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NavorobBa Sing Se0395500
Ocean 014Ba Sing Se0326500
BopiaBa Sing Se51312490
Ocean 080Ba Sing Se0305500
Ocean 084Ba Sing Se0305500
Ocean 078Ba Sing Se0305500
Ocean 083Ba Sing Se0305500
Ocean 087Ba Sing Se0304500
Ocean 029Ba Sing Se0297500
Ocean 037Ba Sing Se0297500
Ocean 024Ba Sing Se0297500
Ocean 017Ba Sing Se0296500
Ocean 041Ba Sing Se0296500
Ocean 042Ba Sing Se0296500
Ocean 049Ba Sing Se0295500
Ocean 085Ba Sing Se02921370
Ocean 057Ba Sing Se02921380
Ocean 076Ba Sing Se02921370
Ocean 082Ba Sing Se02921370
Ocean 016Ba Sing Se02921400
Ocean 028Ba Sing Se02891390
Ocean 046Ba Sing Se02881390
Ocean 022Ba Sing Se02881410
Ocean 021Ba Sing Se02881410
Ocean 039Ba Sing Se02881400
Ocean 019Ba Sing Se02881410
Ocean 034Ba Sing Se02881400
Ocean 032Ba Sing Se02881400
Ocean 026Ba Sing Se02881410
Ocean 058Ba Sing Se02871380
Le LibertiaBa Sing Se0286500
Vault 36Ba Sing Se8286500
Ocean 050Ba Sing Se0280500
Ocean 038Ba Sing Se02791400
Ocean 031Ba Sing Se24279500
Ocean 079Ba Sing Se0279500
Ocean 020Ba Sing Se02711410
Ocean 043Ba Sing Se0269500
Ocean 094Ba Sing Se0267500
Ocean 099Ba Sing Se0267500
Ocean 098Ba Sing Se0267500
Ocean 092Ba Sing Se0267500
Ocean 096Ba Sing Se0267500
Ocean 018Ba Sing Se02671400
Ocean 100Ba Sing Se0267500
Ocean 097Ba Sing Se0267500
ShoBa Sing Se81264170
Ocean 093Ba Sing Se02591350
Ocean 048Ba Sing Se0251500
Ocean 035Ba Sing Se02401400
Ocean 238Ba Sing Se02361280
Ocean 288Ba Sing Se02351250
Ocean 249Ba Sing Se02351270
Ocean 264Ba Sing Se02351260
Ocean 261Ba Sing Se02351260
Ocean 274Ba Sing Se02351250
Ocean 239Ba Sing Se0235500
Ocean 283Ba Sing Se02351250
Ocean 279Ba Sing Se02351250
Ocean 284Ba Sing Se02351250
Ocean 280Ba Sing Se02351250
Ocean 258Ba Sing Se02351260
Ocean 290Ba Sing Se02351250
Ocean 281Ba Sing Se02351250
Ocean 231Ba Sing Se02341280
Ocean 237Ba Sing Se02341280
Ocean 252Ba Sing Se0234500
Ocean 250Ba Sing Se0234500
Ocean 259Ba Sing Se0234500
Ocean 227Ba Sing Se0234500
Ocean 229Ba Sing Se0234500
Ocean 223Ba Sing Se02341290
Ocean 228Ba Sing Se0234500
Ocean 225Ba Sing Se02341280
Ocean 243Ba Sing Se0234500
Ocean 267Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 201Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 275Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 270Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 266Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 221Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 167Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 262Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 165Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 268Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 204Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 206Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 277Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 282Ba Sing Se0233500
Ocean 179Ba Sing Se0232500
Ocean 130Ba Sing Se0232500
Ocean 180Ba Sing Se0232500
Ocean 207Ba Sing Se02321290
Ocean 200Ba Sing Se02321300
Ocean 152Ba Sing Se0232500
Ocean 214Ba Sing Se02321290
Ocean 193Ba Sing Se0232500
Ocean 213Ba Sing Se0232500
Ocean 195Ba Sing Se0232500
Ocean 055Ba Sing Se02321390

Shield can be used to knock out Incoming Nukes. You can shoot down any in-flight Nukes regardless of who they are aimed at.

Locate in-flight nukes under Launches or Incoming, and use the DESTROY button to eliminate them. This consumes 1 Shield per Nuke.