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Suur-Suomi i wrote:nice.
Can you also upvote some of my dispatches?


Oxjler wrote:Done!


Oxjler wrote:I'm not on OSEAN anymore?

Oh, you aren’t?

Federalania wrote:How can we help you, friend?

By following the directions written on the factbook, as long are you are in OSEAN.

Post self-deleted by Waupun Island.

Oxjler you need to put a .png behind image link for them to load.

Wait can I post an SR RP post before I am on the map?

Heulia wrote:Wait can I post an SR RP post before I am on the map?

No, you can’t. But you can write one up tho!

Wardency wrote:Oxjler you need to put a .png behind image link for them to load.

they do load. i checked myself on both mobile app and website.

Waupun Island wrote:Oh, you aren’t?

I leaved it, i don't want to be a part of it.

Post self-deleted by Waupun Island.


The White House
Central Waupun
Waupun Island,

3 people sit in a conference room. Waupun Island Minister of War, Brenton Revlon; Admiral April; and President Ray Neal. 2 guards also sit just outside the room.

“So the war is over eh?” Asks Ray. “Yes sir. They capitulated after not reinforcing the front. So many poorly trained soldiers surrendered. It was just like a historical fiction book I once read called, ‘The Invasion of The Falklands’, where very well trained special forces fought against as many as 3x the amount of men, made up by poorly trained conscripts, but then having the conscripts surrender with minimal casualties.” Responds April. “I’ve read that before as well. Good read!” Ray Neal replies. “Ok, enough of the small talk, how many POWs are there?” Brenton says, getting them back on task. “Uhh... lets see here...” responds April as she flips through a stapled packet. “Ah. Here it is. About 15,000?!?” She says, puzzled. She looks up, and scans each of the 2 other mens’ faces. “Are you sure about that?” Asks April, to no one in particular. “Uhh hold on...” says Ray, looking at one of the two guards. He then gets up, and opens the door slightly, poking his head out. He tells one of the guards something. The guard then salutes him, and walks speedily down the hall, and into another room. Ray goes back to his seat, and sits down. The guard then comes back a few minutes later with a well decorated Minudian general, who looked to be in his late 50s to early 60s. “Thank you, Tom.” Ray said, as he saluted him back. Tom smiled slightly as a way of saying “No problem.” in a respectful way, then turned around and closed the door, going back to his position. “Hello Krilitzer Bunkie, how are you?” Said Ray, standing up for a handshake. “What, I don’t get the same treatment as him?” Krilitzer asked loudly. After a short awkward silence, he said, “Ha! I gotcha!” He said with a old smoker’s laugh, that quickly turned into a cough. He then vigorously accepted the handshake. After a few seconds of handshaking, he pulled out a chair and sat down. Ray also then sat down. “We have a few questions about the POWs sir.” Asks Brenton, turning to face Krilitzer. “Hit me.” Responds Krilitzer. “Ok, so we’ve got reports that there are around 15,000 Yugobatanian POWs in our possession. Is this true?” “Yes.” Answers Krilitzer.

“Did they surrender willingly or non-willingly?”

“Most willingly, some of the officers and other higher ranking soldiers didn’t go down without a fight.”

“How well have you been treating the POWs?”

“They work very well when given incentive.”

“That’s exactly what we’re not going to do.” Ray chimes in.

“What? They deserve it after fighting us!” Complains Krilitzer.

“A: conscription was active, and B: Most of them didn’t even want to be there, because so many surrendered without much fight. So no, we are not using them as forced labor.”

“Ah come oooon!”

You’re firedNo!”

“I guess I should’ve known you would do this. Especially the atrocities you pulled at Port Rione!” And with that, Krilitzer stood up, and pulled a sidearm on Ray. Seeing this, April stood up suddenly, grabbed Krilitzer’s arm, and twisted it, making him fire, while yelling in pain. The bullet missed, and went in to the ceiling. Hearing this, the two guards went into the room and yelled at him to get down. When he didn’t, April kneed him in the chest just before he was tased by Tom. When he regained his senses a few seconds later, he was in handcuffs, and then spat blood on the ground.

“D*mmit! No! Not the brand new hardwood flooring!” Ray exclaimed. “That’s the second time this week!” He sighed. “Welp... I guess the janitor has his or her work cut out for them.”

“At least it’s not carpet.” Brenton chimed in.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Ray replied.

“What do you want me to do with this one?” Asked the other guard.

“Lock ‘im up!” April announced. When he looked at Ray for approval, Ray said, “You heard the woman! ‘Lock ‘im up!’” The guard nodded, and Krilitzer got to his feet, and was led out of the room by both Tom and the other guard.

After a minute of collective silence, Brenton finally broke it with, “Well... now that that’s over, let’s get back to business, shall we?”

“Ah yes.” Replied Ray.

OOC: Ok, so from now on, this is gonna be probably just dialogue, so I just put down the first letter of their name to signify who’s speaking.

(B)”So uhh... we should get another general down there, right?”

(R)”Yes, we should. Especially after that incident. He definitely won’t be back to the Yugobatania; ever.”

(A)”Hehe... I can get behind that. Stupid Minudians. Never liked ‘em.”

(R)”Me neither, but we shouldn’t use that as justification for anger, or anything like that.”

(A)”Yeah, yeah, of course.”

(R)”Alright, how badly has Obierka been damaged from the war?”

(A)”Not very much, from what I can tell. But that city is very poor, and as such, some of the buildings have fallen.”

(R)”Maybe an economic relief plan will be in order.”

(B)”Yeah. Maybe something like the New Deal?”

(R)”Yeah. I’ll see if I can get a loan from OSEAN approved by Chilokver , courtesy of us. I’ll also set up a state run nonprofit charity for the people to donate to.”

(B) “Do ya really think that it’ll work?”

(R) “Yeah, I’m sure people will donate. Especially considering the amount of Yugobatanian refugees that we have here.”

(A) “I think that at least some of the Yugobatanian refugees will go back, right?”

(R) “Maybe. But I really don’t know.”

Ray asked Chilokver for the loan, but has had no definite response. Most of the Yugobatanian refugees went back to Yugobatania, with the exception of about 750. The charity raised about $35,000 including $5,000 of Ray Neal’s own money. Krilitzer Bunkie is now serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison in an undisclosed location for both attempted murder of a government official, and war crimes.

Waupun Island wrote:No, you can’t. But you can write one up tho!

Who says you can’t? :P

Goodnight everyone.

*Submerges under the water*

Deerfenland wrote:Who says you can’t? :P

How much should I try to write(and don't give me low standards).

Heulia wrote:How much should I try to write(and don't give me low standards).

It’s up to you.

Territorio di Nessuno wrote:Goodnight everyone.

*Submerges under the water*


Deerfenland wrote:Who says you can’t? :P

Uhh... *looks to the left, right, and behind nervously, then leans in and whispers* The mods.

Waupun Island wrote:Uhh... *looks to the left, right, and behind nervously, then leans in and whispers* The mods.

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