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The real south auckland

At this point I am understanding that only main nations are being able to vote for Hegemon.
Is this correct?

Infernal Spawn of Evil hasn't been informed of that restriction on voting. Infernal Spawn of Evil's current opinion is that who can and can't vote will be sorted out in the tallying process.


All nations that currently reside within The Randomly Misplaced Artificial Isles may vote.

The first members of parliament have been 'democratically' elected by me, (using the one man, one vote system).

They will be officially announced at 11:00pm UTC.

Fake finland

These are the new MPs.

Oh yeah, and Infernal Spawn of Evil too.

I would like to announce that The real south auckland is unable to reside in the Randomly Misplaced Artificial Isles any longer. And with that put out of the way would like to claim The followers of helix as my new puppet nation!

Post by Inteltopia suppressed by Infernal Spawn of Evil.


Following the recent announcement of all out nuclear war, Quasiphage announces their intentions to form a Socialist Bloc Faction, in order to survive. Our main targets should be those in small(er) capitalist regions, or within our region itself. I would also like to invite Ulfrzka and IFcult to join, if they so wish. Happy Nuclear Apocalypse Everyone!

Reporting in. Due to an unexpected attack from another faction, The Rogue Nation of Nefastia can no longer continue to fight after a futile attempt at retaliation. To any functioning nations, please report to your battle stations.

We have been defeated.


But do not worry, next year we will learn from our mistakes and survive 24 hours of chaos and fury.

We die today in a blaze of hellfire with cries of "25%" or something equally patriotic on our lips. We failed today, but we can rise from our graves to become stronger. The COASS was, and will be, reborn next year (although probably as COAST) if there is an N-day 3.

Keep checking the news, there will be more soon.

I call a parliamentary session!

Please postulate what laws you want passed.

"Region members who are not regional officers may call parliamentary sessions. Regional officers may not call parliamentary sessions."


Ay lmao.

The fallen virtue shall be my puppet state from now on. It's time for more blood.

The fallen virtue

The fallen virtue would like to spread their devotion for their lord, Lucifer. Under the guidance of his grace, we would like to offer nations in The Randomly Misplaced Artificial Isles a chance for enlightenment. Our Lord wishes to gather more followers before the prophecy is fulfilled and the gates to our Holy Land is opened, offering us shelter from Armageddon. If you accept our Lord's mercy, offer thirteen virgin sacrifices on your nation's borders on the thirteenth dusk after the new moon in October.

May our Lord's will reach your soul and our prayers be heard.


'The Delegate-Collective of the International Disposition of Delegatory Leeches Syndicate' ('The DIDDLS') would like to request a vote for a potential flag of representation of the RMAI as we are unable to locate one. If one is present please inform 'The DIDDLS' as soon as possible.


Any and all designs for a new flag of The Randomly Misplaced Artificial Isles can now be submitted, via Imgur or similar image hosting site, to the RMB.


Quasiphage wishes to announce it will begin to colonise Mars shortly.


Quasiphage's proposed flag resides at


Lefftileechlegakriegan, your wish is granted, somewhat.

The fallen virtue

The fallen virtue laments the disappearance of fellow nations. We wish to have a moment of silence to mourn the negligence of mankind. In lieu of this, we must also celebrate this event as Lucifer has received an offering of millions. May he be merciful to them.

May our Lordís will reach your soul and our prayers be heard.


Nations of The Randomly Misplaced Artificial Isles! We will soon undergo our first Zombie Apocalypse as a united region. We must join the Hordes of the Undead, for the glory of the region. In Death there is freedom. In Death there is equality. What better way to achieve the socialist dream than to descend into a stateless rabble of Peace?

Pax Aeterna!
Aequalitas Aeterna!
Libertas Aeterna!
Veni In Nos In Morte!


The 'DIDDLS' supports this.

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