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Icewindia wrote:RP: July 18: The Great Blackout

With Sub-Operation Blackout a success the Transformer Major Sub-Stations knocked out would cause significant damage with overloading other parts of the grid. Its going to probably take alot longer then a few weeks to completely replace key positioned infanstucture by the time they realize its Sabotoged it will be too late...

((OOC: Technically not power gaming as Information above proves the Grid is really fragile and me blowing up the Grid is going to take 2 months to an Year for Country like USA to fix itself. Though I imagine Emergency Government Generators and backup systems in Government facilities exist etc.... Most private companies have 2 Week power supply batteries for Phonelines though I imagine Mass Influx of Cell usage would Fry the Phonelines unless quickly taken control over before the whole phone grid goes down.))

RP: Fall Blau (Covert)

Green Light is given. Special Forces units begin to attack Radar Stations attempting to destroy them. They hope President Kosama forces can take Coastal Cities and Take over Naval Early Warning Defense system and distract Coast Guard.

The Icewindian Fleet Turns around and heads towards Nonadia ready to attack. Meanwhile Paratrooper Planes from Icewindia with multiple Air-Refueling trips begins to fly towards Nonadia to prepare 60,000 Airborne troops.

As for Disguised Troop Ships the Unmarked Container ships arrive in Major Port Cities and 200 Gunships begin to exit the Ships into the air and the Sides break off as Tanks and APC's begin to roll out with Infantry. Beach Landings for 200,000 begin.

Emperor Hemlock in an Hard hangover drinks Pickle Juice before approaching on Television announcing Intervention in protecting the 4th Republic from Monarchist/Traitor/Rebellion. He tries to image himself as the Defender of the Nonadians against the Hostile Leftist Anarchists.


ok pretend i said 3 months

RP: Defend the Empire!

The Third Imperial Army has announced war with the Icewindian intervention, and 400k troops and 500 B-1 tanks are being trained over a period of 4 months, costing over 25 million nanoes (50 million USD) due to the speed of the training. 300 N-79 bombers quickly take off and bomb troops and landing ships invading the beaches. Queen Lovin ll has called the surprise "an attack on the Empire".

A telegram has been sent to Doge Land and Central Almyra stating "Friends of the West Marlandor Pact, we are facing a blatant attack on the fundamentals of Nonadia by the Icewindians". With power off and cell towers over loaded, generators are being quickly built to power important essentials like grocery stores, hospitals, police stations, fire stations, and government buildings.

Bottled water companies face huge demand, and Nonadia requests bottled water imports from Doge Land to slow down the demand in order to get the supply going up faster than the demand.

With invasions happening in major port cities, over 2,000 N-79 bombers separate and attack Icewindian divisions invading. The plan is to get air superiority, and then once the troops are trained in a few months, invade the occupied land. The Third Imperial Navy sends 50 Battleships, 75 corvettes, and 20 destroyers.

General Kosama has been fired from the Third Imperial Army for supporting Icewindia, and the POF brings a bill abolishing the monarchy. Queen Lovin ll laughs and vetoes the bill, and no one can do anything about it. Queen Lovin ll has also stated that "Icewindia is not intervening, they are invading".

Protesters not leaving during curfew are now being arrested for a 1 month sentence, and in order to prevent more unrest, the government has deemed peaceful protesters protected by the law, but non-peaceful protesters will not be protected by law.

General Kosama has brought in followers to destroy early warning defense systems in Nonadia, but the Nonadian Investigation Service has announced that they have put Kosama in jail, and a court proceeding will come soon. The key member of the Fourth Republic has been captured, and the government does not have any plans to release him unless good proof is heard.

RP: Aid Accepted

The 100,000 Doge Landian troops are stationed around the country to prevent unrest from spreading, and 5 million nanoes (10 million USD) are sent to Doge Land for helping the Empire live on.

Dushkaria wrote:

RP: A response

The fourth ship in the fleet seems to have activated it's weapon systems, it fires a warning shot at the approaching ships


The Janian ships simply keep their weapons ready instead of wasting ammo.
On the deck of the carrier attack aircraft are readied.

"Final warning. State your intentions or you will be fired upon by the Janian People's Army Navy."

RP: Drastic Measures

Mid February, 2118: The situation becomes out of control. Riots spill out across the area, destroying many suburbs and villages. Drastic measures are needed if the country is to remain together, and drastic measures are made.

Pforzheim has been placed into total lockdown. All travel into and out of the city is banned, except in some extreme circumstances. All entry and exit points are guarded by military checkpoints.

Pforzheim has been placed under martial law. Using the recently passed War Measures Act, a force of over 30,000 personnel has been deployed into the city. A strict curfew is in place, with harsh penalties for breaking it.

Outcry is at an all time high in Evacasia. An entire city, millions of people, split off from the rest of the nation and cast out to endure its hardships alone. The action has divided public opinion even more; Fen Nationalists see it as a direct assault on liberty, while others see it as a necessary measure to protect national security. One thing can be known for sure, Evacasia is facing its worst crisis since the Civil War.

RP: A Change in Philosophy

Late March, 2118: The Verteidiger Vorne have remained on the defence so far. They have become beloved among nationalists, and despised among Evacists. They block off law enforcement, protecting rioters and protesters and allowing them to carry on their way. These defensive acts have proven crucial, though now The Vorne wish to try something new.

They reorganize into the Fenish Republican Army, or FRA. An organised militia, with a man named Bruno Koch as their leader. They ae notably extreme compared to their original status. They claim to support a fully independent Fenish state, denouncing the central Government's leadership. As of yet no attacks have been made, though a close eye is being kept on them.

West Kowen wrote:RP
Shortly after the formation of the alliance, the West Kowenian emperor requests to establish formal diplomatic ties between the transitioning West Kowenian republic and with the new, democratic Evve Terre government along with Cenagrad.

In addition to the creation of formal diplomatic ties, the West Kowenian government (and military) has suggested for all members of the LAT-if they havenít already-to have embassies within each otherís nations in order to speed up the process of communicating information among allies.

With West Kowen now formally in an alliance, the WK government has sent a diplomat to Blayredeshia to negotiate the terms and process of withdrawing Blayredeshian military units from the region.
The West Kowenian emperor, Ma Yong-Sik V, seems a bit surprised by the move from Icewindia. Although states that the new republic will gain legitimacy after the first election, the emperor also pointed out that North Kowen (which Icewindia is supporting and has military units in) is an autocratic surrounding the military with little to no say for citizens in the government.
RP: Constitution and preparations for the first election
Since West Kowen was a democratic state before, it had already one created a constitution for itís government. In order to make things simpler, the emperor decided upon using the old constitution and having some amendments be added to it by referendum.

The government plans to also have itís first election, with many of the old political parties also coming back after they had been banned under the fascist dictatorship. The West Kowenian government even requests for Cenagradian officials to be present as a third party to ensure the election is legitimate and fair.
RP: Hexiron sees major success after it sells over one million cars to private West Kowenian citizens
With the initiative by the Exbrenian corporation, Hexiron, to move itís automobile industry to West Kowen the corporation has begun to expect making a return on itís investment in less then two years.

While Hexiron vehicles are still quite expensive for most citizens, they continue to make tons of sales across the country by richer citizens. This has led to the government planning out infrastructure projects to upgrade itís road systems to accommodate for the now increased traffic on the roads, since most roads in Kowen were designed simply for getting from point A to point B using heavy duty military vehicles.

Also in part, Hexiron has been contributed to being large factor into the rise of a middle class in the West Kowenian economy; with West Kowen having the second highest size of itís middle class (Central State of Kowen being the first.)

RP: Let's Go Ahead And...
The Evven government sends government officials to not only observe the West Kowenian elections, but also to confirm the establishment of an embassy between the two nations.

RP: No
The Lirana Foreign Ministry refuses to apologise to Xotrayjan for refusing the meeting until they apologise to the Admiral, saying that a request for a meeting from a nation who just offered to buy Lirana bodies is both questionable and odd.

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