by Max Barry

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The World World Census

The Most Advanced Law Enforcement in the World

World Census interns were framed for minor crimes in order to measure the response times, effectiveness, and amount of firepower deployed by the law enforcement agencies of different nations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
205,581.The Disputed Territories of SkittlekillerLeft-Leaning College State Paradise“Stay Free”
205,582.The Zombie Free Federal Republic of BrexasCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Stay away from my goat!”
205,583.The Omnisapient Neotopia of NurdiaLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“In Ourselves we trust.”
205,584.The United States of --Neo-America--Left-wing Utopia Utopia“E Pluribus Unum”
205,585.The Free Land of Free FreetheniaCapitalizt Self-Congratulatory Merchant Bankers“Freedom! Practised Freely! By the Free!”
205,586.The Delegate Ejector of The Cult of the Great CthulhuLeft-Leaning College State Paradise“Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.”
205,587.The Natrium of NaInoffensive Centrist Democracy Fascists“Na”
205,588.The Kingdom of WhimsLeft-Leaning College State Paradise“Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs of War”
205,589.The Feeder of Teh east pacificLeft-Leaning College State Paradise“Almost a feeder”
205,590.The Free Land of SimenonCivil Rights Lovefest Brave Progressives“Du pain et les jeux du cirque.”
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