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OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Royal Air Ambulance Service

The Royal Air Ambulance Service will be undergoing reform to ensure optimal efficiency, with plans to increase its fleet and manpower reserves.

Currently, the 1,700-strong service provides comprehensive prehospital and emergency and critical care to all types of patients during aeromedical evacuation or rescue operations onboard helicopters, propeller aircraft, or jet aircraft. The RAAS exists to routinely fly into rural communities without proper health coverage, wherein they consult, diagnose, or treat patients. It also serves as a secondary evacuation service in the event of natural disasters, in conjunction with the ZQRD.

Under the new reforms, the RAAS will receive an additional $2 billion ZGD in funding, as well as a personnel increase from 1,700 to 50,600. The RAAS has also been given permission to help train new medical recruits in the Board of War, by providing them with the means to practice their skills in a real-life setting. The Board of Works, in conjunction with the Health Commission, has also changed the Zhen's medical education curriculum - doctors are required to spend at least 3 months of their residency period serving for the RAAS as part of their training programme.

The same will also apply for military medics; in peacetime, it is expected that at least 5% of the military's medical staff be rotated into the RAAS, for a period of 4 to 6 months.

New equipment acquisitions will also be put forth, with a plan to expand the RAAS fleet from 81 planes to 100. A $300 million USD contract for 19 new helicopters has been put out, with the RAAS to purchase the AgustaWestland CH-149 Cormorant helicopter from Greater-italia.

The reforms also dictate the setting of regional headquarters, as a way to better localize coverage. Currently, the Zhen will be divided into 10 RAAS Coverage Regions:

    1. Tianshan-Bei (HQ Urumqi)
    2. Tianshan-Nan (HQ Kashgar)
    3. Qinghai (HQ Xining)
    4. Sichuan (HQ Chengdu)
    5. Xizang-Bei (HQ Nagqu)
    6. Xizang-Nan (HQ Lhasa)
    7. Gan-Ning (HQ Shizuishan)
    8. Huazhong (HQ Enshi City)
    9. Yue-Nan (HQ Wuzhou)
    10. Frontier (HQ Pu'er City)

May 25th, 2020,
15:00 CET


In an interview for our newspapers, major-general Milan Mojsilović, Serbian ambassador to NATO, spoke of the future of Serbian military involvement in NATO operation in Libya. This is his first interview since the beginning of the operation, and public considers it an important one, as he's de facto a military leader of the Serbian troops in Libya, and a key figure on Serbian side alongside Foreign Minister Hana Adrović.

Regarding his relationship with the rest of NATO staff, he said that atmosphere in NATO is productive and allies taking role in operation are committed to winning the war. Regarding the relationship with officials at home, major-general Mojsilović said that he has a constant contacts with the government officials, especially Prime Minister Božović, Defense Minister Šutanovac and Foreign Minister Adrović.

Speaking of the future platform, major-general Mojsilović said that government is seriously considering ground involvement in Libya, but that any further step would be decided in constant consideration with UPA allies and domestic GNA in Libya.

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New Measures Imposed In Kuwait

Hassan Mohammed Abbas Salman, Head of the Ministry of Health and temporary governor of Kuwait, has issued a series of measures and orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Kuwait. All non-essential services are to be shut down indefinitely. Mosques will be closed, but encouraged to offer online prayers. Public and private schools will be closed indefinitely as well. Until these measures are lifted, layoffs are prohibited, and rent and credit payments are suspended.

Announcement by the Imperial Household of the Empire of Brazil

Salutations to all who live both here in Brazil and abroad! I, Pedro V, Emperor of Brazil by the grace of God and the people of Brazil, do hereby declare that effective immediately, that Brazil will allow foreign companies to journey into the Amazon to search for region rich in mineral wealth so long as they respect the laws and customs of Brazil and it's many ethnic groups. However, it is requested that they refrain from contacting native tribes that have yet to be formally contacted by the government of Brazil as we are still attempting to gradually administer vaccines against the many deadly viruses of the world, though these same viruses are not as deadly to the outside world. Those companies that do not follow these guidelines will be fined heavily and face possible imprisonment should their owners set foot on our soil in the future.

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Works

The Board of Works has unveiled a "new town" concept, which serves as large scale satellite housing developments which are designed to be self-contained. It includes public housing units, a town centre and other amenities such as schools, hospitals, parks, sports complexes, and so on. Each of these "new towns" is meant to be a solution to congestion and squalor - by placing everything in one place, residents will not feel the need to venture elsewhere to purchase goods and services; these towns will also supersede older public estates built in the previous century, along with the Cube public housing projects.

Based on the "planning areas" of Singapore such as Ang Mo Kio, the debut of this "new town" will appear in Liwan. Thousands of residents who live in old apartments will see their homes renovated, and live in these new self-contained neighbourhoods. The "new town", named "New Liwan", is defined as the area west of Kangwang South Road, north of Dishifu Road, south of Zhongshan 7th Road, and east of Baohua and Huagui Roads.

"New Liwan" will contain the following facilities:

    2 underground rapid transit Metro stations
    4 taxi stops
    11 bus stops
    6 indoor wet markets
    New Liwan Public Library
    4 primary schools, 8 secondary schools
    New Liwan Polytechnic
    New Liwan Multi-purpose Stadium
    2 swimming complexes
    2 bus depots
    6 fire stations
    10 Neighbourhood Police Posts
    New Liwan Industrial Estate
    2 community clubs
    New Liwan Commercial Hub (suburban shopping mall)
    60 "Cube" public housing estates (66,000 apartments)
    Various community gardens

The local administration has diverted $1 billion ZGD towards construction, supplemented by a Board of Works grant of $3 billion ZGD.

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OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Works

The Board of Works has unveiled its new programme to feed the Zhen sustainably, named the "Rural Quinoa Initiative".

This comes after 150 quinoa plantations were constructed across the nation, providing a crop yield of 67,500 to 112,500 tonnes. The crop has repeatedly been touted as a "miracle crop", owing to its resilience in harsh environments - to the point that many rural villages now farm the plant as a form of revenue.

As the Zhen aims to improve its food security and avoid the burdens caused by excessive agricultural water use and/or overfarming, the Board of Works has emerged to tackle this issue head-on, by further rolling out more of these plantations across the wild.

Teams of farmers were seen scouring the Qingzang Gaoyuan last week, as they planted quinoa seeds in the rural grasslands of the massive Plateau. The Board of Works has reportedly set a goal, dictating that 3% of the entire Tibetan Plateau (75,000 km²; crop yield 22.5 million to 37.5 million tonnes) be planted with quinoa plants. A large segment of these plants will be clustered around rural homes and villages, although some will be scattered in the wild to help with biodiversity.

The Board has also given a $60 million ZGD funding grant to researchers in the Zhen Agricultural University, with the aim of genetically modifying the plant to have higher crop yields, improved tolerance to temperature changes and biotic stress. These new GM crops will be introduced to the western frontier of the Zhen by 2021 as well.

The Board has continued to promote quinoa as a "more nutritious, economical, and environmentally efficient alternative to traditional crops". Quinoa imports and exports will receive tariff waivers.

Disclaimer: In Turkish the word for someone from Sahuria is Sahuri (The rest of the world call is Sahurian)

TRT World

President Devlet Bahçeli press conference 5/27/20

Both Turkish and foreign were summoned in Ankara, with President Devlet Bahçeli set to address the media in regard to the situation in Sahuria. The sound of cameras snapping pictures were deafening as the President made his way to the podium.

"Esteemed members of the press, both of the Turkish Republic and International Community. I will keep this brief. President Nasser al-Hasshem, behave yourself. Attacking those celebrating Şeker Bayramı (Eid al-Fitr), and innocent protesters under the cover of fighting Covid-19. al-Hasshem may I remind you, the vaccine has been found, you are not fooling anyone. Let us point out the truth of what is happening in Sahuria, the Sahuri people have been protesting a regime even during one of the worst epidemics in human history. Even despite them following international social distancing guidelines, and remaining peaceful have been attacked by your government. This is unacceptable. Prime Minister Akşener had the privilege of hosting those whose voices have been silenced by your government, and we know what the truth on the ground is al-Hasshem. Therefore I am officially condemning barbaric actions taken by the Sahuri government. We stand by the truth that was agreed upon by the founding members of the Sahuri National Opposition Front, and reaffirm the six demands that were made in the Ankara summit. 1. Release all political prisoners, with a free and fair trial being held for each of them. 2. Allow the holding of free and fair elections, which will be observed by an international body. 3. Reaffirm the full universal suffrage of all Sahuri's. 4. The appointment of a transparent and fair commission to investigate the crimes committed by the Islamic Revolutionary Fedayeen. And finally the 5. Providing transparent oversight into the activities of the General Intelligence Directorate. We will continue to oppose the evil that is seen south of our border, until normalcy is returned to Sahuria. The people of Sahuria will not be slaves to a system built by such a small man. And if these people decide to not be slaves to your system, and decide to fight back. We will not turn a blind eye, we will not abandon our neighbors in such a situation of pure brutality. They will not be left helpless, their wings will not be cut, the free will of the Sahuri people is one of the Turkish Republics main concerns. Thank you."

The President walked away from the podium, an uproar was heard from the media trying to get a question from the President, a few seconds later the press secretary quickly got up to the podium. "Bugünlük bu kadar, das war's für heute, that's it for today. Teşekkürler."

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Observatory for Former Thailand

Edition for 27th May, B.E. 2653

Reds close in on Phuket

Panic in Tanjung Salang today as Thai Dai forces begin to break through in multiple sections of Colonel Indra's line, using their superior knowledge of the area and dangerously undersupplied Kra troops to sweep aside unmotivated Kra ground-based irregulars, our sources report. Thai Dai forces are reportedly equipped with Sino-Vietnamese War-era Zhen Army equipment, giving them rough parity with the Kra units on the ground, which are relatively unknown urban volunteers sourced from Phuket, with the notorious Trang Volunteers busy squeezing in on the Thammarat pockets and the Republican Capital Guard occupied with stabilizing Bandar Singora. The situtation for the Kra Army is rapidly collasping, and it is a suprise that the central government has neither asked for Indonesian aid nor diverted divisions from the south to reinforce Colonel Indra, in the absense of President Fadil bin Shaahir. TWAADF MiG 21s have also been reported engaging Kra logisistics networks and vehicles along the Indra Line, further diminishing their already inadequate supply situation. The KDS Ratu Hijau, an Endurance-class amphibious warship purchased from Singaporean yards, has however been reported steaming north from Tarutao Naval Base, though it is unclear whether the sole vessel will bear enough equipment needed to stabilize the line, currently held by some 5,690 soldiers from the 6th and 47th Tanjung Salang Infantry Regiments. Colonel Indra himself has also reported the appearance of what are believed to be 7-10 T-62 Main Battle Tanks, which engaged and heavily bled the Trang 45th Armoured Company, destroying an M60 and knocking out another for the cost of two of their own number destroyed. The Trang 45th also reports another 3 M60s and 7 M113s lost to air attack from TWAADF MiG 21s. No MiGs are believed to have been shot down as of the time of writing. Unmarked soldiers clad in Qilin infantry systems, supported by PT-76s, BTR-60s, and Chinese tank destroyer variants of the VN-1 APC, hastily recoloured in Thai Dai markings, were also recorded on video engaging and often obliterating poorly-trained, hastily recruited Phuket locals, at several points of the line breaching. The men are believed to originate from the Thai People's Navy Marines "Ramkhamheang" regiment.

The elite of Tanjung Salang, long the darling of Bandar Singora, have also taken to paying fishermen to ferry them out of the city, southbound, after Vice-President Bintang bin Shaahir suprisingly rejected their request for evacuation, using the warships instead for desperately needed resupplies and fire support operations. Among these evacuees moving south are actor Pawat Kraiputra, singer Darika Yoobamroong, and business mogul Danunan Ahunai, all photographed hauling several luggages' worth of valuables, clad in resplendent outfits, and lowering themselves into putrid trawlers in images now largely circulated on Kra social media. This is not the case for all of the city's aristocracy, however. Most notably, the mayor, Tiwat Prugsanapan, has instead volunteered himself for service with the 47th, which is believed to be at half-strength. In his resignation speech, he states firmly that "I must now serve my home in a new, more productive way, and protect it against the communists with my life." His resolve, unfortunately, seems to not be shared by his council and much of the city's entertainment industry, who have been confirmed to have already fled.

Meanwhile to the northeast, the Socialist People's Republic bins their contract for over 160,000 Qilin systems, with so far 25,000 being delivered. The order will be reduced to some additional 6,000 sets. The contract for the systems meant to equip the regular infantry and mechanized divisions has been awarded to Russia's Ratnik system, believed to be over $2000 dollars cheaper per piece and saving the People's Army more than $260 million. Another deal with Moscow also sees the TPLA's recently retired T-62s replaced with 180 T-72B3s in a deal worth $270 million, with the Thai People's Congress annoucing the addition another billion to the defense budget for as long as the Kra conflict persists. The Kingdom of Siam has thus far not decided on what to do with their appropriation of $5 billion of the nation's vast currency reserves to the Directorate for Defense, apart from their purchase of 1,000 Komatsu LAVs from Japan, and their pledge of R&D funds to the latter's X-2 Shinshin program. In the coming days, however, the Siamese Army is expected to get the MBTs they have requested since 2016, most likely the Japanese Type 10, along with several anti-ballistic missiles to combat the growing interest of non-allied superpowers in the region. A Siamese DOD spokesperson reiterated the increase as "absolutely necessary" for Siam, as a "ant between the feet of giants." The 12 modern tactical airlifters being sought after by the SMS will also likely be acquired, most likely either from Kawasaki or Boeing, as well the Navy's wishlist of additional frigates and submarines. The SMS will also be trained by Australian pilots on the operation of the F/A-18E/F in Australia, of which the SMS has 50 on order from the United Provinces.

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Soutern africa

DefenceWeb: Africa's Leading Defence News Network

The arrival of ISIS in southern Africa

The ‘arrival’ of ISIS in the north of Mozambique should be causing some concern at Defence Headquarters and in government. It should do so because it may herald a step change in the threats facing Southern Africa’s Southern African Development Community (SADC) partners and any forces that Southern Africa might deploy to assist them.

It is highly unlikely that an airplane load of ISIS members flew into the country, but it is quite possible that individual ISIS members have returned to central and southern Africa from Iraq or Syria, bringing with them experience, skills, techniques and tactics, as seems to have happened to an extent in Somalia. Similarly, guerrillas south of the equator will also learn from those in the Sahel. We must expect the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in the northeast of the DRC and the guerrillas in northern Mozambique to adopt some of those techniques and tactics.

That new range of threats will over time very probably include:

• Large roadside IEDs, as in Iraq, Syria and Somalia;
• Suicide car bombs driven into convoys, as in Iraq, Syria and Somalia;
• Suicide car bombs as part of integrated attacks on bases, as in Iraq and Somalia;
• Armoured suicide car bombs used in attacks on bases, as in Iraq;
• ‘Swarming attacks’ by guerrillas using motorcycles, as in Mali, Niger and the Sahel;
• Heavily armed ‘technicals’ as used throughout the Sahel (twin 14.5 mm heavy machinegun, twin 23 mm cannon, 106 mm recoilless rifle, etc);
• Guerrillas using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for reconnaissance and command and control, as in Syria;
• Guerrillas using small, commercial UAVs to carry out air attacks, as in Iraq and Yemen;
• Guerrillas using shoulder-launched ground-to-air missiles against helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft flying low-level missions or on approach to or departure from an airfield or airport) as in Iraq and Somalia; and
• ‘Swarming attacks’ by small boats against ships close inshore or near islands and attacks on offshore platforms or ships at anchor, as in the Gulf of Guinea by MEND and the Niger Delta Avengers. Consider here too the tactics of the marine element of the former Eritrean People’s Liberation Army during the war for independence;
• The use of women and children, especially girls, as suicide bombers or involuntary remotely detonated bomb carriers, as in the Sahel.

There is no reason at all to believe that Southern African patrols, bases or ships will be immune from attack using those skills, tactics and techniques. Those need to be added to those passed on to the ADF by Al Shabaab members that are believed to be with the ADF. And the ADF will also have learned from the activities of the guerrillas operating in the Sahel, such as the use of motorcycles to carry out swarming attacks on villages.

That will present some interesting challenges:

1. The Southern African Army currently does not have any MRAP type vehicles that could protect the crew against a large roadside IED or a car bomb detonated next to it. An Olifant [MBT] would survive; a Rooikat would probably protect its crew, and so would an Mbombe; a Casspir would cave in like a tissue box; and a Mamba would probably be disassembled and tossed to the side of the road.

2. Do our deployed troops have any weapons in their bases able to stop an improvised armoured suicide car bomb such as used by ISIS in Iraq and Syria specifically to attack bases as part of a coordinated attack? An ordinary 7.62 mm light machine gun will not suffice, nor will an RPG-7, which would in many situations allow the car bomb to get too close. A 12.7 mm heavy machinegun might do the job, but better would be 20 mm weapons or larger.

3. Does the Southern African National Defence Force have any means to counter UAVs?

4. How well could one of our frigates – or for that matter a frigate of any other navy – defend itself against a swarming attack by a dozen or more fast craft armed with 14.5 mm machineguns, 23 mm cannon, 106 mm recoilless rifles (all used by the Eritreans in the 1980s) or multiple rocket launchers?

5. How does one best engage a group of 30 or more motorcycles staging a swarming attack on a village or base, particularly if supported by fire from ‘technicals’ armed with 14.5 mm or 23 mm weapons or even 106 mm recoilless rifles or 107 mm multiple rocket launchers?

6. Does the Southern African National Defence Force have a doctrine or protocol on how to deal with the threat of women and children being used as suicide bombers, particularly when it is against their will, with the bomb detonated remotely once they approach a group of soldiers or other target?

Some will argue that all of this is irrelevant because the threats do not exist or even apply to Southern Africa. Perhaps so, for now.

But northern Mozambique is not that far from our borders and is much closer to Cahora Bassa and its power lines and to the gas fields and future pipelines to Southern Africa. It also has a coastline that is well suited to piracy or maritime terrorism, which will affect the security of our oil imports. So we may find that simple and immediate self-interest means that we cannot ignore what is happens in northern Mozambique, quite apart from the more general reality that a stable and prosperous Mozambique is in our wider interests, and an unstable, conflict-ridden poor Mozambique is not.

Secondly, Southern African troops with the MONUSCO Force Intervention Brigade in the DRC have clashed – successfully – on several occasions with the Islamist ADF. That makes Southern Africa an enemy not just of the ADF, but now also of ISIS. That could result in attacks on Southern African bases similar to those carried out in Somalia and in West Africa, and our contingent in the DRC is less well-armed than, for instance, the Kenyan unit that was overrun in Somalia. The video of that attack released by al Shabaab is scary, primarily because it suggests a good level of training and tactical competence, particularly in the use of ‘technicals’ in an attack.

The bottom line of all this is that the Southern African National Defence Force needs urgently to put on its collective thinking cap and, even more importantly, begin to talk seriously with other forces that have experience of dealing with such threats. And government needs to think hard about what it expects of the Defence Force and then to fund it accordingly. We were lucky in Bangui – the outcome of deploying too small and too lightly armed a force could have been far worse, and it is due only to the quality of the troops and their officers that we were ‘lucky’. We will not always be lucky and the next set of attackers could be rather more capable than were Seleka.

帝国日本だより | Teikoku Nihonda yori | News from Imperial Japan

Japanese Motion #002 Passed

Almost a week ago, Japanese Motion #002 was passed by the Pacific Alliance Council in a 4-2 majority for. A synopsis of the Motion is outlined as follows:

"The Pacific Ambassador from Japan has formally put forward a request to hold an emergency TPA General Summit in the coming days so as to address the situations presented to the TPA & mark a new period of relevance for The Pacific Alliance"

Since then, Japan has been in the process of organizing & coordinating the event. The event is scheduled to take place within the following week. In addition, the following members have been marked as guaranteed attendance unless strenuous situations demand otherwise:

  • Prime Minister - Shinzō Abe

  • Japanese Pacific Alliance Representative - Akifumi Watanabe

    Central America

  • El Presidente de la República (President) - Nayib Bukele

  • El Vice Presidente de la República (Vice President) - Dr. Alejandro Giammattei Falla

  • Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores (Foreign Relations) - Pedro Brolo


  • General Secretary of The Pacific Alliance - Tony Abbott

  • General Secretary of Security & Defence - Christopher Pyne

  • Australian Ambassador - Turnbull

  • Former Minister - Bishop


  • President - Joko Widodo


  • Representative - Chuan Leekpai

    New Zealand

  • Representative - Mr Sure

The event is being promulgated by several of Japan's leading commercial news networks. With several citizens interested to see how it plays out & how it will affect the future of Japan moving forward. The location of the event has been kept in Panama City in coordination with the Central American Government.

"天皇陛下をお迎えください!日本に栄光を! | Ten'nōheika o o mukae kudasai! Nihon ni eikō o! | Hail His Divine Majesty the Emperor, Glory to Japan!"

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帝国日本だより | Teikoku Nihonda yori | News from Imperial Japan

Triad Members Arrested in Tokyo Prefecture

Recently, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department reportedly executed a drug seizure operation on a sizeable drug trafficking operation within the Tokyo Area. Details are a bit difficult to confirm at this time, however, we can confirm that about 12 criminal suspects have been arrested & detained. About 6 of these members were believed to be affiliated with an unidentified Chinese Triad Organization. The other 6 members are believed to be affiliated with bōryokudan or violent groups (Yakuzas). A spokesman for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department had the following to say:

"These criminals have been tracked for well over several weeks now. They are currently charged with the sale & trafficking of drugs, resisting arrest, fraud, & conspiracy to commit arson. Thankfully, we were able to stop the criminals before they could enact any more dangerous plans"

For now it seems, the trial & prosecution of these criminals will be in motion.

"天皇陛下をお迎えください!日本に栄光を! | Ten'nōheika o o mukae kudasai! Nihon ni eikō o! | Hail His Divine Majesty the Emperor, Glory to Japan!"

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帝国日本だより | Teikoku Nihonda yori | News from Imperial Japan

Siamese Updates

Recently, the Sony account on social media released the following statement:

"We are proud to announce that a subsidiary of Sony will begin coordinating an upcoming concert in Siam! We will be offering several top idol singers from Japan. Including singers like Yuka Iguchi & LiSA. Two well known singers for their respective careers. Highlights include Iguchi's voice acting of Tsukihi in the Monogatari Series Anime & her role as the singer of the Platinum Disco Opening, not to mention her singing for the Hey World opening of Danmachi. LiSA is famous for her music & her role as a singer for the Demon Slayer Op. We will be offering several more talented individuals as well. We cannot confirm but we may even see an appearance from legendary Japanese pop star Hastune Miku & friends! We look forward to entertaining the Siamese Youth!"

More details have been released in the following days regarding the Concert to be held in Siam. Confirmed Singers & Idols (along with some brief credentials) for the event are as follows:

  • Hatsune Miku - Legendary & Internationally Renowned Japanese Pop Star

  • Yuka Iguchi - Voice acting of Tsukihi in the Monogatari Series Anime & her role as the singer of the Platinum Disco Opening / Singer for the Hey World opening of Danmachi / & more

  • LiSA - Singer for the Demon Slayer Op / Singer for 'Ash' her single which was used in the 2nd op of Fate/Apocrypha / & more

  • MADKID - Rising of the Shield Hero beginning Op 'Rise'

  • Chiai Fujikawa - Ending RotSH Op 'Kimi no Namae'

  • MIYAVI - 'Other Side' ID: Invaded Ending Song

  • The Peggies - 'Kimi no Sei' Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Op

  • Mili - 'Rightfully' Goblin Slayer Op

& even more! Although so many singers in one place must definitely be quite the task. Many believe that Sony is undertaking such a massive expense in the hopes of absolutely dazzling the Siamese Youth & potentially kickstarting a major market within Siam. Market Analysts believe that the Siamese Market are fertile grounds waiting to be explored as several of Siam's Youth are believed or confirmed to watch or favor Japanese Anime & Culture. In addition to the singers, Sony will be promoting it's own line of products at stands & such. Notable products may include the latest gaming consoles & video games. In addition, Sony Entertainment Japan will be selling items from subsidiaries Aniplex & Animax. Items may include figures or other merchandise from Anime Series like Charlotte, Angel Beats!, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, & more!

"天皇陛下をお迎えください!日本に栄光を! | Ten'nōheika o o mukae kudasai! Nihon ni eikō o! | Hail His Divine Majesty the Emperor, Glory to Japan!"

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帝国日本だより | Teikoku Nihonda yori | News from Imperial Japan

Japanese-Afghanistan Talks

Recently, the Afghan Ambassador, Bashir Mohabbat, met with the Japanese Foreign Minister to discuss matters relevant to Japan & Afghanistan. The contents or results of such a meeting were not produced or released to the Public.

NOTE: This information is considered Unknown information to the player base at large unless such information is released or disclosed to other players.
The Japanese & Afghan's have agreed to the following:

  • The Japanese Special Forces Group will deploy Military Advisors to Afghanistan to train the Afghan National Army in Special operations / Direct Action / Unconventional Warfare / Reconnaissance / & Counter-Terrorism.

  • JSFG will assist the Afghan's training program for their officers. Teaching them to adopt practices employed by the Imperial Armed Forces

  • To combat rising COVID-19 concerns in Afghanistan, Japan will deploy a humanitarian mission to the country consisting of the following: Several dozens of doctors, & modern medical equipment. The doctors will be training & assisting the Afghans in providing quality health care to their citizens.

  • The Medical equipment & assistance will be paid for & covered by the Japanese Government. In an effort to extend a hand of goodwill with the Afghan's & promote friendship between Japan & Afghanistan

"天皇陛下をお迎えください!日本に栄光を! | Ten'nōheika o o mukae kudasai! Nihon ni eikō o! | Hail His Divine Majesty the Emperor, Glory to Japan!"

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帝国日本だより | Teikoku Nihonda yori | News from Imperial Japan

Japanese Company Toyota to expand Operations

Recently, Japanese Automobile Company Toyota has released the following statement on social media,

"We are looking forward to commencing operations in Hispaniola!"

Many believe this is in reference to the new factory opening in Hispaniola. Recently, the company has leased & begun constructing a factory in Hispaniola that is to oriented towards producing cars for sale within Hispaniola & Central America.

"天皇陛下をお迎えください!日本に栄光を! | Ten'nōheika o o mukae kudasai! Nihon ni eikō o! | Hail His Divine Majesty the Emperor, Glory to Japan!"

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帝国日本だより | Teikoku Nihonda yori | News from Imperial Japan

American-Japanese Meeting

Recently, Prime Minister Abe came out of the Meeting with America. When reached for comment, Prime Miniter Abe stated the following,

"The meeting went well. Naturally, we will continue to be in close communication & cooperation with the Americans as we move forward. However, do not confuse this for weakness. Japan will continue to build itself up so as to stand toe to toe with any foreign power that may threaten war or invasion of it's shores. We will not let ourselves repeat the mistakes & weaknesses of the Humiliation War"

The meeting results were only partially published as shown in the following report:

NOTE: This information is considered Unknown information to the player base at large unless such information is released or disclosed to other players.

  • Japan & the UPA to plan upcoming drills together in Siam - Not Published

  • The UPA presence in Japan will remain at its current strength to ensure the UPA can continue to safeguard Japan - Published

  • UPA automobile companies will be offered incentives & encouragement to move operations to Japan once they pull their operations out of Zhen - Published

  • The UPA will offer generous payments & investments to ensure that proper rectification of any & all contamination of Water, Air, Environment, etc caused by the UPA presence is carried out - Published

  • The UPA will prosecute any UPA Military Personnel who commit a crime in Japan. However, should the crime in any way affect Japan or it's people. An officer of the Imperial Army of Japan will be invited to serve as a Military Judge on the case - Published

Several Citizens hailed the results of the meeting. Believing it would promote peace in Japan as it finds itself surrounded with several powers on it's borders. Several citizens also approved of the UPA's commitment to payment & investment to ensure that contamination is rectified. Many citizens often protested or complained about the UPA presence as one that often served to the detriment of Japan. However, many believe this may mark a step in the right direction.

"天皇陛下をお迎えください!日本に栄光を! | Ten'nōheika o o mukae kudasai! Nihon ni eikō o! | Hail His Divine Majesty the Emperor, Glory to Japan!"

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OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Works and Afforestation

A law promulgated in 1981 requires that every school student over the age of 11 plants at least one tree per year. As a result, the Zhen has the highest afforestation rate of any country or region in the world, with 47,000 square kilometres of afforestation in 2008. However, the forest area per capita is still far lower than the international average.

The massive amounts of unused land in the West can be easily capitalised upon as a prime front for afforestation. Being one of the largest afforestation projects in history, over 46,000 square kilometres of desert in the Tianshan Beidao will be afforested (Fig 1), in a bid to increase carbon capture as a climate mitigation strategy.

$5 billion USD will be invested into this effort, wherein over 20 billion succulent plants will be planted in the areas to afforest it. At least 40,000 criminals who are sentenced with "Penal Service" will be employed as part of local community service initiatives. Plants used include the Agave lechuguilla, various Opuntia species, the Ericameria nauseosa, and Artemisia tridentata. The Zhen government has agreed to import said plants from The Confederate-State.

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Board of Justice - Secret Protocol to Japan


The Board of Justice proposes a criminal exchange between the Yakuza members and the Triad members, for extradition and trial.

Taoiseach Ni Lionsigh reminded the public today not to venture outside to vote in June 2020. She reminded the public that the election will be held online for the very first time at the following link; She has told the public they will have two tabs on the website to click on. The first one will bring them to the June 2020 election votes. Voters must type 1, 2, 3...etc., in the box beside their preferred Party in order of preference and must do the same when choosing the Clerk of the Dáil out of the list of candidates found below. The second one will bring them to the 1 June 2020 Referendum vote where they type an X beside Yes or No, depending on what they decide to vote. She reminded the public the Referendum is on whether or not to leave the European Union. She also announced that a further 134,371 people had recovered from Covid-19, a further 62,298 people had died and 11,260 cases remain active.


            Communists Strike
            China Airlines flight 1080 bursts into flames in an alleged terrorist attack
            May 29th

When China Airlines Flight 1084 took off from Taoyuan International Airport, the 174 people on board didn't expect this flight to be their last.

The Boeing 737-800 took off from the national capital at 8am this morning en route to Manila. Forty minutes into the flight, as the plane was about to leave Chinese airspace, Huang De and Wang Zedong (both 20) made their way to the cockpit. The two men entered the cockpit, before holding the pilot and co-pilot hostage. The men demanded that they be flown to Kaohsiung, which the pilots obeyed.

The pilot and co pilot, Hsu Yan-ting and Lin Chia-ming were praised for being so calm in their final hours, deciding not to alert the flight to any suspicious activity, and complying with the terrorists requests while calling for help. Some of the last words on the black box recorder came from Lin, who alerted the cabin that they "may not make it to Manila today."

The aircraft landed safely, and got to the gate, without any hassle. While the terrorists originally planned on letting everyone off the plane before keeping the crew as hostage, Wang's observation of a police car outside the plane changed his mind. Hsu's comment that "everything was going to turn out alright" to Lin was the last comment on the black box recorder, before two gunshots are heard. Huang and Wang left the cockpit to get their bags, and walked to the front of the plane. Huang went to the intercom, where he spoke six short words; "I will blow this plane up."

It is understood that explosives were smuggled into the plane by a baggage handler working with the two men. The plane quickly burst into flames, killing everyone inside. Firefighters spent 3 hours trying to put out the intense flames, and all 174 on board died. The two men are known to police, having ties to the Chinese Communist Party and communist street gang 'Chinese Chekas.' It is unknown what the motive of the attack was, but it has been suspected to have been politically motivated.

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The fifth french state

      France 24 - English Edition

    29th, May 2020

        French Naval Presence in Haiti

        President Emmanuel Macron landed in Guatemala City yesterday where he met with the Central American President Nayib Bukele. The meeting consisted of trade and military cooperation. During a press conference between the two, both leaders have agreed to promote maritime security by giving the French Navy access to the Base Navale Amiral Killick Marine Haïtienne in Haiti. Both leaders are determined to secure maritime security in the Caribbean as both France and Central America hold claims within the region. Macron also announced that the government plans to pour a 2.4 billion euro investment into the already existing base in order to increase its security and other things.

Le Potentiel
Congolese Lies

President Tshisekedi spends millions on revitalizing the countries capital while thousands suffer under her reign. She has shown the world that the Congo is a stabilizing place, but it is just as corrupt as ever.

At least 40 people were killed in the northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo in the latest grisly attack on civilians in the mountainous jungles near the Ugandan border.

Fighters from the Allied Democratic Forces group, which was driven out of Uganda in the late 1990s, attacked Samboko village, about 100km (60 miles) southwest of the city of Bunia.

A day after killing at least 17 in the nearby village of Makutano, ADF members killed at least 40 people with machetes and looted food and valuables early on Tuesday.

More than 400 people have been killed in attacks attributed to the ADF since the army began an offensive to oust the group from its bases last year, according to the Kivu Security Tracker.

Following two months of relative silence, the area has seen a rise in deadly attacks in the last three weeks.
The ADF has pledged allegiance to the armed group ISIS, but researchers say there is no evidence of close collaboration. ISIS has also endorsed some ADF attacks.

About 200,000 people have fled their homes in Ituri province, where the two villages are located, in the past two months because of the widespread violence by a variety of armed groups. The attacks have also hampered efforts to stamp out an Ebola epidemic.
More than 700 people have been killed in Ituri since late 2017, a United Nations report said in January, adding that some of the deaths might constitute a "crime against humanity".

Last month, 22 people from the Hema community were killed in attacks in the village of Koli in Ituri province, which were blamed on the Cooperative for the Development of Congo, an armed political-religious sect drawn from the Lendu ethnic group.

Conflict between the Lendu, mainly farmers, and the Hema, herders and traders, has a long history in the gold and oil-rich region.

Researchers and rights groups say some Congolese soldiers have also participated in massacres since 2014 for a variety of motives, often related to competition for power in resource-rich lawless zones dominated by dozens of armed groups.

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