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OOC: But why? She's like the only one who RP's?

She ran back to nathan.

OOC: Baaaah! Well I eat dinner soon since I work at 4 but it's le July 4th, I'm also watching One Piece in another tab (ironic, considering our current RP) so if you wanna try to continue the RP a little now then I shall try. Push comes to shove we are still an RP nation just we have activity more like the forums...

The one legendary beast

Dude it's 2? That's an early ass diner

OOC: I know. We always have family dinner on holidays and I work at 4, won't be home til at least 9:30 at which point my brother would be at work. It's either in the next hour or never.

The one legendary beast

I see

Emma has been introduced to the dark side xD

OOC: Who?

A friend from school. Hardcore lesbian xD

Hey, i think im gunna let emma inherit my characters. I spent a few hiurs explaining the characters, as our characters on another site are partners. She may add a new chara from her fanon. I wish yoy good luck cory =)

OOC: Well okay, very well...yeah seems to me like RP for me on NS may finally be dead. Everyone I used to RP with no longer does then Jan is done, Chrissy is done, you are done, Floyd just kinda stopped suddenly...dammit :/

The one legendary beast

We'll then

OOC: I refuse to give up!

Jan and Chrossy are back in TLOHAH, Cory. I felt like you needed that stat update. You can move one of your minor puppets back if you want.

Derpy durpers wrote:Jan and Chrossy are back in TLOHAH, Cory. I felt like you needed that stat update. You can move one of your minor puppets back if you want.

Chrissy* sorry, special phone.

The one legendary beast

Hue hue hue

Post self-deleted by Derpy durpers.

"This shall become a great and powerful region! Until then, Tacos tonight."
--Sir Ski, first post of the original Great Chili

hey guys! ^^ I will make a new account for here.

(its meh, xexo.)

I have made my main factbook of my chara

Everyone is staying at hawaii, really.


OOC: I'm still here but no one freaking posts so I use the embassy to post there via this nation. I don't know why everyone didn't just move here.

OOC: meh...well, im gonna start my rp.

IC: I walk down the cracked ally way, my shadow seems to have stretched miles on end until my own life started to fade away. I slowly cripple dow to the ground, somewhat not stopping as if I needed to reach the end. the thoughts ran through his mind slowly as he moved. "why am I doing this? is it curiosity or is there something I need...what ever it was, I awoke from my sleep, seeing my room, I stand up, kicking off the cover and I grasp my head is hurting real bad. I close my eyes, opening them to feel my mind changed. I get out of my baggy clothes and I walk out the door.
"that was the 3rd time I had that dream..." he knows he is talking to himself.

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