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The World World Census

The Largest Welfare Programs in the World

Governments ranked highly spend the most on social welfare programs. Nations ranked low tend to have weak or non-existent government welfare.

NationWA CategoryMotto
31.The People's Republic of The Crooked BeatLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“Get up for the down stroke”
32.The Grand Imperium of Divinity of Mexican LiberationLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“Kyriedaimperiodeastra nostra libertas et aequalitas moo”
33.The Bara Loving Free Land of MarimiteInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Gokigenyou onee sama”
34.The Great Crusaders of United Provinces of AtlanticaLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“ᛂᚵ ᛋᛐᛆᚿᛑᛆ - g Standa”
35.The Mystical Isles of DutchylandLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“Hey moderators is this motto against the rules too?”
36.The Soviet Socialist States of The Unionized StonersDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“All Your Base Are Belong To Us!”
37.The Economic Vortex of FaldawiLiberal Democratic Socialists Open-Minded Education State“Et pyros, per malum”
38.The Schlaraffenstaat of ShetlLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“Metanoeite”
39.The Hzh of CarrasastovaLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“What you see in yourself is what you see in the world.”
40.The Democratic Republic of TokoraDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Free of blood!”
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