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RTNC - Radio-Télévision Nationale Congolaise
Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

Ebola cases in western Congo have risen to 60 with funerals a particular concern for the spread of the disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday.

WHO emergencies expert Mike Ryan said another three cases were detected at the weekend, making a total of 56 confirmed and four probable infections in an outbreak announced last month in Congo’s Kundu state.

"The disease is active, not controlled," Ryan told a virtual briefing from the UN agency's headquarters in Geneva, noting burial practices as a worry.

The outbreak is Congo’s 11th since Ebola was identified in 1976.

Kundu state includes part of the River Congo, a large geographical area where communities are linked across, and people travel long distances.

It is spreading from Mbandaka's urban centre to surrounding remote villages in forests along the Congo River, some of which can only be accessed by canoe or all-terrain vehicles.

A separate outbreak of Ebola in Boa-Mba and Lega states of eastern Congo was declared over last month. That epidemic, the second-largest on record, saw 3,463 confirmed and probable cases and 2,277 deaths over two years.

Health Minister Eteni Longondo called "the longest, most complex and deadliest" outbreak in the country's history.

The two epidemics have no common viral strain, according to the WHO.

The virus is passed on by contact with the blood, body fluids, secretions or organs of an infected or recently deceased person. The death rate is typically high, ranging up to 90 percent in some outbreaks.

The Congo is facing a measles outbreak that has killed more than 6,000 people since early last year, as well as recurring flare-ups of cholera and malaria. It is also struggling with the new coronavirus, with 8,249 cases including 193 fatalities.

WHO officials worry that because of these competing health crises, there could be a lack of funding for the Ebola epidemic.

20:00 - Belgrade


On the press conference this afternoon, Prime Minister Balša Božović has announced major energetic infrastructure project - building of the Iron Gate III Hydroelectric Power Station. Iron Gate I and II are power stations located on Danube river, having been built in cooperation with Romania, with one end on the Serbian and other on the Romanian side of the Danube. Iron Gate III should, according to Prime Minister's words, be completely in service of Serbian energetic needs and interests. It is a project that has been planned for a long time, but now for a first time state official has set a date - Prime Minister promised it will be completed before the end of the 2022.

It is still not known what company will be employed on the tough task of building entire power station on the Danube in little more than 2 years, but it has been speculated within the government circles that there is high interest among the international companies wanting to take project for themselves. Prime Minister also confirmed that he doesn't exclude option of asking the EU for financial aid over project, which Serbia has a right to request as a regular member, and he also told the press that the government has already entered strategic talks with partner from abroad about terms of realizing the project, which is a matter on which public will be informed if the contract is to be made.

Pars News Agency - Trabzon

Afsharid Investment Fund purchases Turkish football club Trabzonspor

Following His Imperial Majesty Ardeshir Shah's visit to The Turkish-State for the Istanbul Olympics, it was announced that the Afsharid Investment Fund (AIF), had finalized a deal in Trabzon to purchase the local football team Trabzonspor, which finished the current Turkish Super Lig season at 3rd in the overall standings. The Shah, who heads the Afsharid Investment Fund, was pictured with club officials today at Trabzon holding a jersey with his name on the back.

The move comes as a surprise to many. When it comes to football club ownership, Afsharid Persia currently lags behind many of its rivals in the Persian Gulf. Over the past two decades, Arab billionaires have purchased European football clubs such as Hull City, Malaga, and others. By far the most significant acquisitions have been Paris St. Germain (PSG), bought by Trucial qatari royalty in 2011, and Manchester City, owned by the United Arabian Emirati Sheikh Mansour since September 2008. With many of Europe’s biggest clubs being owned by foreign states, the stage is set for Afsharid Persia to join in.

Though Trabzonspor may pale in comparison to the clubs owned by other states south of the Persian Gulf, the move could be seen as one of caution by the AIF, who seem to be testing the waters first before they jump right in, especially in a friendly and familiar environment such as Turkey. If the purchase proves profitable, we may see more prominent acquisitions in the near future.

Following the purchase, His Imperial Majesty took to Twitter to give a welcoming message to the fans of his new team:

"I am pleased to be a part of the Trabzonspor family, and am happy to announce our new partnership. The fans of Trabzonspor are one of the best fan bases in Turkey, and they have waited far too long for a title win. I will try my best to ensure that the club reaches its rightful place among the Turkish club giants. I have some big plans coming up with big news in the near future which I'm sure will delight the fans of this wonderful club," said the Shah on his personal Twitter account.

The exact details of the purchase have not yet been disclosed, but it would appear that the Afsharid Invest Fund has fully purchased the club and owns 100% of the stakes.

Thursday, July 20th, 2020


Pars News Agency - Tehran

Tehran prepares for the arrival of Afghan and Tajik leaders

Prime Minister Arash Damavandi has announced that he will be meeting with the leaders of Tajik-stan and Islamic State of Afghanistan in Tehran later this week. The announcement comes after news of the Prime Minister having a phone call with Tajik Supreme Leader Tahmaseb Abdulayev.

Many have said this visit comes to no surprise, as closer relations with Afghanistan and Tajikistan were to be expected with Prime Minister Damavandi's election victory, who ran as a member of the Pan-Iranist Party. The new shift to closer relations with the two countries had been witnessed prior to this announcement as well, especially in regards to the aggressive Persian backing of Afghanistan in their dispute with The pakistan state.

The leaders are set to arrive sometime next week after the end of Eid al-Adha celebrations in all three countries.

Friday, July 31st, 2020

Malacañang, to realign 'pork insertions'

The Priority Development Assistance Fund Fraud, a political fiasco that incriminated many members of the Maharlika Congress for misappropriating PDAF discretionary funds through businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles, and one of the biggest shocks to the nation's democratic foundation, revealed the unconstitutionality of the many subsidizing ventures that the nation fostered. Subsequent officials which presided over the dissolution of the Priority Development Assistance Fund, learning from the miscalculations which lead to the syphoning of the valuable funds, promised and initiated new provisions to bolster the integrity of the reformed budgets.

Despite the measures put in place by these officials to counteract corruption, the pork barrel system persisted in the form of 'pork insertions,' the last-minute modifications made by politicans to the annual budget for localized projects. Pork insertions, although less profitable than the previous PDAF system, are a more efficient counterpart, provided that supplementing layers of bureaucracy to conceal these insertions are included. In the nation's P4.1 trillion budget itself, P83.219 billion is suspectible to misuse, as per the investigations of the Department of Budget and Management. Should these funds be successfully syphoned off, they become ghost projects, plans which have little progress or may have not even made past the blueprint. Left unchecked, these ghost projects can accumulate the losses of the government.

Through the scrutinization commenced by Senator Panfilo Lacson's anti-corruption body, the government has uncovered more than 742 projects with fraudulent and forged permits. Consultation with the nation's legal experts recommended that these 'pork insertions' to be realigned under the supervision of the Malacañang, and eventually reallocated for public utilization, to accompany this effort will be several undisclosed citizen watchdog organizations.

The government expects to recoup at least P50 billion worth of 'pork insertions' from the initial effort. If successful, the resources may be reallocated to projects showing concrete progress, specifically, the rehabilitation of the capital of Manila.

ZAFTA News Agency / Wikalat 'Anba' ZAFTA

Gregorian: 1st August 2020
Hijri: 11 Dhu al-Hijjah 1441

    Balochi Separatists Attack Stock Exchange in Karachi
    By Zurib Sajjadi

    KARACHI, ZAQURISTAN --- A group of armed men have stormed the stock exchange located in Karachi on Friday. The attack claimed the lives of at least four guards of the facility, one policeman, and one civilian inside. All four attackers succumbed to their wounds after the facility guards returned fire. This is the only attack so far this year to take place in the city.

    The attackers arrived on the scene with a pickup truck and started by throwing a hand grenade inside the building, before opening fire with automatic rifles. All four of them were heavily armed, but the local security forces managed to thwart the attack before the situation got out of hand.

    The Balochi Liberation Army, a group on the terror lists of the -United-States of America-, The United Kingdom of Lyonhall, and The Imperial State of Afsharid Persia, has claimed responsibility for the attack. It is the largest one of the many Balochi terrorist groups trying to carve out their own statelet in the southwestern province of Baluchistan. In addition, they are also active across the border in the province of Sistan and Baluchistan in Afsharid Persia.

    The insurgency has been ongoing since the 70s on some form or the other. Violence and attacks have been less successful and frequent after the Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force of the Zaquri Ministry of Interior, was introduced into the province to fight militant groups. The use of drones has also attributed to the diminishing presence of the terrorist groups.

BBC News

Johnson ministry reshuffle incites controversy as 'far-right' figures are appointed to high-level positions

Multiple left-wing politicians, activists and news sites criticized Prime Minister Boris Johnson following a surprise cabinet reshuffle that left analysts and reporters perplexed. The most prominent changes were to two Great Offices of State, including the Foreign Office and the Home Office, two of the most important ministerial positions within the government. Mr. Dominic Raab and Mrs. Priti Patel were sacked from their positions on Tuesday and then re-appointed to other positions. Mr. Raab, who had been serving as Foreign Secretary since 2017 was appointed as Leader of the House of Commons, while Mrs. Priti Patel was sacked from the cabinet altogether. In their stead, the Prime Minister appointed Mr. Jacob Rees-Mogg as the new Foreign Secretary and Mr. Nigel Farage as Home Secretary. Both politicians are well known for their conservative views and may signal a turn toward a more conservative government in the UK.

Reactions from the Opposition were near immediate, with Labour Leader Keir Starmer reacting to the appointments during an interview with Good Morning Britain. In it he criticized the Prime Minister, stating that having such controversial figures in important positions was "harmful" and painted a "worrying picture" for the future of the UK.

"I don't think Mr. Farage and Mr. Rees-Mogg will bring anything positive to the table. Our Prime Minister has already worked to alienate a large portion of the electorate through his actions in Scotland and now he seeks to turn Government policy to the far-right." Mr. Starmer said, adding that Mr. Johnson was "perhaps attempting to draw votes from a minority of British voters who do not support the right-wing policies of neither Mr. Farage or Mr. Rees-Mogg."
Starmer finished the interview by saying that while he supported the NHS reforms and would certainly vote for economic reform, he "will never compromise his left-wing ideals or those of the Labour Party."

British Virgin Islands requests over £3.5 billion to fund massive upgrades to electrical grid

Premier Andrew Fahie of the British Virgin Islands requested over £3 billion in funding during a press conference following the passage of tropical cyclone Isaac. The Premier, who visited many towns and villages across the archipelago as the storm moved onwards past Puerto Rico, described the current situation as "serious". Most of the archipelago was affected by mass flooding, including the capital city of Road Town. Some 5,000 people were displaced from their homes, authorities on the islands reported, and some 1,200 permanently lost their houses. Furthermore, the archipelago's electrical grid collapsed completely after three vital towers connecting most towns and even the capital to the grid collapse. Preliminary evaluation of the fallen towers revealed that the structures were unstable and badly maintained.

Following the revelations, Mr. Fahie held a press conference and pledged that the electrical grid "would be upgraded and fixed" over the next few weeks. However, he warned that the islands could face a blackout for over a month until the towers can be raised again and the grid reconnected.
"Bringing back electricity to the British Virgin Islands has become my government's priority." He told the press. "Right now, that is the most important thing."
After the conference, Mr. Fahie issued a statement asking London for assistance. In a written letter made public shortly after being sent, the Premier asked Tariq Ahmad, the UK Government's assigned minister to the territory for financial assistance. Mr. Fahie emphasized the need for a "prompt response" and estimated that full recovery for the islands would necessitate at least "£3.5 billion", especially where "restoring the electrical grid is concerned."

At the request of the Premier, the British Armed Forces in the islands have been deployed to assist in relief efforts. Jamaica and Monsterrat have also sent volunteers and military personnel to assist in recovery. Despite the efforts, the Premier has faced criticism from members of the political opposition. Mr. Myron Walwyn, the Leader of the National Democratic Party of the British Virgin Islands condemned the Premier for "his lack of initiative in the response." He also railed against the government's general lack of preparedness and the state of the electrical grid which he called "unacceptable" and "simply appalling."

People's Shield Phase Two | Tai People's Liberation Army Armoured Forces 2021

Khon Kaen has inked a major military arms deal with Moscow, days after Siam finalized their own second phase of their rearmament plan with the United States. This particular purchase is believed to be part of the TPLA's long-term modernization plans, dubbed People's Shield 2030 by the Siamese press and observers of the Thai States, of which little has been revealed. The $1.85 billion dollar deal will be split between 2020 and 2021 and paid entirely in Eurasian rubles, according to the Channel 47, the nation's premier state media agency, and will involve the delivery of 600 T-90S and 140 additional T-90MS tanks. The switch to a more advanced model follows leaks from TPLA headquarters regarding the 'adequate, but not outstanding' performance of the batch of 100 second-hand T-72B3Ms purchased earlier in 2019, now assigned to units on the Cambodian frontier, largely regarded by many as a second-line posting. In total, the plan will add 740 tanks to the TPLA's existing 496 tanks, which have all been acquired via purchases and aid programs in 2020 and 2019, bringing the TPLA's armoured force up to 1,236, five times that of the currently planned fleet size of the Royal Siamese Army of 200, consisting M1A1s and A2s. Also stated within Channel 47's broadcast on the matter was Khon Kaen's intent to utilize the thousand-strong tank force, almost completely modern and one of the largest in the region, to support defensive efforts of Pattaya Alliance members within the same region from external threat along with the other arms of the TPLA. A separate deal for a hundred ex-Eurasian Army Msta SPGs worth $200 million, also paid in Rubles, was confirmed a few hours later. A spokesman for the TPLA questioned by Bangkok Post confirmed talks were also underway to acquire additional bridge-laying, recovery and ammunition vehicles to support the Russian armour.

The TPLA's rapidly growing capabilities are seen as a clear threat to Bangkok, which is struggling to modernize the Siamese military to an appropriate degree to counter the overwhelming superiority of the People's Army, current efforts severely mired by expensive prices of cutting-edge western equipment, a smaller and older population base, as well as significantly higher standards of recruitment and pay. Further issues are also plaguing the Siamese on the diplomatic front, with the current hiatus on military exchanges with Japan following the latter's acension to the Pattaya Alliance and sales of warships to China as well as the 'tightening of the noose' around Siam, with neighbouring South East Asian powers joining the aforementioned Alliance. A response is not expected from Siam within the week, however, as the bureaucracy and politicians busy themselves with the General Elections.

The Great Expanses

‎August 1st 2020

Meral Akşener: 'Rahat ve huzur içinde yat, bir kardeş vatan topraklarında şehit oldun.'


Can Bartu (FB) and Metin Oktay (GS) before 1969 edition of Intercontinental Derby / TRT Sport

The history of the Intercontinental Derby

FOOTBALL– In just 24 hours the two pillars of Turkish football will do battle as Fenerbahçe S.K. prepare to host reigning UEFA Champions Galatasaray S.K. at Kadıköy. The feud between these two teams predates most countries on the planet, include the Turkish Republic, with 111 years of rivalry between the clubs. Both teams divided by the Bosphorus, both symbolizing the very different nature of both continents. The identity of the two clubs is drenched in a century of tradition, both built on centuries of customs and culture before it. This year this rivalry will be the opener to the Süper Lig, come as we take a look at not the rivalry but what each club means to its supporters, and its history.

Fenerbahçe despite officially being founded in 1907, the team was originally founded as 'Black Stockings FC' but it was shutdown by the monarchy due to the government not wanting Turks playing the 'Englishman sport'. The team was reformed as the Kadıköy S.K. the next year, before also being shut down. But in 1907, with the monarchy's grip on power weakening, the team was reform as a vehicle for Turks living in Kadıköy to play to game that the English had been playing for so long. The team would enter the Istanbul League in 1909, going onto win the most championships in the leagues history with 16. The club since its founding has represented the middle class society of Istanbul. Especially as the the clubs struggles against the Ottoman government closely mirroring that of the Turkish middle class in Istanbul at the time, later being a voice for the middle class of the Asian side of Istanbul to show itself against its much richer European side. Today Fenerbahçe have the second most League wins after Galatasaray with 16 total victories in the Süper Lig. Despite having a few troubling years during the Ali Koç
management, which almost saw the team relegated for the first time in its history, the Fenerbahçe was most recently sold to the Sloan Group, and is now looking to make a comeback. And many in Fenerbahçe have argued that their is no better way to do that then by repeating what happened in 2002 when they defeated Galatasaray 6-0.

On the other side of Istanbul the story for Galatasaray was much different, founded in the elite Lycée de Galatasaray / Mekteb-i Sulṭānī (Galatasaray High School / the Imperial High School) by Ali Sami Yen and his classmates. But unlike other Turkish teams being founded in the Ottoman Empire at the time, instead of being shutdown, it was described the Team of Sultans. Just as the school had been the symbol of Turkish excellence, the clubs DNA was forged with that. The founder Ali Sami Yen's famous quote that described not just the founding of the club, the the clubs identity to this day.

'Our aim is to play collectively like the English to have a color and a name and to beat non-Turkish teams.'

This prestigious beginning to the club has seen it be described as 'the club of the elite' by many, which it is still described as today by many, even those within Galatasaray. Which has been true not just off the pitch, but on the pitch as well. Since the 50s Galatasaray has been Turkey's most successful team on the international stage, going onto win its first major European trophy in 2000 with the Europa League. Followed by that years Super Cup. From that point forward, Galatasaray has been commonplace on the European stage, competing in the Europa League and Champions League almost every year since then. In 2020 Galatasaray became the first Turkish team to win the UEFA Champions League, and win the Super Cup as the UEFA Champions that year. Though this has made Galatasaray a symbol of capitalism and greed in the eyes of many Turks as well, even the TKP (Turkish Communist Party) in the 2017 election promising to 'breakup' Galatasaray if they were elected into power.

For many on both sides of this rivalry, their club represents a lifestyle, and a society they know in Istanbul. And with each clash of these arch rivals being as unpredictable as the last, we look forward to seeing how this rivalry will continue to shape up this year.

İstanbul 2020 comes to an end

TRT Sports

SPORTS – Following the mutli week epic that saw the nations of the world competing on the highest level, representing their nations against all. From the countless stories told at the Olympics, the XXXII Olympiad has been described as a massive success. The closing ceremony, like the opening ceremony, was a massive show.

After the world had been thanked for coming, not just by the Turkish Olympic delegation, but by the Olympic governing body itself. The XXXII Olympiad was finally declared over, with the hosts for the 2024 games putting on a small show afterward. Like each year, the games finally closed with a massive fireworks display that covered the skyline of Istanbul. Large celebrations and parties have broken out across the city, with both locals and tourists celebrating the last few days of this vacation.

The United States came in first with 45 gold medals, 38 silver medals, and 40 bronze medals. The United Kingdom came in second with 23 gold, 25 silver, and 22 bronze medals. And China came in third with 22 gold, 16 silver, and 28 bronze medals. The top five was rounded off by Germany and Russia respectively.

The rest of the top 20 include the following nations (in no particular order):

Japan, France,

Korea (South), Kenya,

Italy, Australia,

Brazil, Spain,

Iran, Turkey,

Central America,

Netherlands, Uzbekistan,

Kazakhstan, and Canada.

Turkish Airlines also announced it would be expanding flights to include new destinations in China, the United States, and Australia, and many more. (I honestly forgot to post this thing and I dont think i ever will get around to making detailed thing on it)

Read dispatch

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of War - Classified

The Board of War has shot down a MC-130H Combat Talon II belonging to the United States Air Force Special Operations Command, which was suspected to be a foiled recovery attempt for the captured CIA SAC asset from this week.

On August 1, the MC-130H had taken off from Chiang Rai International Airport in Siam. At about 9:15 am ZST, it was heading towards the Zhen mainland, and crossed into TSPR airspace at 9:28 am ZST. 2 J-11 air superiority fighters were dispatched from an airbase, with the aim of intercepting the MC-130H. 3 other J-10B fighters were also readied as backup. Initially, the lead J-11 made two close passes to the MC-130H, revealing its belly of armaments, before hailing the aircraft and instructing it to land. After a failure to respond, the J-11 fired its 30mm cannon at the nose of the aircraft.

The MC-130H's radome detached completely and damage to the aircraft nose was registered. The J-11 instructed the aircraft to make an emergency landing near a nearby airfield, but the crew refused to answer. The J-11 subsequently fired a PL-12 missile, destroying its entire left wing, forcing the aircraft downwards. Airspeed and altitude data were lost, and the aircraft depressurized.

The impact sent the MC-130H down towards the ground. It dropped 8,400m in 30 seconds before it was struck by a second missile - a PL-9 fired from the second J-11 fighter. The aircraft plummeted to the ground and crashed. All hands on deck were presumed to be lost.

At the same time, this act coincided with the escape of the CIA operative from his hotel room, where he had been held for preliminary detention. The CIA operative was chased down near Dawan City, but had utilized firearms to attack BOJ officials, resulting in 1 dead and 3 injured. The operative subsequently escaped to the countryside, and a manhunt was organized, involving over 5,000 men. At this point, the aircraft had been registered on various military radars in the area, and it was presumed that the aircraft was meant to recover the CIA operative. The CIA operative was subsequently recovered, but had committed breathn't prior to capture.

The MC-130H Combat Talon II features a stronger airframe, modifications to the rear and aft cargo doors, upgraded electronics, GPS navigation, special radars for navigating in adverse weather, and night vision capabilities. These new technologies allow the Combat Talon II to serve as a platform for a variety of mission profiles, such as personnel airdrop to covert and clandestine objectives. However, its MC-130H’s high weight, low speed, and low fuel capacity heavily limited its range to 5,000 kilometres only. This was assessed as part of the reason why the aircraft was so easily shot down - its limited range meant that any attempts at recovering American assets in Zhen soil would rely on external refuelling, in which the aircraft would be extremely vulnerable, or rely on airfields in Siam, Korea, and Japan - all of which would place the aircraft on the Zhen's radar (both figuratively and literally). The choice to utilize Siam as a launching pad made the aircraft easier to identify and target, due to the number of targeting apparatus and sensors in the proximity.

The Board of War will release a formal statement to the public soon.

-United-States of America-

            Queensland's Results are In
            NRP win by a narrow majority as KAP win a record number of seats
            August 2nd

With the KAP winning all contested seats (minus Nicklin and Noosa), the party has recognised it's greatest success since the party's foundation in 2011. One Nation skyrocketed from 4 seats to 15, also the party's greatest success since it's foundation since 1997. The two minor parties have both seen their greatest successes, while the Democratic Socialists have seen one of their worst failures in Queensland. The DSP lost all their seats in North/Central Queensland except Mackay, and dropped from 48 seats at the start of the year to 24 after this election. ABC Brisbane State Political Reporter Melinda Howells called the result 'the rise of the minor parties' but an 'absolute slaughter and humiliation' of the former government. In fact, the Democrats and the Greens (who lost their only seat in Maiwar) where the only parties to not win any new states; All 24 of the Democrat's current seats were won in the previous (2017) election. Both One Nation and Katter's Australian Party did not loose any seats. Sandy Bolton, who left her position as an indepedent to join the KAP this election, lost her seat to Eve-Marie Whiteside of One Nation. As a result, there are no independents in the Legislative Assembly. While the Republicans won with a minority government (A party would need 48 seats to hold the majority, the NRP only has 45), it may be noted that One Nation and Katter's Australian Party are both centre-right/right parties. This also means Queensland has it's most conservative Legislative Assembly since the days of Joh Bjelke-Petersen in the late 1980s. The results of the election are as below;


Seats: 45 (lost 4)
Gained: Cairns, Burdekin, Townsville, Mundingburra, Bundaberg, Gregory, Hervey Bay, Callide, Condamine, Toowoomba South, Southern Downs, Warrego, Clayfield, Ferny Grove, Redcliffe, Pumicestone, Aspley, Everton, South Brisbane, Maiwar, McConnel, Moggill, Chatsworth, Miller, Kawana, Nicklin, Caloundra, Maroochydore, Ninderry, Glass House, Nanago, Gympie, Bonney, Currumbin, Southport, Broadwater, Surfer's Paradise, Burleigh, Mudgeeraba, Coomera, Mermaid's Beach, Oodgeroo, Lockyer, Woodridge, Scenic Rim
Lost: Whitsunday, Burnett, Buderim, Theodore


Seats: 24 (lost 22)
Won: Mackay, Bancroft, Murrumba, Cooper, Nudgee, Kurwongbah, Pine Rivers, Sandgate, Stafford, Lytton, Inala, Greenslopes, Toohey, Stretton, Algester, Bulima, Mount Ommaney, Gaven, Redlands, Capalaba, Jordan, Macalister, Springwood, Waterford,
Lost: Barron River, Mulgrave, Cairns, Thuringowa, Mundingburra, Maryborough, Keppal, Gladstone, Ferny Grove, Morayfield, Redcliffe, Aspley, South Brisbane, Mansfield, McConnel, Miller, Ipswich, Bundamba, Ipswich West, Logan, Woodridge


Seats: 15
Won: Mulgrave, Thuringowa, Maryborough, Mirani, Keppal, Gladstone, Morayfield, Mansfield, Buderim, Noosa, Theodore, Ipswich, Bundamba, Ipswich West, Logan
Lost: N/A


Seats: 11
Won: Cook, Hill, Traeger, Hinchinbrook, Burnett, Whitsunday, Albert, Toowoomba North, Barron River, Rockhampton, and Condamine
Lost: N/A


Seats: 0 (lost 1)
Won: N/A
Lost: Maiwar

Changed Seats (lost - won)

Aspley (DSP - NRP)
Barron River (DSP - KAP)
Buderim (NRP - PHON)
Bundamba (DSP - PHON)
Burnett (NRP - KAP)
Cairns (DSP - NRP)
Ferny Grove (DSP - NRP)
Gladstone (DSP - PHON)
Ipswich (DSP - PHON)
Ipswich West (DSP - PHON)
Keppal (DSP - PHON)
Noosa (IND - PHON)
Logan (DSP - PHON)
Maiwar (GRN - NRP)
Mansfield (DSP - PHON)
Maryborough (DSP - PHON)
McConnel (DSP - NRP)
Miller (DSP - NRP)
Morayfield (DSP - PHON)
Mundingburra (DSP - NRP)
Redfield (DSP - NRP)
Rockhampton (DSP - KAP)
South Brisbane (DSP - NRP)
Toowoomba North (NRP - KAP)
Theodore (NRP - PHON)
Thuringowa (DSP - PHON)
Townsville (DSP - NRP)
Whitsunday (NRP - KAP)
Woodridge (DSP - NRP)

    France 24 English Edition

    2nd August, 2020

      France, Germany sign contract to develop fighter jet prototype

    |PARIS - France and Germany signed a 150 million euro ($161.84 million) deal today to develop a prototype of the next generation fighter jet, a project seen as vital for Europe to defend itself without relying on allies in an increasingly uncertain world. Dassault Aviation <AVMD,PA> and Airbus will build the aircraft, which is expected to be operational from 2040 with a view to replacing Dassault’s Rafale and Germany’s Eurofighter warplanes over time. “This is a very ambitious project between France and Germany” Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly told reporters after a signing ceremony with his counterparts from the other two countries. “It will enable our nations to face the threats and challenges in the second half of the 21st century ... and illustrates our will and ambition for a European defense.” The National Assembly approved financing for the project last week . The new Future Combat Air System’s (SCAF) contract includes the initial research and technology for the prototype aircraft, the engine, drones to accompany the warplane and an air combat cloud.The prototype will see a total investment of about 4 billion euros before it is completed in 2026. Production of the jet is due to begin in 2040. Dassault and Airbus will build the fighter jet. Safranand MTU Aero Engines will develop the engine. Airbus and MBDA will work on the drones. Airbus and Thales SA are in charge of the digital aspects.

        The World's Largest Fusion Reactor Finally Begins Assembly

    |PROVENCE - The truly massive International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) has entered its years-long assembly phase. The fusion reactor has millions of individual parts that will eventually form the world's largest tokamak, a plasma reactor where extremely hot, charged plasma creates the conditions necessary for atoms to fuse and release considerable amounts of energy. While ITER is one of a handful of very costly “miniature suns” in development around the world, it’s arguably the bellwether for self-sustaining fusion, given the seven countries that share its high cost and are invested in its success.Before this week’s landmark, ITER partners and contractors around the world have already spent years ramping up to assembly, from beginning to make the millions of parts to assembling and installing the reactor’s base earlier this year. Many components must be manufactured and partially assembled in their home countries before being carefully transported and finalized at the ITER facility. The “assembly phase” landmark is, therefore, more like a “groundbreaking” ceremony—ITER has had huge plans in the works for decades, and it’s finally about to start coming together in physical form. Everything for ITER has been custom-built, including the building where it will sit in Provence, France and the road that leads there from the nearest body of water. After 35 years of brainstorming, planning, and preproduction, ITER says assembly will take five years, starting now.

    It’s a big step on the path toward 2025, when ITER says all the core parts of the reactor will be installed, fully integrated, and ready to produce its first plasma. That November—to mark the 40th anniversary of Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev’s historic U.S.-Soviet Geneva summit—the reactor will begin a monthlong process of heating up to 150 million degrees Celsius, with a trio of heating elements pulling a combined 50MW of power, enough for about 10,000 homes. That will bring the plasma to a temperature 10 times greater than the sun’s in the doughnut-shaped reactor to generate as much as 500MW of energy for brief bursts. This will take place inside a cryostat, which is the chamber that will hold the entire reactor. It’s fitted onto the base that’s there now, and its job is to bring the components inside down to an extremely cold temperature and keep them there. The plasma donut swirling inside the reactor is contained in a “touchless” way by a magnetic field, but everything around it must be temperature shielded and cooled to ensure smooth and safe operation. That includes the structural magnets, which are held at cryogenically cold temperatures—just a few degrees above absolute zero. Like a traditional nuclear fission plant, the reactor is cooled by water, but it’s also full of constantly replenished thermal shields and redundant cooling materials to continue to transfer heat out at all times. That all might sound extraordinary, but the real science miracle of ITER is the plasma chamber.Inside the reactor, plasma is kept flowing by superconducting electromagnets made of encircling coils of wire. A solenoid—basically a giant cavatappi pasta coiled into a donut—is centered inside a vacuum chamber, and small correctors and add-ons made from superconductors help to ensure the plasma flows within the donut shape without bursting out. (With tokamaks, the high energy cost to bring them up to temperature and plasma operation means that a “disruption,” or any event where the plasma leaks and potentially damages the shielding, is a big setback.) The member nations making parts for the 23,000-ton tokamak are planning and designing these parts as they go, including accommodating the even greater complexity of making such a big version of a high-risk reaction. They plan to switch ITER’s reactor on for the first time in December 2025, when the first plasma reaction will last just a few milliseconds to indicate that the fully integrated plant is ready for operation. After that, ITER will have several more years to fine tune and approach full plasma generation by its goal of 2030.

BBC News

Britain and Canada sign free trade deal and agree on northern arctic military cooperation during Prime Minister Boris Johnson's visit

The United Kingdom and Canada signed a historic free trade agreement on Friday during Prime Minister Boris Johnson's visit to Ottawa. The long-awaited visit, which is the first stop on the Prime Minister's so-called "Brexit Tour", yielded several agreements between the two historical allies. During the first day of the two-day visit, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at 24 Sussex Drive where the two spoke for over 3 hours on several issues. In the afternoon, the two leaders met again in a press conference to officialize the UK-Canada Free Trade Agreement in a signing ceremony. The agreement would see the reduction and eventual elimination on all trade tariffs of goods coming and going between Britain and Canada. It also provides for increased mutual investment.

On Saturday, Mr. Johnson visited the British Army Training Unit Suffied or BATUS which is housed in the UK's largest overseas base and military training field. There, the Prime Minister inspected the British Army personnel stationed there and was photographed dining with the troops. The Prime Minister commended the troops for their hard work during a brief speech in one of the armoured vehicle hangars on the base. In the afternoon, an armour brigade conducted a short combat demonstration which was witnessed by Prime Minister Johnson and members of his delegation.

In the evening, the Prime Minister returned to Ottawa where he once more met with his counterpart to speak primarily on security issues. Later on, the two held a joint press conference where Mr. Johnson announced the creation of a new joint base which would be operated by both the UK and Canadian militaries. The base, which would be located in the far north Canadian province of Nunavut, would be located near the signals station CFS Alert. The militaries of both nations will also carry out bi-yearly exercises in the region as part of an initiative to "increase combat preparedness in the northern polar regions" and "interoperability between the British Armed Forces and the Canadian Armed Forces."

After the British Prime Minister's visit concluded, he is scheduled to travel to Albury-Wodonga where he will be meeting with Australian President Scott Morrison.

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of War - Official Statement

The Board of War has recently received credible intelligence that an American MC-130H Combat Talon II aircraft was intercepted and shot down over Huay Xin, which was illegally operating within Tai airspace.

The aircraft originated from Chiang Rai International Airport in Seri Sayam (Siam), where it then flew towards the mainland Zhen. Military radars in the TSPR had identified the aircraft, and two J-11 jets were scrambled to intercept it. This act coincided with the escape of a previously detained CIA operative from his holding room, where he had been held for partaking in foreign electoral intervention. In the process of recovering the CIA operative, 1 was killed and 3 were injured. It is presumed that the MC-130H aircraft was meant to recover the CIA operative.

The aircraft failed to respond to any warnings, at which point the aircraft was shot down, claiming the lives of all 7 of its crewmen. The CIA operative was also killed.

The Zhen Board of War will staunchly defend Zhen and Allied territorial integrity and sovereignty against foreign insurrectionists and covert influences. We officially warn the international community to refrain from such attempts to undermine the Pattaya Alliance's stability.

-United-States of America-
Seri Sayam

Trucial qatar


The Amirah has approved 1.8 million rials (approx. $494,000 USD) of humanitarian aid for immediate transfer to the Bureau of Congolese Health and Welfare in response to the sudden spike in cases of Ebola being recorded in The Congo Confederation. The funds are directed to be used for construction of treatment facilities, as well as on infection tracking and sanitation.

At the current rate of infection, the outbreak has major epidemic potential. The injection of aid money is aimed at helping Congolese authorities to stem the spread of Ebola virus in central Africa before it can develop into a nationwide crisis. However, it may not be enough on its own. Qatar has made public calls for other nations to contribute to efforts to combat the outbreak.

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of Revenues

The Board of Revenues will be collaborating with various tech companies across the country as it aims to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into the State's banking system.

Part of the plan is to use the power of Big Data and AI to transform the way banks manage the risk of lending to small to medium sized business enterprises, as well as enable lenders and creditors to better monitor how those loans are actually used. The Bank of the Board of Revenues, the Zhen's central bank, will be rolling out pilot AI technology to automate and accelerate how operational performances for borrowers is tracked, as well as helping borrowers spot potential problems earlier. The integration of these technologies can also be used to ensure that loans actually support businesses and livelihoods, instead of having the money be funnelled to real estate or financial market speculation by borrowers.

The Board of Revenues has also authorized financial technology (fintech) companies to distribute relief funds to small to medium-sized business enterprises, as the government aims to ensure that critical financial aid gets to the small firms. Currently, such small firms comprise up to 90% of all the nation's companies - ensuring that such businesses receive support will absolutely be critical to economic recovery. Previously, the Zhen government had released $16 billion USD of funds to provide money for threatened workers in the services industry, and $5 billion USD in subsidies were handed out to small businesses across the Zhen. In addition, the Board of Revenues has announced a 1-year long tax cut for all corporate businesses registering less than $50,000 ZGD in revenues per month, while a $2.8 trillion ZGD cash handout was offered to every Zhen citizen. An additional $1 trillion ZGD was released to help support companies, with the total amount of stimulus estimated to be over $4 trillion USD. Additional stimulus measures released in May (OOC: based on IRL) is expected to help keep the economy afloat.

The scale of fintech companies’ networks allows them to reach the small and micro businesses that may be ignored by banks, which are focused on loaning to larger borrowers. Said company's wealth of data, and strength in AI-driven risk management and user-friendly platforms, can also be useful due to their ability to process and deliver loans to the right recipients at speed.


August 3rd, 2020

President Meral Akşener: 'May our martyrs rest in peace.'


‎3 Ağustos 2020

Cumhurbaşkani Meral Akşener: 'Şehitlerimizin mekanı cennet olsun.'


Funeral for attack victim in İstanbul/ TRT Haber

Deadly terrorist attack leaves nearly 2,000 dead

TURKEY– Following the much anticipated clash between Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe at the Intercontinental Derby, in which Fenerbahçe defeated the reigning UEFA Champions 3-2, an explosion rocked Turkey to its core. Taking place approximately 15 minutes after the game ended, just as fans began leaving the stands. The explosion took place right outside Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium, with the first official count of death coming by the police department three hours later. At that time it stood at 1,306, and it has risen to 1,832 so far. With over 6,000 currently in critical condition, or even fighting death itself, the total death count is estimated to be anywhere from 2,100-3,800.

How this happened is still unknown, with suspects include a possible PKK successor group though unlikely. Others have suggested that this attack could have been carried out by Palestinian Nationalists over Turkey's relationship with Israel. Some have even suggested that [North Korea] could be behind the attack, due to Turkey's recent deployment of troops to Korea. As well as the military parade in Seoul that many in Pyongyang have considered a 'act of hostility'. Other suspects for the attack include the Egypt, the United States, some element from Sahuristan, or Russia. Though who is responsible has not yet, a lot of people have suggested that the explosion that happened outside İzmir an the attack in İstanbul are connected. (when a police officer confronted a van without licensee plates led to the van detonating itself. Killing the men inside, and the officer in the process.)

In the remains of the explosion in İzmir, the İzmir PD were able to track the vans license plate. Which was found in the wreckage of the van. The plate came back with the number 01, Adana. Just this the İzmir PD confirmed the following information of the two men behind the attack, both are 22, and of Sahuri origin. Both entered Turkey as refugees, and were granted access to leave the refugee zone a week ago. Other information has been withheld in interest of national security. The National Security Council has recently ruled that this decision to allow Sahuri Refugees outside of Refugee Zone will be reversed.

Today across İstanbul hundreds of funerals were held, with hundreds more planned throughout the week for those who passed on the attack. The ruling of the National Security Council has also led to a sharp increase of anti-refugee rhetoric on social media, even SHP Leader Muharrem İnce taking to social media with #SiktirSahuri (#F*ckOffSahuri). And blaming the Sahuri Refugees for the attack. Many have said that this sudden nationalistic polarization is why the National Security Council imposed a martial law, and a 72 hour nationwide curfew (excluding essential business, hospitals, and funeral service).

State of Emergency declared

Chief of the General Staff Hulusi Akar address the nation / Anadolu Agency

TURKEY – An hour after the attack, Chief of the General Staff Hulusi Akar addressed the nation on all channels through an emergency broadcast. The following is that broadcast in its entirety.

"O the Turkish Republic, we are in one of our darkest hours at this moment. But we will not surrender. The National Security Council, with the blessing of President Meral Akşener, has declared a State of Emergency. We will be acting swiftly to assure that stability and safety of the Turkish nation remains our utmost priority.

Everyone currently in Kadıköy and surrounding areas, please stay in doors. Stay safe. And open your doors to those who may need it right now. We will show these evil actors of terror that the Turks only kneel to [God] and the Eternal President himself. All law enforcement is working at this highest degree is at work, and we will bring the people behind this terror to justice.

Let us make one thing clear to our people, we will find who did this, we will hunt them down. We will kill them. This is an attack on the Turkish Republic, and an attack on all our citizens. It will not go unpunished, and hell will be brought to the doorstep of those behind it.

We will prayer together, we will get stronger together as a nation, and move forward. I request to our people that we keep our heads high, help one Another. Do not surrender to this evil, we will overcome it.

May our Eternal President look after us in this dark time, may his wisdom guide us out of this dark period. And together like the War of Independence, and all conflicts since then. We will triumph!"

Jandarma units arrest Sahuri Refugees in Antalya / A-Haber
What now?

TURKEY – In the last 12 hours a lot of things have changed, the once movement to allowed Sahuri's to fully integrate into Turkish society will be put on hold for the foreseeable future as they will now be required to stay within the Refugee Zone. Though this has created some controversy, largely it has been approved by the Turkish public.

With nearly 12,000 Sahuri Refugee already being given access to freely travel across the country, and already hundreds of reports coming in of Sahuri's being arrested across Turkey. It will be interesting to see how this will play out, and how this will play in Turkey's political atmosphere. Many now increasing calls to deport all Sahuri's, but large voices still do argue that the Sahuri Refugees should not be punished for a failed attack of two radicals. As no evidence has even been shown that the attack in İstanbul is connected to the Sahuri incident in İzmir.

As of today though, all provincial Jandarma units have been federalized. With them now being charged to use contract tracing to find the last location of the Sahuri Refugees, to bring those who refuse to return to the Refugee Zone. Though no incident of violence has yet to be reported, and is very likely to remain that way.

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The House of Mongols has taken a desicion to increase gdp growth rate from -1.3% to -0.3% as the House plans to implement plans to attract more foreign investors to do foreign buisnesses in the following ways.

The Mongolian Government will undertake the biggest project ever by developing the city of Choibalsan as a Special economic zone and there will be lower restrictions on the foreign companies to do buisness there by 2030 and is expecting the help of Zhen Dynasty in this project.

The Mongolian Government will buy shares in 3 foreign companies and invest in them by 2023.

It also plans to increase the number of hospitals by 40% and reduce unemployment even further by 2027.

These will take a combined budget of 5-15bn dollars and a huge labour supply.

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of War

Major clashes with Tatmadaw forces occurred in the city of Myitkyina, following forced entry into the city, which has seen fighting over a week ago.

5,000 Zhen troops entered the city, clashing with Tatmadaw forces, who were forced to a retreat. Residents in the city reported that Tatmadaw soldiers broke into shops, took food and water, then set fire to shops and cars on the street, as Zhen forces began their advance towards the city centre.

KIA fighters paraded around the wreckages of two Burmese Army Panhard AML armoured vehicles, which were seen destroyed on the streets. A captured Type-69-II MBT, along with 20 Tatmadaw soldiers who surrendered voluntarily to the Zhen was also presented. At this point, reports were circulating that local policemen and soldiers were refusing to fight and had deserted their posts, after the Coalition made major inroads into the city. The Myitkyina University campus was seized this morning, with the northern limit of Tatmadaw control being the Myitkyina Railway Station. A majority of clashes had occurred near that area, as fighting had stalled and both sides became bogged down in brutal urban combat. Armoured vehicles from both sides were attacked in the claustrophobic alleyways and roads in the city. Zhen mortar teams and drone strikes neutralized several armed convoys running along the northern limit in Myitkyina, killing 36 Tatmadaw soldiers. An overnight roadside bomb attack on a Zhen convoy just outside the city killed 3.

Zhen tanks near the neighbourhood of Dugahtawn came under heavy shelling by Tatmadaw forces, who used mortars and anti-tank rockets, which damaged 3 of the tanks. Later on, Tatmadaw VT-1A and T-72S tanks engaged in combat with the ZTZ99s and ZTZ96s, eventually culminating in a costly defeat. 4 ZTZ96s and 2 ZTZ99s were damaged and brought back to the mainland Zhen for maintenance, while it was reported that 11 crew members were either killed or severely injured. However, the lack of air superiority on the part of the Burmese meant that the Tatmadaw armoured formations were forced into a retreat - 2 VT-1A tanks and 6 T-72S tanks were destroyed via catastrophic kills, while 4 T-72S tanks were damaged and could not proceed with their mission. The Board of War interned the 4 tanks, with the aim of disassembling it and returning them to The Great Expanses.

The Board of War had mobilized a fleet of 2 Y-9 transport aircraft, which dropped leaflets to affected neighbourhoods to the southern end of the city, which was still controlled by the Tatmadaw. These leaflets advised civilians to evacuate, offered 8 routes out of the city, as well as propaganda claims that the Tatmadaw indulged in crimes such as looting and arson against their own population.

11 airstrikes were made in support of Coalition forces in the city overnight, involving J-10 fighters firing cannon rounds at Tatmadaw mortar teams throughout the city, killing 16 Tatmadaw fighters. The Board of War had also reported that Coalition aircraft had been flying surveillance operations over Kachin State as a whole since the beginning of the intervention by making use of UAVs. UAVs had also performed drone strikes on the local airport, in an effort to cripple any attempts by the Tatmadaw to run aerial missions.

Independent sources confirm that the Tatmadaw suffered 218 dead and 1,882 injured, while the Zhen suffered 41 dead and 1,498 injured so far into the citywide campaign.

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Parliament approves $2 billion NZD stimulus bill

Parliament has recently approved a new $2 billion NZD stimulus bill, as a means to support smaller 'mom and pop' businesses across the country, as people have expressed worries that a surge in joblessness will occur later this year.

ANZ has predicted that the jobless rate will rise to 10.6% by 2020 Q4, and will still be at 9.8% by mid-2021. The government’s $13 billion NZD wage subsidy helped employers retain much of their workforce during the COVID-19 disruption. However, with the wage subsidy due to end in September and the closed border decimating the tourism industry, the worst of the economic shock may lie ahead. Data due then is expected to show the economy contracted as much as 20% in the second quarter.

The new $2 billion NZD stimulus bill will provide cash handouts to 50,000 'mom and pop' businesses via a random lottery system, including food vendors, small restaurant owners, shop owners, and so on.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has said that it would "adopt policies set forward by other countries to learn more efficient ways to combat an economic crunch". The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has said that it would consider using public works projects to artificially induce growth, especially in the construction sector, with plans to construct more state housing across the cities of Auckland, Whangarei, Wellington, and Christchurch. Rising housing prices were considered to be a major factor in the increasing homelessness in New Zealand, and in 2013 it was estimated by the census that 1% of people live in "severe housing deprivation" - or around 50,000 people. Borrowing the planning area/new town concept from Singapore, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has said that it would be constructing a new 'planned town' near Auckland, which would be capable of housing 50,000 people, as a means to alleviate urban pressures and provide housing for the homeless.

The new self-contained 'planning area', named "Queens South", will be located southeast of Taupiri, in a 6.40 km² plot of land that runs within the boundaries of Lake Road (south), State Highway 1B (east), Dawson Road (west), and Kerie Road (north). Most apartments within the planned area consists of three or four-room flats, typically in low-rise, walk-up blocks. The roads forming the boundaries of Queens South will be expanded into arterial roads, with additional facilities in the planning area including spaces for businesses, a sports ground, shopping malls, schools, a university campus, hospitals, and so forth.

The Queens South planning area is expected to create over 200,000 jobs directly or indirectly, and will be officially opened to the public in 2026. Over $8 billion NZD will be injected into its construction in FY2020, with additional annual increments of $1 billion NZD to go ahead until 2023, in which case the increments will increase to $3 billion NZD until 2026. Altogether, $20 billion NZD will be invested into the project.

News from the United States

Terrorism in Turkey: American Reaction

After the recent bombing in Kadıköy, İstanbul & the attack in İzmir, President Trump has shown a great deal of concern for his Turkish allies. He has denounced the terrorists who pulled off the attack. On social media he stated,

"After hearing of the repugnant attack in Turkey, the United States fully stands with our Turkish allies. U.S. flags will be flown at half-mast to illustrate our solidarity with our close allies. Truly, a disgrace to the international community what these monsters have done"

Shortly after this, President Trump announced that he had boarded Air Force One. His destination? Ankara. Thus Trump could meet with Turkish President Akşener & visibly demonstrate American support for Turkey in these trying times. America had once felt the devastation that terrorism can wreak on a country. That devastation came in the form of 9/11. A time when the Muslim world was overshadowed by radical Muslims. That tragic event rocked the American State to its very core. Soon after, a global war on terrorism was launched. A war which has not even begun to cease as radical terrorists continue to surface.

It would seem that Turkey has experienced its own devastating attack. One which the United States would not stand for. If there is something which the American populace can unite behind, it is the destruction of any & all terrorists both domestic & abroad. As such, President Trump would visit Ankara to stand in solidarity with his Turkish allies. To reinforce the idea that terrorism has no place on earth.

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Post by Zhen Dynasty suppressed by Independent Greenland.

OOC: CIA plane shootdown RP on hold while we sort some stuff out. come back tomorrow lol

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Imperial Cabinet - Classified

The Imperial Cabinet has voted overwhelmingly in favour (13-0) to release up to $12 billion USD in funds to the Board of War, with a goal to increase the Zhen Armed Force's ballistic missile inventory by 50% by January of 2021. Most of the funds will be used to procure additional ballistic missiles to attain the January 2021 goal.

The release of funds will also be used to automate C3 capabilities in the event of a catastrophic strike against command installations, mirroring the Eurasian "Dead Hand" system. An example of fail-deadly and mutually assured destruction deterrence, such a system - aptly named "Contingency-2" - can automatically trigger the launch of all Zhen ballistic missiles by sending a pre-entered highest-authority order from the Empress to military command posts and individual silos if a strike with large enough magnitude is detected by seismic, light, radioactivity, and pressure sensors even with the commanding elements fully destroyed. Upon activation and determination of the happening of a nuclear war, the system sends out a modified DF-21 command missile with a special warhead, which passes commands to open all silos and all command centers of the Zhen Rocket Force.

Before launching any retaliatory strike, "Contingency-2" has to meet 3 propositions: A - a large enough weapon had hit Zhen soil, B - no communication links to the war room of the Board of War General Staff remained, and C - no orders were given by any members with sufficient clearance. If all propositions were met, it would immediately transfer launch authority to whoever was manning the system at that moment, bypassing layers and layers of normal command authority - but it can alternatively order retaliatory strikes remotely by use of the aforementioned command rocket.

The bill also grants more autonomy for firing units in the event of a conflict. Currently, all of the Rocket Force's units utilize a separate command and control structure from the rest of the Board of War, and have been doing so since 1967. For ballistic missile launches, the command structure is believed to run from the Board of War, to the headquarters of the Zhen Air Force, from there to each Missile Base, and from each Missile Base down to the individual Brigade. From there, the Brigade transmits firing orders to the launch companies under its control. New changes in the command structure will permit individual Bases to transmit orders conducive to goals put forward by the Board of War, who will coordinate with their respective Military Regions on targeting and conventional missile use. It also permits the Board of War to directly transmit firing orders to each Missile Base, and from there on out, to each Unit.

The Imperial Cabinet is aware that the American reaction to the shootdown of the CIA aircraft will most likely be restrained yet hardy - however, the Board of War must be prepared to face a worst-case scenario.


Board of Rites

The Board of Rites has dispatched a military attache of 100 officers to Al ghaliboun, with plans to strengthen military ties with one another.

The attache will arrive in Egypt by tomorrow, wherein further cooperation can be realized.

German interests in the Far East

It has recently been revealed that Germany and China several months ago were in discussions for cooperation in the fields of energy, sustainability and climate change combat. Having fallen out due to the invasion of Myanmar, which Berlin condemned to be unlawful. After this event the relationship between the West and China deteriorated heavily, Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that whilst this is the case, she hopes to pursue Berlin-Beijing relations in the future. Though this statement also looks at the Asia-Pacific as a whole, including the Middle East and the Pacific. Which Berlin believes to be the new region of mass economic growth.

Major German corporations that will be opening its new Asia-Pacific headquarter in the future capital of Indonesia, include Mercedes, Volkswagen and Siemens. From where operations in the entire Asia-Pacific will be centralised. Volkswagen has also taken initiative in forming an Indonesia branch that will head the development and production of automobile for the Southeast market. Idina Becker-Schmitt who will be charged with setting up the new Indonesia branch, Volkswagen Indonesien has stated,

    "We want to expand our market to the globe, and Asia is going to be the next big market, and will undoubtedly surpass both Europe and the United States in the coming decades. We need to learn how to take advantage of this, and we do this by setting up a branch that would allow us to develop vehicles suited to the Far East. The best way to do that is by looking to the Indonesians to, and have them take the lead, to expand our products for Indonesia and its neighbours. Volkswagen Indonesia will have access to the engineers and the man power of Indonesia, something we believe the country will lead in within the next decade."

Condolences to the Turkish nation

After the Istanbul Bombing took the lives of 2,000 people, the German Far Right would use the attack to leverage against the entry of Sahurian refugees into the country, as current discussion for increasing the refugee quota go on. Party members of Alternative for Germany and Christian Social Union in Bavaria, have made the same messages, alluding to the correlation between Islamic Extremism and the refugee populations. Dirk Dohman former member of the Alternative for Germany, and current leader of the far right, Liberate Germany Party made a statement that condemned Sahurian refugees for bringing terror to all the places they go.

    "Merkel believes the risk to the German people is greater the needs of a people of a different state ... If the Sahurians can do that to their own Islamic brethren, and to a people who have found great success in a region filled with turmoil and conflict, then how can we trust the Sahurians here in Germany. You simply cannot. I want my grandchildren to be raised in a German nation, with German peoples and ideals, and not in a country where the Christian values of this country is in fear of offending peoples we have to host due to their own nation being volatile ... Believe when I say that I am not against immigration, it is important that we accept people, but when they move to Germany, they have to stand for our ideals, our values. They themselves have to become German, and speak the German language. Let us take refugees, but only the ones that are willing to Christianise. Til then, this refugee crisis, is not a crisis for the Sahurian people, but for Christian Europe."

Many on both sides of the political spectrum took against the statement made by Dohman, with Merkel herself calling it inappropriate to make such statements whilst a nation mourns. Even members of the Alternative for Germany have called Dohman's words poorly timed. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, would go on to criticise Marine Le Pen of France for also speaking out against the Sahurian refugees, saying that the focus should have been on Istanbul, and not on the crisis at hand. Dohman would go on to say that all those that criticised him were weak minded and did not have German interest at heart, stating that there is a point for which Germany can be charitable, til it can be taken advantaged off. Although despite Germans and Germany officially condemning all those that have decide to make xenophobic statements against Sahurian refugees, such as Marine Le Pen and Peter Dutton who said in a tweet that:

    "In the Middle East, the language of war is the only language they understand. It’s not surprising then that when refugees flee, they take their barbaric ways with them."

Many Germans are beginning to slowly turn against the idea of more refugees, fearing that what happened in Istanbul would happen in German cities. But still the debate continues, as thousands are deported from Turkey, many Germans still believe that Sahurians can be peacefully integrated into German society.

ZAFTA News Agency / Wikalat 'Anba' ZAFTA

Gregorian: 4th August 2020
Hijri: 14 Dhu al-Hijjah 1441

    Government Moves Ahead with Akhori Dam
    By Sarosh Jalbani

    AKHORI, ZAQURISTAN --- The Zaquri government has officially taken the first step in beginning the construction of the proposed Akhori dam project, by allocating the estimated 401 billion Zaquri Rupees ($4 billion USD) to the Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA). The proposal passed the National Assembly and the Senate last week, and President Shahbaz Sharif signed the proposal yesterday after it had passed from the Parliament.

    Construction of the dam is expected to take around a year, and once completed it's reservoir will contain almost 7 and a half trillion liters. The assessments made by the WAPDA calculate that the dam would have a power production of around ~600 megawatts. In addition to power production, the reservoir of the dam will also be used to supplement the local Indus Basin Irrigation System.

    The project is not without it's opponents. Some local politicians, afraid of wasting money in a useless project, have commissioned their own report on the viability of the dam, citing that some calcuations in WAPDA's report were insufficient. The authority itself has refuted these claims, saying that their claim is conclusive. In addition to these alleged problems with the report, many locals have protested the dam project because it would displace approximately 50,000 people from their homes. The government has promised that they would adequately compensate anyone affected, as well as organizing and paying for any resettlement plans required.

    With the money now allocated to the project, it remains to be seen what company will be granted the contract for the construction work.

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      Latest Iron Dome Batteries to be deployed

The Ministry of Defense and the Office of the Prime Minister have announced the latest series of Iron Dome Batteries have completed construction, and are set to be deployed across Israel, this expansion comes after the the recent expansion of the Iron Dome Defense System the expansions aim to to further increase the protection of Israeli citizens, settlements, infrastructure, and personnel from threats in Egypt and the Gaza Strip. The exact number of new batteries to be deployed across Israel remains a military secret.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the new Iron Dome Project came under budget and ahead of schedule. The Ministry of Defense, and Prime Minister Netanyahu credit the expediency to the men and women of the IDF and the Defense Industry and their hard work.

The Office of the Prime Minister and IDF have stated following this announcement their intent to begin work on expanding Israels Anti-Ballistic Defensive systems. The Ministry of Finance and Office of the Prime Minister have released a plan that would include Israel spending approximately $700 Million USD (₪2.2 Billion ISL) on an expanded arsenal of Arrow 3 Anti-Ballistic Missiles and Barak 8 Surface to Air Missile Systems. (It will be and expansion of around 160 Arrow 3s and 10 Barak 8 Systems)

      Latest IDF Ships enter service

The INS Herzl, INS Ben-Gurion, and INS Freedom have formally entered Service with the Israeli Navy. The ships, know as the Founder and Freedom Class Corvettes we acquired from the United States several months ago, and have over the past 6 weeks been undergoing a process of testing and integration into the IDF Naval Forces.

The INS Herzl and INS Ben-Gurion, are of the 'Founder Class Corvettes' formally the American Freedom Class of Corvette. Over the past 6 weeks they have been undergoing retrofitting and minor upgrades, most notably the IDF has spent the past 6 weeks outfitting them with the Sea-Based Iron Dome Systems.

The INS Freedom, formally the USS Independence has spent the last 6 weeks being used to train IDF Naval personnel in the use of American Naval ships, given the majority of IDF ships are German-Israeli in orgin the IDF had reported their would be a learning curve in the US of American naval technology.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended the launch of Israels newest ships himself, declaring it a 'Victory' for Israel and its future defensive abilities in the Mediterranean and the wider Middle East.

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