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Fishy Apples wrote:The beach is for suckers. Building a Weather Dominator so we can have eternal winter is where it's at!! :3

You remind me of a Narnian queen I once knew...
I don't suppose you have any Turkish Delight?

All Wild Things wrote:You remind me of a Narnian queen I once knew...
I don't suppose you have any Turkish Delight?

Nope. Just waterlogged apples and waterlogged apple accessories.

Fishy Apples wrote:Nope. Just waterlogged apples and waterlogged apple accessories.

Don't suppose as they're Turkish apples...?

To celebrate the 2017 World Games, All Wild Things arranged an Orienteering challenge! Solve clues to find markers hidden around NationStates.

Take a note of the time now, so you know how long it takes you. When you're done, telegram All Wild Things your time, and the list of locations (in order)!

But where is the starting point?

Greetings from the region, Equestria, how's everypony doing?

Hey all, solar eclipse in the States today. Choose some eclipse related music, and spam our RMB back!

Doing a poll on favourite kind of fiction

*peaks thru realm* :/ *goes back in*

If you guys have a favorite leader in our region. you can check our poll on the topic.

UK National Poetry Day! Dunno who wrote this one:

The elephant is a pretty bird
It hops from twig to twig
It lays its nest in a rhubarb tree
And whistles like a pig

Got a favourite poem? If so, please share.

It's time to kick off Halloween themed musical spam.
Spam us back!

Happy New Year!

Crepes with strawberries and whipped cream for everyone! Happy New Year!

Awol christian soldiers

The soldiers fly across the sky, blasting disco music and tossing handfuls of rainbow-colored confetti

I need help for a problem of Cometanda that some women got into a car that crashed on purpose because they had an antihero idea against the laws established in my country. What should I do?

Sneaks in and leaves chocolate eggs, with a message reading "Happy Easter"

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!!

In the last two weeks we've lost three nations in our region. That's alarming

It's our birthday! 🍾🎂🍷🎤 We turned one. Come and play musical spam with us

Spam us back!

I'm looking for nations in this region that are WA members/delegates.

Hello everybody

The Hanzanburg Union wrote:Hello everybody


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