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Hey :)

I got your message and this seemd like a nice place to go.

So how does this game thing work.

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Hey Dragonvalia =)

Welcome to the region.

My first advice for you is to join the forum. Or not. It's entirely up to you. Yet it's where we'll be doing our gov and stuff like that.

This game works like a political simulation only with a lot more community involved. In NS, it's the community that makes the game.

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Sudowoodo! Sudowoodo!



Umm... Welcome I guess... O.o

Isn't Sudowoodo a Pokemon?

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Yeah it is. I'm playing Pokemon out of boredom right now :P

Thanks for the advice Spirit. I'll consider joining the forum


Awesome. I'd love to see you there.

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New Nations: Welcome to Spiritus :)

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Welcome! Welcome!

Quick Quiestion: Howdcha manage to recruit nations to Spiritus?

Well some regions use the yahoo pipes recruitment tool.

What I use is a script that updates with a list of the most recently created nations every. Then I click the nation link and send a TG.

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Welcome to all the new nations :)

Enjoy your stay :)

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Internally stables

Wow. There's so many new people here. This is great.

I forgot to give intros yesderday.

I'm Internally Stables. new to this thing after a friend showed be during lunch.

Looks pretty fun :)


It's really fun.

You should join the forum :)

Itrosomia and Superpig0

There's so many new people :)

But isn't a 30 nation goal too high :O

The imagisphere and Superpig0

The pokehumans


Welcome to Spiritus :)

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The pokehumans

ok, thanks..

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

The Welcome Telegram should have covered most of the basic things :)

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whats a forum all about?

Our offsite forum is where most of our government will be. Here is just like our chatboard. The offsite forum is where we will have our government, most of our discussions, and potentially a military.

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So wha type of gov are we havin. Or is there gonna be a vote or something?

Well I'm pushing for a government with a strong executive system, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch. A bit like the US only made to fit NationStates, thus a very strong executive branch.

But it's what the region decides :)

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Welcome to all of the new nations!

I've sent you all welcome telegrams.

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Capital system

Please think nothing of my corrupt and evil "republic" it's simply for a....project, however I will play the part of dictator while under this name, so heads up!

Matrixulated and Itrosomia

That's fine.

As you can see by our World Factbook Entry, we welcome everybody. Though you don't have to roleplay this game. Generally the Regional Message Board is just a chat area, but if we get enough people on the forum, we could start a nation Roleplay over there.

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how do you make a military in this game? i thought you coudnt invade other nations?

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