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Holy lepearchaunsBikini Bottom0018486
The big tank ladyBikini Bottom100500
EidolonsBikini Bottom72814529
Christ TriumphantBikini Bottom0140380
Gates of Horn and IvoryBikini Bottom0221360
Varangian RusBikini Bottom01482922
Eldritch EmpyreanBikini Bottom0582345
Arctic TundraBikini Bottom001612
Womb of NationsBikini Bottom6401563
SteppeBikini Bottom00150
RiverboatBikini Bottom02631514
ElkBikini Bottom02091564
ChristmastideBikini Bottom0279150
Alexandria EschateBikini Bottom0125140
Porcelain and SilkBikini Bottom014130
Snow ForestBikini Bottom0981226
DwarfBikini Bottom02761223
Bird on the wireBikini Bottom401151
Northern WoodBikini Bottom02321034
Snorri SturlusonBikini Bottom0203854
Sovereign WildernessBikini Bottom124100842
Siberian TigerBikini Bottom0104594
Great bremerhavenBikini Bottom12240
Felis silvestris caucasicaBikini Bottom000100
Saffron PantherBikini Bottom000100
Holly UnitedBikini Bottom000100
Maritime RepublicsBikini Bottom000100
Novgorod-PskovBikini Bottom000100
Cobalt PantherBikini Bottom000100
WombBikini Bottom000100
RunestoneBikini Bottom000100
White PantherBikini Bottom000100
The Shire of HobbitsBikini Bottom000100
New under upper antarticaBikini Bottom000100
BandaidersBikini Bottom000100
Realm of the MothersBikini Bottom000100
LegsLegsLegsLegsLegsBikini Bottom000100
MaowiBikini Bottom000100
OtherworldlyBikini Bottom000100
FuneralBikini Bottom000100
Black ShipsBikini Bottom000100
Istria and izsacBikini Bottom000100
Argent PantherBikini Bottom000100
Pvt churchBikini Bottom000100
MuskoxBikini Bottom000100
Ancient of DaysBikini Bottom000100
North yamericaBikini Bottom000100
House at Pooh CornerBikini Bottom000100
Snow MonkeysBikini Bottom000100
PomegranateBikini Bottom000100
Dark PantherBikini Bottom000100
Village Green Preservation SocietyBikini Bottom000100
LepearchaunsBikini Bottom000100
OchsBikini Bottom000100
Conqueror WormBikini Bottom000100
Free tverBikini Bottom000100
Azure PantherBikini Bottom000100
The VisitorBikini Bottom000100
LongshipBikini Bottom000100
DungeonBikini Bottom000100
Novgorod peterhofBikini Bottom000100
Ivory PantherBikini Bottom000100
The Whisperer in the DarknessBikini Bottom000100
Katana and ChrysanthemumBikini Bottom000100
HamtarcticaBikini Bottom000100
SalamandastronBikini Bottom000100
Freeing freedomBikini Bottom000100
Sugarcandy maowintainBikini Bottom000100
HordeBikini Bottom000100
The sinister black marketBikini Bottom000100
KaystoneBikini Bottom000100
ObscureBikini Bottom000100
North CrossBikini Bottom000100
AltasundBikini Bottom000100
Ochre PantherBikini Bottom000100
I do not give a flipBikini Bottom000100
Mountain GoatBikini Bottom000100
CrabbinessBikini Bottom000100
Goblin MarketBikini Bottom000100
She-WolfBikini Bottom000100
The kellas catsBikini Bottom000100
Toad HallBikini Bottom000100
Pvt simmonsBikini Bottom000100
Boreal LightBikini Bottom000100
Steam and ClockworkBikini Bottom000100
Bria Wores BobbaBikini Bottom000100
Vermilion PantherBikini Bottom000100
RatfinkBikini Bottom000100
Lions and LambsBikini Bottom000100
ConcordatBikini Bottom000100
Novgorod YugraBikini Bottom000100
Sable PantherBikini Bottom000100
Angry lepearchaunsBikini Bottom000100
Polar NightBikini Bottom000100
Novgorod and Baltic RusBikini Bottom000100
The unionist union of united universesBikini Bottom000100
Piper at the Gates of DawnBikini Bottom000100
MingentawistlaimefulBikini Bottom000100
Byzantine LawBikini Bottom000100
SoupasiaBikini Bottom000100

Production accumulates automatically over time, up to a cap of 50 for Military and Strategic specialists and 200 for Economic Specialists.