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1.Horsemen of the ApocalypseFlag332,5643,730 NationsHell
2.UPPERCUTSFlag-52,4073,305 NationsBalder
3.CanopyFlag64,2861,774 NationsForest
4.Teenage Mutant Nuking TurtlesFlag-41,896624 NationsOsiris
5.Augustin AllianceFlag54,869581 NationsAugustin Alliance
6.All Nations Against LiberalsFlag-33,976380 NationsAll Nations Against Liberals
7.Catholic AllianceFlag-16,492295 NationsCatholic
8.Army of FreedomFlag-2,724236 NationsFederation of Conservative Nations
9.NSLeft Posadist FrontFlag-16,171223 NationsThe Communist Bloc
10.The MinotaursFlag18,629219 NationsThe Labyrinth
11.Fuster Cluck CoalitionFlag12,184200 NationsNorthern Ocean
12.The J.O.EFlag-14,619188 NationsThe United Empires of Carson
13.It All Goes Karputsk in the EndFlag-3,949170 Nations00000 A World Power
14.Bikini BottomFlag-11,014160 NationsSouth Pacific
15.Calamity RefugeFlag-15,063158 NationsRefugia
16.Crimson Sea Missile CommandFlag-12,180156 NationsThe West Pacific
17.Potato AllianceFlag-5,797110 NationsSpiritus
18.Multiverse Defense PactFlag-8,15790 NationsCobalt Network
19.UF AllianceFlag-8,01188 NationsUrana Firma
20.DAUNTLESSFlag-6,72481 NationsNew Western Empire
21.Apollo 13Flag-8,12881 NationsConfederation of Corrupt Dictators
22.All Nations Against LIBERALISM-7,81677 Nations
23.Benigtopia II - School Class RegionFlag84774 NationsBenigtopia
24.Climate Change Deniers-6,76473 Nations
25.cRoMaC ft. All the BoysFlag-2,58572 NationsThalassia
26.The lemon boisFlag-6,28167 NationsThe lemon hub
27.The League™Flag-4,85164 NationsThe League of Conservative Nations
28.The Red ArmyFlag-5,04662 NationsSoviet Democracy
29.UPPERCUT-6,26758 Nations
30.KarmageddonFlag-3,56945 NationsKarma
31.The Nations of Bam BamFlag-4,22542 NationsThe Nations of Bam Bam
32.The People's FrontFlag-3,85241 NationsThe Democratika
33.CounterpunchFlag-3,79740 NationsThe Land of Kings and Emperors
34.Warschauer PaktFlag1,08238 NationsWarschauer Pakt
35.Unliely AllianceFlag-1,47736 NationsRKS System
36.DONTNUKE ver.2Flag-3,01735 NationsNorthern Utopia
37.The United AscendancyFlag-1,06134 NationsThe United Ascendancy
38.Weeb Alliance-3,09634 Nations
39.Mars Colonies - School Class RegionFlag2,59433 NationsFederation of Martian Colonies
40.Ousted Regions Against LiberalsFlag1,31332 NationsNew Yellow Empire
41.Invictan Aerospace Defence CommandFlag-3,14832 NationsInvicta
42.NS Sports Geese BrigadesFlag-3,22232 NationsAtlantian Oceania
43.Wombling FreeFlag-1,89431 NationsChicken overlords
44.Senko-Sans Palace-2,47731 NationsSenko Sans Palace
45.C.A.R.D.Flag-42130 NationsThe Democratic Republic of Freedom
46.34th Nuke Division-1,59530 Nations
47.The E TeamFlag3,35227 NationsEquilism
48.For the Bar!Flag-1,52927 NationsThe Bar on the corner of every region
49.YunoFlag-1,61627 NationsYuno
50.New Warsaw Pact Self-Defense ForceFlag-2,69227 NationsNew Warsaw Pact

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.