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OOC: The carpet is, indeed, brand new.

The one legendary beast

Poor carpet

OOC: Consider that as breaking it in.

The one legendary beast

Breaking in meaning the carpet, or finally house breaking Wabs?

OOC: ...yes. By the way, do you know what plans Wabs was speaking of?

The one legendary beast

Not a clue

world domination...

OOC: Knowing Ski, he probably has an idea for an RP that involves that in some way... domination? :P

The one legendary beast

Unless it involves Goji having the world to himself, I don't think he is gonna fly with that xD

The one legendary beast

I still need to make my rp characters

The one legendary beast


Ooc: I'm back bitches!

Homestuck-kitudi sohma

Zombrexia wrote:Ooc: I'm back bitches!


Yo bros

Hello TGC

OOC: Hello Devis. As you can see we aren't active here. This is because after a fall through in TLOHAH everyone disbanded to different regions, mostly ones they made themselves for only themselves. Thus I made this region to bring us all back together BUT they all just ran back to TLOHAH after clearing things up with Nate post invites. No one really moved here, they just went there. So basically this is a tribute region to our stomping grounds as far as the name is concerned but (for now) RP goes on at TLOHAH as regions with embassies may now post on one another's RMB, supposing the settings are right. If things fall through again we shall have here to fall back on. Oh, and since we are here, I am very open to criticism and suggestions towards the factbooks in the regions dispatch up top.

well. I'm going to keep Sen here. Ill move Czar to Hawaii

OOC: You do that.

OOC: I made a region its called WARLORDS its lame now but with your help it could be the best

Well then. That was a nice surprise. Login and oh...hello rejected realms.

Yeah. Dev got rid of TUA....



yeah...thats right...Stay silent.

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