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World Assembly Member Nations

The World Assembly has 26,291 member nations and 1,180 Regional Delegates.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
The Nation Inside Your Computer of 01101100Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“01001000 01101001”
The Don't Endorse Me Over 550 of 073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121Iron Fist Socialists“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious eat your heart out”
The Community of 0cklawahaDemocratic Socialists“I love scp”
The Empire of 0KXRg9C5Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“For lulz”
The Maker of random comments of 0tis-tInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Look at all those chickens”
The Pogue Warriors of 1-502nd Airborne InfInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Truck Assault Qualified”
The People's Republic of 104 Banbury RoadLeft-wing Utopia“One Man, One Vote.”
The Colony of 118th Cossack DivisionPsychotic Dictatorship“Plus Ultra”
The United Kingdom of 11 Templar KnightsLeft-wing Utopia“Prying open my third eye...”
The Dictatorship of 11th Infanterie-DivisionIron Fist Consumerists“Ein Volk,Ein Reich,Eine Welt”
The Republic of 1337 republicInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Kill me”
The People's Republic of 13B-PO1Democratic Socialists“*something latin*”
The MEME of 142Father Knows Best State“(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻(╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻”
The Constitutional Monarchy of 14GreycliffeCivil Rights Lovefest“What shall I render unto the Lord”
The Colony of 1956Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Explanation of anomaly: human error.”
«12345. . .1,7521,753»

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