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Region: North Africa

War Rages in North Sahara: BBC

10 million Red Army forces of Blumerico have overran North Saharan border defenses and are sieging the city of Jalallahar, a historically embattled area. A stalemate has emerged as returning North Saharan forces have bolstered the NSSWP regime. Jalallahar is shell of itself and citizens are evacuating the are and running towards Rabula and Sahela while another large engagement is currently active in the Jizr canyon, blocking major roads. North Sahara is considered ground zero of the North African Holocaust and its native muslim population has been virtually exterminated.

A Germanic ruling-class has now been installed over the fractured society, and rumors of arcane scientific experiments and cloning persist while death camps are stil very much active in the North of the nation near Sahela and Isfawan. A massive air war is plaguing both North saharan and Blumerico as the war in the Western Front is only expanding while the eastern front looks promising for the allies.