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The Black Hawks World Census

The Most Income Equality in The Black Hawks

World Census boffins calculated the difference in incomes between the richest and poorest citizens, where a score of 50 would mean that poor incomes are 50% of rich incomes.

As a region, The Black Hawks is ranked 11,505th in the world for Most Income Equality.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Mighty seaman navy of WATERLORDZCorrupt Dictatorship Well-Meaning Dictatorship“ALL HAIL WATERLORDZ”
2.The Carbon Offset of Weather UndergroundLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“A single spark can set a prairie fire”
3.The Republic of SybesiaIron Fist Socialists Equality and Tolerance Society“I can't think of a motto”
4.The Empire of Kotu TakaDemocratic Socialists Ordinary Caring Intelligent World Citizens“Loyalty and Peace”
5.The Empire of Westland of EarthCorrupt Dictatorship Well-Meaning Dictatorship“Long live the sword and God”
6.The Federation of Phaseolus vulgarisLeft-wing Utopia Utopia“Uphold anarcho-beanism thought”
7.The Republic of Union of Soviet Colobian Socialist RepubPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“By Communits For The Communist”
8.The Rogue Nation of Forlorn islandAuthoritarian Democracy Mouth-Breathing Creationists“GRRR BARK RFF”
9.The Queendom of Klarissa Summer de Hopeful Moeder NatuurLiberal Democratic Socialists Open-Minded Education State“I will watch over every single part of Nature!”
10.The Dictatorship of Total StaunchPsychotic Dictatorship Fascist Dictatorship“Staunch is life”
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