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SkodaTruck Drivers wrote:Did someone mention cheese?

A quote from the Marx Brothers film
A Day at the Races :
- Are you a man or a mouse ?
- Throw a piece of cheese on the floor and find out.

*arrives in a pumpkin coach pulled by mice turned into horses*

Greetings, Rat Nations. I'm with the travelling crew.

*floats in over the horizon*
Any room for a few billion hot air balloons? :D

WrightMax and Brutambre

Migrating Geese wrote:I passed thru several rat regions on the way over. Is this region connected with any of them?

Those regions are plagiarists and are not welcome

Kalmukia, Manjuland, and Bogdajistan

George Edward Maxwell Wright, better known as Max Wright, has died today, June 26, at the age of 75.
Rest In Peace, sweet prince.

Hi. Just another traveler with Geese and friends. Sorry I'm so late. Some of the souvenirs from the Realm of Unrestricted Science landed me in border customs!

We're gearing up for flight. Is there anything anyone wants to tell us before we leave?

No. Not really.
*kickstarts motorcycle, puts on helmet and gloves.*


Then adios, rodents. And thanks for letting us visit you.

Thank you and thanks for all the cheese.

*floats off into the sunset*
Thanks for hosting us!

Time to roll on. au revoir

time to roll

"Understanding that the health of all people depends greatly on the organisms they interact with,
Recognizing that several species of marsupials are known to suffer from serious epidemics of disease, and that all instances of marsupials are incredibly vicious or generally disgusting,
Convinced that this international body cannot reconcile the continued existence of diseased or otherwise dangerous populations of marsupials with public health and safety,
The World Assembly hereby:
Defines "marsupial" as any of the various brutal, soulless, nonsentient mammals that carry young in a pouch,
Requires member states to remove marsupials from all inhabited areas within their jurisdiction, and to expediently quarantine marsupials in high-security closed environments,
Restricts reproduction among these quarantined marsupials to that which member states or the entities overseeing the reproduction can prove to further legitimate scientific or educational interests,
Mandates the removal of some vital organ from any marsupial released from quarantine,
Urges member states to provide priority medical and hospice care to those children directly exposed to marsupials for any prolonged period of time,
Recommends that member states license inhabitants to hunt and destroy marsupial populations, especially those encroaching on inhabited areas,
Establishes the Marsupial Extermination Advancement Nexus, a centralized body of information on the nature of marsupials, the dangers they pose to the inhabitants of member states, and the safest and most effective methods of neutralizing individual instances."


let's be alert and squeaking, comrades

I am alive! The road trip was fun and I even learned a bit more about my family history when visiting relatives. Anyways, this week's debate feels like it might be a bit mild, but I might be wrong:

"Should inmates (including those that would not be released without pardon or commutation) be allowed to take college-level classes and work towards degrees while incarcerated?"

USA Today:

The Hechinger Report:

hello my name is Adelanto I am the wa delegate for the GOR and are region is dying if we can get a few more nations to join that would help if there any volunteers to come and rp and just be an active member of the GOR that would be great but if not that's ok to :)

Well, I'll keep this brief since I still have to study for the college math placement test this week:

"What should happen with the governor of Peurto Rico?"

USA Today:

The New York Times:

Seguro que la irrupción de hoy en la rural por parte de veganos, fue obra de Brauliopolis


OK, just a short, easy debate this week:

"What is your opinion on the 'Positive Ticketing' campaign in Tempe, AZ?"

USA Today:


Buenas y gracias por traer queso

And we're back this week with tech-oriented debate this time.
Also, if you didn't see last week's post, I would just like to offer my condolences to anyone who may have lost friends or family in the recent mass shootings in the US.

"Should companies be allowed to create their own currencies, digital or otherwise?"


The Washington Post:

Manjuland wrote:Seguro que la irrupción de hoy en la rural por parte de veganos, fue obra de Brauliopolis

descubriste el motivo de mi ausencia jaja

en cuanto a veganos veganes creo que esto es de relevancia razonable....

la historia cambia, el queso queda.

Brutambre and Argen Federation

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