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Siberian Tiger wrote:Hello,

I am the newly-appointed ambassador from South Pacific (not the Feeder).

This will be our embassy nation in your region. Please let me know if you have any questions or requests. I look forward to the chance to get to know your region a bit :)


Hi there.

Post self-deleted by Zazumo.

*Crawls into the corner and babbles incoherently, while rocking back an forth with a crazed look in his eyes*

Lorigia, Siberian Tiger, and Kenatara

Fizban wrote:Territorio di Nessuno, how have you been mate?

Good so far, what about you?

Dinoium wrote:Territorio di Nessuno It really seems like people make alts against you. Oh well, one of these days I'll get one. :P

But seriously, it is depressing honestly that people waste their time in making alts to call out you or the GAs.

What? Did i miss a new one?

Longsword01 wrote:What do you do y do

Gonna require a translation of this one :)

Utagawa wrote:*Crawls into the corner and babbles incoherently, while rocking back an forth with a crazed look in his eyes*

Ok, I'm staying back(⊙_◎)

Kenatara wrote:Ok, I'm staying back(⊙_◎)

*Swipes at your face and growls* 😠


Miruma wrote:Iím doing great, you?

Also, would you like to join the World Chess Championship?

I'm quite well, and as for chess? No, thank you. An interesting idea though! Good work!

The Black Cathedral wrote:I'm quite well, and as for chess? No, thank you. An interesting idea though! Good work!

*Pounces onto your face an scratches at your eyes* 👿
*writhes around on you possessed*

Saint castathe


Hi new countries!

Wow wow, I'm very excited!

Saint castathe

U are new player??

Saint castathe wrote:U are new player??

No u

Saint castathe wrote:U are new player??


Saint castathe

Asthea wrote:


You are new player in this game?


Saint castathe wrote:You are new player in this game?

Bruh, I'm here for like, almost 2-3 years now


About me!

by Asthea

Hello! And here is where I would explain everything that I could about my nation and "probably" a bit of myself, and always remember this new nations


Name: Asthea
Nickname: Asthy-chan, Asthy-san (however you like, but not too much)
Age: *FBI Knocks*
Likes: Vanilla, Meeting friends, Getting one upvotes for the Nation Bio
Dislikes: didn't get noticed by people, cockroaches and corruption rates

Few notes:

I'm quickly to get triggered, so, ahem, please don't be racist

Don't ask for my fetish please, I rather keep it secret

Don't talk using 中文字, it irritates me, why? Don't ask

I'm a Pacifist, but sometimes I can get hungry, but don't worry, most of my warring posts are jokes, don't take it seriously :3

(Unless you declare war at me first)

My nation use Renewable Energy Sources, so don't try to sell uranium or fuel to me

Martantaka is my husbando, don't touch him >:3

Kerlodia is my GBFF

I don't know who Kerlodes is

I'm a little annoying when it comes to fighting, so please forgive me for giving you some offense in that process

Oh oh! I like headpats! Feel free to pat my head anytime! ^w^

what I do hate the most is that you call me shorty! I'm 5'3!

It is confirmed I was sadistic, I like to see people in a confined spaces broke down and just do anything they would do to just wanted to break out

Literally, my country supposed to be a joke, named Asthma, But somehow, the name spelled Asthea instead of Asthma

I found it out few days after my country was created, and I was like "eh why not?"

Anyway, I hope you could understand more about me and a few things I don't like in the future, which I would put up here in case of another new nation is coming in

I may look like a land hungry country, but I care about others too! *pouts* also, if you don't mind, can i be your friend? <:3

Read factbook

Note for all new country in TNP ^w^

Saint castathe

Ok.. good try

East tighterrouraeih wrote:If Lotion Empire decides to declare war on Orbitar I will be forced to intervene as well, along with the entirety of the Fusean union, as well as 4 other nations I have a defense pact with, all of whom I have good relations with. So I have my hands tied, I can see you do to. Just caution, it never looks good to side with the aggressor, cause this war might create another Weltkreig(Great War), which will probably result in the shrinking of your nation and Lotions(Yes, I do have connections with OSEAN and Pax Havenica. So some nations from their alliances might join as well).



Ok, not to ripple any nipples, but imma be honest you best squeeze the juice from your last pixels before their swallowed up. As a show of grace, I will bless the Lotions with anything they desire, including hippo might 💪 😤 and donít make me send my nerds on you.

The Aerilia will see you through.

I will declare war on you if you are in conflict with Penult, because because.

Seems unusually quiet here...

Utagawa wrote:*Pounces onto your face an scratches at your eyes* 👿
*writhes around on you possessed*

Really? Vampires, Egypt, now this?

CONFEDERATION OF HALANDIA wrote:Seems unusually quiet here...

That's TNP for you

It wasn't always this way.


*lurks harder*

Saint castathe

Please dont war

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