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Ramaeus wrote:Hello

Hello, my dear Ram.

Potato skins

Opstan wrote:Potato skins



Proj Arcania wrote:What??

I feel sad and really hate myself rn...

Opstan wrote:I feel sad and really hate myself rn...

anything we can do?

Crabbiness wrote::/
anything we can do?

No... Not really.


On this day, September 11th 2001, the United States was attacked. Thousands of innocent lives were lost, including hundreds of service men. Next time you see a firefighter, EMS personnel, or a police officer, remember that their job is to protect you when you need protecting, help you when you need helping, and save you when you need saving. Let's also remember the heroes on the fourth plane that heard about the other 2 attacks and took action and gave their lives to crash the plane in a field instead of letting the terrorists crash it into their planned target, the white house. Take this time to remember the heroes of your country and remember those who died to keep you safe.

Let us not lose sight of all that has been lost in the trek towards today.
Don't forget...

Opstan and Leuchtberg

I miss verd... ;-; *sniffle*

Opstan wrote:I miss verd... ;-; *sniffle*

I also miss Yun. U-U



Eliminate them all.

Opstan wrote:Eliminate them all.

excuse me, what

Proj Arcania wrote:excuse me, what

Including you. >:D

I must of course prevent myself from suffering that fate.

All love is gone. All compassion is gone. All faith is gone.

Who is Verd?

Parhe wrote:Who is Verd?

Someone unique... And another of one of the many I miss. ;-;

Let bygones be bygones.

Yo, we about to get bigg flooding in the big T for the 2nd time in 2 years, and coastal texans be like:

Opstan wrote:Yo, we about to get bigg flooding in the big T for the 2nd time in 2 years, and coastal texans be like:

Meanwhile, as my town gets wrecked by four tornadoes simultaneously:

The unity sisters 02o

Ha i'm backish

Parhe, Opstan, Inven, and Leuchtberg

The unity sisters 02o wrote:Ha i'm backish

Welcome back my friend. :)

Opstan wrote:Welcome back my friend. :)


Opstan and Inven

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