other technical effects/actual content/product attractiveness. The ice cream ad that gets the highest scores overall will be granted a TV license to air the ad in TVNZ Duke and TVNZ 2 for a period of 2 months, free of charge.

    The competitor with the most cumulative points wins the competition, as well as a sweet (ha, pun intended) prize!

    Sponsored by Whittaker's and Tip Top

  • Afsharid Persia, Union of Israel, The Australis Republic, Aldiyn, and 2 othersGreater-italia, and Korean state

    Excerpt from: Von Hammer, F. R., & Galve, S. (2040). Chapter: 13 The 2020 General Election. In M. L. R. Dankler (Ed.), The Political Encyclopaedia: 21st Century (pp. 1549-1872). Munich: Papen Books.

      Amid the 2020 Election, as the major parties moved into a war footing and prepared for what would go onto redefine German foreign and domestic policy thereafter, the passage of Kaiser Wilhelm III should be noted. Not least of all because the Kaiser served as Germany's longest serving Emperor since the establishment of the Empire in 1871. When evaluating the 'march to 2020', Kanzlerin Damilier should be considered in depth. Her rise in 2017 as Chancellor was less a backlash against the right-wing and more German acquiescence to her 'European Idea'. However, in the three years that followed, Europe coped with the departure of the U.K., the Italian 'abdication of responsibility' and a Germany paralyzed with obsession over its 'successful past'. Damilier would go on, in the weeks that followed her public approval boom throughout the nation's mourning period, to slip up and all gains she'd made would be erased. This, and the NCU's election of Tobias Rultz as Opposition Leader and Leader of the NCU would dent her appeal, he was elected in June of 2020. For a full lay of the land, the list below contains the critical names worth noting in this chapter in the context of the Spring and Summer of 2020.

        - Annegrette Damilier; Chancellor
        - Frank Valtheimer; Foreign Minister
        - Chrisjen Avasarala; Treasurer
        - Tobias Rultz; Opposition Leader
        - Walter Müller; Chairman of the SDP
        - Felix Hanzler; Leader of the ANM

      The funeral, held in early May, would be the first indication of Damilier's limited appeal. The government had been determined to publish its anticipated 2020-21 budget as scheduled in early May, thus, Chrisjen Avasarala gave all Germans a full glimpse into the Chancellor's mind. In hopes of avoiding controversy while reaping the benefits of continued strength in governance, the Chancellor went ahead with the publication of a ruthless budget, despite a 50 billion Euro surplus, the budget would feature no further welfare restructures. Avasarala's choice of words hadn't helped Damilier either, continually saying "Chancellor Damilier's budget" in place of "the Government's budget" as has traditionally been used, was noted by the SDP's supporters and opponents alike. Chairman Müller privately confided to a staffer that Avasarala using the terms implied the SPD's most prominent 'right-faction' leader was not fully on board with the budget and fueled speculation that should Damilier falter, Avasarala would lead a party-room coup. Under SPD rules, a petition of two-thirds of the party's federal caucus can trigger an immediate 'spill' of the leadership. Damilier avoided such speculation in November of 2019 by ending the legislative session early and dispatching her caucus to their homes, preventing Avasarala or any other politician from assembling the needed signatures. Thus, in 2020, with Avasarala distancing herself from the controversial budget, and giving ANM Leader Felix Hanzler a two hour lecture on 'Chancellor Damilier's budget' led to an unexpected motion from Tobias Rultz to extend debate time from ending at 3pm to ending at 10pm. It should be noted, ordinary debate times for the budget go until 11. Rultz justified his motion with;

        The Opposition recognizes the expediency with which the Treasurer has laid out the Chancellor's budget but this side is of the opinion that justified scrutiny should be levied and thus we ask that members be given until 10pm to deliver such scrutiny, unless the Chancellor believes anything could be more important than how those who pay her salary feel about her budgetary decisions.

      In doing so, Rultz forced the entire Repräsentantenhaus to sit for another 7 hours. By the end of it, attention was split, in print, radio and television, reputable news sources refused to air the grievances too loudly out of respect for the formal period of mourning. Instead, the Chancellor had to tolerate tweets from the less so reputable, demanding her resignation for 'a fraudulent lie of a budget'. Müller went on to confide in Damilier that her popularity would return to pre-funeral levels and that had the funeral not come about, she'd be resigning and handing the reins to someone else. Avasarala for her part relegated all answers back to the Chancellery with a diligently worded response to any questions 'the Treasury works as the Chancellery indicates. My qualms with the budget were made clear to the Chancellor, and she has hopefully taken them into consideration.' In the hours that followed, snap polling gave Rultz, an untested and relatively unknown Opposition Leader a twenty point bump and saw his party jump up to a shocking 37.5% in the primary vote, a climb of 13 points. The NCU also took the lead in two-party-preferred polling on a 50.5 to 49.5 margin.

      As the funeral goes on, and as party members and dignitaries send off Kaiser Wilhelm III, the 'delegates breakfast' is held the day after, an excuse to meet on bilateral needs with a largely European audience, Damilier spends much of the meeting aware but unable to act on the culling happening behind the scenes. In the hours of the night before, Avasarala initiated the petition and signed her resignation from the cabinet dated for the following morning. Damilier had yet to accept it but the signal was clear, by midday, Damilier and Valtheimer were trapped in summits and conversation, while Avasarala returned to Berlin and worked the phones. By the time the Italians are given their working dinner at which Avasarala is noticeably absent, Damilier and Valtheimer have yet to call a single supporter, the backbench is unaware of whether the Chancellor intends to resign or is simply caught by a busy day. Valtheimer, who was formerly the Secretary of the national branch of the powerful Union der Gastarbeiter (Hospitality Union), first reaches a phone at 9pm when he sits in the plane intent on taking him to Hamburg for the national finals of the 'National Diplomats Competition'. Upon picking his phone up off the bench, the first thing Valtheimer is noted to have said is 'crap', his Assistant Minister for Trade and Assistant Minister for European Affairs have both texted him an indication to resign, and he finds in his emails the letters of resignation he had never expected. His response at first, according to an aide is described as being confused.

        He sort of slouched in his seat with a degree of disappointment I'd not seen since he lost the leadership in 2010. It was almost melodic, the way he sort of just came to terms with what he recognized as his early retirement.

      That aide wasn't wrong. Valtheimer knew that he had one of two choices. Either he calls Avasarala and asks for concessions in exchange for ditching Damilier with her, in which case his own faction would consider him a traitor and he would find himself on the backbench for another few months, maybe another term but nowhere near any degree of power, influence or authority. Or, he backs Damilier which, at this stage seemed to be about to face an insurmountable challenge that had taken two his most faithful lieutenants. Granted, one was a right-MR but the other was once his Chief of Staff some decade earlier. It was a heartbreak that signaled what would come. He didn't tamper with his phone yet again, the Chancellor's calls to his personal phone being left unanswered as Valtheimer flew to Hamburg, drafting what would become one of Germany's bestselling books. He would conclude his political career with an appointment as President of the Federal Council by Kaiserin Victoria I. The day after, on May 13, as Damilier paced Berlin impatiently dialing MRs, she would discover the biggest surprise she could, more than half of the caucus, by her count, had already declared for Avasarala. Damilier's support was confined to what remained of her cabinet - for now.

      The 15th of May was the planned coronation of Kaiserin der Deutchen, Victoria I, so any move Avasarala made would be after then. If a petition was already being circulated, Damilier was not only three steps behind but she was about to see her Chancellery collapse. On May 14, what many see as 'Bloody Thursday', Valtheimer announces he won't seek reelection to the Reichstag in the eventual general election, while he will continue to serve as Foreign Minister. Assistant Ministers and Junior Ministers had been dropping away gradually by May 14, but on May 14, the first senior Minister other than Avasarala announces their resignation: Joseph Hartmann, Minister for Defense. His resignation is critical, as it is not only the first senior Minister to drop away from the left, but Hartmann was also young and many expected the charismatic politician to succeed Damilier in short time. Hartmann would go on to be elected Deputy Leader of the party, driving Damilier to label his betrayal 'the worst of them all' in her memoirs published some time later. Avasarala for her part secures the needed 334 votes of the 500 MRs in Berlin (302 members of the Repräsentantenhaus + 118 Federal Councillors). As expected, she takes no action until May 18th, the Monday after the coronation when she deposits the two-thirds signature at the office of Chairman Müller.

      Müller verifies the authenticity of the two-thirds with a phone call to each signature, the document actually had 347 signatures, clearing the threshold substantially. He proceeds to inform the Chancellor that the caucus must hold a vote on the Leadership that night, Müller himself had arrived in Berlin the Sunday before after hearing rumblings of such a motion in the works, the party meets at the SPD Headquarters in lower Berlin where a frustrated and exhausted Damilier arrives four minutes before 'doors close'. She sits in her seat, listens to Chairman Müller and patiently waits to speak, when she does, she makes an impassioned case for her to retain the leadership. Her lagging poll numbers, she argues can be lifted, her personal popularity, still salvageable, but the SPD wasn't having a bar of it. The party saw little room for more chances, they wanted to protect their fragile majority in the Repräsentantenhaus and make a dent in the FDP and ANM's kingmaker grip in the Bundesrat. To attain either goal, a narrow win wasn't possible. Pundits expected that if the SDP did retain its majority in the Repräsentantenhaus, it would be at the cost of any room for success in the Bundesrat, Avasarala had higher approval ratings and unlike Damilier, hailed from Saxony where the growth of the Greens and far right had to be curtailed if the party had any hope of retaining government in a useful capacity. It also needed a leader able to be combative in Bavaria. 6 of 8 Councillors up for election in 2020 would be members of the NCU, their 1 member from Bavaria who was up for election would appreciate the friends, and by gains in Bavaria, the party could offset any losses it incurred elsewhere.


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