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We're back with our trash WFE. Hail the greatest Pacific and all that jazz.

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First of all, I'm Zukchiva. TG me if you want confirmation.

So I'm just posting this here because... IDK. You four are really epic and shaped my RMB RP journey from its beginning to whatever it is at now. As for why I'm posting this, it's because I'm in a cheesy and grateful mood, and I've been sending these OWLs for the past two days as part of the Harry Potter event. OWLs being basically messages of thanks. However, it's a bit of effort and if I started trying to thank everyone I know on the RMB, I would never finish lmao. So I decided to stick to you six.

To any other RMBer reading this, I'm grateful for you! Don't assume I am not. But there's only so much effort I can put into these ;w;

Okay, without further ado, here we go.


Shav, you're an amazing person and that's just a fact about it. I remember when you were a little godmodder, and you've grown up so much since then both as a person and as a roleplayer. Your roleplay posts now are amazing and, unlike me and many other older RPers, you've adopted to Angel's rules and continue to make a name for yourself in Valsora. You're always improving and always worldbuilding and what can I say besides that's so awesome???? You're one of the best RMB RPers ever, Shavara. And whether we were friends or enemies, I now respect you for the progressive roleplayer you are, always pushing the limits for whats possible and crafting your nation into something well defined. You show just how much worldbuilding can be achieved in RMB RP, despite RMB RP's focus on politics.

Shavara, you're also a sensitive and caring person, and that is amazing. The vast majority of the times I pop into the RMB, you're there greeting me. I really appreciate it, even if I don't respond most of the time. Your love and your friendship means a lot, my friend. Thank you for being here and for continuously giving us a chance to experience your excellence. <3

Kampf Empire

Good ol' Kampf, terror of the RMB and a tired college student otherwise.

Kampf, the first thing I remember about you is trying to get banned from the NPO. Since then, you've proven to be ambitious and ultimately focused on the story, when many others were focusing on nabbing as many pixels as possible. I will admit that sometimes I took my IC dislike too far on you, but the fact is I have always seen you as a roleplayer with so much potential and growth. You have always played an excellent villain and regular nation otherwise. You are amazing, Kampf, and there is no doubt in my mind about that.

And how can I talk about you without talking about the random shennanigans you do? Destroying people's houses, crushing nations, being Santa Kampf- you continue to bring your unique brand of humor and will into the RMB, even though the RMB we both knew two years ago is all but gone. Yet you still try to spread your jokes and humor. Needless to say, your humor has probably rubbed off of mine, although you don't see it that much on the RMB.

I know college is tiring- you always post about it- but stick it out. I believe in you. You have the will and the way, you can do it! And than you, Kampf, for giving us so much attention and love despite how busy you are. I am grateful for you. If you ever need to vent about college, my TGs are always open (and I could use the advice as I follow in your path in a few years ;P).

Stellar Colonies

STELLAR! You truly are a... stellar person. (Don't kill me pl0x.)

Stellar, you're another amazing person I am forever grateful for. Why? Because without you, how could I even be here???? You are the one who made the cornerstone of TAMDEZ. You are the one who made it more than a shortly lived roleplay; you made it into something amazing and something alive. And that roleplay, Stellar, is what began my three years here on NS. Without that roleplay, IDK what could have happened. I could have quit. I could have gone to another region.

It is because of TAMDEZ, your creation Stellar, that I eventually got involved in TEP government. It is because of you that I was able to meet all of the people I have met, and have all the experiences I did beyond the RMB. You made the foundation of the roleplay that launched me into the stars. NS has helped me do so much and grow, and all that started because of you. You will always have my eternal gratitude for that, Stellar. TAMDEZ still, to this day, remains my favorite roleplay of all time.

And let's talk about you specifically. Your worldbuilding is amazing. Your writing is excellent. Your personality is calm and collected. What am I not to love about you? You are a builder, a wonder-maker, a man with great opinions. Stellar, you are a wonderful person and I am grateful for your existence. Thank you for being my friend.


#Aivintismellz (i think I got that right)

Euri, I remember you when I was logging on in my earliest days of NationStates. I remember seeing you as one of the most powerful and funniest nations ever, what with your EoE and constant interactions with TAMDEZ. You were one of the reasons TAMDEZ is my #1 favorite roleplay of all time, because along with Trukya, you kept the roleplay light-hearted and funny. And while TAMDEZ eventually went away, you did not. Even though the community and roleplay you loved was gone, you still kept checking in on the RMB as the years went by. You were always here, watching newer roleplayers get their boots on and make their way into the world. Even when it wasn't enjoyable, you stuck around.

Euri, you are creative and amazing. Even if you insult me every time we meet, I still believe you are a special person to me. Restarting TACEZ is something I am proud of and you should be proud of it too. Admittedly, I am inactive in it, but nonetheless I appreciate all the work you've put in: discussing ideas, making your own posts, and generally just giving us hope in getting the roleplay off of the ground. Aivintis may be responsible for planning, but it was with your support and initiative that TACEZ took off the ground at all.

Euri. You are amazing. And I kiiinda have a feeling you may not take this to heart, so let me say it again: you. are. amazing. All of what I just said is from the depth of my heart. Maybe it's cringe, but I mean it 110%. Thank you for being my friend.



We've known each other for three years now. And there's a lot I have to say.

First, ever since I stole my map, you and I have been allies. No matter what happened, you were there to protect me and to guide my nation to a better future. And in return, you allowed me to protect you although you rarely needed my protection. You allowed my nation, Zukchiva, to hold some influence in the insane political landscape of back then. I have no doubt that you are one of the greatest IC allies I ever had, despite our nations' differences. I am not sure if I will find an ally like you in any RP I do, ever again.

And what about your writing? You create the best factbooks ever, Nova. Your factbooks are exquisite and are probably some of the best to ever come from an RMB RP nation. And your writing? AWESOME!! And it's only grown from there. Even posts you deem as short and dull surpass anything I could try to spit out. Nova, you are an awesome roleplayer. And I firmly believe that you fully deserve the OGO given to you by Libertanny. You are one of the best roleplayers in TEP, hands down. Don't ever doubt your writing ability, because your writing is amazing.

Last but not least, cartography. Nova, when I called together that council, you came running and investing yourself as much as possible. You put your back into the work, even though none of us knew if our map would even be accepted. And ultimately it wasn't and the Council was disbanded. But, Nova, you took a project that we failed at and made it into something beautiful. You single-handedly launched RMB RP into a new era. A lot of people know what Angel did, but I don't think many people truly appreciate how much you did for RMB RP. When Valsora, a project you revived just for fun, became the mainstream map, you didn't run away despite your waning interest in NS. Despite knowing how hard it was, you took on the role of cartographer and built a map worthy of even the best and highest quality RMB RP. And you still keep giving. Nova, Valsora is your legacy, and no matter what happens to TEP, you and your work will always be remembered.

Nova, you are an awesome friend, a great worldbuilder, a steadfast dude, and a hard worker. Thank you for being so awesome to me and to RMB RP. Thank you for being my friend. ;w;


First of all, apologies for accidentally trying to log into your nation. x.x I put "Pakitsk" instead of "Bonket" and whoops. :p

Anyways, Paki. We disagree on a ton of stuff. Resident rights, WA stuff, law, regionalism, we're pretty different people. But all that aside, I believe that you are an epic person. You are amazing, Paki. Why?

First off, RMB. For pretty much three years straight, you have been moderating the RMB to keep it clean, yet memey and fun. And while I do sometimes want to poke you in disagreement, I am still grateful for all the work you do here. You have shaped and trimmed this community and the RMB to make it clean, orderly, and fun. Yet, you still allow people to be wonky and hilarious. Not to mention, you were never some cold uninvolved moderator; you always took the effort to involve yourself in the RMB. Even when you used to not RP, I know I speak for many others and myself when I say I have always seen you as an RMBer.

Let's not forget how steadfast, principled, and spirited you are. You hold onto your principles with a grip stronger than steel, and are willing to do so much as resign from government to show your disagreement with things. I admire that strength- I probably wouldn't be able to do that. You are a courageous person whom everyone can rely on. Paki, you are also so damn dedicated to TEP's welfare. Even when you're taking a break and chilling, you keep TEP in your hearts. No matter your disagreements with everyone there, you care for the region. Whether it's as Minister or Arbiter or Vizier, your make your love for TEP known.

Thank you for being my friend, Paki. I am so glad I've gotten to know you throughout these years. <3


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