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we are losing nations! ;__;


anyone here have kids?

^^ "If so, get them to create a nation and move it to Weed... ASAP" ^^

Hardy, har, harrr...

I've been thinking about doing a recruitment drive for Marijuana, but I don't want to get labeled as NationStates' resident "pusher".. heh. I'd rather wait for some sterling nations to find the region and decide to call it home than bring in a bunch of randoms who don't really have much interest in life's "higher" pursuits.

So im pretty much accepting all embassy requests.
If anyone here has a problem with one of the regions just let me know and I'll cancel

is there anyone I havent endorsed yet?


Hello !

Post self-deleted by Southerncedars.


putt heads i am smoking one of Africa finest weed 's !!!!!!

waka waka waka this is africa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



so what's next !?

Pull up a chair by the fire and share any stoned stories you may have. Good to have you on board.


:) in the past 4 years i moved to africa ! congo ! the heart of africa....beautifull and very deadly country
living in here is different in all aspects of life....

i have 2 pleasures in here african weed !!!! ( so fresh and u find it easily :) ) ! and my Rottweiler female her name is Gucci she saves me from alot of trouble in this country and bring me safe always back home to enjoy !

i dont wanna bore you with my african stories but i can tell u in these 4 years i have passed through : a kidnap attempt , deadly desieas , my car got burned and exploded , and a robbery.

i changed alot became somthing different from what i have been ! anyway nice meeting u people !

my name is Willy.

Sounds like you've had quite a life. We tend to be more of a pacifist bunch here.
You live on a continent going through a time of uncertainty and change.
But change can be for the better.
May your future be calm and healthy.


Come back man!!!
Tell me it's not true.


anybodyyyyyyy herrreeeeee???

Legalize It!

Grand daddy purple

Hell yeah! Buds for all!

wow! we have almost 30 nations now, and 8 Embassies! :3

I'm back mother truckers! Sorry i havent been using my computer. Happy belated 420 ya'll!

BowlPack Here. :D Happy Easter everyone.

Welcome home Kidds and BowlPack. Pull up a chair. How've you both been keeping?

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