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AwelmorUF Alliance135020065
WestpathiaUF Alliance9803389
DabberwockyUF Alliance302091
Russian MyundreUF Alliance000100
Southern noot yrokUF Alliance000100
Imperium stellaeUF Alliance0575032
DallinsvilleUF Alliance000100
Asdia 12UF Alliance000100
StekzorUF Alliance000100
Asdia 5UF Alliance015075
Asdia 17UF Alliance000100
BeatitasUF Alliance000100
Cadnbian ambassador tufUF Alliance000100
Swedish swedenUF Alliance000100
Kerbal KindUF Alliance000100
Zolshec frontierUF Alliance000100
Asdia 20UF Alliance000100
Datlovian monolithusUF Alliance000100
TelifeUF Alliance000100
AsdiaUF Alliance000100
Asdia 1UF Alliance000100
Asdian militaryUF Alliance000100
PrimikkUF Alliance000100
NureniaUF Alliance000100
Dabberwocky 2UF Alliance000100
Arktus praetoriumUF Alliance000100
BystoriaUF Alliance000100
The Peoples Front of DaruniaUF Alliance000100
FritodoritoUF Alliance000100
Asdia 6UF Alliance000100
Proxy-ScaeUF Alliance01221048
BNI NationUF Alliance000100
The federal republic of nouveu iberiaUF Alliance000100
Just DabberwockyUF Alliance000100
The Flyin GatekeeperUF Alliance000100
AkyendoUF Alliance000100
Asdia 19UF Alliance000100
PolaropolisUF Alliance000100
Greater siberia-mongolia 2UF Alliance000100
AquaeviaUF Alliance000100
Asdia 2UF Alliance000100
Asdian peace representativeUF Alliance000100
NekinnUF Alliance000100
Aweas ventinbumbinerUF Alliance000100
Asdian uraf representativeUF Alliance000100
The Great Imperator JeffreyUF Alliance000100
AnarlifikUF Alliance000100
Asdia 13UF Alliance000100
United caliningrad republicUF Alliance000100
Asdia 8UF Alliance012193
NagolronnocUF Alliance000100
Nouveu IberiaUF Alliance000100
Joergen and svenUF Alliance000100
The Flyin Research CentreUF Alliance000100
TherakaUF Alliance000100
Asdia 16UF Alliance013981
Shang dow dynastyUF Alliance000100
Asdia 7UF Alliance000100
KrtzbekistanUF Alliance000100
Asdia 3UF Alliance000100
Potato 101UF Alliance000100
Spook vooperUF Alliance0534985
The FlyinUF Alliance000100
EcholodiaUF Alliance000100
Asdia 18UF Alliance000100
Vooper 7-dUF Alliance000100
Asdia 9UF Alliance000100
The volcanic plains of aquaeviaUF Alliance000100
AsdiaxUF Alliance000100
Asdian telegrapherUF Alliance000100
Russian DatlofUF Alliance000100
MyudreUF Alliance000100
Asdia 15UF Alliance000100
TolocUF Alliance000100
Asdia 11UF Alliance000100
ShirnestiaUF Alliance000100
Asdia 4UF Alliance000100
Asdia 14UF Alliance000100
The frontier peopleUF Alliance000100
Federation AdministrationUF Alliance000100
Vooperist-asdiaUF Alliance000100
Team red dragonUF Alliance000100
HaraneUF Alliance000100
Biotalmans Forces of The FrontUF Alliance000100
The aquaevian exploration fleetUF Alliance000100
Asdia 10UF Alliance000100
AsdiaxiiUF Alliance000100
Intelligent alien lifeUF Alliance000100

Use stockpiled Nukes to target nations in enemy Factions by visiting a nation page, clicking in its nav bar, and using the TARGET button.