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Region: Social Liberal Union

Ministry of Immigration Weekly Membership Update & SLU Audit (V):

We have had a poor week in terms of growth in the SLU.

Our membership now stands at 260 which is down on the 268 members of this time last week and down further on our peak of 279. We also remain the 33rd largest region which is down on our highest place of 28th.

A number of our member regions have CTE over recent days but a number of those, and some of those who have left the region were those who were in violation of our constitution - more of which later.

The recruitment rota currently includes Grolsch, Animo libertatis, Michutopia, Cemaes, Norstate, Sicile and John m keynes. However, recruitment as the figures show has been sluggish and I would greatly welcome new recruiters to the team as we still have vacancies for 3 or 4 new member to the team so if you'd like to get involved in Government work, what better way than to help grow the SLU to record high levels!

The List of Nations is up-to-date and is harnessing the Ministry of Defence in their work with those who are in violation of our region's constitution. They are now sending TGs to member states in violation whilst we here in the Ministry of Immigration are doing the same to non-member nations who are violation.

Membership of the Forum has continued to increase from 134 to 139 users.

Continuing with my SLU Recruiter of the Week Awards to celebrate excellence in recruiting with the nation who has sent out the most TGs in the week given an award for their services, I can announce that the winner for the week of 10/03-16/03 and also for the week of 17/3-23/3 is Grolsch! Congratulations to Grolsch on what are their 2nd and 3rd SLU Recruiter of the Week Awards! They shall be awarded their personaliseed medals in the Forum!

SLU Weekly Audit (IV)
Since my 3rd report, of the 30 nations reported at the time, 4 have exited violation, 1 has CTE and 2 have left the region - these 7 have been removed from the list. In addition, 3 nations have shown Improvement, whilst 2 have deteriorated.

Since my 3rd report, 2 member states have gone into violation (down from the score of 4 last week) whilst just 1 new non-member state that has joined the SLU is likewise in violation (down from the score of 2 last week). These figures show good progress in a reduction of new nation names in violation.

Current Totals
In total, this means a decrease from 30 to 22 nations resident in the SLU that are violating our constitution (11 non-member and 11 member nations - both down from 15 each).

In total, by my calculations, of the current 261 nations in the region (as of this morning), 91.6% (239 nations) of them are abiding by the constitution (up from 88.8%) whilst 4.2% (11 nations) of them are not (down from 5.6%). The remaining 4.2% (11 nations) have yet to become members due to their infringements (down from 5.6%).

So whilst membership recruitment has been slow this week, it has been productive in that many nations have either responded positivey to the TGs sent to them by the Immigration and Defense Ministries or have left the region due to their clear incompatibility with our constitutional requirements.

Clear progress then, but there's still much work to do.

Again, please do contact me if you would like to get involved in our great work!

Your Obediant Servant!

Minister of Immigration