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Hey guys happy to see the embassy is up!

The new age empire wrote:Hey guys happy to see the embassy is up!

Absolutely! May we have a long and prosperous alliance!

The new age empire and Fitler0w0


I am making a fascist region with a puppet I will say the name on the board


Zordennox should I go?

Fitler0w0 wrote:Zordennox should I go?

Yes, I will permit you to go to the Region of national socialists as a delegate from our region. You will report to me through telegram.


Zordennox wrote:Yes, I will permit you to go to the Region of national socialists as a delegate from our region. You will report to me through telegram.

Thank you!


Deuctland the password you gave me is not working. Please tell me the pass over TG to Region of national socialists


The pass word does not work.

Fitler0w0 wrote:The pass word does not work.

I'm changing it

American national syndicalist states


Who will have main leader ship over this organization? Also I'm interested.

Zordennox and Fitler0w0

Of you are interested I. Joining the imperial army (factbook\army reserve) please telegram me.

hey i am bck

The democratic representatives of defeat and treason have long been appealing to the Italian youth in a more or less pathetic and paternalistic way, seeking to make them follow their lead and win them over to their ideologies. These fellows should realize that they are wasting their time. The Italian youth - the true Italian youth - have no need of them. They have a character and form of their own, and are increasingly aware of the political role they play - and will play - in the life of the country, in terms of the rejection of the moral condition that was created as a result of the unsuccessful war, as well as of a revolt against the renewed climate of an Italy ruled by petty politicians, stripped of its dignity and virility, and subservient to foreign interests.

Therefore, it is necessary for the Italian youth to lend clear expression to this revolt through an ideology and programme, so as to ever more broadly and consciously combine their forces and confidently progress along their path.

We wish to share the following notes with our friends and comrades. They are simply conceived as a starting point for the formulation of a Youth Charter to be approved by a national congress, on the one hand as a profession of faith free from all ambiguity or wavering and, on the other, as a means of action for the broad coordination of the forces of the new Italian generations, or at any rate the most vital ones.


  1. We conceive youth not as a matter of age or a biological fact, but essentially as a spiritual attitude, as a tone and style of life. It is defined by the enthusiasm and generosity of those who follow an ideal simply out of love for this ideal; by a yearning for the unconditional, which is inseparable from any idealism, by a taste for action; by an impulse towards renovation, towards marching forward; by contempt for easy living.

  2. Youth has a revolutionary character, where revolution is understood not as an inordinate desire for what is new and different or as a subversive force, but rather as intolerance for stagnation, a yearning to ensure the perennial relevance of one's ideal, and as a constant fire destroying all inertia and overcoming all obstacles.

  3. Youth - our youth - therefore show themselves through a spiritual, heroic, and agonistic view of life. They reject all forms of materialism, all economic or socialistic myths, in all domains. It sees Americanism and Bolshevism as two sides of the same illness - not as two possible options. To both it thus opposes the right and value of a dominating personality, beyond the world of matter and quantity, of mercantilism and collectivism.

From this inner form of youth, the following political corollaries are derived:

Individual, State, Nation

  1. We completely reject the myth of 'immortal principals,' along with all that is based on them. To the atomistic, egalitarian, and libertarian concept of the individual, we oppose the differentiated and qualitative one of person, understood as dignity that is not given to everyone but must be earned, and which - even when it has been earned - is not the same for everybody. The inseparable counterpart to this is hierarchy.

  2. We conceive the state as a super-naturalistic order within which the value of one's personality are integrated and each human activity, arranged according to a system of disciplines, may acquire a higher significance. The state must never degenerate into a cold and impersonal entity, into a leveling legal abstraction. The state must be made up of men and leaders of men. Authority, conceived first of all as spiritual authority, is the basis of the true state - our state. At the same time, authority means power.

  3. Freedom, in the true state, must be conceived not in individualistic and democratic terms, but rather in relation to its specific function within an organic system. The true freedom is not that of the abstract 'rights' of natural law theory, but rather that which is exercised through relations of obedience and command - of spontaneous obedience and responsible command.

  4. The nation develops from being a naturalistic reality defined by ethnic, territorial, and linguistic factors, or an association of citizens, into a spiritual fact when it is integrated within the state. The state represents the higher conscience of the nation, manifesting itself within it as an idea and power.

Culture, Society

  1. Both the liberal concept of culture and the simply humanist or aestheticising one are quite foreign to the youth - the new or, at any rate, more lively generations. They primarily conceive of culture in classical terms, as being synonymous with style: one's inner style. In the climate of this difficult age, they no longer value mere bourgeois art and disorderly, subjective creativity that is detached from all principals and shows no character or uprightness. The heroic view of life goes hand-in-hand with a realism that sets clear limits upon the previous worship of the 'intellectual.'

  2. Precisely in the name of its heroic and anti-materialist conception of life, the youth equally oppose the widespread mental distortion which places every human activity into the category of 'labour.' As in all normal civilizations, the term 'labour' must be limited to the more materially conditioned, and hence subordinated, forms of human activity. The higher expressions of human personality must be defined not in terms of 'labour,' but in terms of action. Neither the 'state of labour' - strictly speaking - nor the 'humanism of labour,' both of which betray a proletarianised view of life, can fulfill our ideal. This ideal - let us stress once more - is chiefly a heroic one. It is above the world of labour and production (The last words for Bolshevism as much as Americanism) that it finds the highest forms of interest and modes of personal realization.

  3. The family is among the values to be defended both against Communism and against the liberal-atomistic conception of the individual. Yet in order to promote and protect it from the process of dissolution now well underway, it must be 'de-bourgeoisised' and integrated with the concepts of the folk and tradition - those of the blood as much as of the spirit. Only then, once the family has ceased to be a mere naturalistic and conformist reality, can its order be organically restored within the state, thereby confirming the hierarchy of values under mortal threat by self-serving democratic and liberal conceptions.

  4. The youth conceive the party system and democratic representation as resurgences of the past, as an outdated system whose incapacity to face current problems is increasingly evident, especially in Italy. The Italian youth feel the need for a corporative system of representation, which takes the specific form of categories of value and hierarchies of competences: all this, outside of any party or cabal, within an organic system that finds its center in a superior principal of authority, the purely political principal which stands as the basis of the true state.

Italy, Europe

  1. The youth want Italy to regain its dignity and confirm its inseparable unity; it wants suitable, energetic, and resolute men to proudly proclaim the country's rights before foreign powers and the new supra-national blocs of East and West, by adamantly refusing to follow those who - in the name of a defeat for which not our, but their own deceit is to be blamed - wish to brand both Italy and ourselves with the mark of servitude, or at any rate of perpetual subordination.

  2. However, given the power of the competing world forces and interests, the youth look towards the establishment of a bloc of European states on a national basis, as the expression of a new generation and of a reborn, august tradition that extends through the centuries all the way back to Rome. Consequently, there is no plan to achieve artificial unity through a feeble and inefficient 'European federal parliament.' Here too, the idea is that of an organic, virile, and hierarchical unity to which each European country may contribute with its own genius, while preserving its own individuality and rightful place.

  3. Within this framework, Italy may serve a higher mission not so much as a 'Latin' nation, but as a Roman one; and this, to the extent that, as the most adequate means for reacting against the current climate or moral, political, and social disintegration in our country, it will prove capable of drawing upon those elements of style and uprightness that shaped the Roman man and, later, the man of the Romano-Germanic European civilization.

The Action Of The Italian Youth

In accordance with these guidelines, the Italian youth seek to establish a spiritual and national movement that - in order to rain the cadres of a new ruling class constituting an 'order of believers and fighters' - will pursue the following goals:

  1. To steer the youth as a whole: to detoxify those sections of it that have fallen under the spell of either Left-wing currents or of the 'democracy' now in vogue; to take a stand against those decaying and degenerate agonistic elements that live from hand to mouth and know nothing more interesting than sport, dancing, and films.

  2. To spark a new awareness, in universities as well as workplaces and clubs, by supporting and integrating the explicitly political action of the party.

  3. To heighten the feeling of profound, existential detachment between the current ruling class and a lively, young, and revolutionary force that follows its own path and from which a new Italy and a new world will spring forth and affirm themselves.

  4. To establish and develop contacts with the young, or at any rate most lively elements, in other European countries so as to ensure an appropriate coordination of the goals and the means to attain them.

  5. To provide a distinctive contribution to the political battle being waged by the MSI, to which the youth is offering its solidarity, trusting it will not be disappointed. This contribution will take the concrete form of doctrinal intransigence and of a rigorously pure Ideal, made possible by the fewer constraints imposed upon a youth that is to present themselves chiefly as a spiritual movement.

Published by Arktos Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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Louis20, Zordennox, and Fitler0w0

Post by The national socialist state of eire suppressed by a moderator.

Anniversary EVent for Wilhlem Wilhelm von Wermarn-Arnburg(Selven) and Lady Morrighan(MorrighanWarGoddess) to celebrate their 1 Year Anniversary, Sunday at 2pm in National Socialist Ministries, Lady Morrighan's original region which is now claimed by the Monarchy. We are having a trivia contest on Germanic History, Pre-WW1 and Biblical. I hope you guys will make it.

Zordennox and Fitler0w0

Fitler0w0 Thank you for stopping in to my Event. It is very appreciated as is the support of the United Fascist Workers Association. I don't get to stop in as much as I would like but Ministries and Bunicken have held Embassies for a long time with your region. I have always valued that.

Zordennox and Fitler0w0


High Priestess Morrighan wrote:Fitler0w0 Thank you for stopping in to my Event. It is very appreciated as is the support of the United Fascist Workers Association. I don't get to stop in as much as I would like but Ministries and Bunicken have held Embassies for a long time with your region. I have always valued that.

Thank you for the kind words



Zordennox and Alvockaz

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