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Rede Brasileira de Notícias (Brazilian News Network)

Record flooding on the Amazon River

Record breaking flooding on the Amazon River over the past week has displaced thousands of people, with dozens more unaccounted for and feared dead due to the rising flood waters. Affected locales are Iquitos, Manaus, Santarem, and Belem, with reports from the capital of Amazonas, Manaus, that several low-laying roads have been washed out though the city government reports that day to day operations have yet to be affected completely. Prime Minister Oliveira has pledged that Parliament will do all it can to get aid to the regions affected by the flooding and the Imperial Household has directed the Royal Guard to help maintain law and order and also build pre-fab homes for those displaced by the flood waters. It is hoped that once the waters recede, a quick recovery can occur and rebuilding and repairs will be started as soon as the soil is dry enough for construction projects.,
written by: deputy editor in chief Marta Vasić,
May 22nd, 2020,
22:25 ECT


This afternoon in National Assembly, question time session took place, with Foreign Minister Hana Adrović being supposed to answer questions this time. While DS MPs used most of their time to congratulate her and wish her luck in presidential race, since this is a first session of National Assembly since she has decided to run for the President of Serbia on upcoming elections, some serious questions could had been heard from SDP MPs, regarding the situation in Libya and Eastern Asia, as well as projects done within the NATO and the EU.

When time has come for the Leader of the Opposition Saša Janković (SDP) to ask his question, he asked following:

"Mr. Speaker,

Less than a week ago, Foreign Minister Adrović has announced her intention to run for the President of the Third Republic. Although law requires her to resign from the post she's currently holding in the government, so that the so-called functionary campaign is avoided, because she can't use public resources available to your current post to campaign on elections as a regular candidate, she is still serving as the Foreign Minister. My first question is whether or not is she going to resign from the post of the Foreign Minister and first Vice-President of the government?

Secondly, Foreign Minister Adrović is well-known to the wider public due to her connections to multiple lobbies. In the last two years, she wrote in her official reports to Anti-Corruption Agency (ABPK) and Public Prosecutor (JTS) that she has gained up to $7 millions on private donations. Our internal reports are showing that the number we're speaking of might actually be up to $10 millions, if we include money she has taken after she successfully lobbied to get Serbia and NATO into war in Libya, a war we're campaigning against for already few months without any response from the government. So my question is whether or not will the Foreign Minister share with us information about identities of her secret donors? Money she has already received and will receive during the campaign will with no doubt be used to support her campaign and therefore could be a source of secret lobbies influence on her policy agenda. Therefore, I think, as it is important to know whether she will resign to avoid functionary campaign, it is equally important to know whether she will share with us identities of her donors. Thank you Mr. Speaker, I've asked my questions."

To these questions, Foreign Minister Hana Adrović has replied:

"Mr. Speaker,

I did not came to the National Assembly today to discuss details on my presidential campaign, but to discuss our foreign policy results and upcoming agenda. I do not intend to waste my precious time on questions that are not relevant for the subjects external to my government's position, and therefore I will use my right to classify questions asked by honorable gentleman as irrelevant and not to answer them. I also want to use this chance to assure him that all the questions he has raised will surely be answered, but not here and not today, but in more appropriate context. Thank you."

Rules are guaranteeing every MP with right to speak once again after Minister answer his question during the questions time, to tell whether or not is he considering his questions to be answered appropriately. Mr. Janković used that opportunity today, and said following:

"Mr. Speaker,

You guess that I don't think that Foreign Minister has answered my questions in a satisfying way. But there's something even more problematic than that, and that is ignorance. She has not just refused to answer my questions, but fully ignored the fact that they are with no doubt concerned with her post within the government. Her position was that my questions were irrelevant and external to her duties within the government, totally refusing to acknowledge the fact that they were actually fully concerned with some basic stuff regarding it. Her point that there is no internal connection between her duties as the Foreign Minister and whether or not is she going to resign from the post of the Foreign Minister and whether or not is she going to reveal names of people who donated their money to her while she has been a Foreign Minister, is just simply not conclusive in a rational sense. Thank you."

            Peace Be With You
            An air strike in Jackson ends Vengeance for good
            May 23rd

At 0130 hours on May the 23rd, 4 Boeing F-35As left FAFB Scherger en route to end a terrorist regime that has haunted the Territory of Jackson ever since the early 30s. Over the last few years, a number of arrests have been made on a total of 300 members of the regime. With the regime numbering no more than fifty on a small island south of Jackson, this was Australia's last opportunity to rid the nation of the regime for once and for all.

Half an hour later, at 0200 hours AEST, the eight fighter jets flew over the island and opened fire on a small commune where the 50 men were living. The bombing was short and precise, with the planes in and out within 5 minutes.

The following morning, Australian Patriots in Jackson awoke to the news, and burst into celebration. Jackson Chief Minister Natalia Kunnathuparambil has said that today was 'the happiest day' in the history of Jackson, and is 'the equivalent of the fourth of July,' calling on the day to become a public holiday.

    "Today is the happiest day in our history. We have picked out the gum from underneath our boots and now we stand strong, without the hindrance of the nonsensical terrorist organisation, Vengeance. Today, they are dead, and we are alive. Australia triumphs, and how lucky we are to have them on our side! This is a very, very clear image to those who what to gain independence from the greatest country in the entire world; Pull your head in! If you don't like Australian you can get out. They are the best thing that ever happened to us, and if you don't like that, you can get out. It's as clear as that.
    We are victorious! We have won! We are alive and that filthy rubbish is where it belongs; in hell! Today should be made a public holiday, this is like our fourth of July, or our Victory in Europe Day. I will be taking the motion to the House of Representatives to make this a public holiday for Jackson; Jackson's Victory Day (JV Day). I know my party, the United Jackson Party, will support it. Will you?"

The feeling on the mainland, however, is slightly different. While Scott Morrison has followed in Kunnathuparambil's stance on the attack in calling it 'the definition of victory,' many human rights groups have retaliated against the decision. Greens leader Adam Brandt has called the attack an example of 'Australian Colonialism' and has gone as far as to call the National Republican Party the 'real terrorists' in Jackson. A violent protest in Sydney between Australian nationalist groups and human rights groups have occurred in Sydney, with Police arresting 6 people in the Sydney suburb of Cronulla, President Morrison's home town, as riots in the suburb continue.

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Ministry of Defense

The Realm's Defense Forces have been deployed to Vanuatu, Fiji, and Tonga, after a category 5 cyclone swept across the islands, killing over 40 people and destroying thousands of homes.

Cyclone Harold made landfall in the Pacific in April. However, recovery efforts were hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic, which made aid significantly muted.

Around 1,000 people on the west coast of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu’s largest island, remain with minimal shelter and are running low on food and water. The island of Malekula, Vanuatu's second-largest island, is facing an impending crisis with at least a third of the island’s population in need of emergency relief. In Vanuatu’s second-largest city, at least 50% of buildings were damaged by Harold. More than half of the country’s population of 300,000 are in need of emergency shelter. The total damage caused by the cyclone is estimated to be $600 million USD on Vanuatu alone.

An estimated 100,000 to 150,000 people in the Solomon Islands experienced Harold's wind, rain, and storm surge. Fallen trees and subsequent flooding have led to massive inconveniences to the local population, with roads blocked by fallen trees, floodwaters, and landslides. The damage was less substantial in the Solomon Islands and in Fiji.

The Parliament has recently approved a $125 million NZD emergency relief fund for rebuilding in Vanuatu, as well as smaller $60 million NZD funds for the Solomon Islands, and $75 million NZD for Fiji.

600 reservists and 300 active-duty personnel will be deployed to Vanuatu for evacuation and relocation purposes, with over 45 tonnes of food aid and medicines to be flown into the stricken island as well. Several city councils on the North Island have also constructed ad hoc refugee shelters for evacuees, some of whom might be flown into New Zealand for medical treatment.

3 Boeing 727 aircraft, which were formerly retired by the RNZAF, will be reactivated to fly aid missions in and out of affected areas.

written by: editor in chief Jasmina Lukač,
May 23rd, 2020,
02:20 ECT


Late this night, SDP MP Branko Ružić, former deputy Finance Minister (2005-2009) has called for a vote of confidence on current SDP leader Saša Janković. MP Ružić, informal leader of the centrist branch of SDP, said that he's deeply disappointed with direction that Janković is taking their party for already a years and will therefore request SDP MPs Club to depose him on confidence vote. He has not yet clarified if he's going to run as a candidate for party leadership in case that Janković really loose the support, but he was clear regarding the presidential elections:

"Our party leader Saša Janković made a huge mistake when he said that Central Committee will vote over a single candidate for presidential elections, instead of having primaries for party nomination like DS has. It is more democratic way, despite coming from DS. To be honest, this decision is just the breaking point within the party deeply divided by socialist policy of the current party leadership. Take another example - few days ago former party leader and former Prime Minister Čović was arrested. Instead of loud protest and defending the legacy of Mr. Čović, what has Mr. Janković done as SDP leader? Nothing. He's still silent over that, harming the credibility of our party. I have criticized him since the beginning of his leadership, but things have now reached a new level with his last undemocratic decisions and there is no more room for compromising. We are going to decide this on confidence vote - it's either him or whole moderate tradition within the SDP. If we eventually fail, I think he should simply change party name into Communist Party of Serbia, because that is where he is leading our party currently, and Social-Democratic Party is social-democratic just in it's name."

Despite this message being interpreted as an emotional reaction, many facts have been revealed. For example, there is no doubt that huge division really exists within the SDP, between the ruling leftist branch of the party, focused on anti-war campaigning, and centrist minority, mostly composed of people from the former party leadership. During the weekend, SDP MPs Club, consisting of 105 SDP MPs, will meet to hold a confidence vote with majority of 53 MPs will be tried to be reached by both sides at all costs. If Mr. Janković manages to survive the confidence vote, he will then preside over Central Committee of SDP meeting, to decide over a single SDP candidate for upcoming presidential elections. If he loose a vote, no one really knows what will follow, but one thing is certain - SDP will surely have more than one candidate to contest for party nomination on presidential elections.

The fifth french state

      France 24 - English Edition

    22nd May, 2020

        Rwandan genocide suspect Kabuga appears before court

      Félicien Kabuga is accused of bankrolling and arming the ethnic Hutu militias that waged the 100-day killing spree against Rwanda's Tutsis and moderate Hutus. Rwanda's most wanted fugitive, he was arrested on Thursday in a Paris suburb.

      In his first appearance in public in more than two decades, Kabuga was brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair, dressed in jeans and a blue jumper and wearing a face mask. The octogenarian's voice was weak, but audible, as he confirmed through an interpreter his identity and parents' names. He gave his date of birth as March 1, 1933. His lawyers said in a statement ahead of the hearing that Kabuga had the right to be presumed innocent and opposed being transferred from France to a UN tribunal that handles crimes against humanity based in Tanzania. Defence lawyer Laurent Bayon told the court Kabuga wished to be tried in France. The court will decide whether to hand Kabuga to the UN International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (IRMCT). The international court is based in the Hague, Netherlands and Arusha, Tanzania. The IRMCT's chief prosecutor told France 24 the court had already requested Kabuga be transferred to United Nations custody. The French court granted a request by the defence to defer the hearing and set the next date for May 27. Exiting the courtroom, Kabuga raised his fist as several relatives including one son voiced encouragement.

      Kabuga's arrest marked the end of a more than two-decade-long hunt that spanned Africa and Europe. A one-time tea and coffee tycoon, he is accused of being a main financier of the genocide, paying for the militias that carried out the massacres, as well as importing huge numbers of machetes, according to the UN tribunal's indictment. He also co-owned Radio Television Milles Collines, the infamous radio station that fanned the ethnic hatred by broadcasting anti-Tutsi messages

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South daehanmingug

Yonhap News

New Photos Show True Story of Nanjing and Comfort Women

The Japanese government has recently shed light on the truth of what happened when they defended the Chinese capital city of Nanjing from... the Chinese. The following photos will be explained to you as they really were in reality.

This is not a picture of a seriously wounded prisoner about to be executed by a Japanese officer. This is a picture of an unarmed Japanese officer being attacked a blood thirsty Chinese soldier in perfect health.

What is seen on the left is not a woman being raped by a Japanese soldier. This woman is not bound by her arms, and this man is not grabbing her. The woman is not leaning away from this man in discomfort. The Japanese soldier, identifiable by his trousers, is not kissing this woman. This is not an act of rape. What is seen on the right is not the body of a blind folded civilian shot through the head, and they are not tied to another blind folded civilian shot through the head. This photo shows to tired Chinese farmers taking a nap.

The Japanese soldiers in this picture are not aiming their weapons at a crowd of tied-up civilians. They are aiming at a swarm of mosquitoes harassing the locals, who are playing a game involving being bound and forced to kneel. This is not a mass execution.

This Japanese soldier is not standing next to a mass of human corpses. These are tired farmers who are all napping together in pile inside a ditch, and this Japanese soldier is protecting them.

These POWs are not sitting in a ditch surrounded by Japanese soldiers, and they are not about to be buried alive. They are trying find a new well, but while digging, they became tired, and decided to rest. The large presence of Japanese troops is for moral support.

This Korean woman is not drugged. The man next to her is not wearing a Kenpeitai armband. This woman does not have a bruise on her left calf. This woman is not lying on a bed with her legs spread with only a night gown on.

The Japanese soldier in this picture has nothing to do with the presence of the naked corpses of several women. He has not helped dig the ditch that they lay in, and he has not raped or mistreated any of these corpses. He does not plan to bury them naked, and in a pile, without identification or a marker in the middle of nowhere.

Except here's the reality

What you have been shown is the truth. It's Japan's truth. But Japan's truth is a poorly fabricated lie.

The first picture really does show a horribly wounded prisoner of war, and the Japanese officer really is pointing a loaded pistol at his head.

The second picture really is a Korean comfort woman, and she is bound by her arms. This man is grabbing her, this man is kissing her, and she is leaning away in discomfort.

The third picture really does show Japanese soldiers aiming their weapons at a crowd of civilians. These civilians really are bound and forced to kneel. This is a mass execution.

The fourth picture shows a Japanese soldier is standing next to a mass of human corpses. He oversaw their execution. This picture is taken because he is proud of himself.

The fifth picture really does show POWs about to be buried alive. The Japanese troops are there to watch.

The third picture really does show a Korean woman being drugged, and the man next to her really is wearing a Kenpeitai arm band. She really does have her legs spread in a compromising position, and she really is only wearing a night gown.

The last picture really does show a Japanese soldier standing next to a pile of naked female corpses. These are Korean and Chinese comfort women, and this soldier and his unit did kill them and bury them once they were finished. These women really were buried in an unmarked grave, and their families never really did find out where they are.

This really is a mass grave, and these really are skulls.

If we displayed a picture of an orange, you would be distracted. If we told you that because we had distracted you, everything you just saw doesn't exist, you would call us crazy.

This is Japan's foreign policy

If we don't act now, history will repeat itself

Yonhap News. Facts Matter.

Nusantara Times: Double Take

May 23rd, 2020
Jakarta, Special Capital District of Jakarta

Manado officialize city expansion plans

    | Manado - The current mayor of Manado, Vicky Lementut has officialized Manado's expansion project, a project which was announced on November 2019 and was delayed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The plan was announced to refurbish the city, which has seen some worst problems in its existence. The plan includes the annexation of nearby county to allow space for development. This subsequently also add an extra 3,000 people into the city's population chart, increasing the chance for cheap labor, the construction of an LRT line, the renewal of Sam Ratulangi Airport, and a new industrial center. Another plan includes a new port to accommodate trade within the region, and a new Dutch-Indonesian War memorial in the city center. The Manado-Gorontalo Highway System will also be upgraded to include a second lane to reduce traffic. With the coronavirus pandemic being defeated, the city has saw an increase in activity, which further pushes the city council to realize this plan.

Today in History: Battle of Jayapura, 23rd May 1963

    | Jakarta - The Battle of Jayapura, sometimes also known as the Battle of Hollandia, was one of the largest battle the Indonesian military ever partake in. It was fought between the Indonesians and the Dutch on the final stages of the Papuan War of 1961. Now, a little bit of a backstory, after Dutch forces were defeated in the Battle of Teba, Jayapura, then known as Hollandia came under threat. Throughout 1962 the city was intensely bombed to pressure the Dutch into surrendering. Local Papuan guerrillas would conduct raids on Dutch supply lines, hindering their war effort and eliminating any possibilities of a counter-attack. Out at sea, the carrier Karel Doorman damaged the heavy cruiser Pattimura off the coast of Biak while en-route towards Nabire. With very little resistance, the Indonesian army and Marines kept pushing through, and the Dutch was forced to retreat back to Hollandia. The carrier Karel Doorman, after a small naval engagement off the shore of Manokwari, was forced to retreat back to continental Netherlands, ending the continuous naval raids conducted by the Dutch navy. It was here when the Indonesian army later breach through defensive lines, captured Jayapura and in the process, ending centuries of Dutch rule in Papua. The battle was seen as one of the most decisive battle in Indonesian history, and May 23rd was marked as Papuan Liberation Day. The battle took the lives of 2,090 Indonesian soldiers and 2,100 on the Dutch side. The war came to an end the day after, following the New York Agreement signed between Indonesia and the Netherlands.


May 23, B.E. 2563



Seven decades ago, over a thousand young Siamese volunteered to fight to defend South Korea; a 129 died defending the Republic against Communist invasion. Seoul today spits on the graves of the 129, selling high-tech weaponry of every kind to the Kra Republic, which uses the weapons to suppress the voice of the Thai populace in the south, and the Socialist People's Republic of Thailand, no less a threat to Siam that the DPRK poses to South Korea. Those 129 sons of Siam had sold their lives to defend a nation that today peddles weaponry intended to slay their descendants. Just yesterday, Khon Kaen inked a deal with DSME to procure a 20,000-ton tanker and three ex-ROK corvettes. Before that, DSME sold two state-of-the-art Daegu-class frigates to the Kra Navy, equal in capability to the Bhumbibol Adulyadej-class frigates the Maritime Service operates. This threat to Siam's national security cannot be ignored, and the consensus that South Korea is emerging as an enemy rather than as an ally is commonly shared between all major parties, be they liberal or conservative, save for the socialists, and rightly so, as the National Assembly concludes today's session, electing to ban Korean technology from government tenders and from governmental use, clearing $6 billion dollars from Siam's valued currency reserve to reinforce her position against increasingly advanced, increasingly Korean-supplied tools of war employed by the Reds in Khon Kaen and the fascists in Kra.

Indonesia, an ardent backer of Kra, also employs several warships of Korean make, and is also involved in South Korea's KF-X program. Today's session is a statement on the current situation; that Siam will not allow for her honour to be trampled upon, that Siam will no longer sit dumbly by as Korea sells arms to her greatest threats. In the increasingly tense Japan-Korea rift, Siam has elected to stake her future with her traditional partner. Upon the conclusion of the convention, the Siamese Army confirmed the purchase of 1,000 Komatsu LAVs from Japan, a deal worth $280 million dollars, and stated that several talks for the acquisition of modern equipment from Japan, such as the Type 10 MBT, Osumi-class LSTs, and participation in the X-2 Shinshin project, are currently underway. South Korea, a nation divided, actively works to keep another separated. This is a slight not to be easily forgotten, nor forgiven.

Post self-deleted by Greater-Imperial-Japan.

帝国日本だより | Teikoku Nihonda yori | News from Imperial Japan

Japan formally signs onto The Pacific Alliance

Recently, after days of observing The Pacific Alliance. A vote was initiated at the request of the Japanese Government for Japan to be formally admitted into The Pacific Alliance as a full-fledged member. The vote went smoothly & after a few hours, a majority consensus was reached to admit Japan into the alliance. The Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe, had the following to say on social media,

"This is a great opportunity for Japan to further develop it's foreign relations. We look forward to being a committed member of The Pacific Alliance! Together with our fellow Nations, we can work together to promote stability & prosperity across the Pacific"

This marks yet another departure from Japan's traditional foreign isolation. However, several citizens who were polled had positive opinions on the move. Believing it would strengthen Japan's position in Asia & the Pacific.

"天皇陛下をお迎えください!日本に栄光を! | Ten'nōheika o o mukae kudasai! Nihon ni eikō o! | Hail His Divine Majesty the Emperor, Glory to Japan!"


帝国日本だより | Teikoku Nihonda yori | News from Imperial Japan

His Divine Majesty the Emperor to meet with the Siamese

Following the recent foreign minister's visit to Siam, His Divine Majesty the Emperor announced he would contact the Siamese Monarch to set up a meeting. His Divine Majesty the Emperor delivered the following statement,

"Recently, the situation in Thailand has been unraveling due to the antics of the South Koreans. They have entered into some sort of economic rivalry with the Zhen. They have also antagonized the Siamese. Japan will stand up for the Siamese. They are a traditional Western ally & we will not let them fall to the Eastern aligned SPRT or the supremacist Kra regime. I will engage in discussions with the Siamese Monarch to coordinate how & where Japan can assist a fellow Asian country in securing themselves & continuing to prosper"

"天皇陛下をお迎えください!日本に栄光を! | Ten'nōheika o o mukae kudasai! Nihon ni eikō o! | Hail His Divine Majesty the Emperor, Glory to Japan!"

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帝国日本だより | Teikoku Nihonda yori | News from Imperial Japan

Japan reaches out to foreign partners for X-2 Program

Partners signed on:
Central American Alliance
Seri Sayam
The Australis Republic

Purpose: To continue developing the X-2. The possible goal of refining it into a functional fighter so as to utilize it's capabilities in an offensive & defense manner.

Recently, the Ministry of Defense has stated that it has been in contact with foreign governments to negotiate partnerships for it's X-2 program. The Defense Minister did not elaborate beyond,

"We have been looking to further develop the X-2 & thus have reached out to foreign associates of Japan. We may also bring this up with the Americans in the meeting between the Prime Minister & the American President"

However, the Defense Minister did denounce the South Koreans for allowing the Zhen Dynasty to sign on to the KAI KF-X Program. He stated,

"The Koreans have blindly allowed the Zhen to sign on to their fighter program. Yet, we are to believe that the Koreans have the best interest of the West in mind? When they continue to flirt with the enemies of the West? What kind of logic is that?"

"天皇陛下をお迎えください!日本に栄光を! | Ten'nōheika o o mukae kudasai! Nihon ni eikō o! | Hail His Divine Majesty the Emperor, Glory to Japan!"


帝国日本だより | Teikoku Nihonda yori | News from Imperial Japan

Foreign Minister denounces South Korean Yonhap News

The Foreign Minister recently formally denounced the South Korean Yonhap News company on social media. He stated the following,

"The South Koreans promulgate the past of the Zhen Dynasty? These past couple days I believe we've seen a common trend. That is the Eastern Alignment of the South Koreans. They have openly flirted with anti-Western regimes & antagonized traditional Western allies. Japan will not tolerate this any further. We have had our patience tested these past couple days but this is the limit. No longer will our Proud Country be forced to endure this disrespect. Our meeting with the American President will be the final opportunity for our relationship with South Korea to be saved. Should that fail. We may need to take more drastic measures to reign in the South Koreans & remind them who's side they are on"

"天皇陛下をお迎えください!日本に栄光を! | Ten'nōheika o o mukae kudasai! Nihon ni eikō o! | Hail His Divine Majesty the Emperor, Glory to Japan!"

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Post self-deleted by Zhen Dynasty.

Post self-deleted by The Confederate-State.

Dhaka info
Coronavirus, the pandemic of the decade, has caused ripples of disaster across the planet, and consequently, Bangladesh. Cases of the coronavirus in Bangladesh are rising at an increasing rate, the road may be uncertain of the future of Bangladesh and the Coronavirus. Recently, Bangladesh has begun working with companies such as Google LLC. to spread information of the virus to local areas, Bangladesh's main goal stated by the health ministry right now is for people to take the virus seriously, as many arrests have already been made against those who have violated quarantine. The government has recently begun the construction of suitable roads for ambulances in rural areas, as much of Bangladesh still uses uneven unfit roads that Bangladesh believes is a setback for ambulances. The government has also declared it will combat the shortage of ventilators via repurposing existing factories for ventilators production using licenses already made by ventilators companies. Garment factories have reopened by approval of Directors of local areas under strict rules, however, according to massive labour strikes across the country by several factories, many have voiced the fact that factories haven't abided by rules such as social distancing, masks, proper medical team, proper cleaning, and little testing, the government and several leading companies are in negotiations with the strike, guaranteeing jobs, following the rules set by directors and being enforced by the government, sick pay, proper testing of all workers, and easy access to medical assistance.

Bangladesh has also approved pharmaceutical production to focus on chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin for exporting, however the government has stated it will not be used internally. This has been widely criticised by the public, media and much of the health department, which naturally came with the controversial drug, Bangladesh has given complete freedom over the production of it and is rumoured to be considering to ramp it as time goes on, economics state that with India still limiting its large supply of the drug and the higher demand for the drug as giants such as FOX heavily promoting it, Bangladesh, with its decent supply and gigantic pharmaceutical industry, could make large profits, many however has seen this as an contradiction of what Bangladesh stands for, which is the people over profit, with even Amir Hakeen disliking the idea, however, the majority of Parliament is keen on the idea, India could very well face a potential rival.

[Actions against the Kra government[
Dhaka info

Issuing a statement privately yesterday and publicly coming out today, Amir Hakeen has declared that all trade will cease between Kra and Dhaka, Amir Hakeen explained that,
"The ruling class of Malaysians thumps the poor Thai majority, Kra only seeks wealth and power, he isn't a true advocate for democracy or his people, the Thai people are giving no autonomy, no rights, no dignity and respect, they are simply used as cattle to be milked for the minority, I, myself, can not bear the thought of helping such totalitarian governments such as Kra, this is why I have made this decision, there will be no business between either country, there will be no attempts to seek a political agreement, we fought our way for freedom and we must preserve freedom. "
Chief of army staff Aziz Ahmed continued,
"To protect our trade links with other countries in the Pacific we will be sending convoys with any commercial shipping surrounding South East Asia. Any attempt of aggression or blockade of our trade links will result in cooperation with Siam and Zhen Dynasty, we must preserve freedom in this continent, and defend any regime that wishes to crush it."

[Air strikes given green light against SUF
Dhaka info
The board of Home defense has given approval by the Bengal Air force to begin strikes against military positions and hideouts in urban zones, the Sunni United Front who gained traction in late 2019, has currently taken most district of Rangpur, Amir Hakeen is taking urgent action against this threat as he sees this as a direct parallel to everything the nation stands for, home defense gave its reasoning to the public as an immediate threat,

"The Sunni United Front has expanded rapidly and currently has nearly 15 million people under its rule, we can not tolerate our citizens being oppressed by a reactionary salafist regime that is currently enacting massacres against anyone who steps out of line. SUF has exploited the terrain for its millais to cause great casualties against any ground invasion and slowed down our efforts, this is why we must commit more urgent measures. "
Currently, the districts not under the SUF are being heavily fortified and are in constant engagement by the SUF. The airforce will primarily use Mikoyan MG 29, and the recently bought Sino J-10s, the locations of the strikes have not yet been released, however, they have stated that civilian areas may be targeted, however secret warnings will be issued before the actual strike, and humanitarian relief packages will be dropped, Bangladesh promises to pay for all damage caused by the strikes and will promise economic assistance to those affected, however the government does say it will keep the amount of civilian targets low and attempt to preserve as much as possible. Intel has reported however that stability is starting to weaken as supplies are being starved out, the government hopes that these strikes will end the war far quicker and not result in disasters such as Syria. However, arguably one of the most shocking news is that Qatar allegedly has been in connection with the terrorist group, smuggling weapons, food, advisors and some man power, whilst Qatar has denied being in connection with the SUF Bangladesh has decided to join with the Qatar Embargo lead by the Saudi government. Bangladesh has also announced that all migrants from Qatar must leave, citing Qatar supporting SUF and the "terrible maltreatment of migrants in terms of females and builders."

[Election date revealed]
Dhaka info
Due to complications of the Coronavirus and the scramble for a new leader of opposition, the election had for the time being remained silent, as a clear date had not yet been stated, however, Parliament has finally settled on an election date of the 16th of August, honouring the independence of Bangladesh from British imperialism.

[Sharia law legitimised in Islamic circles
After heavy debate between the Government and Islamic scholars, Bangladesh has decided to legalise Sharia law in Islamic circles, such as divorce and allocation of wealth of a deceased person, and some crimes such as looting, however the government has committed alterations of Sharia law to modernise it, these includes striking the female witnesses counting as half of a male, females having less in inheritance, divorce being allowed by both genders, and the less punitive system of punishments. This has stirred some controversial issues as some in the party believe that Sharia law is reactionary and should only be practiced personally, some radical Muslims still advocate for a non Secular state, however most moderate scholars and much of the public are content with this, some have speculated the government did this to ease Islamic rejection, which had been causing issues in the past.

[Awakening of Dhaka]
Dhaka info

Amir Hakeen has, from mid 2019 to today expressed one of his greatest ideals for Bangladesh, for Dhaka to become an 'Asian wonder', Dhaka, whilst still a city to be reckoned with, has felt, according to the Social Democrat party never truly shined as much as it could, it's powerful, but as powerful as neighbouring cities, Amir Hakeen once said to his cabinet,
"Look at Dhaka, and look mere rivers away from cities such as Kolkata, we have to stand out, my dream is, for Dhaka to become the next Singapore, think of the great cities of Asia, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, New Delhi, Tehran, we have to make changes."
And now, it has begun to leave the realm of theory as Bangladesh has begun a huge a huge destruction and construction campaign, starting with more high end apartment buildings, Bangladesh is also announcing a uniform quality apartment buildings for the working class, similar to the likes of the USSR, in an extremely expensive move, opening new Business zones and beginning the foundation on highly polished business centres, of which will be inspired by the famous Bengal architect Fazlur Rahman Khan, Dhaka has also begun a city wide mission to have by 2030 to have 85% of Dhaka access to safe drinking water, in cooperation with the national goal to get 85% of Bangladesh access to get safe drinking water by 2040, Bangladesh has begun opening more treatment plants, attempting to find ways of self sufficient water instead of getting imports from India and China, tightening quality control, cracking down along with the WHO arsenic containment, finding better solutions to store water so seasons do not massively effect the water, and going after TNCs that may be causing local water shortages such as Nestle. Dhaka has also begun to heavily invest in renewable energy, which will be supported by the Bangladesh ministry of Science and technology, and the Bangladesh ministry of fuel and energy, currently, 80% of Dhaka uses oil, natural gases, and coal, by 2050 however, with an alliance also with the green plan and campaigns against climate change, only 30% of Dhaka will rely on these non renewable resources, there is possible discussion to build a second dam along the dam to be used for Dhaka city, wind farms, whilst not the best solution, will for the short term give Dhaka a breath, however, the strongest lead right now is Dhaka's own green plan, allocating much of its revenue to the construction of nuclear power plants and coordinating with the government to open new Uranium enrichment plants, Bangladesh, in general, will also start opening more uranium mines exporting the necessary technologies to do so, both the ministry of Science and technology and the ministry of fuel and energy will spend a large sum of its research studying Uranium, Bangladesh is believed to have a decent amount of uranium to be able to be dependent on it, Bangladesh and Dhaka assures that several health and safety measures will be put in place, and exclaimed by responsible Yeafesh Osman, "Events such as Chernobyl and Three Mile Island were a tragedy, and an anomaly, we have made great strives in nuclear energy in the 21st century, so the chances of a meltdown or an fatal miscalculation are extremely low."
Dhaka, whilst showing some interest in Thorium, an alternative nuclear energy, is not willing to invest finances into it.

In accordance with these goals, both the Southern and Northern Dhaka Cooperation has ceased to exist, instead, it will be replaced with the inner authority of Dhaka City, which, whilst having high autonomy, will not be self governed. The former mayor of these Cooperations ons will still remain in contact with the government, with the Southern Mayor being temporarily mayor, an election will soon be held 'when appropriate'.

[Our Indigenous]
Dhaka info
Commonly, dangerously even underrepresented and misunderstood in other parts of the world, many natives of many countries face suppression, negligence, stereotypes, lack of respect, and little say of their own land, from Manifest destiny to the chaos of Modern day South America, where there has to be natives, there has been colonialism, however Bangladesh and the Social democrat party are keen to stand out, and to embarrass and intimidate those who step in the way of harmony between the Bengal people and the natives. In a common brotherhood of struggle against the British, Amir Hakeen is determined to be one of the leading countries of unity with natives, at the turn of the 21st century Bangladesh officially joined the IWGIA, an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to the rights, protection and promotion of Indigenous people. Soon after, in 2002, Indigenous tribes were given full self autonomy in local areas, Bangladesh also promised military and humanitarian aid, in 2005, Bangladesh began clamping down on native stereotypes and stigma, especially in the media, as several bengali supremacy groups were squandered, and recently, for the first time, 6 Indigenous people, mostly of Chakna and Tribula origin will hold seats in parliament, and will typically be reserved for natives, this, has been in accordance with other progression from the Social democrat party, as tribes were given their own election districts to better diversity voting and more accurately represent future elections, natives were given some sense of own law, however reactionary ones will be combated, in an second wave from 2005, hate speech and stereotypes against Natives will be reposed harshly by the government, and, in order to have a less invasive way of monitoring the tribes, Bangladesh has adopted the Brazilian doctrine of using drones, several natural reserves have also been put in place so as to not drastically affect their homeland, strictly prohibiting logging, commercial construction, gold surfing and more.

Warning! This is an experimental character RP that is different to the usual news format, the RP may lose quality or seem out of place.

The officer came into Amir Hakeen's office, seeing the usual sight, his desk, filled8 with signed contracts, telegrams, letters that had frayed on its borders, and the Bengal flag that had an warm hue to it as the glistening Bengal sun made its presence in the office clear, next to it, hills upon hills of fresh scrunched up paper overflowing the recycling bin, and finally, Amir Hakeen himself, in an black, sharp, cool suit with his hair somewhat in disarray, his back towards the entire office as he absorbed the Bangladesh landscape through the large glass panels, as he held a melted cool glass of rum, it had been clear that Amir, once again, stayed overnight, he wasn't absence from his home life, he always tried to keep an healthy balance, but one could very easily call him and workaholic. His brain seemed to be wire so every nerve shouted a new abstract idea that he surely, could not waste or forget, why, he always drank depressants when he was tired, was seemingly something to point to this, he had his own eccentric beliefs and views. As to not cause a shock in hakeen the former junior once made, he simply waited until Hakeen realised someone had entered before given a go to talk.

"Yes?" Hakeen eventually said through his horse, yet still excited voice,

"Hakeen, (it should be noted, he always was distant to not using personal ways to refer to himself) a man by the name of Sadiq-"

"Turk? Christ. You know what, send him in, but tell him I don't know how many times I can politely shut him down."

The officer's head soon popped off as Hakeen downed the last of his rum, before slouching on his armchair, perhaps, he figured, he could get 2.5 minutes of sleep.
But, alas this proved fruitless as in a blink of an eye Turk stood dominantly and distinctively, as if coming out of nowhere, Turk was, an odd, nearly cliche looking character. Like a Sunday newspaper villain, which strangely, only added to his fearful looks, he wore an black overcoat that counseled much of himself, he wore lifeless colourless trousers, he had several fold and wrinkles of his face yet seemed somewhat ageless, providing an uncanny effect, he won gold rimmed glasses that reflected onto his tired, yet precise eyes, and a wore a feathered top hat, that he had grown increasing pride in, he was almost comical, almost. Hakeen soon leaned forward from his arm chair, his eye twitching a bit from tiredness in both ways,

"Just the person I wanted to see…"
"Your comedy always amuses me, your president."
"Well then, I think you know what my response to your proposal is."
"Well, I can visibly see you are irritated, but you should never simply let go of an opportunity, an branch, my idea could be a tree. You must preserve through a seemingly dead tree and watch it potentially blossom and effect the entire atmosphere, it could be a game changer, my friend."
"Well, my friend, your villainous schemes are humorous,"
"And how, my dear Hakeen, could you reach your goals then?"

Goals. Goals? What goals? Hakeen was taken aback by this development, Hakeen had a lot of goals, although, Hakeen feared, that this Turk figure, knew one of his darker goals. Hakeen, whilst masking it well enough to the public eye, loved power. He truly had good intentions, but the idea of power, like many ideas, never could go away. Hakeen never truly tried battling the idea, it was just an idea, a suggestive nudge, it never had any true harm, that is, that Hakeen wanted to be life ruler. Hakeen wanted to make sure that Bangladesh could be his utopia, but now, the nevers shot up, could Turk somehow know of this? And… admittedly, why was the idea that much more enticing? However, he attempted to play it off coolly,
"My, goals? I have a lot of them. Shall I list them? Sit, I have a long list."
Turk chuckled, almost cackling,
"Oh, but don't play foolish."
"Foolish of what?"
Turk disappointedly looked down at Hakeen,
"You want more power, far, far more power then you currently do."
Hakeen remained frozen for a noticeable amount of time, the idea suddenly gained a mouth of its own and began whispering at him, Hakeen's constantly working rush of ideas now seem to backfire, all Hakeen could do was quiver, and look at the Golden Bengal flag,
Turk smiled in a sardonic way,
"Oh, but do not be ashamed. Every leader desires it, no? You can't help it, it's just a part of being a good leader. In fact, I wholeheartedly support it. Sometimes a parent must have control of their child, this dynamic is no different to a country and its leader, correct?"

Hakeen silently shuffled in his seat,

"Now, my plans is blossoming for you, the beautiful pink is starting to shine in the Bengal sun, just, for the sake of the idea, think about it. You know I have the resources, the influence, the control to pull off your goals. You're already working towards it, "
They both looked towards the censored Dhaka info edition,
" So answer me, are you willing to take me up?"
Hakeen, finally composing himself, coldly and firmly stated,
"No, now please, get out of my office."
Turk soon dropped his smile, muttered something under his breath before leaving.

            Make Australia Australian Again
            Australian values set to triumph over multiculturalism in proposed legislation
            May 24th


Australia is the most ethnically diverse country in the world, with 26% of Australians being born overseas and 49% of people having at least one parent born overseas, Australia has over 100 religions and over 300 ethnic groups. While many see this as a bragging point, a recent mass increase in migration, but not mitigation. Australia's western culture has been placed in grave danger after newcomers have failed to assimilate to Australian culture.

Dr Kevin Donnelly, author of 'How Political Correctness is Destroying Australia,' explained how, for example, 'mainly poorly uneducated young muslim men [...] are unable or unwilling to assimilate or, worst of all, hellbent on inflicting violence and death,' and has brought up 'inhumane' practices like female genital mutilation and other violations of womans rights that continue in Islamic culture outside of the Middle East.

Conservative think tank 'Advance Australia' has commented that the Chinese have long thought themselves the centre of the world, stemming from ancient beliefs, and therefore makes Chinese immigrants and tourists less respectful of Australian views and values and can sometimes see a total failure to assimilate. Countries like Thailand, who house completely socialist governments, are too a threat to Australian values such as democracy and freedom of speech, expression, and opinion, which is already endangered by the cultural-left.

African crime youth gangs are on the rise, with controversial One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson suggesting it may be a 'replication of tribalism' like back in Africa, although this has not been proven. National rivalries such as between Korea and Japan, Taiwan and Mainland China, Kra and Thailand, India and Pakistan, Palestine and Israel, are carried into Australia through immigration, and have lead to an increase in racially motivated riots and violence between foreign groups.

It has been suggested by conservatives and within the National Republican Party about a bill introducing a regime of 'Antiunaustralianism' (AUAM) that will see immigrants and tourists who engage in or promote unaustralian activities be placed on a 'three strikes and your out' (deported) program. The bill will allow the practicing of individual cultures, but will ban 'barbaric' and anti-Australian (Things that go against Australian values and laws, such as violating individual rights, calling for violence, etc.) practices.

Far-right Ex-Senator Fraser Anning took to twitter this morning, stating that "[Australia] give[s] so much to you, the least you could do is stop being a piece of filth and respect our laws and our culture. We respect you, you respect us," which of course sparked much controversy.

While the Democratic Socialist Party and the Greens have called this act 'ironically un-Australian,' and have called it a 'modern White Australia Policy,' which the NRP have stated is 'almost as ludicrous as the people who claimed that.'

May 24th, 2020,
00:30 CET


In a largest terrorist attack Serbia has had for last two years 15 people have died and 42 have been hospitalized as a result of bomb explosion. Attack, carried out by suicide bomber who's been identified as 19 years old radical islamist from Sanžak region, took place in a restaurant in center of Belgrade two hours ago. Local group of terrorists from Sandžak has claimed full responsibility for what has happened.

In a first reaction after attack was confirmed, Prime Minister Balša Božović said:

"Gentlemen, we are faced with unprovoked acts of terrorist violence that cannot be tolerated. I want to use this chance to offer my sincere condolences to families of all victims and promise them that everyone who's been involved in organizing the attack will be located and rightfully punished for own actions. The state must be tough on terrorism and we must hunt terrorist wherever they try to hide. Our government will continue to work with our partners abroad on fighting against this terrible problem. I can assure everyone that this hard but necessary task of voiding terrorist activity in Sandžak region will be accomplished, since there will be no more polite attempts to reach compromise with terrorists by means of buying their peacefulness. We will also not economize when it comes to funds needed to resolve this issue, there can be no doubt of that."

May 24th, 2020,
00:50 ECT


Leader of the Opposition Saša Janković (SDP) survived a confidence vote with narrow majority of 57 MPs of total 105 SDP MPs who had a right to vote on today's SDP MPs Club session, with just one meeting subject - vote of confidence.

Although Janković continues to preside over a party deeply divided between socialist ruling structures and centrist minority, he anyway got a support to deliver his controversial plan of SDP having only one candidate on presidential elections. Tomorrow, Janković will preside over the Central Committee meeting, where name of that candidate will be determined.

Informal leader of the centrist faction of SDP Branko Ružić, MP, said that result of vote is unpleasant but not disappointing, because it showed that socialists in SDP represent narrow majority and there is still large number of MPs loyal to party tradition of moderate social-democracy.

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Post self-deleted by Zhen Dynasty.

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Works

The Board of Works has announced the implementation of the "62 Villages South of the River" scheme, a settlement plan to establish 64 Zhen settlements in the Qingzang Gaoyuan. It was devised in order to assure a Zhen presence in the area, and to provide stimulus to the local economy by contributing via small-scale, localized businesses.

The "62 Villages South of the River" scheme was also a plan to promote and integrate a stream of immigrants to the area south of the Yellow River, following widespread unemployment across the country after the fallout from COVID-19. Although a majority have been recently drafted, several million of the homeless or jobless still need a purpose in life, or a new home. The Board of Rites, therefore, has promoted the scheme as an instrumental part in helping the disadvantaged find new homes and new careers in Xizang as cohesive units.

The plan aims to bring 5,000,000 new residents to the Qingzang Gaoyuan over ten years, by establishing new settlements across the board. Over $4 billion ZGD has been injected into the "64 Villages" plan, with a focus to attract and build infrastructure.

The Scheme will also grant 0.6 km˛ of unsettled land south of the Yellow River away from a >1,000 person large settlement to any household, as long it satisfied the following conditions:

    be a resident of the Zhen;
    at least 50% of family members residing for 5 consecutive years on the land;
    clear, enclose and cultivate <10,000 m˛ of land during the first year, or support economic activities during the first year;
    build a house on the lot during the first year;

62 predetermined locations have been designated, each estimated to support 10,000 to 140,000 persons. The Board of Works will also inject $400 million USD towards the installation of public utilities such as water, electricity, roadways, and telecommunications, to render settlement easier:

    35°19'37.4"N 102°12'24.1"E - Wenfang 文芳

    35°03'40.8"N 102°24'09.1"E - Chongxi 衝西

    34°50'06.5"N 101°32'12.0"E - Beiman 北滿

    34°51'58.0"N 101°25'41.6"E - Mangzhou 芒州

    35°39'58.0"N 100°22'55.2"E - Aijun 愛軍

    36°04'04.1"N 98°11'03.9"E - Mangke 芒克

    33°22'29.2"N 101°17'25.5"E - Mengge 蒙哥

    32°25'01.7"N 102°44'02.9"E - Juce 橘萗

    32°11'26.8"N 102°47'43.3"E - Chengzong 成宗

    31°49'57.2"N 103°31'45.9"E - Yi 壹

    30°16'28.5"N 97°24'12.8"E - Duoguncheng 多袞城

    27°35'34.6"N 88°54'27.8"E - Aixin 愛新

    27°28'13.1"N 88°47'49.1"E - Border Post 7 邊境站7

    27°32'42.6"N 88°47'13.8"E - Border Post 8 邊境站8

    28°10'03.6"N 89°19'06.3"E - Ying Town 英鎮

    30°14'09.2"N 81°11'49.3"E - Qian Village 謙村

    35°12'01.2"N 79°48'00.1"E - Daišan City 代善城

    35°05'56.9"N 79°41'11.2"E - Chaowu City 超武城

    31°04'06.3"N 81°09'44.1"E - Fulin 福林

    31°00'44.0"N 81°06'57.6"E - Zhiren Town 志仁鎮

    33°27'41.9"N 79°50'01.7"E - New Argun 新璦琿

    33°25'57.4"N 79°45'33.7"E - Taitong City 太同城

    30°02'23.5"N 93°22'35.5"E - Xiwan 西灣

    30°03'39.0"N 93°25'25.2"E - Zhongwan 中灣

    30°04'06.7"N 93°28'55.4"E - Dongwan 東灣

    30°00'48.4"N 93°46'50.3"E - Tannu 唐努

    29°58'02.6"N 93°45'40.4"E - Linzhong 林中

    29°57'24.2"N 93°46'06.8"E - Black Dragon City 黑龍市

    29°55'45.9"N 93°45'13.2"E - Zeya 子亞

    18°32'58.6"N 108°54'41.9"E - Nuclear City 3 核電市 3

    29°49'05.6"N 93°42'35.3"E - Tufeng 土鳳

    29°48'41.9"N 93°38'32.8"E - No Name 無名

    29°45'18.7"N 93°18'56.6"E - City of Eternal Illumination 永明城

    29°59'03.6"N 93°06'47.5"E - Chengke 成柯

    30°00'20.7"N 92°52'46.4"E - Chuxing 處星

    28°20'20.6"N 97°00'51.4"E - Youwen 優文

    29°17'52.0"N 97°11'17.4"E - Dakang 大康

    29°23'05.9"N 96°53'46.0"E - Da Zhuang 大壯

    29°09'15.3"N 95°09'50.8"E - Ding 鼎

    29°11'24.4"N 95°01'25.0"E - Mountain of Clouds 雲山

    31°53'52.3"N 91°32'52.1"E - Sakhawan 薩哈灣

    32°06'25.7"N 91°27'17.8"E - Zhun 屯

    31°54'38.8"N 94°06'29.0"E - Meng 蒙

    29°59'16.7"N 92°53'24.8"E - Yu 豫

    32°10'37.7"N 91°53'38.4"E - City of Great Exceeding 大過市

    32°08'58.8"N 91°54'43.6"E - Orel City 奧列利城

    32°07'26.4"N 91°55'55.2"E - 1739 一千七百三十九

    31°58'17.2"N 91°42'48.0"E - Ostrov Station 俄斯破站

    31°54'37.3"N 91°43'49.4"E - Mingcheng 明城

    31°49'19.2"N 92°04'34.9"E - Beijun Wan 北俊萬

    32°00'31.4"N 80°04'30.1"E - Hinggun 興滚

    31°50'52.0"N 92°02'37.9"E - New Taikoo 太古新市

    30°57'53.3"N 86°55'23.5"E - Great Luck 大吉

    30°46'46.3"N 90°51'40.9"E - Cape Beihai 北海角

    31°04'30.3"N 87°02'37.6"E - Tokko Lake 脫口湖

    31°01'02.8"N 87°22'18.5"E - Nanshan City 南山城

    22°53'12.2"N 115°35'40.6"E - Nuclear City 1 核電市 1

    28°49'11.3"N 96°43'01.8"E - Triangle River City 三角河市

    29°23'20.2"N 89°03'39.1"E - Haotian 浩田

    21°37'40.6"N 111°16'49.6"E - Nuclear City 2 核電市 2

    29°21'57.9"N 88°57'45.9"E - Mingfeng 明風

    19°26'10.1"N 110°40'57.0"E - Nuclear City 4 核電市 4

帝国日本だより | Teikoku Nihonda yori | News from Imperial Japan

Zhen-Japanese Conclude 2nd Historical Summit

Recently, the Zhen & Japanese have concluded their 2nd Summit. The Japanese Representative stated,

"This Summit has been a great success between the two countries similar to the first one. We look forward to meeting again with the Zhen in the future"

The following was released regarding the Summit:

Japan & Zhen hereby conclude the following actions to be taken:


  • Shenzhen Evergrande will build a massive mountain resort in Hokkaido

  • Ansteel Group will build a total of 3 steel plants: 1 in Amami, 1 in Nago, & 1 in Okinawa City

  • Alibaba Films will invest in Japanese cinema

  • The Zhen will increase their imports from Japan by approximately $30 billion USD

  • Miniso will expand it's operations in Japan & open more stores. However, they will be required to fix their grammatical errors when utilizing the Japanese language in conjunction with their products

  • Zhen companies: HiSilicon & SMIC will collaborate with Japanese Companies on the development of 5nm Tech Nodes

  • Zhen will express it's support for Pan-Asian Prosperity & Friendship


  • Japan will increase the exports of fluorinated polyimide, resist & hydrogen fluoride to Zhen

  • Seiko Epson & Shin-Etsu Chemical will collaborate with Zhen Companies on the development of 5nm Tech Nodes

  • Japanese Corporation Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. will begin constructing factories in Xining, Qinghai. The Corporation has also expressed interest in building factories within Tibet but no location has been confirmed as of yet

  • Japan will increase it's imports from Zhen by approximately $18 billion USD

  • Japan Steel Works will open a total of 3 Steel Mills in Hainan

  • Anime giant Kadokawa Corporation will invest in the Zhen Anime Industry & offer services from it's subsidiaries to the Zhen Dynasty in collaboration with the Zhen film giant Changchun Film Studio

  • Japan will match the Zhen offer of 20 days visa-free travel to Japan

  • Japan will express it's support for Pan-Asian Prosperity & Friendship

The deal has marked a massive step in improvement regarding relations between the two Asian Countries. Countries which have traditionally been opposed to each other. Some Nationalists protested the deal once the details were released. However, the promise of jobs & prosperity coming to Japan after the economic impact of COVID-19 ensured they were a very small minority as many more people lauded the deal for benefitting both countries & further stabilizing relations between them. A third Summit has already been scheduled between the two countries in the future to further improve relations & ensure that stability & peace is maintained in Asia.

"天皇陛下をお迎えください!日本に栄光を! | Ten'nōheika o o mukae kudasai! Nihon ni eikō o! | Hail His Divine Majesty the Emperor, Glory to Japan!"

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South american argentina

Argentina News!

Macri's new policy hits the first page of the newspapers

It was not long ago since Mauricio Macri, President of the Federal Republic of Argentina has announced his new foreign policy, the Macri Doctrine, which believes countries who have diplomatic relations with Argentina and are located in Latin America should integrate and impose A united front. The doctrine says Argentina, and other South American nations shall form A united iron fist which could assist in:
Mutual assistance in the battle against COVID-19 and the Dengue fever.
Mutual cooperation in Latin American-based and international organized crime in the continent, like European crime syndicates, Far East organized societies, Latin drug cartels, North American Cosa Nostra, and all of US criminal organizations, as well as local gangs and crime organizations.
Mutual provides of internal security intelligence to prevent contraband, various crime rings, and counterterrorism efforts.
Mutual foreign policy, A common bloc which will prevent proxy wars within the region, and delegate each other in foreign incidents.

Macri commented on the matter in A speech.

Lately, the international community has always tried to apply the nature of the Middle East and the Far East to South America. The nature of proxy wars, the cold war, and militias. Unfortunately, It had succeeded in the past, and Latinos, Americans basically all from the same roots, the roots of proud Latin nations, who can be traced back to the Roman Empire, started fighting each other. Some things are unfixable, like the unfortunate case of the War on Drugs. But some were influenced by political divisions inspired by Cold War spirits, and innocent lives were taken away. Yes, militia members are also innocent, as they were brainwashed, especially by the Comintern. Today, I want to clarify. The Far East is violent because of political and ideological means, The Middle East is violent due to the fundamentalism of extremist Islam, And Argentina was always the only Latin American nation to help in the War of Terror. Europe was always conflicted because of national pride. But South America naturally is NOT A violent region. It is time Argentina will be the first one to make this stand, But us, Latin American nations, must impose A fist of iron, fight our mutual dangers together, and not split ourselves as part of the 2 major blocs, but split from them and form one of our own.
We need to look at the integration of the EU but learn from their mistakes, We cannot erase our ethnic and national pride, but we also mustn't forget our roots.”

COVID-19 Update.

As the whole world is slowly recovering from the Coronavirus Disease, Argentina follows the same path of recovery, As the numbers show.
Number of cases: 11,340
Number of deaths: 445
Number of healed cases: 3,517

As most of the country is slowly adjusting to the ease of commerce and movement restrictions, The province of Buenos Aires is still suffering from peak spread of the virus, and the number of cases is keeping getting higher.
The province of Buenos Aires shall remain of full lockdown for the time being, to the very least until Mid-June.

The ministry of health had confirmed that as long as the numbers keep improving in the rest of the country, restrictions will continue their decline. Though, they note that the restrictions could again be implemented depends on the situation, and until an official cure to the COVID-19 is found, the country shall never come back to 100% routine daily life.

Post self-deleted by Zhen Dynasty.

CB24 Centroamérica

Latin America's dengue fever
The ignored epidemic

In Latin America, a dengue epidemic that started in late 2018 is still present. Dengue infections in the region rose sharply to an all-time high of 3.1 million in 2019, with over 1,500 deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean. That information comes from PAHO.

Central America alone faces a high season of dengue transmission. That is why the authorities of the Ministry of Health called on the population to take care from the infection caused by the bite of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, transmitter of the virus. Since the beginning of 2020, the country has recorded more than 24,000 dengue cases and at least 16 deaths. Last year, the same disease left 255 dead and nearly 192,000 infected. Cases of the disease should begin to decrease in the second half of 2020, the organization said.

Dengue epidemics usually happen every three to five years and with four strains of dengue in existence, people may catch it more than once. Second cases are more likely to be severe.

Dengue is not usually deadly and can be treated with painkillers. But some sufferers deal with long-term problems like tiredness, weight loss, and depression. And these things affect their ability to work. Severe dengue is treated with intravenous fluids and those who do not get tested are at risk of dangerous health problems.

Alert for the start of the hurricane season
The Institute or Volcanology, Seismology, Meteorology, and Hydrology (INSIVUMEH) announced the start of the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico from June 1.

INSIVUMEH explained that under normal conditions, there is normally 12 tropical storms, six hurricanes and three hurricanes with greater intensity (category 3 or 5, according to the Saffir-Simpson scale)

"Historically, between mid-August and mid-October every year, the possibility of tropical cyclone formation increases," explained Juan Pablo Oliva, director of the INSIVUMEH.

In this sense, the INSIVUMEH foresees that this year, the hurricane season has a probability to be 60% above the normal average.

"In the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, a total of 13 to 19 tropical storms are expected, of which between 6 and 10 could reach the category of hurricanes of which between 3 and 6 could reach a major category, 3.4 or 5." explained Oliva.

INSIVUMEH assures that the season officially begins on June 1 and ends on November 30. "However, sometimes some cyclonic systems tend to appear outside this period, so monitoring is done continuously."

It also calls for local, provincial, and government authorities as well as Risk Management systems to activate emergency and contingency plans in the Caribbean region. "In such way that communities prepare to take the necessary measures to prevent the loss of human lives and resources."

INSIVUMEH suggested actions to properly secure the roofs of houses, check the trees that pose a threat due to their weak condition and that may fall on the electricity networks or houses. It is also suggested operators of shallow draft vessels, tourists and fishermen to closely follow the daily evolution of weather and marine conditions and attend to the recommendations issued by the Port authorities.

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