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Nations of Mars Colonies - School Class Region

  1. The Federation of Utopia Planitia Research CenterS
  2. The Incorporated States of GenistarrS
  3. The Yellow Tranquility of Noachis TerraE
  4. The Argumentative Porcines of TellarE
  5. The Academic Community of University of MarsS
  6. The Democratic Republic 🖖🖖🖖 of Vulcan SSRE
  7. The Military Tribunal ⚖️ of Court MartialS
  8. The Horta Colony of Janus 6S
  9. The Enigma 🖖 of Mr Spocks MutinyE
  10. The Diplomatic Community of Sarek and AmandaS
  11. The Neural Neutralizer of Tantalus Penal ColonyM
  12. The Split Personalities of The Enemy Evil Kirk WithinM
  13. The Relentless Logic of TPauS
  14. The Rogue Nation of Doomsday MachineE
  15. The Hirsute Primitives of Galileo SevenM
  16. The First Klingons of Errand of Klingon MercyE
  17. The Warbird of Balance of Romulan TerrorE
  18. The Saurian Aliens of Arena of GornS
  19. The Pirate Lords of Orion SyndicateS
  20. The Superior Supermen of Ricardo Noonien SinghS
  21. The Placid Floracracy of Spores of Omicron Ceti IIIM
  22. The Menagerie of Talos IVM
  23. The Pancake Shaped Aliens of Aliens of DenevaE
  24. The Theocratic Mourning of Apollo AdonisS
  25. The Psychic Aliens of Catspaw SylviaE
  26. The 🌟 Baby Q 🌟 of Charlie XE
  27. The Neverending War of Eminiar 7S
  28. The Terran Empire of Evil SpockM
  29. The Android Nation of I MuddS
  30. The Andriods of Ruk ProtectsE
  31. The Perfection of The Changling NomadE
  32. The Shakespearean Tragedy of The Conscience of KodosM
  33. The May You Know of The Peace of LandruE