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Region: The Velvet Room

I would like to explain the current halt in production of The Compendium. It is unfortunately the same thing that halts many other's work as well: school. As a college student, I lead an eventful life and often find myself unable to find enough time to get much done here on Nationstates. I have said in the beginning that this project would take a while, and this is a chief reason for that. Nonetheless, I will continue to write the compendium as time goes on and when I have the time to do so. This is one project that must be carried out, or else all of this history may cease to exist, and those looking for it may not be able to do so. With this said, I will see this work through to the end until all of the sections have been archived in full.

Thank you for your patience.

EDIT: I've noticed a few errors in DEN's section, I will move to correct them soon. I'm very happy to say I will be working on The Compendium this week and adding some more to DEN's section, and will be moving to try and get basic information filled into the GCR sections. :)