by Max Barry

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AthvilarBa Sing Se082000
Got-ya-goodBa Sing Se211002000
RSCA41Ba Sing Se3602000
GhmonkeyBa Sing Se0322000
King HEMBa Sing Se002000
Wymondham3Ba Sing Se0202000
Rachhawk002Ba Sing Se17102000
WymondhamBa Sing Se116122000
RSCA59Ba Sing Se2502000
RSCA56Ba Sing Se2502000
House 139Ba Sing Se37202000
AiganiaBa Sing Se01702000
RSCA36Ba Sing Se3402000
Anthonesia-JakraagtaBa Sing Se002000
House 98Ba Sing Se35702000
Wymondham2Ba Sing Se0202000
House 137Ba Sing Se35502000
ManoafBa Sing Se002000
House 105Ba Sing Se35702000
QitusepBa Sing Se0142000
House 135Ba Sing Se35502000
RSCA68Ba Sing Se2602000
RSCA27Ba Sing Se3302000
Gravandius xivBa Sing Se1252000
Bee BabyBa Sing Se002000
Lower lukatoniaBa Sing Se0602000
RSCA32Ba Sing Se3402000
RSCA72Ba Sing Se1602000
The Soviet Union of DictatorsBa Sing Se2742000
RSCA2Ba Sing Se2902000
House 71Ba Sing Se37402000
House 100Ba Sing Se35702000
OwansBa Sing Se152000
DrazniaBa Sing Se1002000
Saints RowBa Sing Se002000
RSCA23Ba Sing Se3202000
ChainahBa Sing Se6402000
House 82Ba Sing Se35802000
House 110Ba Sing Se35702000
Fatherland of VietnamBa Sing Se002000
Winnipeg quiet out 5Ba Sing Se0362000
Wymondham5Ba Sing Se0452000
RSCA51Ba Sing Se2702000
RSCA62Ba Sing Se2402000
House 78Ba Sing Se35802000
CerdoviaBa Sing Se002000
RakatonBa Sing Se002000
IkaniaBa Sing Se002000
Winnipeg quiet out 2Ba Sing Se0362000
SophtoniaBa Sing Se072000
Gomo and HayBa Sing Se052000
Skin Nation The SecondBa Sing Se182000
When we two PartedBa Sing Se0132000
VashnalBa Sing Se1102000
House 80Ba Sing Se37302000
The Matthews IslandsBa Sing Se13542000
FlaksBa Sing Se532000
RSCA6Ba Sing Se2902000
RSCA22Ba Sing Se3202000
House 103Ba Sing Se37302000
Aguaria MajorBa Sing Se1102000
House 96Ba Sing Se35802000
RSCA21Ba Sing Se3202000
Th Empire of WymondhamBa Sing Se0122000
House 141Ba Sing Se002000
RSCA24Ba Sing Se3202000
Forcarol1Ba Sing Se0142000
BrotothBa Sing Se3102000
House 158Ba Sing Se37202000
The river nile xdBa Sing Se26452000
CanadeBa Sing Se152000
House 107Ba Sing Se35702000
RSCA75Ba Sing Se1502000
RSCA70Ba Sing Se2402000
Wymondham6Ba Sing Se0202000
Main Nation MinistryBa Sing Se002000
RSCA14Ba Sing Se3102000
Viscal of EvacillianBa Sing Se002000
JaguitoBa Sing Se29802000
RSCA40Ba Sing Se3502000
House 99Ba Sing Se35702000
Kapital in actionBa Sing Se002000
RSCA19Ba Sing Se3102000
House 112Ba Sing Se41802000
RSCA44Ba Sing Se3702000
When the partys overBa Sing Se0172000
Mean Girl AyniaBa Sing Se1002000
Tun StersBa Sing Se002000
DyllmaniaBa Sing Se002000
BlattariaBa Sing Se13302000
Tolstoyan communeBa Sing Se002000
Gaige008Ba Sing Se002000
EvacillianBa Sing Se002000
RSCA50Ba Sing Se3602000
United China NationBa Sing Se002000
House 92Ba Sing Se35802000
RSCA11Ba Sing Se3502000
NargorthiaBa Sing Se1002000
PortucalumBa Sing Se34162000
Winnipeg quiet out 6Ba Sing Se0242000

Production accumulates automatically over time, up to a cap of 50 for Military and Strategic specialists and 200 for Economic Specialists.