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The contents within this post are highly secretive in nature and cannot be used to gain IC information regarding any of the subjects discussed.

Behind locked doors...

"Dmitry," said the short, balding man, "Are you aware of the Atkinson case going on in Britain?" "I'm completely aware of it," said Dmitry, scowling and pacing. "What are we going to do about it?" The other man remained completely calm and even slightly sarcastic, leaning against a bookshelf and watching Dmitry pace. "Well, in my opinion it is a case of no real concern. So the Brits find her guilty of 'imagined' charge. So what?" "So it creates further tensions after the Nastoychivy, and the Shetlands." "And what about it? You know the West. Ten years ago, Russia was helpless in their eyes. We were a virulent violator of 'human rights' and 'democratic principles', and furthermore we were 'weak', easy to force into submission. Now things have flipped, and we have the advantage." "That is definitely true. But it still isn't good for our public image." "You're correct, it isn't. But, mark my words, the West will use the same tactics and brush it off with some excuse. For all I know, you could be a spy."

Dmitry turned sharply, saw the twinkle in the shorter man's eye, and chuckled. "Well it isn't Atkinson that I'm worried about," he said. "She won't know too much. I'm more concerned know who." "Krupkin?" "Yes, Krupkin." "I believe he'll make it out all right. He's resourceful enough, and anyway it's not like he knows all that much either." "Hmm. Well my point is, in your place I would do something about this." "Such as?" Dmitry drew closer. "Prepare an escape for them," he whispered, glancing out the window into the bright Maytime sun.

The shorter man chuckled. "I've already thought about that," he said. "I'll just say this, it'll be taken care of. One way or another." Dmitry raised an eyebrow and grinned. "Excellent," he said. "Yes, excellent."

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Unfolding Chaos in Basurwelat

8:00AM: First reports of gunfire around Barzanji Street Train Station, the largest station in Erbil and the centre of the Kurdish rail network.
8:14: Masked gunmen wearing the insignia of the communist YPG entered through the gigantic arches of the station, the sound of automatic rifle fire echoing down the rapidly emptying high street.
8:19: 8 armoured cars drove through the arches and into the central area of the station - by now the gunfire had stopped.
8:41: 7 trucks loaded with soldiers stopped close to the station, soldiers pouring out and forming an exclusion zone around the old sandstone building.
9:22: The YPG have issued a statement "the seizure of Barzanji Station is just the beginning. The people of Kurdistan are rising against this fascist government."
10:00: rioting across Basurwelat has intensified
10:24: Dohuk Central Police Station was attacked by rioters, smoke was seen rising out of the concrete structure.
13:12: At an unnamed military installation near Mosul, the army has reportedly surrendered to the YPG after intensive shelling by mobile artillery pieces.
15:07: The army placed Erbil, Dohuk, Kirkuk and Sulaymaniah as well as 18 other towns under martial law.

Since then the revolutionaries have managed to stay in control of most of the areas captured in the first day of what is being called 'Red Monday' by the PSK and YPG. Tomorrow we will see whether the military will be able to retaliate effectively as hundreds of thousands riot on the streets. The actions of Biryar Niyat and the PNM will be crucial. What has really shocked even many on the Kurdish left wing has been the level of militarisation of the YPG. It was generally believed that the YPG had mostly surrendered it's heavy weapons, but this is contrary to reports of tanks spilling out of the mountains and the heavy artillery used in assaults on military bases.


    | ARASH DAMAVANDI | "I would like to speak with his Majesty. Could you notify him that I'm here please?" |

    | He walks across the grand salon toward the staircase entrance. |

    | GUARD 1 | "He is a bit busy. He's with the women, he wishes to not be disturbed." |

    | ARASH DAMAVANDI | "It's urgent, I insist." |

    | The guard looks uneasy, but salutes the Prime Minister and slightly cracks open the door. |

    | ARDESHIR AFSHAR | "I'm about to give you the full experience baby, just ask Sultana Nadiyya of North Trideshia..." |

    | WOMAN 1 | "Ohhh yess, baby! Conquer me like Xerxes conquered Greece!" |

    | GUARD 1 | "Your Imperial Majesty, if may I interru-" |

    | ARDESHIR AFSHAR | "Didn't I tell you not to disturb me?! Tell whoever it is to f*ck off!" |

    | GUARD 1 | "Your Imperial Majesty, it is the Prime Minister. He is here with her Imperial Highness, your sister." |

    | The Shah sighs. |

    | ARDESHIR AFSHAR | "Excuse me honey, we'll continue this at another time." |

    | Shirin shakes her head and rolls her eyes. A few minutes later, he emerges from the room, still buttoning up his shirt. |

    | ARDESHIR AFSHAR | "You better have a good reason for interrupting me Damavandi...." |

    | Damavandi and Torabi both bow before the Shah, while Shirin looks annoyed. |

    | ARASH DAMAVANDI | "My most sincere apologies your Imperial Majesty, but it was an urgent matter of the state. One I'm sure you will be interested in hearing." |

    | The four of them depart to the private office of the Shah. |

    | ARDESHIR AFSHAR | "So, what's going on?" |

    | ARASH DAMAVANDI | "The Kaiser of Maraxias... he's dead." |

    | ARDESHIR AFSHAR | "And this concerns me why? Shirin, just go to the funeral on behalf of our family or something, I don't have time for this." |

    | SHIRIN AFSHAR | "Listen Ardeshir, you remember our family in Germany?" |

    | ARDESHIR AFSHAR | "No?" |

    | The brigadier general hands the Shah a dossier. |

    | SOHEIL TORABI | "Her Imperial Highness has brought it to our attention that the von Semlins, descendants of the son of Nader Shah the Great, are currently residing in Bavaria." |

    | ARDESHIR AFSHAR | "Ah, yes. The von Semlins, descendants of Mostafa Ali Mirza Khan Afshar, son of Nader Shah the Great. We haven't been in contact with them for ages though... Have you, Shirin?" |

    | SHIRIN AFSHAR | "The last time I talked to them was when father died. They called to send their condolences." |

    | The Shah flips through the dossier. |

    | ARDESHIR AFSHAR | "Well, what about them?" |

    | ARASH DAMAVANDI | "Well, as you may well be aware of, the throne of Germany sits empty... for now." |

    | SOHEIL TORABI | "Armin von Semlin, also known as Armin Mirza Qoli Afshar, your relative, sits 7th in line to take the throne. We were hoping, with your permission, we could undertake some operations in Germany to guarantee his ascension to the throne." |

    | The Shah raises his eyebrows. |

    | SHIRIN AFSHAR | "Think about it Ardeshir, we could establish a real foothold in Western Europe..... Imagine the kind of lobby we'd be able to have in the European-Union." |

    | ARDESHIR AFSHAR | "But the von Semlins are so Europeanized... Do they even speak Persian? Will they be of any real help to us? What if we do end up placing him on the throne, but he does nothing for us." |

    | SHIRIN AFSHAR | "It's worth a shot. These kind of opportunities don't come up often." |

    | SOHEIL TORABI | "We just need your approval to begin the operation your Majesty...." |

    | ARDESHIR AFSHAR | "Do you have someone capable of carrying out such an operation?" |

    | SOHEIL TORABI | "He is already on his way to the Persian embassy in Berlin as we speak, your Imperial Majesty." |

    | ARDESHIR AFSHAR | "Very well..." |

    | The Shah signs and stamps the dossier with his seal, and hands it back to the brigadier general..... |

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Zhen Dynasty wrote:

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Clashes at the Yalu River

The Board of Justice has confirmed that there was a brief border clash at the mouth of the Yalu River, after a North Korean vessel intentionally collided with a Zhen coast guard ship.

The North Korean vessel reportedly attempted to detain a defector, crossing the international border. When called to stop by members of the Zhen Coast Guard, the North Korean vessel - identified as a Ku Song class torpedo boat - torpedoed the defector's ship, killing 3 defectors. In response, the Zhen Coast Guard Haixun-class cutter fired a warning shot at the Ku Song class boat with its 37mm.

This marks a sudden escalation and heightening of tensions between the DPRK and the Zhen - which have historically remained at odds for some time, despite maintaining close economic ties.

OOC: I'm voiding this since the NK claim is no longer an NPC

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South daehanmingug

Zhen Dynasty wrote:

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Works

The Board of Works has expressed interest in cooperating with Korea in testing its vaccine from Sinovac Biotech.

Currently, the vaccine is en route to Italy where it could be tested, but the company has expressed a wish to "further increase the testing sample" to account for any margins of error.

Sinovac Biotech was the first company in the world to market a vaccine for the H1N1 swine flu, and says that it is capable of producing 100 million vaccines a year. Being one of the four authorised clinical coronavirus vaccine trials in the Zhen, it has been two weeks into human trials, and thousands of units of the experimental drug “Coronavac” have already been manufactured.

Last week, the company reported that its vaccine had “largely protected” monkeys from contracting COVID-19. Should the Korean government agree to such an arrangement, the company will be able to procure a batch of 5,000 vaccines for testing and deliver it to various hospitals across the nation.

The Korean Centers of Disease Control

As tensions between Seoul and Beijing remain cold as usual, the KCDC made a statement on Monday declaring that it would not accept vaccines from Zhen China over concerns that the treatments would be, “defective”.

”In light of fears by the Blue House and KCDC that the treatments offered by the Zhen government may be and most likely are defective, it is with great respect that we must decline the offer to allow a foreign power to intervene in our already successful operations.”

The director for the KCDC recently announced that the amount of the country’s treatment centers would be increased drastically by the end of the week.

Nusantara Times

May 5th, 2020
Jakarta, Special Capital District of Jakarta

ICF-C Confirms the deployment of Indonesian troops in Kra

    | Jakarta - Since April last month, the ICF-C (International Combat Force - Command) has confirmed the deployment of almost 2,800 Indonesian soldiers into Kra territory. They were deployed at the request of the Kra government for an intervention against insurgents in the northern border. However, the commander-in-chief of the ICF, General Agus Supratno, has stated that Indonesian soldiers will act as a third party and will refrain from engaging the insurgents or Kra forces. "We are only here to monitor the situation on the field. Our side is with the Kra people." said Agus during an interview in Phuket. "Our top priority at this moment is to protect civilian lives, provide medical attention to both sides, monitor combat actions, and to prevent the use of possible WMD and violation of human rights policy." Agus continued. Other elements of the armed forces, the navy and the air force are also deployed for humanitarian missions, such as providing supplies and to assist wounded soldiers.

    With the coronavirus pandemic now less dangerous after a vaccine was developed, workers previously sent to work on the Phuket Listening Station, continue their works on that station, as the station itself is near completion. President Jokowi had also mentioned that the conflict in Kra should end immediately and that a peaceful resolution is possible if both sides is willing to cooperate. It is unknown how long our troops will be stationed in Kra, although General Agus Supratno had planned deployment the last for at least 10 to 12 months, depending on how the conflict develops.

Confederate News Agency

As the time reaches 3:00 am, the usual shuffle of pre taped played with the most god awful ads. Before suddenly the 'breaking news' image appeared on the screen, a anchor from the C team who in the studio appeared before the nation. Informing that the Grey House had began a live stream from Pyongyang, Korean state. The title of the speech reading 'President Jackson addresses the Imperial Diet of Korea/잭슨 대통령, 제국 의식을 다루다'.

"Hello to the Empire of Korea, today I stand before your nation as the symbol of the western world. But not as the symbol of what it used to be. No longer a destructive tool used to push an agenda, rather a tool of peace to ensure a better future for our nation generation. Earlier today along with my lovely wife Su-Young, the Emperor Kim Jong-Un, and your empress to pay our respect to your Eternal leaders Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il. I am here to be the hand that will reach out from our world into yours so together we make make a better one for the people of the Empire of Korea. And only can I stand here and speak to you as an equal, in your language. That is why I say one more time, 한국의 제국에 안녕하세요" ('Hello to the Empire of Korea' he continues the rest of his speech in Korean, showing off one of his rarely used abilities.) "I do not want to rule, or conquer you. I do not want to hurt your people, just as I don't want anyone to hurt mine. We do not want to hate one another, and we want to be able to provide for everyone. Sadly past generations have filled our souls with hate, a speed of hate has left us in want. We are unkind, thinking too much, little humanity left in our actions. The time has come to give the Empire of Korea a chance, to be able give to the world the inventions that million across the world have gotten to experience. To those who can hear me I say, do not despair. Do not fear the Empire of Korea, let them enjoy the same liberties and freedoms that we do. That is the way that we will see finally see peace in East Asia. Do not let the same things that we fought against be what keep the people of the EoK have seen their liberty parish. If we do not let them enjoy the same qualify of life as we have, we must make sure that we make the EoK the best it can be. This means we help pull them up, instead of pushing them down. Richmond will not push you down anymore, no longer will we pay the bills of yesterday. The time has come for us to unite, and let us fight to help build a new Empire of Korea, in a vision that I share with Emperor Kim Jong-Un, that will make Pyongyang compete with the best in the world. Just like Atlanta. I promise to the people of this nation, that this vision will be realized in the next decade. I promise to help the EoK gain the ability to determine its own future. This is a promise, like all my promises, I intend on keeping. May god bless you," He pauses, switching back to English. "And may God bless the Confederate States of America." He says as the North Koreans break into a frenzy of cheers, soon the footage is cut, returning to the same 3:00 am footage.

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| ARDESHIR AFSHAR | "I'm about to give you the full experience baby, just ask Sultana Nadiyya of North Trideshia..." |

| WOMAN 1 | "Ohhh yess, baby! Conquer me like Xerxes conquered Greece!" |

bruh what

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Korean state

Korean Central News Agency Report

Emperor Kim Jong-Un circulates idea of North Korean-South Korean Summit

Supreme Emperor Kim Jong-Un has recently stated that he is open to the idea of a summit between the Kim Dynasty & South Korea that would promote peace talks between the Nations & lead to a possible United Front against Japan due to it's increasingly belligerent actions recently. Emperor Kim has noted that South Korea need only reach out to him to make this happen. After all, it was due to Asian difference & bickering that Japan got so strong in the 20th Century. Will Asia once more let the failed Mouse of the East rise due to internal bickering? Or will the Asian Dragon rise up united & strong against the weak Mouse to show that Asia will not stand for Japanese aggression?

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Kim Dynasty-Confederate Agreement

NOTE: This information is considered Secret or Unknown information to the player base at large unless such information is released or disclosed to other players
Per the recent meeting between the Kim Dynasty & the Confederacy. An unprecedented secret agreement has been signed between the Nations. The agreement contained the following stipulations:
I. CSA companies will be allowed to operate in North Korea & enter the North Korean Market
II. CSA companies will be subject to tariffs & other economic tools that may be used to control & regulate trade at the discretion of the North Korean Government
III. CSA companies that operate in North Korea will be required to adhere to North Korean laws which include censorship & the like
IV. North Korea & the CSA will enter into an extradition agreement whereby any Confederate tourists / employees / citizens / etc. commit a crime in North Korea & escaped to the CSA they will be extradited back to North Korea to face punishment.
V. Tourism will be allowed albeit it will be heavily regulated & restricted. Only Confederate citizens will be allowed to tour in North Korea. Tourists will be restricted to Pyongyang & may travel outside the city albeit under heavy supervision by Imperial Commissars
VI. North Korea will build an embassy in Atlanta to establish formal relations with the Confederate Government. A statue will be erected featuring Emperor Kim Jong-Un & President Jackson standing near each other with a globe in between to signify friendship.
VII. CSA will be allowed to erect an embassy in Pyongyang which will feature a statue composed of Hunter Jackson, Strom Thurmond, Jefferson Davis, & all the Kim leaders so far shaking hands
VIII. The CSA will invest 20 billion USD in North Korea over time
IX. The CSA will lift some of its sanctions on North Korea
X. Confederate citizens will be given free visa travel for a period of 21 days before they are required to file for a visa for an extended stay
XI. The Imperial Friendship Corporation will be given a contract to build a theme park similar to Disneyland in Pyongyang. The CEO of the company will be given dual citizenship to ease travel between the countries & allow executive decisions to be made with ease.
XII. The IFC will be required to sell 50% of it's stock to North Korean citizens. This way North Korea is given fair representation & influence within the company. Secretly, the stock will be divvied up as follows: 25% to Kim Yo-Jong / 15% to Kim Hyun-Ki / 10% to wealthy North Korean families. The other 50% will be allowed to be sold as the company pleases.

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Kim Dynasty condemns Japanese raid on Chongryon

The Kim Dynasty has condemned the Japanese raid on Chongryon & has noted that this is considered a belligerent act against the people of North Korea & the North Korean Government. Emperor Kim Jong-Un has stated,

"I will not sit idly by & let our people be abused by the Japanese again! They raided a peaceful organization for ridiculous reasons. Whats more, they killed North Koreans. We will not stand for this! First Russia, now us. In addition, they want to vest power in their Rat-like Emperor. This illustrates Japan's aggressive behavior & we will not tolerate it!"

Emperor Kim Jong-Un has noted that he almost puts this on par with an act of war. As such, he will be looking outwards for allies which may include controversial South Korea, the Zhen Dynasty, & more as North Korea prepares for Japanese aggression.


Nadia Zanyar, leader of the socialist PSK party, has reportedly been shot dead by armed police during a third night of rioting, along with 38 others. A witness described the scene: "we were halfway along Barzanji Street heading for the station when they started shooting into the crowd. Most people began to scream and disperse, whilst a bunch of students close to me began to throw stones at the soldiers. Then Nadia, who I recognised off TV, climbed onto a car parked close and began to shout throw a megaphone. I can't remember exactly what she said but it definitely energised the crowd because people stopped fleeing the scene and rushed back to engage the soldiers. Then there was a series of shots, and Nadia, along with 2 guys sat on the car, fell straight off. It was absolute pandemonium, people began trying to drag away the injured while the crowd got really violent, suddenly everyone was throwing rocks now, and a few people had brought Molotov cocktails. The soldiers shot back of course but there were too many of us and in minutes we had overrun their sandbag positions and made them retreat. It was a beautiful moment, entering under those massive lapis lazuli and stone arches station. A YPG man with an AK-47 embraced me and then a taller man began to take control of the situation - I think he must've been Asan Hardi. Tell you what though, they made the soldiers pay. I saw 4 men on the ground - the rioters had literally taken off their helmets and shattered their skills with rocks. I don't think I'll ever forget that. But they deserved every blow for what they did to Nadia, and what they did to the other people in the crowd. So I say long live Kurdistan!"

The rioters have managed to join the YPG at Barzanji Street Station, and with the death of Nadia Zanyar it is assumed that the YPG will take control of the emerging rebellion. This moment will go down in history - the left are already describing Zanyar as a martyr, along with the other 38 dead today.


TgCom24 News Agency Report

Italian GROM participates in NZ competition

Flourishing Southlands wrote:

A novelty sport for a novelty population


The Realm hereby invites representatives (and ice cream companies) across the world to partake in the 1st South Pacific Ice Cream Games!

The South Pacific Ice Cream Games is an international novelty sports event, based on NZ's love for ice cream.

The SP Ice Cream Games involves "competitive" events. Some of the events include:

  • Ice Cream Rally: a 642 km long rally raid from Wellington to Auckland, run exclusively with ice cream trucks. First competitor to reach the finishing line wins the event.

  • Ice Cream Fabrication Contest, Round 1: competitors have to create 10 meters cubed of quality ice cream from scratch in the shortest amount of time. The competitor who does the deed in the shortest amount of time wins the event.

  • Ice Cream Fabrication Contest, Round 2: a public taste test! Over 5,000 tasters will sample each competitor's ice cream. If it tastes good, competitors advance to the next round. If it doesn't, competitors are eliminated. The winner of the previous round is immune to elimination

  • Ice Cream Matter Manipulation Event: competitors have to craft a sculpture with 10 meters cubed worth of their previously made ice cream in the shortest amount of time. The competitor who succeeds in the shortest amount of time, and presents a popular sculpture (which will be voted upon by the public) wins the event. Points are added/docked for preserving taste, texture, consistency, etc.

  • Ice Cream Wars: competitors are given equally sized and equally populated plots of land, and made to sell ice cream in said plots of land. The competitor with the most sales over a 48 hour period wins the event. Competitors can be DQ'd for selling ice cream outside their allocated land plots.

  • Ice Cream Ad Wars: competitors are given 72 hours to film an ice cream ad. The ice cream ad will be rated on: child-friendliness/quality/special, practical, sound, or other technical effects/actual content/product attractiveness. The ice cream ad that gets the highest scores overall will be granted a TV license to air the ad in TVNZ Duke and TVNZ 2 for a period of 2 months, free of charge.

    The competitor with the most cumulative points wins the competition, as well as a sweet (ha, pun intended) prize!

    Sponsored by Whittaker's and Tip Top

  • Italian Gelato Company GROM has decided to involve itself in the South pacific Ice Cream Games held by New Zealand. GROM which avoided an acquisition by trans-national British Dutch company Unilever. Has been attempting to expand its operations recently. Especially after the Government grants that were given out to businesses.

    GROM looks forward to competing in the competition & proving that Italian Gelato is a wonderful ice cream for others to behold!

    Tag: Flourishing Southlands


    Chinese vaccines proving effective

    The recent vaccines delivered by China have already shown promising results. The patients the vaccines were administered to have already reported healthier conditions. This has received much delight from the doctors & nurses assigned to the project. Who believe that if these vaccines continue to deliver promising results, this could pave the way for a permanent solution to COVID-19.

    The results were published online & several citizens rejoiced at the news. Many further praised China & hailed Mussolini's administration for accomplishing such. Several celebrities further endorsed Mussolini & stated that Mussolini was truly the "Savior of Italy". Mussolini has been silent on the affair, but an anonymous source has reported that the President was ecstatic upon hearing the news & was seen praying for further success for "his beloved people's sake".

    All of this has only further endeared Mussolini & his administration to the populace. Popularity polls have even reported that Mussolini has achieved 100% approval in rare cases.

    Tag: Zhen Dynasty


    Salvini tours Northern Italy with the British Royals

    After days spent in Rome & Central Italy. Prime Minister Salvini has decided to tour Northern Italy with the British Royals. Although the crowd was much smaller due to both heavier COVID-19 restrictions & the various massive projects being undertaken by the various political parties in Italy. Nonetheless, the crowd was warm & receptive to the Royals. Treating them with customary Italian respect & friendliness.

    The Monarchist heir Amedeo was once more seen among the Royals, interacting with them. Although Salvini seemed to be cold to the heir. Regardless, the move was considered great PR for the Monarchist heir & the Monarchist cause as a whole. Boosting their popularity just as it did in Rome.

    The Queen was seen giving speeches to the Italian people which further aroused support for the Royals & gave way to a rise in Italian support for the Royals.

    Tag: Greater britanniya

    OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

    1st South Pacific Ice Cream Games - Current Roster

    OOC: If you want to join, DM/TG me!


    The current, tentative roster for the 1st SPICG has been released:

  • GROM (ITA)

  • Kohu Road (NZL)

  • New Zealand Natural (NZL)

  • Tip Top (NZL)

  • Bulla (AUS)

  • Cold Rock Ice Creamery (AUS)

  • Golden North (AUS)

  • Magnum (AUS)

  • Paddle Pop (AUS)

  • Peters Ice Cream (AUS)

  • Streets (AUS)

  • Afsharid Persia, Seri Sayam, The Australis Republic, Greater Indonesia Republic, and 4 othersSouth daehanmingug, Greatest-Russia, Greater-italia, and Korean state

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    South daehanmingug

    The National Interest

    BREAKING: Sources say North-South Communications Channels "Buzzing"
    Two Koreas Discussing United Front Against Japanese Aggression

    Sources in the Office of Inter-Korea Communications say that the fax machines used as the primary form of communications between the two Koreas became active earlier today when the South Korean government responded to calls by the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to form a United Front against Japanese aggression. South Korean officials have made a widespread call on Japan to withdrawal from continental Asian affairs, particularly those which "complicate" the situation on the Korean peninsula.

    S. Korea Navy Heads to Dokdo
    First Naval Exercise Since Government Ordered Social Distancing Measures Aboard Navy Ships

    South Korea's joint chiefs of staff have reported that a force of South Korean navy ships will be sent to conduct a week-long training exercise in the disputed islands of Dokdo. This comes as wide-spread treatment of military personal is being instituted by the government, who has ordered all active duty soldiers to be vaccinated by the end of the month to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19.

    Kuwait Governorate Shut Down

    President Adil al-Farsi made the decision today to shut down Kuwait Governorate to further prevent the spread of coronavirus throughout the country. Despite making up under 10% of the country's population, COVID-19 cases in Kuwait are more than double the rest of Iraq and make up the majority of COVID-19 cases in the nation. With this indefinite shutdown, domestic travel is prohibited to and from Kuwait, as well as international. The shutdown of domestic travel will takes place on Saturday, May 9th, however the indefinite ban on travel in and out of Kuwait Governorate will be effective on Thursday, May 7th. Foreign trade will not be banned, meaning Kuwaiti ports are still open for commercial use, but not for tourism.

    Post self-deleted by Zhen Dynasty.


    Dohuk Governate has officially surrendered to the YPG after the governor, police chief and colonel in charge of the city's defence all formally surrendered. The situation in Dohuk had been tense, with thousands of students from the university, Kurdistan's most prestigious, protesting since the 1st of May. After the seizure of the police station in the city, the YPG saw their chance, and columns of trucks spilled out of the towns in the mountains in which the YPG had traditionally had its roots, and de facto controlled since independence. After intense fighting around the local government offices which saw the entire east facing facade crumble under RPG fire, the white flag of surrender was spotted and survivors emerged from the rubble.

    The citizens of Dohuk have been noticeably calm around the surrendered government forces, amidst fears of widespread lynching of soldiers. However this is to be expected of a relatively liberal city like Dohuk, and therefore we cannot draw any conclusions about the level of partisan violence that may erupt in vehemently socialist Erbil or Kirkuk, not to mention the long-suffering peasants in towns and villages where any revolutionary authority may struggle to keep order and prevent the vigilante executions of PNM officials or soldiers.

    Post self-deleted by Zhen Dynasty.

    Korean state

    Korean Central News Agency Report

    Historical Summit between the Kim Dynasty & South Korea concludes

    South daehanmingug wrote:BREAKING: Sources say North-South Communications Channels "Buzzing"
    Two Koreas Discussing United Front Against Japanese Aggression

    Sources in the Office of Inter-Korea Communications say that the fax machines used as the primary form of communications between the two Koreas became active earlier today when the South Korean government responded to calls by the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to form a United Front against Japanese aggression. South Korean officials have made a widespread call on Japan to withdrawal from continental Asian affairs, particularly those which "complicate" the situation on the Korean peninsula

    Supreme Emperor Kim Jong-Un has returned from the summit held with South Korea. He was pleased with the outcome of such a summit & released the in-depth details of what happened. He stated the following:

    "I have had a very productive dialogue with the South Koreans. Ultimately, they agreed to hold an annual Summit between our Nations where the prospect of reunification will be discussed. But the summit will also serve as a platform for concerns or issues to be raised by either country. The South Koreans have made clear their intention to move military exercises away from the border & further South so as to not antagonize our Nation.

    They have also stated that they were open to discussing the lowering of Sanctions on our Nation. We look forward to further engaging in dialogue with the South Korean President to discuss such a move.

    Unfortunately, South Korea decided to rely on their American masters to mediate the issue & thus abandoned North Korea to be left open to Japanese aggression. But this is fine. Worry not. Naturally, I will not let us cower in fear against the failed Rat of the East. Currently, my sister's husband is on his way to the Zhen Dynasty embassy in Hong Kong to discuss relations with them. We will move from there.

    In the meantime, we will be conducting a full-blown military exercise in Pyongyang & broadcasting it to show the Japanese that we will not be an easy target to occupy. We will make the nukes seem like a joke by comparison"

    Supreme Emperor Kim Jong-Un's statement garnered huge support from the Korean populace. Thousands of citizens were seen waving North Korean flags from their windows & such accompanying the message. The Imperial Young Cadets were seen marching through the streets of Pyongyang while shouting chants of loyalty & devotion to the Divine Emperor.

    Japanese Imperial flags were distributed to Imperial Cadets who tore them up & visibly destroyed the flags. Many Koreans cheered them on.


    Kim Dynasty dispatches investigators to Taiwan Strait

    Zhen Dynasty wrote:OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

    Eastern Depot

    OOC: Outsiders don't know that this happened yet unless otherwise mentioned

    Meanwhile, the Eastern Depot will begin investigating the downing of an Air Koryo flight over the Taiwan Strait, near the Viceroyalty of Min-Zhe, with the Korean state. There has been speculation that the flight contained Princess Kim Yo-Jung's consort husband. Some have argued that the move was perpetrated by the Korean People's Party (KPP), a XenoStat member party. The party is anti-Zhen and anti-Kim, having acted as a staunch advocate for a Joseon restoration.

    The Eastern Depot has made no comment.

    Supreme Emperor Kim Jong-Un has approved that a group of Imperial Commissars be dispatched to the Taiwan Strait, specifically near the viceroyalty of Min-Zhe. A plane was known to have been downed in the area & Princess Kim Yo-Jung's consort husband is believed to have been travelling through the area. Her husband has not been heard from since he took off. Nonetheless, the flight has not been confirmed & many hold out in the hope that he is alive.

    Some fringe theorists have speculated that the traitorous Korean People's Party were behind the move. While this has not been substantiated, if true. It could signify a rapid shift in support for the Zhen Dynasty from the Kim Dynasty"

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    Sadong District cleared for development

    The Sadong District or Sadong-guyŏk has been cleared for commercial development recently. An unknown company has been given a contract to renovate the area. Citizens have been necessitated to relocate for the time being. However, the Kim Dynasty has made it clear that this serves the interest of the fatherland & will be beneficial to the country as a whole. Many wait with speculation to see what becomes of the Sadong District.



    TgCom24 News Agency Report

    Zhen Dynasty wrote:

    Board of War - Request for Information

    The Board of War has announced plans to re-arm its Militia forces, following doctrinal shifts within upper echelons of leadership that call for a "substantially militarised society to protect Zhen soil and bloodlines".

    The objective of this RFI is to liaise with notable arms manufacturers across the globe, with the aim of procuring a new service pistol for the Zhen Imperial Reserve and the Zhen Militia. The Zhen Militia and Imperial Reserve will have different vetting processes, and may choose different service pistols. Evaluation criteria generally includes its ability to withstand shock damage, accuracy, capacity, ergonomics, and reliability.

    Should evaluation and selection favour one (or more) particular pistol(s), the Zhen Militia may offer a $5 billion ZGD contract for a total of 363,000 pistols, while the Imperial Reserve may offer a $3 billion ZGD contract for a total of 212,000 pistols.

    The following designs have been included in the Request for Information:

    • FN 509, FN Herstal (Revereia)

    • FN Five-Seven, FN Herstal (Revereia)

    • PPT-17 'Rafiq' Pistol, Telabqa Firearms (Sahuria)

    • MP-443 Grach, Kalashnikov Concern (Greatest-Russia)

    • Korth PRS 4-inch, Korth (Maraxias)

    • Beretta APX Tactical, Beretta (Greater-italia)

    • Beretta 92A1, Beretta (Greater-italia)

    • Norinco NP22 9mm, Norinco (domestic)

    • Norinco NP58 .40 SW, Norinco (domestic)

    • Norinco NZ-85B, Norinco (domestic)

    Italian Arms Companies comply with Zhen Dynasty RFI

    The Italian Arms Manufacturing companies behind pistols such as the Beretta APX tactical or Beretta 92A1 have recently agreed with a Request for Information from the Zhen Dynasty. They will be working closely with the Zhen Government to showcase their weapons & hopefully win a contract with the Chinese Nation. Many executives for the company expressed full confidence that their firearms could compete with the best & looked forward to securing large contracts from the Zhen Dynasty


    The Princess and Lady Pt I

    As her car approached the castle, the Chancellor rubbed her forehead in frustration, her numbers weren't too good. The funeral was her lifeline. She watched as the formidable structure loomed overhead, and the motorcade peeled away as her sole vehicle deposited her at the front, she entered the Great Hall, walking down slowly. She gripped her husbands hand as the duo approached their seats. The Great Hall was set up in a specific way, the hall was longer than it was wide, the pews faced the end of the hall. At it's end, the Hall widened, forming enclaves on its sides. The Kaiser's body sat smack in the middle of this part. The Kaiser's feet pointed at the one of the doors leaving the hall, while his head pointed at the orchestra. Guests entered through a courtyard which would bring them in via the 'end' of the hall. Permitting them to view the body, pay private respects and take their seats. The Chancellor entered through this door, immediately confronted with the Kaiser's body. She stood at his casket, her head bowed and eyes closed before she left his side and with her husband approached her pew. Her party members watched, some in apprehension. Others in disgust. Few with anything other than apathy.

    Her gaze fell on the seat immediately behind her own, that belonged to her Treasurer.

    Where was Chrisjen Avasarala?

    She sat, paying no attention to it. Then, entered Chrisjen. Breaking protocol, entering after the Chancellor, and what's more, she approached the Royals, giving the children hugs, embracing the grieving Duchess of the Reich. Duchess Maria's daughter, who would ascend to the throne had not yet been seen in public. In fact, she'd been whisked away by the primary resident of Hohenzollern Castle, The Dowager Duchess of Brandenburg, the sister to the late Kaiser and her grandmother.

    The Dowager Duchess of Brandenburg would, upon the ascension of her granddaughter to the throne would likely move back into Charlottenburg or remain in her current residence at Hohenzollern Castle. She was the 'estate owner' as it were. Damilier had assumed she was moving back into Charlottenburg, that was the only justification for why Hohenzollern was offered as the venue of the summit with the Italians. The dignitaries around the room looked respectfully bored, while Damilier patiently waited. As Avasarala took her seat, she heard trumpets, and through the doors emerged Her Imperial and Royal Highness, the Lady of Brandenburg. Lady Brandenburg, or Lady Brandy as the rumours indicated was the oldest living member of the Royal Family. Aged 81, she had witnessed her father then her brother on the Throne. She entered, and everyone stood. Even the upstart Maria, who had spent the past 15 years, since her husband's death shielding her daughter from the Royals in hopes that the royal succession would bounce over a generation. The frustration expressed by first the late Kaiserin, then the late Kaiser and endlessly by Lady Brandenburg, had driven Damilier insane at first. Now she understood why. This child, Victoria, would assume the throne in less than two weeks, having not once sat by her Great Uncle as he handled affairs of state. Not once in her life had she witnessed a Royal Parade. She had never saluted the Imperial Guards. Which as Damilier looked around the room, she realized this young girl's entire life was about to be uprooted. In two weeks, her dreams of meeting some boy somewhere on Earth would need to accommodate the Imperial Guards, the Chancellor the day nodding in agreement with the match and do all of this while being at least publicly independent from her overbearing 'mother Maria'.

    She thinks she's Germany's mother, not just this little girl's she remembered Lady Brandenburg had scoffed at an event some months ago. Damilier turned and realized, the person entering was not yet Lady Brandenburg, it was the President of the Senate and Regent of the Realm, Gunther Lubke. President Lubke, an old man, had been nominated and confirmed by the Bundesrat as President of the Bundesrat sixteen years ago. A constant who sparingly used his tie-breaking vote in a way that benefited the House of Representatives, he believed in the constitutional part of the constitutional monarchy more diligently than any who'd come before him. He bowed at the end to the deceased body of the Kaiser. He, like the Royals entered from the other end, where they had to walk through the center and pass everyone before seeing the body. Damilier was thankful she was important enough to be at the front, but not important enough to have to walk down the middle.

    The President and Regent shook her hand, and took his seat. The crowd had less than thirty seconds before trumpets sounded, from above, banners unfurled. The banners alternated to show the mark of the Empire, the Prussian standard on the black, red and white. Or they showed the seal of Hohenzollern on the red and white, a mark of the Lady of Brandenburg. Or they showed the standard of the Crown Princess. Imperial Guards who had been the pallbearers surrounding the casket slammed the poles in their hands on the marble floor in unison. Their hands let loose the banner they carried, the mark of the Kaiser encircling the casket. The Kaiser had requested an open casket, and thus, he received one where, like Wilhelm I, a flag draped the lower half of the casket. The German Flag.

    Then, the trumpets let loose, a higher crescendo than had been accorded Lubke. The crowds stood once again. Damilier turned to face the entrant, and enter, Lady Brandenburg and her hand resting on the arm of Victoria. The Princess' first public appearance in years, and she entered supporting her grandmother, she was a beauty to behold as the stories had said. Why they'd hide this little gem away is a mystery to me her great uncle had admitted months ago. The Princess entered flawlessly, she wore black, the veil that covered her face a far gentler covering than that of the Lady Brandburg whose veil was far darker. The Princess and Lady greeted Mussolini, they greeted McCormack, they greeted the Serb and the Thai appropriately. She was, for better or worse, perfect at her role. Lubke bowed to her and she returned the gesture with the curt nod she was expected to give. Then the Princess guided her grandmother into her seat and tactfully sat on the other side of her, placing her grandmother in between she and her mother. Her mother showed no reaction.

    The funeral began.

    Sermons, speeches, eulogies and for the most part, Damilier remained composed and patient. Eventually the main eulogy she had been waiting for arrived. Princess Victoria stood, the elegant lady of almost 18 approached the podium. The light seeping through the windows beamed off her hair and she spoke with a composure and maturity, "as we farewell the Father of the Fatherland. For the first time in many of our lives, the constant and source of our stability has been rocked, a man who I greatly admired, will join the column of Greats, of that I am sure. Frederick the Great shall meet Wilhelm the Great, and they may reminisce over how they share lineage with the man who built this mighty Hall. Germany. Is strong. We have known no better times than now and of this I am certain. We farewell Kaiser Wilhelm and recognize, the sun does not set on the future of our Empire."

    That took Damilier aback. Some ten minutes in as she was concluding her remarks she paused, and began reciting an all too known verse, "The cry resounds like thunder's peal, like crashing waves and clang of steel: The Rhine, the Rhine, our German Rhine, who will defend our stream, divine?"

    Avasarala from behind her stood and joined in the recitation of the next line, "Dear fatherland, no fear be thine," Damilier frowned, before two others stood and joined in, "dear fatherland, no fear be thine," they repeated, "Firm stands the Watch along, along the Rhine! Firm stands the Watch along, along the Rhine!"

    By the end of the line, the entire pew behind her had stood, "They stand, a hundred thousand strong, quick to avenge their country's wrong, with filial love their bosoms swell, they shall guard the sacred landmark well.

    "He casts his eyes to heaven's blue,
    From where past heroes hold the view,
    And swears pugnaciously the oath,
    You Rhine and I, stay German, both!" Victoria's voice eloquently raised the crowd, the masses who had crowded the public viewing space and watched on screens, had stood and was singing along. The dignitaries and important ones inside sung along.

    Damilier glanced at the French Ambassador, like all Ambassadors, the delegate was slightly concerned but this song being sung was a century old and spoke of the Rhine as a sacred monument, undoubtedly frustrating the French given its roots in the French-Prussian Wars of the 19th Century. Whether that was the intention of the soon-to-be-Empress or not, was to be seen.

    The Orchestra jumped in and provided a gentle guide as the next stanza hummed to life;

    "While still remains one breath of life,
    While still one fist can draw a knife,
    One gun still fired with one hand,
    No foe will stand on this Rhine sand.

    Should my heart not survive this stand,
    You'll never fall in foreign hand,
    Much, as your waters with no end,
    Have we our heroes' blood to spend.

    The oath resounds, on rolls the wave,
    The banners fly high, proud, and brave,
    The Rhine, the Rhine, the German Rhine
    We all shall stand to hold the line!"

    Damilier finally stood, she was about to join in a return to the chorus, when Victoria spoke the last four lines, and the crowds simply watched and listened, "So lead us with your tried command, With trust in God, take sword n hand, Hail Wilhelm! Hail. Wilhelm."

    The crowds whipped up in agreement, "HAIL WILHELM! HAIL WILHELM!"

    Damilier sensed a very Hitler-esque evocation, but the crowds outside had joined in but changed their tune, iterating, a new variation, "praise Victoria!"
    For a moment, there was a hope in Damilier that it wouldn't make its way into the Great Hall. Too late, the call was repeated, "PRAISE VICTORIA!"

    Praise. Victoria.

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              Boeing rolls out Australia’s first ‘Loyal Wingman’ combat drone
              Defence News' article on the release of Boeing's new Australian dronw
              May 6th

    Boeing is set to roll out the first “Loyal Wingman” drone for the Royal Australian Air Force during a Tuesday morning ceremony, putting the FAAF high on the list of countries experimenting with autonomous aircraft.

    “This a truly historic moment for our country and for Australian defense innovation,” said Australian President Scott Morrison. “The Loyal Wingman will be pivotal to exploring the critical capabilities our Air Force needs to protect our nation and its allies into the future.”

    The FAAF plans to buy three drones, which Boeing calls the Airpower Teaming System, as part of the Loyal Wingman Advanced Development Program.

    Over a series of flight tests and demonstrations, the FAAF hopes to figure out how to best integrate drones with fighter jets and other combat aircraft, allowing the air force to keep pilots safe by putting lower cost unmanned assets at risk during a fight.

    “Autonomy is a big element of this, as well as the incorporation of artificial intelligence. Those two elements combined enable us to support existing forces,” said Jerad Hayes, Boeing’s senior director for autonomous aviation and technology.

    The ATS is semi-autonomous, meaning that fighter pilots will not have to remotely control the maneuvers of the drone, said Shane Arnott, Boeing’s ATS program director.

    “When you are teaming, say with a Super Hornet, they don’t have the luxury during combat maneuvers or operations to be remotely piloting another aircraft while doing their own,” he said.

    But one of the biggest technical questions still remains: How much data should be transferred from the ATS to the cockpit of the manned aircraft controlling it, and when does that turn into information overload? That question is one Boeing wants to answer more definitively once ATS makes its first flight later this year and moves into its experimentation phase, Arnott said.

    “There’s a lot for us to figure out [on] what’s that right level of information feed and direction. One of the great benefits of working with the Royal Australian Air Force is having the real operators [give feedback],” he said. “We don’t have all the answers yet. We have a lot of understanding through our surrogate simulator and surrogate testing that we’re doing, but we will prove that out.”

    Boeing first introduced the Airpower Teaming System at the Australian International Airshow at Avalon in February 2019, when the company unveiled a full-scale model. Since then, the company has moved quickly to fabricate the first of three aircraft, completing the fuselage structure this February. In April, the aircraft stood on its own wheels for the first time and powered on.

    The ATS air vehicle is 38 feet long, with a removable nose that can be packed with mission-specific sensors and other payloads. Throughout the design process, Boeing simulated a “digital twin” of the aircraft that allowed it to virtualize the operation of the aircraft, as well as how it would be produced and maintained.

    It also saved money by incorporating resin-infused composite structures, including one that is the largest piece Boeing has ever manufactured using that technique, Hayes said. That large structure snaps into another to form the plane’s wings, cutting down on the manpower needed to fabricate the aircraft.

    While the drone’s sleek, twin-tailed design is simple, with only four moving surfaces, it was carefully composed to optimize the aircraft’s survivability, maneuverability and cost, Arnott said.

    While Arnott wouldn’t talk about the stealth features of the aircraft, he noted that “there was a lot of thought put into getting that right balance of ‘good enough’ across the board, and [radar] signature is obviously an aspect, and affordability is a big one.”

    Boeing officials have also declined to comment on the price of the aircraft, but Arnott and Hayes made it clear that Boeing intends to keep it cost-competitive with its main competitor, Kratos Defense and Security’s XQ-58 Valkyrie.

    The U.P. Air Force has expressed interest in procuring Valkyrie for the loyal wingman role and to host communications relay payloads that would allow the F-35 and F-22 to share data stealthily.

    Boeing is also engaged with the U.P. military about potential uses of the ATS, Hayes asid.

    “We see the Airpower Teaming System platform as capable of going against many different mission sets, and as such, we’re engaging across the Department of Defense to understand their specific mission need, what their requirements are for those, and understanding exactly how the Airpower Teaming System fits those,” he said.

    The nose — which is 8.5 feet long with more than 90k cubic inches volume — is key to the company’s strategy to sell the system outside of Australia, Arnott said. Boeing envisions working with international customers to create customized modular payloads that could be built with the help of indigenous suppliers, thus increasing its appeal.

    “The industrial aspect of this is of a lot of interest for a number of countries,” said Arnott. “Being able to do meaningful work on the systems to the extent of creating whole new payloads or role capability is of great interest.”

    Afsharid Persia, Greater Indonesia Republic, Basurwelat, Aldiyn, and 3 othersGreatest-Russia, Greater-italia, and Korean state

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