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The Great Revoranian EmpireDiscrimination towards Cytrionia 2Archsan
Great East Asian AllianceEject Hangdong for being innactivity1Masonolixia
Democratic and capytallistic unionelection1Life empire
Newlandian Unionbad bitch0Suissen
Nitrepzaa question?4Gabhate Idan
The greet islands and friendswhatshould be the next tornement sport?1Greet island
AbsolutionProtecting Convicted Voters0The Sheika
LazarusReady for the elections in June?1Domais
The Union of Rightwing NationsCapitalism?2North Sonovia
Lost Lands of TimeVote for Regional Security Council6Daylusia
The VaultMake The Vault public?1East Germaney
New poll thing for stuffWhere should we locate Emperia?1Estriam nolissit2
EmperiaWhat decade of tech should we start with?4Reistenland
The NOwOrth PacificIs Homy ok?1Star Warrior 400
Quiz poll to nationDon't Search 591st Pokemon!0Quiz Nations
Scandinavian UnionFavorite song?11Naboo Land
The Blue Star UnionWhat is Your Euclidean Aura? 9Speckle
New Imperial UnionFlag Act2OF Courscant
The Cult of PCHSPP???3Handsy Grandma
Capitalist ParadiseA Chinese rocket our of control... what should we do?8The-CID
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