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Estoniia wrote:Hello i am here to say hi


Estoniia wrote:Hello i am here to say hi


New Zankers wrote:Im newhi

Hello and welcome...but what happened to the Old Zankers? 😕
Something artfully creative I hope, but dark and dastardly too. 😈

Youth abern

Good Day, fine beings.

Youth abern wrote:Good Day, fine beings.

Good day to you as well.

Haremm and Youth abern

Old Zealand Founder wrote:The grammar gets kinda sketchy near the end but whatever it's a poem

Man's First Sin (7 January 2021, 7:11 PM)
Never known life without goodness
In this garden God had made.
Gonna wonder, is it useless:
This knowledge for which I had paid?

"Give it to me," I had said
To the serpent 'round the vine.
"You? This fruit? How oh so red
Its nectar tells you what's divine."

Up above, in boundless space
Was, from what I know, God's domain.
Never had there been such a rumble
And, to follow, such cries of pain.

Gonna be honest - for such someone
As God, the greatest sorrow He did have.
"Let Me say this, Adam, as My son
I am disappointed - just not mad."

Down He went and forced the Snake
To writhe and wriggle on the ground.
Never to return, by 'morrow's wake
To Eden, was my sentence sound.

Gonna say that at that time
It was fair trade, life for power to know.
Run through my head, again, 'twas nought but curse
To leave God's kingdom just for such woe.

Around this time, I've got go back
To my little homestead that I've known true.
Desert my life for nought but rack?
I say this as warning to no-one else but


Did y'all get it

it was a rickroll

Post self-deleted by Yojom.

Hi Guys :) Do you have an idea how to get the black market percentage of the economy down?

Quitziquaka wrote:hi

Welcome! :)

It's custom in Spiritus for us to hand out a free potato to newcomers, so please take one! 🥔

Arised germanica

Arised germanica wrote:Hello.

Want a potato?
Here you go: 🥔

I'll take one, no, I'll take two! 😍
Huzzah! 🥔

The Botched Pejazzle of the Studly Spud wrote:I'll take one, no, I'll take two! 😍
Huzzah! 🥔

You get THREE 🥔🥔🥔

Youth abern

How is everyone today?

Youth abern wrote:How is everyone today?

I'm doing pretty well - a bit tired, though.

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