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OrlesnaFuster Cluck Coalition6240500
TaelovFuster Cluck Coalition5783500
MymomFuster Cluck Coalition492020
Joyously Joyful JoyFuster Cluck Coalition4900500
Valentine ZFuster Cluck Coalition47101400
Mcallister munitions corporationFuster Cluck Coalition45701970
Nuclear ghandiFuster Cluck Coalition40913030
The ChuckFuster Cluck Coalition3490660
Ironshell sat089Fuster Cluck Coalition3200500
Aey incFuster Cluck Coalition3170500
SeateroFuster Cluck Coalition3121121590
Hayes Trevon the Careless Head AviatorFuster Cluck Coalition3000500
Hendrick Morrison the Calm Specs ForcesFuster Cluck Coalition3000500
Genki Roman Marcus the Ay Kik Yu MasterFuster Cluck Coalition3000500
Linus Maverick the SE Asian Max PayneFuster Cluck Coalition3000500
ShilavrFuster Cluck Coalition278931590
Stanley Walton Mako the FreemanFuster Cluck Coalition27401910
Ironshell sat088Fuster Cluck Coalition2680500
Alanis StarFuster Cluck Coalition2650500
Benjamin the Seriously Serious MarshalFuster Cluck Coalition2630500
Ironshell sat093Fuster Cluck Coalition2630500
Ironshell sat096Fuster Cluck Coalition2630500
Ironshell sat094Fuster Cluck Coalition2630500
South ReinkalistanFuster Cluck Coalition2560220
Joshua Kelly the Powerful MuscleFuster Cluck Coalition247261910
Celine Amelia Pinky the Ghost AnnabelFuster Cluck Coalition245861900
Ironshell sat046Fuster Cluck Coalition2430500
Adrian Deston Emile the DaringFuster Cluck Coalition2420500
Chief Senator Annette the High JusticeFuster Cluck Coalition2350500
Ironshell sat098Fuster Cluck Coalition2270500
Genevieve Meredith the Pink-HairFuster Cluck Coalition2250500
Field Marshal Jacob the Mad DoomguyFuster Cluck Coalition2130500
Clarissa the Happy and Cheerful RobotFuster Cluck Coalition21019500
Sacrosanctity of assi-jagoFuster Cluck Coalition201040
Holly Starlight de Wonderful Lapia QueenFuster Cluck Coalition2001051920
Gun jesusFuster Cluck Coalition200332000
Fcc 7th missile batteryFuster Cluck Coalition200452000
ABC123 86Fuster Cluck Coalition19873610
ABC123 89Fuster Cluck Coalition19873610
Valentina the Tall and Timid ValkyrieFuster Cluck Coalition1980500
Fcc 5th missile batteryFuster Cluck Coalition1910500
Hey Everybody Here Is ClarissaFuster Cluck Coalition1911131920
You Have Yeed Your Last HawFuster Cluck Coalition1891101920
Valkyrie SprakFuster Cluck Coalition1891141920
Banana bastardFuster Cluck Coalition1870500
Gladian ImperiumFuster Cluck Coalition1860500
Fcc 6th missile batteryFuster Cluck Coalition1701500
Victoriaans NederlandsFuster Cluck Coalition1680500
Vanessa Josephina Kelly the SAOFuster Cluck Coalition1640500
Matthew Aspertia Morris the LanceFuster Cluck Coalition1571291900
Gwen Tracer The Fate of the OmniverseFuster Cluck Coalition1500500
Independent aviation consultantsFuster Cluck Coalition1500500
Alien StarsFuster Cluck Coalition1491331930
Jolyn the Russian Spy and Cat LoverFuster Cluck Coalition1481301930
Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel ReynoldsFuster Cluck Coalition1481301930
Lena Tracer OxtonFuster Cluck Coalition1481341930
Jenny the Sassy Programmer and HackerFuster Cluck Coalition1481311920
The Multiverse of Holly StarlightFuster Cluck Coalition1481351930
Samantha-HiggsFuster Cluck Coalition1450500
Horton Technological IndustriesFuster Cluck Coalition1371361930
Garden at 6th Mile RoadFuster Cluck Coalition1371131930
Jamie the Transatlantic Audrey HepburnFuster Cluck Coalition1371361930
Head Engineer Tiffany the Teal RobotFuster Cluck Coalition1361371920
Adrian Markus the Scottish Weapon MasterFuster Cluck Coalition1351411910
Cheryl Rikka Catherine the Slashing FuryFuster Cluck Coalition1351401910
Dylan Alexzander the Aerobatic PersianFuster Cluck Coalition1351391910
Charmaine the Sharing Trade RepFuster Cluck Coalition1341411910
Jared Kev the Careful Chief TechnicianFuster Cluck Coalition1341391910
Clarke Hattori the Assassinating ColonelFuster Cluck Coalition1341411910
Augustine the Strong en Brawling AdmiralFuster Cluck Coalition1341411910
Colleen Selina Heather the PyromaniacFuster Cluck Coalition1331421910
Gabriel Nicholas the Reaping ManFuster Cluck Coalition1331411900
Grammar PolizeiFuster Cluck Coalition133511900
Gustav Ernest Des the Other 76Fuster Cluck Coalition1331411900
Clarissa Alanis Star Valentine ZFuster Cluck Coalition1321441900
TATRUMFuster Cluck Coalition11999500
LuneiiFuster Cluck Coalition1165500
Warcraft IIIFuster Cluck Coalition1140500
DGESFuster Cluck Coalition1138150
Valentine 7Fuster Cluck Coalition1120500
Nexitros StratussFuster Cluck Coalition1021341930
NatuurkundeFuster Cluck Coalition1001571930
Amanda Zann Lilly the NeedledFuster Cluck Coalition1000500
VoorzichtigheidFuster Cluck Coalition98871940
Carissa the Femme FataleFuster Cluck Coalition931611920
VostrovFuster Cluck Coalition92127500
WopruthienFuster Cluck Coalition90126160
MathematikFuster Cluck Coalition811441950
Ironshell sat099Fuster Cluck Coalition770500
WolflandilFuster Cluck Coalition750500
Ezekiel Victor the Viral SpreaderFuster Cluck Coalition750500
Nawaar Fayyaad el-Wali FaridFuster Cluck Coalition750500
Strange WorldFuster Cluck Coalition755050
Ironshell sat011Fuster Cluck Coalition7563500
Linda Valeria Scarlet the Crazed QueenFuster Cluck Coalition7575500
ABC123 12Fuster Cluck Coalition7575500
Fcc 8th missile batteryFuster Cluck Coalition754500
Uss benningtonFuster Cluck Coalition750500
Academy City EnclaveFuster Cluck Coalition740500
ABC123 88Fuster Cluck Coalition7454500

Use stockpiled Nukes to target nations in enemy Factions by visiting a nation page, clicking in its nav bar, and using the TARGET button.