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Region: the South Pacific

Cat-tribe I was saying that I guess it was legal for you not to be ejected if you had more endorsements then the cap if punk daddy agreed with you it was legal, and part of that was becauase you and the fudge choclate guy had said you were not running for delegate. That is the context of what I was saying. What I am complaining about now is not the same thing at all, although you find it coveiient to dismiss me with a nuff said. What am am complaining about now is nations that are running for delegate who were allowed to stay desrite the cap and who are starting off with about 100 endorsements and then others who might want to compete have no chance of a fair election process because how can they possibly catch up and that by allowing those who exceed the cap to run with such a large advantage is basically a gaurentee that her political supporters will win and that is corruption and a fixed election. Nuff said back!