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I change my vote to Aye

{IOCA Amendment - PASSED}
Author: The Evile Empire
Sponsor: The Evile Empire

Recognizing a mistake in the IOCA proposal, the Senate fixes it.

Section 1 - Section 2 of Article 4 of the Amendment shall be removed.


Aye {10}: The Evile Empire, Hazbindia, Mukolayiv, Pollariaua, South-East Antarctica, Palancia, Aldund, Secular Soverign Republics, Communaccord, Slovaria

Nay {2}: Baconbacon123, Angea, Far Rivia Hilolak

Abstain {0}:

Yuthorin (GL)
Kycker (NU) - Excused

{Senate Terms Constitutional Amendment - IN DEBATE}
Author: Yuthorin
Sponsor: Yuthorin

(I.)To have a fair and just legislative body,that will ensure that everyone has a chance to run and prove themselves as worthy citizens of the New Western Empire.
(II.)To have a flexible legislative body and to have different brilliant minds that will create more effective and efficient laws.

No member of the Legislative body shall serve for more than five consecutive terms. Voluntary renunciation of the office for any length of time shall not be considered as an interruption in the continuity of his service for the full term for which he was elected.


I feel like this is unnecessary and hurtful, considering the fact that about a third of the current senate is new members, not to mention the ones only on their second terms. It would also hurt the activity of our veteran members, who usually leave or become inactive after leaving the government while new members are more likely to go inactive on the job, as demonstrated by a senator this term.

Why such a trouble if we bifurcate the senate .
Upper senate consisting of veterans serving more than 3 terms and lower senate of new members.

This is unnecessary. Both the citizenry consider that to be the case, and the inactivity of the senate testifies to that the effort to become a senate member is incredibly low.

Senate term limits are unnecessary. Not many people are getting involved in NWE politics as much as before, this bill, instead of promoting participation in politics, it would actually slow it down. I will vote Nay, I encourage you, fellow senators, to do the same.

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