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Then you get executed for violating Provincial Edict #1. Can't you read?

Everyone please join me in giving a big "F*** You!" to 10,000 Islands, on behalf of The Lefts Nirvana. Lone Wolves United, our mother region, has recently declared war on them.

Hey 10,000 Islands! Your name sounds like a salad dressing! I'd be more afraid of the Balsamic Vinaigrette Treaty Organization!

But you have to admit, Balsamic Vinaigrette is pretty intimidating...

Provincial Edict #2: Citizens of this province are forbidden to eat mushrooms.



I am offended by the mods deletion of Crushing Our Balls. His name was amusing and a cunning pun upon his own main nation Crushing Our Enemies.

I demand a refund! Er...I mean, Attica! Attica!...wait, no, not that either. I'm not good at this.

COB is back! Hail ADMIN!

Fen 4th infantry

Don't worry, I come in peace. ;)

Ah, good. Company.

Fen 4th infantry

You bet

Nice ownership.

Provincial Edict #3: My term as provincial commander does not end upon my death or cessation of existence. I WILL RULE YOU FROM THE GRAVE!

Balls! You've returned!

Hail Our Balls!

Provincial Edict #4: In case of fire, do not use the elevators or the stairs. BURN, F***ERS, BURN!

Provincial Edict #5: Edicts that are multiples of five don't count.

You're so silly.

Provincial Edict #6: Silliness will NOT be tolerated. Hypocrites will be put to death. No exceptions.

It seems I was temporarily executed on my own orders. Needless to say, I was perhaps a bit hasty in my declaration of PE#6.

Provincial Edict #7: Provincial Edict #6 is hereby rendered null and void. Silliness is once again tolerable, and hypocrites' lives will be spared, except upon their violation of any other standing Provincial Edict.

A classless society

Nomadically, no matter where I be
It will be with me I mean musically
I stay on game because I'm choosing to be
Coming out the system when your cruising the streets

Provincial Edict #8: Our forum blows.

Provincial Edict #9: The insidious time-wasting "game" known as Nationstates is BANNED, and anyone caught playing it will be executed.

If people play nation simulators, they might get it into their head that they wield some sort of power. You do not.

Our forum does not blow D:

Ok, our forum blows >_>

*Goes to fix*

Provincial Edict #10: Our forum still blows.

Provincial Edict #11: Whoever can remember what Provincial Edict #1 is gets a free piece of COB government issued candy. It's balls flavored.