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Scaled hawk 5Ba Sing Se51749410
Scaled hawk 8Ba Sing Se51748410
Scaled hawk 16Ba Sing Se5170410
Wyvern p45Ba Sing Se51749410
Scaled hawk 11Ba Sing Se51748410
Scaled hawk 38Ba Sing Se51746410
Wyvern p42Ba Sing Se51749410
Scaled hawk 4Ba Sing Se51748410
Wyvern p48Ba Sing Se51749410
Wyvern p39Ba Sing Se51749410
Scaled hawk 7Ba Sing Se51748410
Scaled hawk 9Ba Sing Se51748410
Wyvern p50Ba Sing Se51748410
Wyvern p40Ba Sing Se51749410
Wyvern p43Ba Sing Se51749410
Wyvern p21Ba Sing Se51751420
Scaled hawk 18Ba Sing Se51747410
Wyvern p37Ba Sing Se51749410
Wyvern p32Ba Sing Se51650420
The connector 20Ba Sing Se51650420
TWPAF is watching ewe owo uwuBa Sing Se51645400
Wyvern p33Ba Sing Se51650420
Scaled hawk 45Ba Sing Se51646400
Wyvern p34Ba Sing Se51650420
Wyvern p27Ba Sing Se51650420
Wyvern p30Ba Sing Se51649420
The Monks of LibertyBa Sing Se51645400
Scaled hawk 43Ba Sing Se51547410
Scaled hawk 40Ba Sing Se51547410
Gravandius card iBa Sing Se5135390
SAK245Ba Sing Se4940500
SAK249Ba Sing Se4900500
SAK247Ba Sing Se4900500
SAK248Ba Sing Se4900500
Sak531Ba Sing Se4540770
SAK057Ba Sing Se4230500
House 112Ba Sing Se41802000
SAK250Ba Sing Se4150500
Sak550Ba Sing Se4030500
SAK007Ba Sing Se3850500
JobiaiBa Sing Se3810500
SAK500Ba Sing Se38056770
Sak508Ba Sing Se37757770
Sak506Ba Sing Se37757770
Sak509Ba Sing Se37757770
Sak519Ba Sing Se37657770
Sak521Ba Sing Se37657770
Sak515Ba Sing Se37657770
Sak524Ba Sing Se37657770
Sak517Ba Sing Se37657770
Sak535Ba Sing Se37557770
Sak542Ba Sing Se37557770
Sak543Ba Sing Se37557770
Sak530Ba Sing Se37557770
House 71Ba Sing Se37402000
Sak601Ba Sing Se37356780
House 80Ba Sing Se37302000
Sak603Ba Sing Se37356780
House 103Ba Sing Se37302000
Sak625Ba Sing Se37256780
Sak615Ba Sing Se37256780
Sak624Ba Sing Se37256780
Sak614Ba Sing Se37256780
Sak617Ba Sing Se37256780
Sak628Ba Sing Se37256780
Sak630Ba Sing Se37256780
House 139Ba Sing Se37202000
House 158Ba Sing Se37202000
Sak623Ba Sing Se37256780
Sak596Ba Sing Se3710500
Sak665Ba Sing Se37156770
Sak637Ba Sing Se37156780
Daxtastic34Ba Sing Se371551680
Sak640Ba Sing Se37156780
Sak634Ba Sing Se37156780
Sak633Ba Sing Se37156780
Sak653Ba Sing Se37156780
Sak655Ba Sing Se37056780
Sak676Ba Sing Se37056770
Sak669Ba Sing Se37056770
Sak681Ba Sing Se37056770
Sak674Ba Sing Se37056770
SAK689Ba Sing Se36956770
SAK714Ba Sing Se36956770
SAK693Ba Sing Se36956770
SAK699Ba Sing Se36956770
SAK706Ba Sing Se36956770
SAK711Ba Sing Se36956770
SAK709Ba Sing Se36956770
SAK704Ba Sing Se36956770
SAK712Ba Sing Se36956770
SAK735Ba Sing Se36856770
SAK741Ba Sing Se36856770
SAK732Ba Sing Se36856770
Sak598Ba Sing Se3680500
SAK742Ba Sing Se36856770
Praetor58Ba Sing Se3680230
Sak593Ba Sing Se3670500
Praetor55Ba Sing Se3670240
Praetor64Ba Sing Se3670230

Use stockpiled Nukes to target nations in enemy Factions by visiting a nation page, clicking in its nav bar, and using the TARGET button.