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This RP takes place in the 1400s. We have magic, strange creatures, and different races. To learn more about Xedas, join the discord

Westberg Empire wrote:Hello. Can you tell me about this rp? What is it about?

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Hey guys, welcome to Xedas
Please join our discord at, this is where 99% of our activity can be found.

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Ard Nax, or Yelmar as it is sometimes called, is a land of which until recently little was known. In the cold north of Koemashita, it is a land shrouded in fog and mystery in equal parts. Forests that stretch beyond the horizon, of trees as old as the world that spiral upwards until the light never reaches the ground. Beyond those infinite forests, the Lake of Life; according to their legends, it is what remains of when their gods carved out the core of the moon, and their touch lingers on those crystal-clear waters to this very day.

And in those lands live a wild people, savage yet noble in equal measure. Stories tell of the bravery of their warriors, as loyal to each other as the wolves they are kin with and just as fierce. When they sit besides their great log fires they tell tales of valour, of heroism against impossible odds. The snow and ice may freeze the surface, but inside their blood boils with fire; a statement agreed upon by every man who has the misfortune to face them in battle. Their harsh homeland has forged them into men of steel, who will never bend unwilling and will never break their will.

Yet now we have been there. We have gone to this far-off land, and we have seen for ourselves the truth behind those legends. In the aftermath of the Naxian War, through interviews with survivors from Chalsardu and Ard Nax alike, and through my own visit, I can present at long last an honest accounting of their land.

Introduction to Throne of the Winter Sun by Bakarne Metaxas

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Kandradi Canasar's Letter of Condolence to Lord Protector Oralai of Seniker

“My dear friend Oralai,

“I am sorry for your loss. To lose anyone in one’s family is never easy, losing one’s father most of all. I cannot say that I knew Helvrak long, but in the two years since I first arrived here in Seniker, I grew to know him well. He trusted me deeply, confiding in me whenever times were troubled and seeking my advice. Your father was a good man, a strong man, and a caring man.

“His legacy is a long and proud one. He was a fixture, an unwavering mainstay of Seniker civil society, a stalwart leader through many centuries. He oversaw the uniting of squabbling Seniker clans into a single entity, a single people. Under him the Seniker reached out overseas, forming fast friendships with among others Tavras and my home country of Chalsardu. And when the Nomadir sought to ransack and ravage your home, it was his brave efforts, his gallant sacrifice, that saw them defeated and Seniker saved.

“It will not be an easy legacy to live up to. It never is. To be Lord Protector of the Seniker is a great and weighty responsibility; over a million people will look up to you for guidance, and it will be your duty to give them such. To do so, when succeeding such a great man, can make even the largest feel small, and there shall be struggles along the way.

“Your father recognised that, recognised the troubles you would face as his successor. Before that final battle, he spoke with myself, Norias, Nokir, and Torus, and confided in us that he did not believe he would survive the battle. He called the four of us because he trusted us as advisors, as people who had supported his rule and had ensured that he did not err. He called us because he wanted us to do the same for you as we had for him, wanted us to guide you in his footsteps, wanted us to teach and support you in becoming as wise and just a leader as he. We four swore a holy oath that we would do so, that we would do everything in our power to do as he asked us.

“There are those who would contest your rule, those who would through jealousy and envy seek to overthrow you and deny you your legitimate inheritance. Your father was a good man, yet not everybody saw him that way, and they may think you but a weak child. But you have our unstinting support. My homeland sent ten thousand soldiers to defend Seniker against the Nomadir; seven thousand of those still remain, and the Commonwealth will continue to send whatever is necessary to protect Seniker’s people and prosperity. For the ties that were formalised before have been forged now in the heat of battle, and the friendship between our peoples will not be broken.

“Oralai, Lord Protector of the Seniker, you have our protection.

Kandradi Canasar,
Minister for Seniker,
Commonwealth of Chalsardu.”

Hello everyone I found this region and decided to join. I hope that is okay.

“Our paternal heart is deeply moved by the sorrowful events which have befallen the people of Valassyrie, where man may no longer acknowledge the truth. And not only is Our heart moved, but so too are the hearts of all men who cherish the rights of civil society, the dignity of man, and the liberty which is due to individuals and to nations.

And so, aware of Our Apostolic duties, We cannot but fervently appeal to all of you, and to the flocks entrusted to each of you, that, animated by brotherly love, you raise suppliant prayers with Us to the Seldarine, in Whose hands lie the destinies of peoples as well as the power and very lives of their rulers. Let us pray that an end may be put to this carnage and that a genuine peace founded on justice, charity, and rightful freedom may some day dawn again.

May all men come to realize that the truth of our divine heritage cannot be denied by an armed might which brings many to their death, nor by that violence inflicted upon citizens which is powerless to compel their inner assent, nor by those deceitful fictions which corrupt the mind. May all men stand with their Valassyrien kin, and with them defend the right of Elves in all the world to recognise and celebrate their holy ancestry, even as their rulers would seek to deny it to themselves.”

Excerpt from the Exarch of Sigan’s encyclical on the forbiddance of Seldarinism in Valassyrie.

[color=Blue]Welcome[/color] to the [color=Orange]World[/color] of [color=Green]Xedas[/color]!✨

A land of powerful magic, legendary weaponry, diverse people groups and species, lore, wars, darkness, prosperity and countless other events and possibilities. Rule your own nation and share its story.

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[hr]All national or character rp, as well as misc and casual content, is held on the regional Discord. Nation States serves primarily as a means for storage and recruitment. The RMB should not be used for rp. NOTE : The map displayed below is outdated, check the server for the newest maps.

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[hr]Xedas technological limits are based off of real world technology of the mid 15th century. For a more specific reference point take 1442.

Wendsnow wrote:Hello everyone I found this region and decided to join. I hope that is okay.

It sure is. Also be sure to join our discord server (, that's where 90% of our activity takes place.
Hope you enjoy!

“Across the south of Ensho, spanning the continent from sea to shining sea, lay a great wall of greenery, a forest where one could walk from the rising sun’s shore to the setting sun’s without leaving the cover of that leafy canopy. In verdant groves spirits of primal nature played freely. Millennia-old trees towered above even the mightiest mammoth. And hidden within those impenetrable woods were ancient marvels, promises of primordial power long forgotten that beckoned the unwary and gave succour to the ignorant. To enter those lands, to cross the Aralur or the Nakari, was to leave civilisation behind and to walk into an untouched, pristine paradise.

Except of course that such descriptions require the writer to have never actually been to those lands or interacted with anybody from there. And whilst the Nakari and the Aralur ranges are natural barriers that formed clear borders with Chalsardu proper, they have been crossed numerous times over the millennia, ever since Elves first arrived in Ensho and perhaps even before then. Civilisation has spilled over the mountains from the coast into the Tarkaren valley, despite the best efforts of the locals; and far those Tarkar and Avdira may be from Chalsardu proper they are firmly within the Commonwealth’s reach.

But further south and further west, in parts further from roads and sanitation, the old aphorisms have yet to be disproven. Beyond the waterfalls of Telkar the Tarkaren river runs deep into uncharted forests and untamed wilds, where once the traveller strays from the river’s course they may never find their way back to safety again. The wise visitor will be careful to not stray beyond the Commonwealth’s borders; but then the wise visitor is reading this book right now, and would have no need to be reminded so in the first place.”

From the introduction to The Great Tarkaren by Latsari Agorria. Published by Island Public Press.

“My dear friend,

Thannis Inioch is an intelligent man; he had passed head of his class at the Elsprinas Combined School, had completed his apprenticeship as a solicitor two years earlier than scheduled, and his careful sleuthing and investigation had uncovered what was the largest fraud case in Chalsardi legal history.

Thannis is a brave man; he chose to defend himself in court over an accusation of perjury rather than drag his father into it (and won), personally swam to the wreckage of the Haizea to confirm whether the captain’s testimony was true, and willingly met a Sekezian godfather to get them to release evidence relevant to the case.

Thannis is a lucky man; his father was a senior law partner and Mayor of Elsprinas before becoming Legal Secretary to the Lady Protector, his sister is the Minister for an entire country and in a relationship with a senior government official there, and his own wife was well-connected in Nuraghia before she eloped with him.

What Thannis is not is wise. He is intelligent in that he has opted to traverse the upper Aralur during the summer, when the snow has melted but the spring floods had already passed. He is brave in that he has chosen to cross the Aralur at all, especially via a lesser-used trail. He was lucky in that despite the warnings of the official guidance he had not had any injury or delay on his journey. But what isn’t wise is the fact that he has chosen to cross not into Tarkaren but further south, beyond the borders of the Commonwealth entirely, into Dadia.

For above all, Thannis is an ambitious man. In pursuit of status he has studied hard, gone where others dare not, and been in the right place at the right time. And now he goes to Dadia on our behalf, that he might secure his status. He is an asset and liability in equal measure, one who brings great promise and great danger in equal measure.

At least be willing to consider the former as well as the latter. For all our sakes.

Virion Ravamaris”

“In Dadia did Shaengarn
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river ran
through forests measureless to man
down to the sunset’s sea.”
- Shaengarn, by Kevorkian

Dadia! The name that lured adventurers across the southern Aralur, enticed them to brave the frozen peaks of western Valassyria, promised untold riches and ancient power. The forests of southern Ensho were not so unbroken, not so wild, not so untamed and uncivilised as some would claim, and when asked why Dadia was always the example given.

And indeed there was truth to those statements. Astride the higher reaches of the river Alph a nation by the name of Dadia did indeed exist, nestled between the snow-capped peaks of the Aralur and the wide-open tundra to the south. Natural barriers in all directions protected this land from north, south, east, and west alike, keeping the locals in and foreigners out. An oasis of civilisation and prosperity amidst a sea of tribal trees, of which many had heard but few had seen – no wonder so many tales were told about it.
Trees that stood above the clouds. Crystal towers that sparkled in the sun. Arrows made of heartwood blessed by Rilifane himself that never missed their mark. A land where it never grew too hot nor too cold, with temperatures controlled by the ambient magic of the realm that made every individual as those they were still in the lands of faerie. And at the centre of it all, the Shaengarn; they who drank of the ambrosia of this still-extant Eden.

Yet when, after much trouble, Thannis and his wife Tasia Thallan made their way over the mountains in the summer of 4030, what they found was not what they expected. Instead of the promise of riches untold, they saw only a land near as ordinary as any other. No gleaming spires, no gold-plated pathways between cloud-climbing arboreta; only the mediocrity of a land of mildly-urbanised clans whom geography had denied civilisation.

From The Shaengarn Exposed by Bakarne Metaxas.


I write this letter for circumstances require that I cannot deliver my report in person. The courier, however, is a trustworthy one, even if she is yet to be initiated, and I have trust in her abilities to reach you safely, securely, and diligently. For secrecy’s sake this is but a summary; the full report I shall give when I can.

The glories of Dadia are less than they ever were, but they did exist. And whilst a ruined crystal tower, half-buried under foliage and spread along half a mile of length, is no pretty sight, it is often an untouched one. The policies and the attitudes of the Dadians have little to recommend themselves, but their unwillingness to abet the common stranger has ensured that certain secrets have gone into the right hands.

I shall need further time to research here; Dadia is a familiar land and a strange one in equal measure, and many secrets remain to be uncovered. Yet the most important has been revealed unto us, the most precious delivered into my hands and from them into ours. In due course all shall unfold; with what we have we can afford to be patient.


P.S. I’m reminded of that poem one of the others recited that one time; I think this is how the last bit went.

And all who heard should see them there,
And all should cry, Beware! Beware!
His flashing eyes, his floating hair!
Weave a circle round him thrice,
And close your eyes with holy dread
For he on honey-dew hath fed,
And drunk the milk of Paradise.

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