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Arms Control Treaty Now In Effect
No Targeting / No Launching
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1.Horsemen of the ApocalypseFlag332,564201,471 NukesHell
2.CanopyFlag64,28643,795 NukesForest
3.UPPERCUTSFlag-52,40733,480 NukesBalder
4.Augustin AllianceFlag54,86918,976 NukesAugustin Alliance
5.Fuster Cluck CoalitionFlag12,1847,656 NukesNorthern Ocean
6.Teenage Mutant Nuking TurtlesFlag-41,8963,379 NukesOsiris
7.Ousted Regions Against LiberalsFlag1,3131,370 NukesNew Yellow Empire
8.Benigtopia II - School Class RegionFlag8471,226 NukesBenigtopia
9.cRoMaC ft. All the BoysFlag-2,5851,057 NukesThalassia
10.Mars Colonies - School Class RegionFlag2,5941,049 NukesFederation of Martian Colonies
11.Brotherhood of NodFlag0939 NukesCommand and Conquer Universe
12.Army of FreedomFlag-2,724926 NukesFederation of Conservative Nations
13.The MinotaursFlag18,629892 NukesThe Labyrinth
14.The E TeamFlag3,352832 NukesEquilism
15.KarmageddonFlag-3,569483 NukesKarma
16.Warschauer PaktFlag1,082459 NukesWarschauer Pakt
17.The IdeologyFlag-790456 NukesNovo Brasil
18.The Raptor Cartel1,078365 Nukes
19.Colony FatctionFlag-165365 NukesHVMUN
20.YunoFlag-1,616313 NukesYuno
21.Bikini BottomFlag-11,014286 NukesSouth Pacific
22.Strategic Nuclear Assembly -55274 Nukes
23.The Eleventh Division-135247 Nukes
24.UF AllianceFlag-8,011236 NukesUrana Firma
25.Realm of the Blistering WindsFlag-244231 NukesRealm of the Whispering Winds
26.Tropicorp Nuclear Storage FacilityFlag296229 NukesTropicorp
27.International Strategic Nuclear AllianceFlag-129203 NukesDeep Storage
28.Council of Constructed LanguagesFlag-200195 NukesCouncil of Constructed Languages
29.IwakuFlag-476194 NukesThe Glorious Nations of Iwaku
30.The ArfersFlag-318189 NukesThe Western Isles
31.The Amish CommonwealthFlag-59182 NukesThe Amish Republic
32.Catholic AllianceFlag-16,492171 NukesCatholic
33.The Capital Cult Defcon-105160 Nukes
34.Segmentum TempestusFlag-499150 NukesSegmentum Tempestus
35.Britannia Rules the WavesFlag-807144 NukesEmpire of Great Britain
36.PortugalFlag-398136 NukesPortugal
37.PW Nuclear YeetsquadFlag-516135 NukesPicture Warsia
38.random region nuclear commandFlag-395122 NukesTHE RANDOM REGION 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO
39.WAAAGH NWUFlag-1,866114 NukesNew World Union
40.DAUNTLESSFlag-6,724114 NukesNew Western Empire
41.Beczechan Pact-351106 Nukes
42.BenigtopiaFlag-986106 NukesBenigtopia
43.Barack o’bomber-32105 Nukes
44.CounterpunchFlag-3,797104 NukesThe Land of Kings and Emperors
45.Spanish Pop221102 Nukes
46.The J.O.EFlag-14,61991 NukesThe United Empires of Carson
47.christian defense front Flag-97187 NukesUnited Christian Empires of the West
48.TBC2-5978 NukesThe Big City
49.Experial EmpireFlag-37568 NukesRavana
50.C.A.R.D.Flag-42167 NukesThe Democratic Republic of Freedom

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.