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Arms Control Treaty Now In Effect
No Targeting / No Launching
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51.Socialist Faction of the FSDRFlag00 NationsThe Free Socialist Democratic Region
52.SWeT II-40 Nations
53.Essienoplis school class region-73 NationsEssienoplis
54.Somersetonia!Flag-80 NationsSomersetonia
55.Union of Bongrovian States-90 Nations
56.Star FleetFlag-102 NationsFederation of Martian Colonies
57.The Royal BrigadeFlag-113 NationsThe Kingdom of Great Britain
58.The Real OnesFlag-1510 NationsThe South Pacific
59.Meridian-231 Nation
60.Death to timi-240 NationsArgo
61.Lega delle nazioni-260 Nations
62.Solarium PrimisFlag-300 NationsSolas Prime
63.Barack o’bomber-324 Nations
64.DONTNUKE Ver.2 2: Electric BoogalooFlag-332 NationsLucozade Pink Lemonade
65.Thar-341 Nation
66.frak -371 Nation
67.THE VENTRIX WAR MACHINCEFlag-444 NationsThe Peoples Empire of Allied Nations
68.Strategic Nuclear Assembly -558 Nations
69.Sea of Frens Coalition-574 NationsSea of Frens
70.Red Rose TriadsFlag-586 NationsThe Hall of The Red Rose
71.Revolutionation Army Service-580 Nations
72.The Amish CommonwealthFlag-592 NationsThe Amish Republic
73.TBC2-591 NationThe Big City
74.Holy Calvary -611 Nation
75.Nuke Butan!-610 Nations
76.Silent Sanctuary-622 Nations
77.Red Army Of Nathan9104-670 Nations
78.The Enclave-691 NationThe Western Nations
79.JFC - Strategic Component CommandFlag-711 NationVeris Administrative Region
80.Here We Go-731 NationAlliance of Citizen Freedom
81.United Nations Alliance for ResistanceFlag-740 NationsOriental Pan East
82.Darkness Shall RiseFlag-7611 NationsThe Shadows
83.One One Five-791 Nation
84.Międzymorze-831 Nation
85.Castra ArsenalFlag-841 NationSegmentum Eridani
86.Teatime WarriorsFlag-851 NationNew Lemuria
87.The Balkan Federation-851 Nation
88.United Big City Forces-851 NationThe Big City
89.Dank MemesFlag-863 NationsThe Place
90.Iron Cross Union-861 Nation
91.Test faction-861 Nation
92.The Districts of OronoFlag-871 NationThe Districts of Orono
93.Atheist Imperial ArmadaFlag-871 NationThe Atheist Empire
94.Atonement of HarmonyFlag-881 NationAtonement of Harmony
95.Democratic Defense UnionFlag-881 NationSoutheastern Northwessussex
96.THE 115 UNION-881 Nation
97.Chika pactFlag-881 NationUnion Of United Chika
98.Ocean ManFlag-901 NationThe Dockyard
99.Hashvran Command-901 Nation
100.The Communist National Defense Corp-921 Nation

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.