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Ooferian Farmer Army 81Augustin Alliance0020014
Sail NationAugustin Alliance002009
The air force of south asians 24Augustin Alliance60020039
Novos RomanosAugustin Alliance19420010
CrionadhAugustin Alliance0020028
The Peoples Caribbean UnionAugustin Alliance198020015
Central LibertannyAugustin Alliance141020034
BanabistanAugustin Alliance002000
ErmicaAugustin Alliance25592000
AgrabhahnistanAugustin Alliance002000
Atlae-48Augustin Alliance0332000
The Military of South Asians 8Augustin Alliance53242000
The Military of South Asians 25Augustin Alliance95182000
AriusgradAugustin Alliance8252000
HeptatetracontylamideAugustin Alliance002000
Atlae-42Augustin Alliance6702000
Atlae-15Augustin Alliance002000
Atlae-20Augustin Alliance002000
Atlae-34Augustin Alliance6602000
The Socialist Nomailian UnionAugustin Alliance442000
The Military of South Asians 13Augustin Alliance0152000
United sacredotiaAugustin Alliance0102000
The air force of south asians 10Augustin Alliance124742000
Greco-Roman Hellenic EmpireAugustin Alliance17122000
Wherever I May RomAugustin Alliance072000
BarfleurAugustin Alliance502000
The United Vex ImperiumAugustin Alliance002000
My perfect americaAugustin Alliance002000
NarchayAugustin Alliance002000
Union of RossiyaAugustin Alliance552000
Atlae-12Augustin Alliance002000
The air force of south asians 5Augustin Alliance97692000
The Military of South Asians 17Augustin Alliance99152000
Atlae-24Augustin Alliance002000
The Military of South Asians 10Augustin Alliance04220054
BobbleheadsAugustin Alliance002000
VuenistanAugustin Alliance68332000
UdkaalAugustin Alliance002000
GordtofronAugustin Alliance002000
Atlae-11Augustin Alliance002000
Gran LimaAugustin Alliance052000
The air force of south asians 22Augustin Alliance0522000
Atlae-3Augustin Alliance002000
LambdanaAugustin Alliance002000
The Military of South Asians 14Augustin Alliance0142000
I swear im not tulovAugustin Alliance872420049
EmalaniaAugustin Alliance072000
El SpanaAugustin Alliance2732000
The Military of South AsiansAugustin Alliance002000
Unger under overAugustin Alliance002000
Atlae-30Augustin Alliance6602000
Atlae-21Augustin Alliance002000
Atlae-10Augustin Alliance002000
CinigardAugustin Alliance1112000
Atlae-36Augustin Alliance6702000
IstarichAugustin Alliance0142000
3rd Bobblehead DivisionAugustin Alliance51032000
Atlae-16Augustin Alliance002000
Vae CloacaAugustin Alliance022000
Capital 5Augustin Alliance622000
Atlae-27Augustin Alliance002000
Kazakh AstanaAugustin Alliance082000
The pug islandsAugustin Alliance0282000
The air force of south asians 18Augustin Alliance9902000
OrderliasAugustin Alliance1112000
Atlae-41Augustin Alliance6702000
The Military of South Asians 21Augustin Alliance95172000
Atlae-38Augustin Alliance6702000
Paul houseAugustin Alliance0192000
Deon primetimeAugustin Alliance002000
The Military of South Asians 28Augustin Alliance94192000
NonatetracontylamideAugustin Alliance002000
The Military of South Asians 22Augustin Alliance93182000
The Supreme Dominating EmpireAugustin Alliance002000
ZopciriaAugustin Alliance622000
Hyrule peopleAugustin Alliance002000
GurouAugustin Alliance0942000
The Military of South Asians 16Augustin Alliance101142000
Moist MoistAugustin Alliance002000
The Military of South Asians 30Augustin Alliance122142000
HammondlandAugustin Alliance002000
Not so great algerstoniaAugustin Alliance1702000
New BatheraAugustin Alliance002000
The air force of south asians 29Augustin Alliance0492000
South asians afghanistanAugustin Alliance0020046
Huang Dong DiplomatAugustin Alliance002000
CalapsiaAugustin Alliance1002000
LemonadiaAugustin Alliance2002000
The Military of South Asians 9Augustin Alliance002000
The Military of South Asians 27Augustin Alliance16002000
The end is nyAugustin Alliance242000
RawtoastAugustin Alliance002000
SminishiaAugustin Alliance121232000
KvannAugustin Alliance602000
WeihbachAugustin Alliance6002000
Paulie3Augustin Alliance0192000
Atlae-7Augustin Alliance002000
Atlae-8Augustin Alliance002000
LaudesiaAugustin Alliance6002000
LegoaAugustin Alliance052000

Production accumulates automatically over time, up to a cap of 50 for Military and Strategic specialists and 200 for Economic Specialists.